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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Unemployable!

    by David Roberts
    Roberts makes the case that this may be the greatest time in history to start a business! Using Roberts' strategies and principles in this book, learn how to become "UNEMPLOYABLE" your entire life! Most of us are taught to get a good education and a good job. The idea that we should be content to have someone else dictate our daily commute, our income, schedules and vacations is the accepted norm. To some, the idea of life in a cubicle eight hours a day is akin to torture! What does it really ta... more
  • The Book of the Great Border

    by John Alton
    In the late 18th Century, Englishman Emory Oveson flees to the American south to find answers to questions that haunt his London childhood. There he meets and falls in love with an Indian woman so close to nature that she appears to be a part of it. Through her Emory finds answers to many of the questions that sparked his journey. But their new, fantastical world—an odd blend of Native American, European, and African cultures—soon implodes in the first race war fought by a young American nation,... more
  • Life on the Line: Football, Rage, and Redemption

    by Frank McNair
    Life on the Line is a gripping story about two late-middle school boys who struggle to understand themselves and the world around them. It is the perfect sports book for teenage or middle school boys, even those who don't like to read.  Adult readers have also been enthusiastic about the book, celebrating the realistic treatment of the football scenes as well as the surprise ending.  Set in the rural South of 1965, Life on the Line brings together Bart Wagram and Franklin Gibson. Bart struggl... more
  • The Marvelous Orange Tree

    by Betsy L. Howell
    Twenty-year-old Robert Taylor is a private in Ulysses Grant’s Army of the Tennessee and one of thousands of soldiers involved in the 1863 campaign to take Vicksburg, Mississippi, from the Confederates. After the surrender, Robert and his comrades must cope with the boredom of daily life as well as continued fighting in and around the Mississippi countryside. By contrast, Jennie Edwards, an imaginative tomboy from the Illinois prairie, is learning conjuring tricks from the professional magician O... more
  • Behowl the Moon: An Ageless Story from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

    by Erin Nelsen Parekh
    “Now the hungry lion roars, And the wolf behowls the moon…” This beautiful book weaves a story of nighttime adventure and frolic using Puck’s lines from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 5.2. Fairies and animals caper through the moonlit countryside through park and pale, over hill and over dale, before they all settle in for a long, peaceful sleep. The perfect bedtime story for small Shakespeare fans and their parents.
  • The Ups and Downs of Thaddeus Lowe, Book One: The Enterprise

    by Rob Monsour
    When a balloon accident drops him into the middle of the Civil War, Thaddeus Lowe makes the best of it. The young inventor starts a spy agency like the world has never seen. His idea is simple: build astounding inventions to save the Union. But he soon learns the Yankees don't have a patent on ingenuity. The Ups and Downs of Thaddeus Lowe is a steampunk retelling of the Civil War; a tale of daredevil inventors and bizarre technology that changed our country's future. Part fantasy and par... more
  • All About A Boy Who Was Afraid of the Dark (and how he got over it)

    by Ann Marie Hannon
    When Patrick wakes up at 12 midnight, all he sees is the dark, and it makes him very anxious. So, what do you think he does then? Of course, he lets out a big "Boo hoo hoo" and then what happens? After that, Patrick's 5 year old sister wakes up to see what's happening. From there, it's a sweet story all about how brother and sister work together to solve Patrick's dilemma.
  • The Whip

    by De-Witt A. Herd
    It's Human Nature to explore the past, present and fantasied about the future. Looking back in the first century where you have a man name Ponce, who created the perfect gift for his younger brother in the Roman Legion. When the gift was used for the first time to draw blood and then it was lost. The search continues through generations only to find clues to the Real Dead-Men's Chest.
  • The Second Adventures of Thelma Thistle and Her Friends

    by Joyce Crawford
    Thelma Thistle and her two best friends, Beetle and Bunny, meet two new friends, Cory Crow and Adam Mouse. They play in the mud and have a frightening adventure in a cornfield.
  • The First Adventures of Thelma Thistle and Her Friends

    by Joyce Crawford
    In human terms, Thelma would be seven years old. In thistle terms, she is about four inches tall; an average size for a little thistle her age. She lives with her family and many, many friends and neighbors on the ditch bank of a quiet country road. In her journey of life, Thelma has many adventures and much to learn--just like you and me. In this first book, Thelma experiences love, joy, disappointment, anger, jealousy, envy, fear and sorrow. She learns that one does not need to be bea... more
  • Satan's Elixir

    by Pippa Greene
    Reader be warned!!! Demons are maggoty, feculent, cuss-ed, bloody minded and nasty!!! The toady, an ancient incubus, could be said to be a confused part-bird-part-worm-part-man of some sort, one that propelled itself head first like and emu might, only one that had never seen the light of day and had been entirely plucked of its feathers. Presently working as an adjunct professor at an extremely questionable junior-college, the toady recounts his ghostly tales, which began just 60 years ... more
  • A Day in Eternity

    by Kathryn Gabriel Loving

    British Pilot Anson Roe will ignore borders and strain relationships to land a career in Ag-aviation. But when he dreams of crashing his airplane in a remote corner of the world, all he can think of is the whereabouts of his journalist girlfriend, Vivianne Keene. He awakens at a small airstrip in rural America, a year backward in time, suffering from apparent heatstroke and random amnesia. Brought to his knees, he is rescued by a World War II Spitfire pilot a... more

  • A Summer in the Catskills

    by Richard Mangan

    “It’s the dwarf I had to battle, not the giant.” How many times are we reminded of that when we have conquered seemingly insurmountable problems. That’s the challenge facing Byron Rutledge, a twenty-year-old university student from Queens, after he stumbles upon summer work at a Catskill Mountain resort in upstate New York. While A Summer in the Catskills evokes scenes of vacationing families enjoying the outdoor amenities that an idyllic settin... more

  • Uh-Oh Baby!

    by Rhonda Whitaker
    Uh-Oh Baby! is a baby bedtime story that provides parents and babies a special time for shared learning experiences and loving cuddles. It celebrates the wonder and the delight of “uh-oh” moments seen through the eyes of sweet infants and toddlers as they learn about their world. This charming picture book shows the “uh-oh” moments that can occur throughout a baby’s day; including mealtime, bathtime, and playtime! Spend some quality time with your little one while learning that “uh-ohs” can be ... more
  • Coming Home

    by Holly Kerr
    Loving your sisters is easy. Liking them is the hard part. After her cheating husband destroys her career, Brenna has nowhere to go but home. Home means her four sisters in the tiny Northern Ontario town with no Starbucks and well-meaning townsfolk who know her every move. Every mistake. And Brenna is making more than a few mistakes. From falling asleep at the local bar to hooking up with her niece’s boyfriend, Brenna’s life is giving the town a lot to talk about. Her sister Cat wants not... more
  • To Be:

    by Robert m Lebovitz

        Corrosive extremism is again on the march. Politicized theology is distorting governance. Covert forces are molding the media, indeed facts themselves, to serve their agendas. The public sector has commitments it cannot afford and the private sector has gained dominance it cannot justify. The world witnessed the result in Europe when similar trends last were aligned behind economic disarray. What would be the result here were we, in this century, to suffer a malignant finan... more