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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • One Broken Day

    by Melissa MacVicar
    After a notorious school shooting leaves her a shadow of the girl she once was, seventeen-year-old Lizzie Beringer moves to Nantucket Island. There, Lizzie vows to hide her identity as the shooter’s sister. All her efforts to fly under the radar, however, are complicated by her P.T.S.D. and the attention she receives from two competing boys. While fending off the not-so-subtle advances of popular athlete Michael Wickersham, she must also deal with her growing feelings for her shy lab partner Gag... more
  • Walter the Raindrop

    by Linda Seebeth
    Walter thought he was an insignificant drip but soon discovered he was so much more!
  • Two Big Days

    by Rickey Lee
    The book has a “mystery element” of suspense and surprise—such a popular facet with books with great sales. An undercurrent, a type of news angle, begins and proceeds throughout each story. Interestingly, America’s Second Black President was entirely completed before “any idea“ of Mr. President Barack Obama’s campaign. Both novelettes are classed into a hybrid of researched history and fiction. The main character in The New Soul Man is a preacher; the second central character found in Americ... more
  • The Other Side of Christmas - An Upside-down Book

    by Beth Gully
    This ambigram book has two stories in one. The first story tells the contemporary story of Christmas. When the book is flipped over and read upside down, the second story tells the biblical message of the holiday.
  • The Tribulations of August Barton

    by Jennifer LeBlanc
    August Barton could never have mentally prepared himself for his freshman year of college: not only has his anxiety increased, but his parents are divorcing, his new roommate thinks Augie is the biggest nerd in existence, and his grandma, a retired prostitute named Gertie, has taken to running away from her nursing home. Augie just wants to hole up in his dorm room with his Star Wars collectables and textbooks, but Gertie is not about to let that happen. What ensues is a crazy ride including nak... more
  • Tizita (The Fleur Trilogy Book 2)

    by Sharon Heath
    Physics wunderkind Fleur Robins, just a little odd and more familiar with multiple universes than complicated affairs of the heart, is cast adrift when her project to address the climate crisis is stalled. Worse still, her Ethiopian-born fiancé Assefa takes off right after her 21st birthday party to track down his father, who’s gone missing investigating Ethiopian claims to the Ark of the Covenant. Fleur is left to contend with the puzzle of parallel worlds, an awkward admirer, and her best fr... more
  • The Memory Box: A Novel of Love, Regret and Memory

    by Jay Caselberg
    In Woodford Park, a small seaside town, Angelica and Walter's paths cross by accident, drawing them into discoveries about the town, themselves and each other.
  • Baxter Goes To Imagination Land

    by Jenn Duggan
    Mostly made-up adventures inspired by a mostly real dog named Baxter. Follow your imagination past the sneaker trees and cupcake bees to a place only you can see.
  • Dirty Living

    by Sierra
    After being released from prison, Deshonne "Magic" Robinson returns to his family's home in the suburbs of Delaware in hopes of a normal life. He soon realizes that everything has a price and without a dollar, he has to work for everything or get it the best way he knows how. As Magic takes you from Wilmington to New Castle, you're captured in the riveting twist and turns that lurk around every street corner. In order to come out clean it's gonna take a little Magic, when you're living dirty...
  • Two Big Days

    by Rickey Lee
  • Bear & Bee Bedtime Rhymes (Bear & Bee Bedtime Stories)

    by Shian Serei
    The Bear & Bee Bedtime Rhymes is a lyrical bedtime story of two unlikely friends living on the island of Bearberia. The Bear & Bee characters meet under difficult circumstance, work out their differences and chose to make a life together. The series of illustrated stories presents their activities, amidst the criticism and challenges that appear in each story. Bear & Bee entertain, in rhyme, through charming tales of their adventures and life lessons that cover a range of modern dynamics. The bo... more
  • Chiaroscuro;Shades of Light and Darkness.

    by Carol Fritzclarence.
    Chiaroscuro;Shades Of Light And Darkness,is a work of a collection of fifteen poems that explores issues of the human condition and experience. The effort of Chiaroscuro works with the clear to get insight into the obscure like Heaven,that works the clear or works behind the clear,to make what we see;experience.The approach gets a proper perspective for the Universe,human experience and condition. Chiaroscuro takes a close and hard look at the Material of Nature and the human psychology;the B... more
  • Key West & the Lower Keys

    by Karuna Eberl / Steve Alberts
    Our book leads our readers through a humorous traveler's guide of Key West, while maintaining strong provisions of information and useful tips. We have included a stout helping of history and nature, with a local's eye view of where to, what to, and how. This is the first book in our travel guide series.
  • Corner Confessions: Everyone Has a Secret. What's Yours?

    by Kiersten Hall
    Everyone has that one secret… that one skeleton in their closet… which will never see the light of day. No psychiatrist, priest, spouse, or best friend will ever hear this secret, yet the urge to share this information can be found in most people's natural psyche… Meet fourteen individuals who have decided to clean at least one skeleton out of their closet by confiding in a complete stranger whom they meet at a local coffee shop. Unassuming and safe with no judgments passed, learn about these ... more

    by Augustine Sam

    A black man, a white girl, and a deceptive job offer.

    It had all begun with a dream and a simple act of love, then the unsuspecting couple soon find themselves in the place where dreams end and nightmares begin.

    Can they survive the greed, the captivating allure of Black Gold, and that vile, ancient tradition that seeks to determine who should marry and to whom?

  • The Man Who Loved Too Much - Book 1

    by John Rachel
    Poor Billy Green! When he was just turning four, his father tried to throw him in the trash. He was a smart kid but that just seemed to create enemies. His mom did everything to protect him. But this was Detroit, armpit of the wasteland! Catholic school didn’t help much, except the time he got his first kiss from an atheist nun. Home life was dismal. Was his father capable of anything but drinking beer and farting? And what was with that neighbor who made puppets and tried to molest Billy? Golly... more