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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Exploits of Sam Towery

    by Warren Walter

       Sam Towery, an orphan living with his grandmother in the small town of St. Dismas, feels trapped. Not the biggest fan of school and other people’s rules, Sam makes the best of things by hanging out with his friends, practicing with the swim team, and trying to get to know the intriguing new girl in town. One day, Sam gets in big trouble at school and decides to join his friend Carlos on a Halloween night adventure.  When the adventure turns tragic, Sam sudden... more

  • Driving in Budapest

    by Gary Brill

    Named to Kirkus Reviews "Best Books of 2016".

    "Elegantly written ... Moving, descriptive and seductive urban tales."

    "Driving In Budapest" is about how different people navigate their way through life while trying to also navigate their way through one of Europe's most interesting and beautiful capitals. It is about love and loss, about hope and despair, about growing and moving ahead or not, about life.....


  • Fire and Ice: A Story of Courage, Devotion, Love, and Betrayal

    by Michael Erving
    A winter storm is bearing down on a Mid-Atlantic city. The firefighters of the PGFD are preparing for the coming blizzard. Equipment is being serviced, fuel tanks are topped off and additional manpower is being called into work. However, in one part of the city, workers are handling a tank of an extremely volatile substance. The profit margin has taken priority over safety and the worker's actions will have horrific results. Before the day is over, multiple fires will be burning out of contro... more
  • 978-1-63338-006-6

    by Anna Arrigo
    Ever wonder why the moon is up there so high? If you can talk to the him, what would you say? Would you ask him to come down and play? Where do you think he goes when the night is gone? A child's musing with the stellar entity we call the moon is a great way to open up discussions about some many other questions children have asked you.
  • The Shadow's Secret

    by Anna Arrigo
    Nunzio is an idealist at heart. His heart swells with passions. While serving as the priest of a small parish in the countryside of Sicily, Nunzio's admiration of beauty gets him into trouble. Mariella, a beautiful woman with great strength and an appreciation for those things Nunzio cares about, enters his life, and he calls his holy vows into question. Although their love is pure and strong, Nunzio is married to the church, and Mariella is wedded to Paolo, a man with a violent temper who is ... more
  • Conundrum

    by C. S. Lakin
    Lies may hurt, but truth can be murder… Lisa Sitteroff is determined to solve the mystery surrounding her long-dead father. Once a happily married family man, he had supposedly committed suicide in the most disturbing way—by giving himself cancer. Shocking clues arise in a letter her father wrote before he died, prompting her to go on a journey beset with conflicting tales and startling disclosures. However, there's more at stake than just finding out the truth. Lila's older brother, Raff... more
  • father flanagan laments

    by Denny Goetz
    A work overwhelmed, addled priest struggles with his congregation, his love life, his sexuality. He has chronic bowel problems and is about to lose his long-rime altar boy to marriage.
  • The Infidel Next Door

    by Rajat Mitra
    It is a literary fiction based on the life of Aditya, a Hindu priest, who is an outcaste amongst his fellow priests and asked to start prayers in a temple in Kashmir. Next door to the temple exists a mosque run by Haji chacha, a fanatic. The imam of the mosque is the father of Anwar, same age as Aditya. Anwar is tortured by police and becomes a stone thrower. Javed, Anwar’s closest friend and Zeba, his sister, try to dissuade him from violence. Zeba gets drawn towards Aditya. Anwar d... more
  • Sami the Magic Bear: A Trip to the Hospital!

    by Murielle Bourdon
    SAMI, the magical teddy bear comes to the aid of children who feel alone and who are facing troubling events that occur in the course of their lives. Today, SAMI intervenes in the life of Laurie facing illness and offers his support and helps her to get through these difficult times.
  • Sami the Magic Bear - No to Bullying!

    by Murielle Bourdon
    Thomas is a very smart student at his school. He excels in Math and French, but because of this he is called "teacher's pet" and "Genius" by the basketball team captain, Victor, and his friends. After school one day, coincidentally on his birthday, he runs into Victor and his friends and gets bullied verbally and physically. He does not tell his parents or grandparents when he gets home, but instead chooses to enjoy the birthday celebration they all planned for him. After all, he could use all t... more
  • Faulty Bones

    by Joseph Fraser

    Two bankrupt card players, lured by black magic and a casino-chip counterfeiting scam, get lost within the folds of a world no longer true. Faulty Bones follows the journey of Mike and Amy--a couple of restless drifters who misdirect their anchors to the shifty part of town. Can they overcome her gambling addiction and his tenuous grasp of reality to find their way back on the grid? A pair of scheming mobsters, a demonic con man, and a series of rip... more

  • Thunder, A Elephants Journey, book Two, Footprints in the Sand

    by Erik Daniel Shein and Melissa Davis
    One tiny elephant, one gigantic adventure… A search for adventure may get Thunder more than he bargained for. He never expected to find himself alone again, but the footprints left by his mother will be his guide to healing and finding his way. On his journey he finds himself making some new friends: Razor, a grumpy lion; Dash, a speedy genet; Archie, a chatty lizard, and two whimsical gorillas, Harold and Neville. A trip back to the caves reunites Thunder with old friends, and together the... more
  • Wendell Learns a Lesson

    by Steve Kranz
    Wendell and George are back! Wendell loves to golf, but he's still learning how. One day, he makes a mistake and realizes how much he still has to learn!
  • The Golfing Bee

    by Steve Kranz
    One bright sunny day, a bee noticed something unusual. As he started to investigate, he discovered something amazing!
  • Honor and Destiny

    by Stephen Grant Meyer

    Honor and Destiny recounts Thomas Walker’s experiences as a youth in the War of 1812. Thomas’ story is also America’s story, a story of principle and patriotism, conflict and compassion, as the young man and the young nation face existential trials and learn essential lessons, enabling them to prove their honor and achieve their destiny.


    The story begins when Thomas’ uncle asks the Nashville youth to join him as his a... more

  • Coming First (The Woman First Chronicles Book 1)

    by Francine Scott
    The morning Jane Cunningham arrived back in Scotland in the summer of 1997, she could hardly have been aware of the changes that had taken place in her five year absence. The pace of London life had seemed frenzied by comparison, making it hard to keep in touch. Had she been home more, she might have been better informed of how much her consistent approach to marital relations now differed to that of her closest friends. The embrace with which Kate greeted her on the platform of Waverley Station... more