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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Green Lamp

    by Mishka Zakharin
    THE GREEN LAMP — its title inspired by a 19th Century, Russian literary journal of the same name — brings to light a wonderfully insightful collection of what can only be categorized as ‘Americanized Russian Lit.’ Motivated by his love of Russian literature, Zakharin has blended tone and content from some of Russia’s greatest writers with his own enigmatic and often absurd humor, indicating influences from other motivational sources such as Steve Martin or Monty Python. Including parodie... more
  • Feast: A Gitksan Story

    by Roy W. Russell
    The Gitksan people have practiced holding feasts for countless generations, for hundreds of years, even during the era of assimilation when laws were enacted to stop this tradition, this system has endured. Not all feasts are the same, and what is described in this story may differ from what would happen in other communities up and down the Skeena River. Feasts are dynamic and adapt to each unique situation that may arise. There is no instruction manual on how communities carry out feasts, but t... more
  • The Urban Legion

    by Dave Agans

    Welcome to Men in Black for tin-foil hats. In this satirical romp, urban legend survivors draft a granola mom into their high-tech underground war against every conspiracy you can think of—and many you haven’t. Ever wonder who’s behind traffic jams or sharp plastic packaging? How about the video cameras in automatic flush sensors?

    Featuring a sold-out grunge-star ex-husband, corrupt golfers, armed French waiters, and taser-packing car salesmen, The Urban L... more

  • The Queen of the Caribbean (The Black Corsair Book 2)

    by Emilio Salgari and Nico Lorenzutti
    The Caribbean, 17th century. A powerful man killed his family. The Black Corsair vows vengeance.... and he won't stop until he gets it. Four years have passed since the battle of Gibraltar. The Black Corsair has tracked Van Guld down at last and has formed an alliance with three of the most formidable pirates in the Gulf to finally bring his foe to justice.
  • The Black Corsair

    by Emilio Salgari and Nico Lorenzutti
    The Caribbean, 17th century. A powerful man killed his family. The Black Corsair vows vengeance.... and he won't stop until he gets it. One of the world's first pirate classics. An Italian nobleman turns pirate to avenge the murder of his brothers. His foe: an old Flemish army officer named Van Guld, now the Governor of Maracaibo. The Black Corsair is relentless, vowing never to rest until he has killed the traitor and all those that bear his name. To help him in his quest, the Corsair enlis... more
  • Craved (Twisted Book 2)

    by Lola Smirnova


    Craved, by Lola Smirnova, is the highly anticipated sequel to Twisted. It was published in August 2015. Genres: New Adult / Suspense


    Having been to hell and back, the eager sisters from Ukraine - Natalia, Lena and Julia - decide to retire from selling sex and walk the straight and narrow path back home. But when an old friend calls them with an opportunity to make buckets of ‘easy’ money in South Africa... more

  • #Babylove: My Social Life

    by Corine Dehghanpisheh

    #BabyLove: My Social Life is a children’s picture book written and illustrated by Corine Dehghanpisheh. 

    Synopsis: "Click." "Tap." Tag and Post. An adored baby tells a modern tale about life in today's digital world. #BabyLove: My Social Life highlights the social phenomena of sharing daily activities using technology and social networks.

    “#BabyLove: My Social Life, is a clever and entertaining look at raising ... more

  • Bennie & Bonnie

    by Darrell House
    A simple game of follow the leader starts brother and sister beetles, Bennie and Bonnie, on a wild adventure the youngsters could never imagine. Swept away on a red car to a strange place far from home, they work together to find a way back to where they belong. Along the way the beetles make new friends and overcome some scary creatures who have other plans for our heroes. In the end, the twins grow in unexpected ways and finally discover what we all know. There’s no place like home. ... more
  • My Dearest Husband

    by Elizabeth Riggs
    Financial woes, child-rearing, and employment concerns sound like modern problems, but Lizzie and Berte Ingels faced those same troubles in 1893 and faced them halfway across the nation from each other. Their letters invite today's readers to share the challenges and the joys of life on an Ohio River farm in Victorian times. Elizabeth Riggs, their granddaughter, has woven the letters into a narrative that tells their story. As a senior in high school in 1885, Lizzie kept a journal which vividly ... more
  • Captain Jack for President

    by John Jones
    On a beautiful Spring morning in Jonesport Maine, Captain Jack Harper of Harper Industries walks into Moby’s restaurant for his morning cup of Moby’s jo, unsuspecting that it would be the beginning of a life change, not only for him, but for his community and quite possibly the country. Captain Jack had been a man of integrity and honor his entire life; a man of service to his community. Little did he know that his community would be asking him to be a man of service for the entire nation. In th... more
  • The House of Pearl

    by Robert Bovill & Susan B. Flanagan
    Pop star Elia Pearl is a respected singer and songwriter with four songs on the Billboard Top Ten. With sold-out concerts everywhere and millions in the bank, Elia should be on top of the world. Unfortunately, all she can think about is her loneliness. But all of that is about to change when Elia is invited to return to a house she has spent the last twenty years of her life running away from. Elia arrives at the House of Pearl, a Victorian home built on the Sausalito, California, waterfront. Sh... more
  • Impetuous Heart

    by Nadine Gallo
    Nora O'Neal is torn between family and political upheaval in her Kerry village during 1916. She takes up weaving to help the family and receives a scholarship from another relative in Kilkenny so she accepts the offer and leaves her village to become a student at Trinity College. While in Kilkenny she experiences spirit talkers in a cave who prophecy a future assassination and she acquires a sapphire with healing properties so when her boyfriend comes home from World War I in terrible shape, she... more
  • Souls of Lions: A Novel

    by R. E. Mitchell
    It is November of 1864, Major General William T. Sherman is about to lead his army of sixty thousand veterans into the heart of the Confederacy. It is the final, excruciating year of a war turned increasingly brutal and desperate. The men of the maligned and ill-fated Confederate regiment known as the Fiftieth North Carolina look alike. Their faces are dark with smoke, their ribs protrude like barn rafters, and their uniforms are an assortment of filthy rags indiscriminately liberated from Union... more
  • Eagle's Cry

    by Liz Godwin
    When Johanna van Zweel meets William the first day of January in 1900, she doesn’t intend to fall in love and certainly not with an Australian. A foreigner, an uitlander, William and his mate Eddie have come to South Africa seeking to make their fortunes in gold. With her parents away observing the Commando Law in the Orange Free State, Johanna is tasked with ensuring Eagle’s Nest, the family farm in Barberton, runs smoothly and efficiently to support her brothers and sisters, each of whom is a ... more
  • Blind Thrust

    by Samuel Marquis
    Horrific earthquakes are devastating the Front Range between Denver and Colorado Springs in an area long believed to be seismically quiescent. They are being generated by ruptures along cryptic, mysterious, deeply buried thrust faults (blind thrusts) that, unlike many faults, do not break the surface during large-scale seismic events. Somehow the cause of the unusual earthquakes must be unraveled and the cataclysms stopped before they result in more carnage and devastation. But are they the resu... more
  • Joey Visits Grandpa

    by Carol Nichvolodoff
    This story is about a loving relationship between Joey and his grandpa. Joey visits his grandpa and they do many fun things together. But soon afterwards Joey’s grandpa discovers he has a problem and not just one problem. Discover how Joey solves the problems and finds a solution at the end of the story. This imaginative story will captivate both children and adults and will delight the reader with its lighthearted humor.