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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • FRACKED: How long would you bury your past to protect your future?

    by Morris Denton
    Abandoned as a child at the front gate of The Ranch, a school for troubled boys in the Texas Panhandle, Rand Holub was an outsider among outsiders. Back then they didn’t call it autism, they just said he was slow. But he was a mechanical genius. From a roughneck in the oil fields of Texas and Oklahoma, 30 years later Rand has climbed to the top of the heap by building his own energy company. But when a decades-old murderous secret bubbles to the surface and forces him and his wife to reconcil... more
  • Lovey Dovey, Do You Love Me?

    by Michelle Urra
    As the story of two charming doves unfolds against the backdrop of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, young readers will learn about the power of love and the beauty of natures cycle. With its delightful prose and captivating artwork, this story takes children on a journey that highlights the importance of love that lasts through every season of life.
  • Emma Redux 1: Happily Ever After

    by Helen Heineman
    Emma Redux 1: Happily Ever After Emma Redux begins after the marriage of Emma and Knightley, and goes on through their Broadstairs honeymoon, and the adjustment of life with Mr. Woodhouse at Hartfield. The story follows Miss Taylor’s marriage to Mr. Weston, the marriage of Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax, the death of Mr. Woodhouse, and the Knightleys’ eventual removal to Donwell. The story also follows Miss Anna Sharpe and her service at Randalls, with her daughter Edith (illegitimate offs... more
  • Idol Pursuits: Debut

    by Robert Rioux
    When eighteen-year-old Heather Moon shoots to the top of her agency's trainee class, the goal of becoming a K-Pop singer lies within reach. That dream, however, is shattered when a callous executive offers a deal she has to refuse. Banished but undaunted, Heather must piece together an indie girl group with enough daring and talent to challenge society's constraints while meeting her lofty artistic goals. Struggling to navigate life as musicians and new adults, the seven spirited misfits vow to... more
  • Kay-9 The Robot Dog

    by J.M. Gulmire
    Ryan is lonely. He’s an only child and his dad is away serving in the military. He can’t have pets and all he wants is a dog. So he decides to make one. He loves computers and building things, but everyone thinks he’s just playing around, making a toy. He focuses on creating the best Kay-9 he can but can he prove that his robot dog isn’t just a toy?
  • Scar Songs: Stories

    by W. Royce Adams
    SCAR SONGS contains nine stories dealing with male protagonists at various stages in life who experience events that leave either a psychological or physical memory scar. The stories cover dilemmas such as struggles with family loyalties, guilt after catching a shoplifter, suffering the loss of a loved one, the inability to forgive, and the breakdown of a professor while teaching his class.
  • She Taught Me Everything

    by Amy Smith Linton

    As long as she can remember, it's been Nicola and her sister Viv agains the world. Abandoned by their parents, the two of them managed to raise themselves. They turned out pretty well, too: Viv is a successful surgeon with a husband and a big house, while 26-year-old Nicola is following her passion as a working artist.

    Nicola would have said she knew her charismatic older sister better than anyone in the world -- right up until that terrible midnight phone call. A car wreck has left... more

  • Alycat and the Sunday Scaries

    by Alysson Foti Bourque
    It's Sunday, the day before the school week begins, and Alycat is nervous. She just knows that Monday is going to be the Mondayest Monday ever! On the playground, Alycat realizes she isn't the only one suffering from the Sunday Scaries. It's hard to ride a bike. What if Kit falls? The treehouse is so high. Will Spotty make it safely back down? The kittens band together to overcome their fears, but can they turn the Sunday Scaries into a Sunday Funday? The themes of the books in the Alycat Series... more
  • Next Stop, Boston

    by Iris Dorbian
    Sixteen-year-old Geri Randall's life is turned upside down when her late sister's fiance, Dez Deacon, a washed-up rock star, is named her guardian. Whisked away from the only life she knew and taken on a rock and roll tour, Geri is initially desperate to win Dez's approval. That desire hits a sour note when Dez's treatment of her becomes too much to bear. What ensues is a battle of wills between her and her temperamental guardian, a collision course that will push Geri to do the unthinkable to g... more
  • There's a Tortoise in My Hair

    by Calvin Barry Schwartz
    Cameron Simmons has always been haunted. It begins as a child, when Cam’s father bestows upon him an insult that will take a lifetime to outlive, blaming his slow development on a fictitious tortoise in his hair. From there, Cam’s hauntings multiply: The constant threat of the Vietnam War draft. Failed relationships—and chemical dependencies—that stack up like empty pill bottles. Unfulfilling career moves. And the nagging feeling that his life is just destined to mean . . . something, anything ... more
  • Triple Overtime

    by Christopher Juliano
    Fueled by the supernatural and a fallen anti-hero, in a story of redemption through both spirit and sport, a specter basketball team converges on a college campus to save a lost soul.
  • Her Side of the Story: A Psychically Channeled Untold Story of Catherine de Medici

    by Dominique Wright
    While looking into her past lives, Dominique shockingly discovered that she was Catherine de Medici. During the process of recovering Catherine’s memories, Dominique realized that Catherine had a secret life she kept from everyone at court. After over five hundred years of silence, the time has come. Dominique must share the story Catherine revealed about an innocent girl from Italy who marries the prince of France and is catapulted into a world she is unprepared for. As she endures life at the ... more
  • But I Digretch

    by Gretchen Astro Turner
    Love is a wavy lullaby sung through broken stained glass; Love is the sum of all our tries, the futures of hopes bypassed; Love is what catches up to us when the moment went too fast; Love is a sunrise dewdrop on a lonely blade of grass... The anaphora of this stanza (from one of the author’s surrealist, transcendental love poems) emphasizes what remains in the wake of life’s brutal inevitability of loss; it reflects the indestructible force -- of love -- that redeems after life... more
  • Conquer The Ninja World: Yuan Rises

    by Akito B. Takahashi
    Jonathan Yuan, an average young adult, finds himself in the fictional world of "Neo", created by a famous writer on earth. He was once an avid reader and follower of this series, but has long since abandoned it entirely. Now, with the resolve to escape by whatever means necessary, he utilizes all his past knowledge to become an apex predator. How far will his journeys take him, how did he arrive in the world of ninjas in the first place, and what boundaries will he cross to achieve his goals?
  • Perestroika: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

    by João Cerqueira
    Perestroika overthrows communist regimes in Europe. In the People's Republic of Slavia the former leaders are trying to survive the new times, while their victims seek revenge. Former President Alfred Ionescu is placed in an asylum he himself built. Zut Zdanov, the head of culture, is confronted with his child abuse. Helena Yava, responsible for education, wants to avenge her lover's death. Igor Olin, responsible for the economy, fights for his disabled son to have a dignified life. Art histor... more
  • The Taekwonderoos: Rescue at Rattling Ridge

    by Michael Panzner
    Hop into an action-packed adventure with George, Brianna and Jackson, kangaroo friends who are masters of taekwondo. When they spot a frightened joey trapped at the top of treacherous Rattling Ridge, the three Taekwonderoos spring into action, using their kicking, jumping and spinning skills to navigate cliffs, boulders and ravines on a daring rescue mission. This thrilling tale of bravery celebrates how courage, quick-thinking, and teamwork can overcome any challenge.