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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Triple Overtime

    by Christopher Juliano
    Fueled by the supernatural and a fallen anti-hero, in a story of redemption through both spirit and sport, a specter basketball team converges on a college campus to save a lost soul.
  • Her Side of the Story: A Psychically Channeled Untold Story of Catherine de Medici

    by Dominique Wright
    While looking into her past lives, Dominique shockingly discovered that she was Catherine de Medici. During the process of recovering Catherine’s memories, Dominique realized that Catherine had a secret life she kept from everyone at court. After over five hundred years of silence, the time has come. Dominique must share the story Catherine revealed about an innocent girl from Italy who marries the prince of France and is catapulted into a world she is unprepared for. As she endures life at the ... more
  • But I Digretch

    by Gretchen Astro Turner
    Love is a wavy lullaby sung through broken stained glass; Love is the sum of all our tries, the futures of hopes bypassed; Love is what catches up to us when the moment went too fast; Love is a sunrise dewdrop on a lonely blade of grass... The anaphora of this stanza (from one of the author’s surrealist, transcendental love poems) emphasizes what remains in the wake of life’s brutal inevitability of loss; it reflects the indestructible force -- of love -- that redeems after life... more
  • Conquer The Ninja World: Yuan Rises

    by Akito B. Takahashi
    Jonathan Yuan, an average young adult, finds himself in the fictional world of "Neo", created by a famous writer on earth. He was once an avid reader and follower of this series, but has long since abandoned it entirely. Now, with the resolve to escape by whatever means necessary, he utilizes all his past knowledge to become an apex predator. How far will his journeys take him, how did he arrive in the world of ninjas in the first place, and what boundaries will he cross to achieve his goals?
  • Perestroika: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

    by João Cerqueira
    Perestroika overthrows communist regimes in Europe. In the People's Republic of Slavia the former leaders are trying to survive the new times, while their victims seek revenge. Former President Alfred Ionescu is placed in an asylum he himself built. Zut Zdanov, the head of culture, is confronted with his child abuse. Helena Yava, responsible for education, wants to avenge her lover's death. Igor Olin, responsible for the economy, fights for his disabled son to have a dignified life. Art histor... more
  • The Taekwonderoos: Rescue at Rattling Ridge

    by Michael Panzner
    Hop into an action-packed adventure with George, Brianna and Jackson, kangaroo friends who are masters of taekwondo. When they spot a frightened joey trapped at the top of treacherous Rattling Ridge, the three Taekwonderoos spring into action, using their kicking, jumping and spinning skills to navigate cliffs, boulders and ravines on a daring rescue mission. This thrilling tale of bravery celebrates how courage, quick-thinking, and teamwork can overcome any challenge.
  • Fat Camp

    by Blake Lucas
    Desperate man launches an intense boot camp for eight reluctant clients who kinda, sorta, maybe, want to lose "fattage". Just about everything that can go side-ways, does go side-ways.
  • The Spirit In My Shoes

    by John Michael Cummings
    Title: THE SPIRIT IN MY SHOES Author: John Michael Cummings Category: Fiction Pages: 204 Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 ISBN: 978-1-960329-10-3 Format: Trade Paperback Publication Date: November 2023 Description: Featuring twenty-three stories, John Michael Cummings’s debut story collection brims with the vitality and complexity of our shared humanity. In tales that conjure comparisons to John Updike, Raymond Carver, and William Gay, Cummings tells the truth about loneliness, relationships, and t... more
  • Saving Raine

    by Marian L. Thomas

    When the life you've built crumbles and the past refuses to release its grip, sometimes you need a fresh start—a new beginning that promises hope and redemption. Once a celebrated author, Raine's life unraveled, sending her fleeing to the picturesque streets of Paris to escape the tormenting heartache that threatened to consume her. Yet, no matter how far she traveled, the pain remained her unwelcome companion. Returning to bustling Atlanta as a senior vice president for an... more

  • Tumbleweed the Cowboy Flamingo

    by Ricky Adams
    Tumbleweed is a cowboy flamingo who lives on the east coast of the United States in the year 1849. Unexpectedly, he receives a message from a relative that beckons him to the West Coast to run a gold mine. This is the story of Tumbleweed's journey, and his many adventures, across the States during the historic American Gold Rush. Along his side during this epic voyage is his best friend, a jackrabbit named Timber, and their wagon mechanic Helena, who is also a flamingo, along with a bunch of oth... more
  • Jungle Party

    by Janine Ann Bower
    Introduce the wonderful children's book "JUNGLE PARTY" created by Janine Ann Bower! This enchanting story is perfect for kids between 3 to 8 years old. The moment you see the cover, you'll be transported to a vibrant jungle where animals are having an amazing time, throwing a lively party. With humour, and rhythm this book is a crowd-pleaser for young children. After reading the book there is also a fun activity to do with your child. This book is the first in a new series of children’s... more
  • Porter and Midge: Paws and Playtime: A Kid's Guide to a Happy Dog

    by Giselle Nevada
    Discover the enchanting world of Porter and Midge: Paws and Playtime – a rhyming children’s book that follows the heartwarming bond between two furry friends, Mastiff Porter and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Midge, and their devoted companions, CJ and Lora. On a sunny day, CJ’s thoughtful idea sets the stage for a joyful exploration of new ways to make Porter and Midge’s days even brighter. Through rhythmic verses, follow their journey as they uncover sensory games, canine enrichment activities, an... more
  • A Young Woman from the Provinces

    by Jo Ann Kiser

    From inhabitant of a cardboard cradle deep in the Kentucky hills to young romantic in New York City, Geneva Clay is transformed by her journey and yet indelibly the same.

    As Geneva’s family migrates from one place to another, the once-familiar landscapes of her Kentucky childhood blend into a mosaic of poetic memories and near mythologies. In an Ohio college, she forms enduring friendships that provide both sustenance and education: Ella, an independent and empathetic spirit navig... more

  • Crazy Eye: A Novel of the Red River Wars

    by Douglas Cornell

    A precocious young boy joins his father on a hunt to capture a notorious renegade in the panhandle of Texas. 

  • Big Bad Rolf

    by Dave Webb
    Open Sesame!" "I'll blow your house down!" These are classic lines from some of the all-time most-beloved children's fairy tales, now brought to life again in easy-to-read adaptations for young readers ages 8-12 collected, edited, and presented by author Dave Webb along with two of his own original stories inspired by classic stories and characters. The anthology starts with the author's take on "The Three Little Pigs," featuring a new wolf named Rolf who tries one of his clever schemes on three... more
  • Tales From the Dickt: Rainbow Gash Edition

    by Seth Wesley

    From the forgotten catacombs of male phalli, a horrifying place of permanent testicular torture, comes a collection of short stories so radically harmful to the human psyche they had to be hidden in the deepest recesses of an abandoned cum factory. You hold in your hands a throbbing allegory for mental illness and crippling addictions. Tales from the Dickt: Rainbow Gash Edition, is a special rerelease of Wesley’s 2021 short story collection, Tales from the Dickt. The original text has b... more