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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Spenser's Story of the Constitution

    by Paul Sleman Clark
    The most important document in American history was drafted in 1787 at the State House in Philadelphia. Spenser, the building's caretaker--a cat and a close friend of Ben Franklin--was there to record how 55 delegates from 12 states struggled to write the Constitution. The book records the battles between small states and large states that nearly resulted in failure, and it describes the compromises both sides made to establish our nation.
  • Love Pour Over Me

    by Denise Turney
    Love Pour Over Me is a powerful, inspirational story about restored love amid heart wrenching contrasts. This remarkable inspirational story recounts African American track and field star, Raymond Clarke's tumultuous, yet triumphant life experiences. Raymond's father, the only parent who stays to fend for him, struggles with alcoholism. His mother abandoned him when he was two years old. Raymond's track and field successes make him one of America's top middle-distance runners, earning him a scho... more
  • Fort Enterprize

    by Kyle Smith
    American merchant ships in the Mediterranean Sea are attacked and plundered by Barbary pirates, their crews enslaved and ransomed by Tripoli's vicious ruler, Yusuf. But President Thomas Jefferson has a new navy, which he deploys with orders to confront and crush Tripoli. Disaster strikes, however, when Yusuf improbably captures the mighty 36-gun frigate Philadelphia and her 300-man crew. Running out of options, Jefferson dispatches secret agent William Eaton and Marine Lieutenant Presley O'Banno... more
  • Rubies from Burma

    by Anne Lovett

    It’s a hot July in 1941 rural Georgia. Plucky Mae Lee, almost eight, feels overshadowed by her beautiful, sultry teenage sister, and barely noticed by her sick mother and preoccupied father. But when a handsome Army paratrooper comes courting her sister, the kindness he shows Mae Lee makes her feel valued. While the lieutenant risks death to spy and sabotage in Burma, Mae Lee finds she must spy and sabotage in her own house so that her beloved soldier has someone to come home to.... more

  • Wanna-Be's

    by Mark Connelly
    With his new girlfriend – a soccer mom with a taste for bondage – urging him to “go condo,” failed screenwriter Winfield Payton needs cash. Accepting a job offer from a college friend, he becomes the lone white employee of a black S&L. As the firm’s token white, he poses as a Mafioso to intimidate skittish investors and woos a wealthy cougar to keep the firm afloat. Figure-skating between the worlds of white and black, gay and straight, male and female, Jew and Gentile, Yuppie and militant, Payt... more
  • The Year Santa Stubbed His Toe

    by William Hayes
    A year not so long ago, Santa was ready to take his yearly pilgrimage on the night before Christmas when disaster struck—he stubbed his toe. Not once, but twice—the second blow was against a gift-wrapped bowling ball that ballooned his toe to twice its size. He could not make his yearly run by himself; he needed help. So on that fateful night, he enlisted four of his best elves to help him make his deliveries around the world: Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, and North America. A... more
  • Worthy Of This Great City

    by Mike Miller
  • Off the Hook -- A Christmas Ornament Adventure

    by John Arvai III

    Set in a world where a Christmas tree's star is actually a secret transmitter used by Santa Claus to identify all the active Christmas homes throughout the world, two groups of ornaments from opposite sides of their tree must learn to work together to find their missing star before Santa passes their family's house by! Grand prize winner of the Holiday Book Festival and winner of the National Indie Excellence Awards, Off the Hook is an exciting holiday adventure for the entire fa... more

  • The Eye of Nefertiti: A Pharaoh's Cat Novel

    by Maria Luisa Lang

    The Eye of Nefertiti is both a stand-alone novel and a sequel to The Pharaoh’s Cat. The time-traveling ancient Egyptian feline with human powers returns together with his beloved Pharaoh and his close friends, the High Priest of Amun-Ra and Elena, an Egyptologist’s daughter.

    The cat is quick-witted, wise-cracking narrator as well as free-spirited, ever-curious protagonist, and the story he tells is an exotic, imaginative, spell-binding tragicomedy. The cat ... more

  • The Grandma Star

    by Susan Dudley Gold
    The Grandma Star recounts the death of a beloved grandparent with love and sensitivity. Beautiful illustrations depict a young child’s close relationship with her grandmother and the inevitable loss when that grandparent dies. It also provides comfort and celebration of a wonderful relationship and a life well lived. This book is an essential resource for all children struggling with the death of a loved one. For parents it offers words to comfort their children as they mourn their loss and serv... more
  • The Moon Will Come

    by Philip Blackburn
    Seventeen-year-old Calliope Clarke of Jamaica drops out of school, abruptly leaves Jamaica with a tattered cardboard suitcase, a machete for protection, and a hunger for learning. Uneducated. Unsophisticated. Wise beyond her young years. If HIGH HOPES were currency, Callie Clarke is rich. She lies about her age, and gets a job on a cruise ship. The lounge manager discovers her remarkable singing voice. Callie sings her way to Oregon. This gentle tornado, with a laugh like warm summer t... more
  • Vagabond Vendetta

    by colin smith
    I am the singer in the 1980s punk band The Blood, and my name is The Cardinal. In my autobiographical fantasy, and by way of poetic justice, I decide to execute, by Electric Chair, Madame Guillotine and the Noose and Scaffold, just three of the BBC's, many historic child molesters. The Blood has attacked the Vatican in its music over the last 35 years - and I am crying to the skies in my book as I know that the White City should have also been a target. Yes, at some point a movie WILL be m... more
  • A Christmas Coda

    by Will Todd
    While Mr. Charles Dickens endeavoured, I, a poor relation across tide and time, am left but to endeavor. His Ghostly little book did not put any readers out of humour, though mine might find some who wish to lay it. May the Spirit that animates it, and the season, yet pleasantly haunt its tidings of Redemption. A faithful Caroller, William Todd
  • Are Americans ET’s?

    by nasko velikov

    Are Americans ET’s? In a provincial town, behind the Iron Curtain sunk down into the lethargy of communism, life is going on slowly and peacefully. A young man feels himself bored with the endless monotony of each new day, and there, something extraordinary happens one day. An American delegation comes to visit the plant where he works. He has not seen a real American man till this moment and his notion of the USA and the American people has been built only by occasional rumours, favour... more

  • Little Laveau - a Magical Bedtime Story

    by Erin Rovin
    Join 'Little Laveau' in this wonderful children's book as she journeys around the magical Louisiana Bayou, helping friends and animals wherever she goes! A perfect bedtime story for those who need a 'little' encouragement along the way. Little Laveau's friend Thomas is having bad dreams and he doesn't know what to do. Luckily Little Laveau has just the cure! "When you have a bad dream gather up all those bad thoughts and put them in a jar. Take that jar and sprinkle those dreams right do... more