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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Alycat and the Monday Blues

    by Alysson Foti Bourque
    Alycat wakes up with the dreaded Monday Blues—she’s certain that everything will go wrong. But even when mishaps seem to ruin her day, she finds out that helping a friend can lead to discovering her own hidden talent and curing the Monday Blues!
  • Thank God for Drugs

    by Kewalnam Christ
    “THE METAMERICANA ANTHOLOGY.” Each book features a different premise, a different tone, a different world, sharp, suspenseful, satirical tales that explore pop culture, social politics, and religious philosophies. All interconnected, forming an overarching narrative of irony and sincerity. THANK GOD FOR DRUGS is the first book in that series. The story is split up into 3 acts. Each it’s own season and theme. 1st Act: Spring (Nihilism), 2nd Act: Summer (Absurdism), and Act 3: Autumn (Existentiali... more
  • The Sorting Tree

    by T.A. Barnes
    I’ll tell you a story, if you let me, about a love great enough to go beyond this world, a tale of childhood friends and separation and sacrifice that hurts to consider. I’ll give you two boys and a girl grown together in the grand estate country of Virginia in the 1960s, their trust, their bond, their preposterous chances of preserving the intimacy of the young. They’ll make you laugh, these summer children, before they make you cry. Even so, I think you’ll love them as I do, in their marvel... more
  • Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine

    by Joseph Fisher

    When the Mayor Himself decides the town of Someport-by-the-Sea needs a new fire engine the Fire Chief picks a shiny, bright red one that has all the latest tools needed to put out fires. The new fire engine is the joy of the children in town and the pride of the firemen and townspeople alike. But after many years the fire engine becomes old and worn until everyone begins to laugh and call it Rusty. Sad and forlorn Rusty is ignored and forgotten. Then during the 4th of July parade in a summer ... more

  • Not For You: Family Narratives of Denial & Comfort Foods, Book One

    by Nandita Godbole
    Love. Marriage. Denial. Crisis. Fear. Abandonment. Determination. Food. Comfort. Home. Johari-ba, Ratanlal and Shanta, Damodar and Pearl, Thakor and Mani, Shaku and Bandu, Ana and Ravi lived in different eras, in different parts of the Indian subcontinent. Their lives intersect together over time. They struggled for identity with a single-minded determination to persevere in the face of denial. They lived, married and bore children, carrying the scars and the stories of the generations before t... more
  • Vague Pains

    by Zachary Lemon
    Vague Pains explores the overlapping stories of three people as they try to understand each other and ultimately themselves. On the outskirts of Detroit, Meadowview Hospital means different things to different people: a place to work, a place to learn and a place to fear. Over the course of a week Tess, Henry and Thomas find their paths intersecting in ways that will leave them all changed. The book takes the reader into their inner struggles and daydreams as they try to navigate the contradicti... more

    by Bernadette Y. Connor
    Ida Evers shares all of the trials and victories of their lives together with her husband, James Evers, who has Alzheimer's. His reactions are hilarious and heartwarming. Her gripping storytelling is filled with all of the angst, surprise, joy and loss of lives lived thoroughly with love as its anchor. Tales of family life will come and go, but you will never forget the Evers.
  • Eternal Flame

    by Alexa Kang

    “Last night, I loved you a lifetime and more.”

    16-year-old Julia Olsen’s world is falling apart. Her quarterback boyfriend broke up with her. Her family’s new home under renovation is a mess. Her high school counselor won't stop harping on about her grades. A time-traveling WW2 soldier crashing into her room is the last thing she needs.

    In 1944, 18-year-old Edmond Ferris answered the draft and headed to war in France. A ... more


    by Cary Robinson

    Dudley, the golden-colored hound dog, will speak to you directly and tell you how he started life as a pure-bred, pick-of-the-litter dog, to how he landed in an animal shelter, and finally finding a human of his own. It's a larger-than-life tale, combining hardships, fun, love, and redemption (human and canine).

  • The Color of My Coffee

    by R P Heinz
    Coffee, like life, can have a variety of shades and complexities, as young Steven Reilly is about to find out. He is a naïve teenager living in a white suburb of Los Angeles during the turbulent 1960’s with his mentally disturbed mother, and his cold, unfeeling father. His sheltered life abruptly changes when he buys a small business from his brother that soon becomes a gathering place for colorful characters from all walks of life. \tThe story focuses on the racial issues, cultural conflicts,... more
  • The Boy Who Painted the World

    by Melody J. Bremen
    Indigo is a boy with a dream. He spends his mornings in a refrigerator box, his afternoons shoveling snow, and his nights in the basement of a homeless shelter. But during every free moment, he draws and dreams of becoming a famous artist. His best friend Jade looks after him, but she is arrested for shoplifting and he’s left all alone. With his box of pencils under his arm, he sets out on a quest to search for Jade and discovers a whole new world… full of the art he loves. His journey brings ... more
  • The days of prey

    by Gianfranco Menghini
    Eric Grevillers, the protagonist of this novel whose plot takes place in France, just lived Napoleon's rise to power. A young aristocrat whose family has dispossessed of all his property by the revolutionary government. He became the protégé of Cabanis. This astute business person, taking advantage of his position of the official supplier of the French Army, monopolizes the works of art looted by the soldiers during the first Napoleonic Italian campaign. In the Paris of the late eighteenth centu... more
  • California, no more

    by Gianfranco Menghini
    CALIFORNIA, NO MORE The after the 2nd world war for people with limited means, especially for those who the few possessed before had lost them in the war, offered two outlets for a young man of the center-south of Italy. Emigrating to the north and take up any low job or go working abroad. The foreign country since that time which appreciates the Italians crews was the United States. Paul accepts a boarding on an American tanker, which he must reach by plane at the Port of Los Angeles: Wilmin... more
  • August Rebellion

    A suspenseful political, thriller envisaging Louisiana's Capitol of Incarceration as a remodel of slavery, its elected-officials as members of a secret Society of Slave Masters, and oppressed African-Americans as embodying the spirits of rebellious slaves. The action, dialogue and narrative weaved between the pages of Ronald Marshall's ‘August Rebellion’ fits easily and convincingly in the genre of speculative "What if this is really happening?" fiction. In Marshall's book, a red-Louisiana fol... more
  • The Zebra Affaire: An Apartheid Love Story

    by Mark Fine
    In the spring of 1976, Elsa, the daughter of a disillusioned European farmer, and Stanwell, the proud descendant of the Zulu, dare the forbidden and impossible by falling in love in apartheid South Africa. The terrified lovers turned prey, race from the golden city of Johannesburg to the wildly exotic African bushveld to evade government sanction. No government has the right to interfere in the love between two individuals, yet, in segregated South Africa their union is a crime. Elsa and Sta... more
  • The Shores of Our Souls

    by Kathryn Brown Ramsperger
    Qasim, an Arab Muslim U.N. official fleeing family obligations in 1980s war-torn Lebanon meets Dianna, escaping her rural Southern roots to become a researcher at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Will their love be enough in this war-torn, conflict-weary world? Ramsperger's debut novel gives an entirely new perspective on the controversial conflicts in our hearts and in our history.