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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A is For Alcorn: Alphabet Book

    by Breanna Fulton
    Breanna Fulton's debut children's book gives your child a learning experience rooted in the joys of an HBCU experience at Alcorn. This fun ABC book utilizes elements of rhyme and vivid artistry to showcase the history that Alcorn has to offer.
  • Knowing Isn't Doing: Build the Business and Life You Desire

    by Rod Santomassimo
    TURN THE CHAOS AND CONFUSION INTO CLARITY AND CONFIDENCE The initial excitement of starting a business for many independent contractors, solopreneurs and small business owners can quickly turn into a whirlwind of chaos and confusion. Knowing Isn’t Doing provides you with a roadmap that will turn the chaos to clarity and confusion to confidence. More importantly, it will provide you with professional, personal margin to envisioned. Knowing Isn’t Doing provides you with a... more
  • Incontrando Laura - Un romanzo liberamente e in parte ispirato alla vita di...

    by Anna "Annina" Lorenzi

    [versione inglese disponibile - English version available: "Meeting Laura - A novel..."]

    "...dedicato alle menti che vogliono pensare, ai cuori che vogliono battere, ai coraggiosi e ai folli."

    Un giovane scrittore, una sfida che non può non accettare e la sua "folle" idea di inseguire quel sogno con tutto sé stesso. In tasca un biglietto aereo per New York City, qualche dollaro, un po' di paura e molta determi... more

  • Meeting Laura: A novel loosely and partially inspired by the life of...

    by Anna "Annina" Lorenzi

    "...dedicated to those minds wanting to think, to those hearts wanting to beat, to the brave and the crazy."

    A young writer, a challenge that he can’t not accept and his “crazy” idea to follow that dream with his whole being. In his pocket, a plane ticket for New York, a few bucks, a little bit of fear, and a lot of determination.

    A manuscript that he hugs to himself, “as if it were the most important thing on the... more

  • Butterflies and Lies: Poems

    by Lynn Wolff
    Butterflies and Lies is a collection of poetry and prose about heartache, happiness, and raw emotion. It takes readers on a journey through life, celebrating moments of passion, joy, empowerment, and suffering. It is divided into six sections, and each section provokes a different emotional response.
  • Because of You I Am

    by Sandy Hogarth
    ‘Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run...’ 
Thirty five years later, she’s after bigger prey. 
Life hasn’t been kind to Alice. Abandoned by her father at fourteen, she ran away two years later to 60s London, embracing all the darkness it had to offer when hopes of finding her father are lost. But that was the past and at thirty-eight she meets and marries Jake. They have a son, Adam, and life is perfect. But when he is killed in an accident six years later, her entire life comes crashing down. 
... more
  • Goodbye, Moonflower

    by Connor de Bruler
    A former marine, Lemmie Beaumont makes a living as a master locksmith and savvy entrepreneur in her hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. She sets out for another night shift when an unfamiliar dispatcher takes the helm, sending her to three of the riskiest lockouts of her career. Irish travelers, hostile squatters, and moonshine runners are all commonplace in her line of work, but not on the same night. She’s a pawn in a larger game. Along with the ghost of legendary Blues-singer Robert Johns... more
  • Twilight Empress

    by Faith L. Justice

    One woman battles the coming Dark Ages.

    Twilight Empress tells the little-known story of a remarkable woman: Placidia, sister to one of the last Roman Emperors. Roman Empress and Gothic Queen, Placidia does the unthinkable: she rules the failing Western Roman Empire. A life of ambition, power, and intrigue she doesn’t seek, but can’t refuse; her actions shape the face of Western Europe for centuries. A passionate woman as well as an empress, Placidi... more

  • Oh, that Munchausen! - interactive audiobook-game!

    by FingerTipsAndCompany

    Here comes “Oh, that Munchausen!”- the fascinating interactive audiobook-game for kids and adults in which you play the role of the Baron Munchausen’s granddaughter and help your grandfather remember all his stories.

    Available on Google Play and App store on June 14, 2020.

    Listen, play and laugh!

  • Distorted Days

    by Louise Worthington
    If she could speak to them, she would say they have exploded her heart, released firecrackers through her senses. She wishes she could call the police, the ambulance, the fire brigade, to arrest and anaesthetise and waterboard the bastards. So what happens when your husband runs off with your best friend? When you discover the dead body of an old man halfway through your delivery round? When your house is burgled and you get beaten up? Doris, Andy and Colleen are about to find out. They’re a... more
  • The Adventures of Hammy the Hamster

    by Amy Cohen

    This true story begins with a little boy named Jack who is sad when he goes to sleep at night. He then gets a hamster that takes him and his family on an adventure. Jack and his family must search for Hammy the Hamster after he escapes. Jack learns that even when you are sad, one day you will smile again.

  • All those tears we can't see (2nd edition)

    by Gita Audhya
    All Those Tears We Can't See addresses a lot of topics--immigration, opportunity, spirituality, myth, wisdom, class, customs, poverty, corruption and physical assault in India. It is a story of India and the USA. •\tAll Those Tears We Can't See (2nd edition) addresses the challenges immigrants face in this era due to lack of money and cultural differences but later achieves the “American dream” •\tThe new novel follows an Indian woman who migrated from India to America and finds difficulties... more
  • The Garbage People's Union: A Novella

    by Daniel J. Guercio
    The events of a single day can change your life. Such is the way for Sam Watson, a homeless aspiring writer and de facto leader of the self-named Garbage People’s Union, a group of the homeless of New York City that have come together in order to pool their resources and strategically delegate sections of the city for begging to individual members in order to maximize profits.With a motley group that consists of a crackhead, a transsexual street walker, a homosexual actor, a Vietnam Veteran, Two... more
  • 978-0-9864170-1-6

    by Linda Lee Graham

    A poignant story of love, loss, and coming home, A Thimbleful of Honor is set in the heart of Scotland's Highlands, twenty-five years after the 1745 Jacobite rebellion.

  • The Fool

    by Andrew Leake
    This is a story which follows the travels of one lonely character through this modern world that we call Life. We all hold views and opinions on the World around us but the protagonist is not afraid to voice his own. What is the meaning of Life? Is there Life after Death? No-one knows but this book will certainly make your ears prick up.
  • A Few Trivial Felonies

    by Sandra Sperling
    Rachel and her retired husband move to Oregon due to his health, but he soon passes away. She will have to sell and move again, but her friend Ruth suggests a way to keep collecting her husband's pension check until she is able to find work that pays highly enough for her to keep her home. Organized crime, with its murders, kidnappings and drug dealing, falls beneath their somewhat twisted ethical standards, They decide, instead, to become free-lance criminals and commit only a few trivial fel... more