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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Little Noelle's Christmas Wish

    by Meg McNamara
    "Little Noelle's Christmas Wish" is about a small Parisian girl in the 1950s. Noelle cherishes her Christmas traditions which include annual trips to the World's Biggest Christmas Tree - the Eiffel Tower, with her father. And each year, Noelle and Papa follow their tradition of walking to the World's Biggest Christmas Tree - the Eiffel Tower and wish on one of the lights. One year Papa doesn't come home in time for Christmas and Noelle takes brave steps to make a very special wish.
  • A Helping Paw: Modern day life observed through the eyes of two cats and an Englishman

    by Allan Gilmour
    A Helping Paw – Modern day life observed through the eyes of two cats and an Englishman Follow Allan Gilmour’s two heroic cats on their quest to encourage human beings to have a good and honest look at their own life. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston are protagonists of a very special kind. They are cats. After all, the Egypts used to worship these creatures with their quite own, dignified behaviour. And the cats have not forgotten. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston, however, are rather nice cats and... more
  • Before the Magic Fades

    by Gill Winter
    For centuries the remote land of Beta was an oasis of peace, protected by a mysterious source of magic. Now, the magic is fading away and Beta has been invaded by its rapacious neighbour, Shan. Tova spends her days herding goats and dreaming of adventure. But one night her grandmother has a prophetic dream, and Tova finds herself on a quest which will change her life - and perhaps the future of her country. Loosely based on the invasion and occupation of Tibet, "Before the Magic Fades" ... more
  • Twisting in Headstands and Heavy Drinking

    by Justin Zyla
    In an unruly Midwest town, Tristan – a college fraternity president – pinballs between failed relationships in an unholy battle with depression. Locked in savage self-abuse at the hands of booze and cigarettes – and surrounded by a collection of part-time degenerates he calls, "Brothers" – Tristan must confront his own inner turmoil, as he searches desperately for some main vein of American life in the swirling backdrop of mental illness.
  • Mirador

    by James Jennings
    Nate Hunter has no desire to visit Chiapas, Mexico. It's 1993, dawn of the Internet Age, and his star as a brilliant computer engineer is on the rise. He wants to stay put and focus on his work. But his wife, Sarah, a dedicate nurse, wants to save the world. Invited to join a mission trip to the village of Mirador, deep in the Lancadon Jungle, she decides she's going, and Nate won't let her go alone. He knows the looming enactment of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is causing unr... more
  • Are You A Good Egg?: An Uplifting Story About Feelings, Moods and Self-esteem (Good Egg World)

    by Peter Deuschle
    What Makes Someone Good? Sometimes you feel happy and thankful and glad. Other times you feel angry and lonely and sad. It can be confusing to feel so much each day. “Are You A Good Egg?” explains that different feelings are normal, and even though moods are ever-changing, people are good because they have a good heart. And that doesn’t change.
  • The Leviathan

    by Paul Stack

    In 2001 a sea shell was offered for sale that seemed to make no sense. Carved on the shell was a likeness of the iron steamship “Great Eastern,” the largest, most advanced ship of the 19th century.  Just above the steamship was a carving of a gate described on the shell as the tomb of Abraham Lincoln. No known connection existed between the ship, launched in London in 1858, and Lincoln whose body was interred in May 1865 in Springfield, Illinois. Believing that the shell had ... more

  • If you looked at me...

    by wanda remmers
    'If you looked at me you would not know' is a travel through a young girls life recognizing and celebrating diversity. We explore people and experiences and wonder what the reader's life is like. Interactive pages complete this journey. We visit friends and family that are unique and wonderful. We learn about a viewpoint that accepts people as they are and celebrates their differences. At the end we are hoping for a mutual understanding that comes without assumptions and judgements.
  • The Narcissist's Daughter: A Meshugenah Love Story

    by Mindy Pollack-Fusi
    Jody Horowitz has grown up with a true narcissist of a mom, a lovely but passive father and a Cretan of an older sister. Jody’s world is shattered when she catches her hubby having an affair, so the 32- year-old Jody tosses him out the door and sets up to live a life with her one-year-old daughter and faithful Cocker spaniel. Her wonderful Bubbe and bestie, Ruthie, support and guide her along the way. Ultimately she meets a sweet, loyal Italian Catholic widower with a family that welcomes Jod... more
  • The Broken Bible: Picking Up The Extratrrestrial Pieces

    by John E. Chitty
    Possibly the most extensive literary work exposing Extraterrestrial intervention and Biblical Scripture ever compiled!
  • #TheyUsedTo

    by Stephanie Dimitrievski
  • Wicked In Rhyme: A Wicked Short (The Wicked Unearth Series Book 1)

    by J.L Smith
    Inez Finley is just like most ten-year-olds. Her life is filled with love from her family. Mainly from Grandma Esther. Her parents love her, too, but Grandma is the only one Inez can truly talk to about the dreams she has. Especially after one of them comes true on the schoolyard. She is the only one who understands what Inez can see and what the woman in the old photo in Dad's office has to do with it.
  • Land of Last Chances

    by Joan Cohen
    Jeanne Bridgeton, an unmarried executive in her late forties, discovers life doesn’t begin and end on a spreadsheet when her expected menopause instead becomes an unexpected pregnancy. Though accomplished at managing risk professionally, Jeanne realizes her skills don’t extend to her personal life, where she has allowed the professional and the personal to become intertwined. She’s not even sure which of two men in her life is the father. Worse yet, a previously undisclosed family secret reveals... more
  • Go Down the Mountain

    by Meredith Battle
    Their government painted them as ignorant hillbillies, then took their land. Now read the story of these Virginia mountain families, for the first time as historical fiction. Bee Livingston is a nervy, teenage beauty whose beloved father's sudden death in a snake charming accident has left her alone with her abusive mother. Her one salvation is Miles, the big-city photographer who promises escape and a life full of the adventu... more
  • Knower of the Field


    Dr. Arya Krish is a brilliant physician and philanthropist, and the head of Beacon Medical Institute. The ground breaking technology developed there, through the Panacea Project, will usher in the new age of genetics that will change the world we live in. Krish's vast ambition at home and abroad leads to entangled alliances with industry juggernaut Alpha Corp, as well as the US government. He is forced to confront cut-throat corporate corruption, government encroachment, and a haunting fa... more