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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A River Divided

    by George Paxinos
    A River Divided follows Evelyn, a geneticist and amateur archeologist, who discovers a tomb while vacationing in Israel. Believing she has found the remains of Christ, she attempts to revive the DNA found preserved at the site so that she can clone Him. But with human cloning being both illegal and unprecedented, she takes the risk of carrying the embryo herself. Though more a scientist than a zealot, she wants to do everything to bring Him back to the world. If her experiment were successful, t... more
  • Silly Cat and Friends Laugh and Play

    by Lorraine Abrams
    Silly Cat and Friends Laugh and Play is the second book in a trilogy about a cat named Silly and his best friend Dainty Dog. Silly and Dainty tease each other but deep down, they're true friends. A few of the other critters they encounter in Laugh and Play are Ray the Jay, Miss Dovey Mae, Jeep the Frog and his Cousin Truck the Polliwog, a bat named Bingo, and a green-eyed bug.
  • I, Christine

    by Marcia Maxwell
    In the year of grace 1396, Christine de Pizan is a young widow living in a tower near the Seine. Since her husband’s death 6 years before, she has been living a hardscrabble existence, struggling to support her aged mother and 2 small children as rumors swirl about the state of the king’s sanity. Meanwhile, the cursed English threaten the weakened kingdom. Seeking to ease her loneliness and sorrow, Christine writes poetry in a delicate dance blending form and emotion. After an unsuccessful j... more
  • The Place Where I Belong

    by Candice Klopfenstein

    The Place Where I Belong is an engaging children's book that reminds children of their value, no matter what they may experience. Filled with rich text and beautiful illustrations, also includes a letter to children, story questions and a link to further resources.

  • Casey's Pet Detective Agency: The Case of the Colorful Cockatiel

    by Camille Brown
    On their way to have a picnic in the park, Casey and Jennie hear their friend from school and neighbor Abby call for help. Her colorful cockatiel Coco is missing. Abby’s bird has flown the coop. Oh no! Casey and Jennie decide to take the case to help find Coco. On their quest, they learn about cockatiels, searching place to place. Will Casey and Jennie find Abby’s colorful cockatiel?
  • The Two (The Faith that Kills)

    by Gabriel Aidan Faulkner
    Two…Islands. Countries. Communities. Faiths. Lovers. Lives. Deaths. \tUpon the death of both of his parents, Daniel discovers that the life he has known is riddled with dark secrets that they took to their grave. \tThis triggers a voyage to a country he has never visited, seeking out the old address he has found. And once there, he learns of his early life as well as the terrifying reason why his parents left. \tSlowly, the past he has never known begins to exert an unassailable hold as he ... more
  • The BEAR Who DARED

    by Barry Brandon Waldo
    Step into a captivating world where being unique is a fun and crazy ride! Join Blue, the Bear in a Bow Tie, as he sets out on daring adventures and makes extraordinary friendships. Brace yourself for a kaleidoscope of colorful faces in the most unexpected places! Guided by a loving tree, Blue crafts his own Bearplane and soars into a whirlwind of enchanting escapes. This is the first book in the Bear in a Bow Tie picture book series.
  • The Adventures of Professor Poodle & Auggie: Let's Collect the Alphabet

    by Mark Vogel
    The Adventures of Professor Poodle and Auggie is a story about 2 dogs, who, in their search for each letter of the alphabet, encounters humorous and fun adventures with a variety of letter characters. From cover to cover, young readers and parents will be delighted as they turn each page to read about a new adventure with a new letter. Professor Poodle portrays the image of an intelligent dog who always seems to guide Auggie, his sidekick, in the right direction. The Adventures of Professor Po... more
  • Oh NO, Where Did He Go!: Understanding How Children Handle Death and Loss

    by Kay E. Thomson
    Oh No, Where Did He Go takes its readers through the process of losing someone very special to them. It shows the mix of emotions that children can feel and how to cope with them. JT is the main character and he finds answers to his questions: Where is Grandpa not, how will I ever find him, how can he get out of the hole they put the big box in? It is a lesson of love, care, and trust in the God who loves us most. KAY THOMSON grew up in NJ where her father pastored the First United Methodist ... more
  • Wishes Are Free

    by Diana Mercedes Howell
    Friends are everywhere if you have a big heart and know where to look. Spunky ten-year-old Rose O'Reilly feels abandoned when her best friend from birth moves two thousand miles away. Determined to find a new best friend, she turns to Grandpa, whose wife - his own best friend - has recently died. They hold chat cafes in the kitchen on Sundays and with Grandpa's help, Rose discovers friends can be found in unexpected places, from a lost dog to a boy with cerebral palsy. But there is still an ach... more
  • UnMasked

    by Julie Cadman
    What if your parents shared a huge family secret and told your daughter, “Don’t tell your mom!” Would you confront the elephant in the room or do nothing? As the world battles a raging pandemic, three generations of women face a challenge that will forever change their dynamic and family legacy. Jen is overwhelmed as she’s sandwiched between the daily needs of her family and expectations of her parents. Her sixteen-year-old daughter Kylie is trapped at home, missing her friends and her lacro... more
  • Nemesis of the Great

    by Cinzi Lavin
    In this sequel to The Taciturn Sky, Bryce Parnell is forced to reconsider his position as a member of the elite class once he discovers who is actually running things from above. Set in the twilight of America’s genteel aristocracy, he comes to terms with the fact that he and his kind are an endangered species, about to be overtaken by the rise of the newly rich and their limitless money and power. An unintentional spiritual odyssey, an unexpected friendship, and a heartbreaking family tragedy a... more
  • The Taciturn Sky

    by Cinzi Lavin
    An inheritance changes Bryce Parnell’s world in ways he never imagined. As a traitor to his class, he struggles to find his place somewhere between his Old Money upbringing and the uncultivated world he has come to know. Dividing his time between Larchmont, New York and Norfolk, Connecticut, he inexpertly navigates romantic relationships and interacts uneasily with wealthy friends and family, all the while hoping to outrun a reality of which he is becoming increasingly aware: that he is witnessi... more
  • Dying To End It

    by Joey Sanchez
    When Frank’s wife of many years is killed in a car accident and he is left badly injured, he quickly grows tired of life. No longer wishing to be a burden on his daughters who are missing out on their own lives by having to care for him, he hatches a plan. Heading off out onto the mean streets of New York, the city he grew up in, Frank decides that he will find a way to end his life there without resorting to the sin of taking it himself. However, his plans are thrown into confusion when h... more
  • Bridging Between

    by L T Bailey
    Come along for the journey of seven individuals, one chosen from each continent, when they receive a vision and words. Who were these chosen individuals, why were they chosen and what would become of their interaction with the vision and words? The individuals will experience a transformational time of the Earth for betterment of humankind, the animal kingdom, the plant life, and Mother Earth herself. They will travel to a destination where they will meet to learn and experience through each oth... more
  • Hold Your Breath...Breathe

    by Todd Michael Gent
    Bracky Kinsloe graduated in 1967 from Jiba High School, a small Texas town. To get out of the hay fields, he ends up in the medical field-all this while his brother and others are in Vietnam on the battlefield. With the help of many different characters, Bracky uses his sense of humor to get through loss, changing emotions, and basically growing up in the sixties. It doesn't take long for him to lose the green behind his ears.