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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • How To Game People Without Even Trying: A Daughter's Legacy

    by Elizabeth Cooke

    "How To Game People Without Even Trying...ADaughter's Legacy" is the true story (fictionalized) of the murder of Saul Mammon, an international financier, with connections on the highest levels; in the Soviet Union, Washington DC, Paris, Israel. An American, born in Brooklyn, N.Y., of modest background, he climbs the ladder to power. He is brilliant, with a strong, dark side that ultimately leads to his death, followed by a massive cover-up surrounding it. Told from the perspective of an only ... more

  • The Texicans

    by Jinx Schwartz
    An epic tale of Texas inspired by the author's own Texan roots, The Texicans is a saga of a frontier family's courage in the face of tumultous historical events. The Stockman family immigrate to Spanish Texas in 1806, only to find themselves inexorably drawn into the bitter conflict between Mexico and Spain. Joining forces with a dashing young Royalist deserter, Miguel Gonzales, they join in the battle to free Mexico and Texas from Spanish rule. Rewarded as heroes of Mexico these Texicans find... more
  • Land of Mountains

    by Jinx Schwartz
    A ten-year-old's new home on an exotic Caribbean island proves so fascinating she quickly forgets she didn't want to leave Texas. After all, where better than a jungle world teeming with voodoo, mystery, and a really pesky zombie, to indulge her favorite pastime: snooping. In this humorous mystery, award-winning author Jinx Schwartz transports the reader to another time and place where rivers, and little girls, ran wild and free.
  • The Hospital Train

    by Simon Hardman Lea
  • Trails in the Sand

    by P.C. Zick
    Caroline Carlisle loved Simon from the moment she first laid eyes on him when she was nine years old. Unfortunately, he married her older sister, and thus set a southern family on a collision course with its past. As Caroline starts to report on the oil spill threatening the sea turtles on Florida's Panhandle beaches, she begins to uncover the secret of her own mother's past. With Caroline's sharpened reporter skills, she digs until she brings all the secrets to light, including her own.
  • General Houston's Little Spy: A Texas Revolution Story

    by Cara Skinner

    Young Samantha Russell wants only to marry her fiance, Danny Autry, and move to Texas.  But once there, they find themselves caught up in the Texan settlers' struggle against the Mexican dictator, Santa Anna, and his tyrannical rule.  After tragedy strikes at the fall of the Alamo, Samantha vows to seek revenge.  General Houston's Little Spy follows Samantha as she embarks on a dangerous mission to assist General Sam Houston and his small fledgling army in their fight against Santa A... more

  • The Journal/978-1-936746-34-7

    by Beth Harlow
    When Mary gave a journal to her fiancé when he left for war in 1861, neither of them had any idea how many hands would write in the little book over the next four years. The little book travels from soldier to soldier throughout the Civil War, crossing battle lines several times to reflect the thoughts of men on both sides of the war. Each man who writes in the book is in a different place in his relationship with God, and each finds help from the words others have written. The sounds of ... more
  • The Millennial Reincarnations

    by Daniel M. Harrison


    When over the course of a decade a group of high society New York and Shanghai millennials are forced to question whether their shared experiences mean they are here on earth for a higher purpose, the answer becomes resoundingly affirmative.

    With spellbinding prose and a unique sensitivity for the insecurities, desires and needs of the Millennial generation, Daniel Mark Harrison has written a novel like no other out there. The Millennial Reincarnations goes to places t... more

  • What She Knew

    by Nadine Galinsky Feldman
    Liz Nabor has a successful Wall Street career, using her brains and ambition to thrive in a male-dominated industry. At the top of her game, she enjoys a glamorous Manhattan lifestyle with her gorgeous boyfriend, Rick. When the 2008 economic crisis looms, though, Liz's boss pressures her to produce revenue…whatever it takes, ethical or not. Just as she explores a big opportunity to save her career, Liz is shaken to discover she’s unwittingly involved clients in Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. ... more
  • The Foreign Language of Friends

    by Nadine Galinsky Feldman
    When four women meet in a foreign language class, their different backgrounds and experiences cause instant clashes! There's Julia, vivacious and fun, who longs for something more than the country club, jet-setting lifestyle that she leads. Claire, a company attorney in a male-dominated field, intimidates everyone around her. Shy Ellen is trying to have a personal life while caring for her ailing parents. Mickey, a young newlywed, wants to get out from under the shadow of her domineering parents... more
  • Requiem for the Phoenix

    by Skip Allen

    “Action-packed, well-woven reading . . . will leave readers wondering how safe they are in the post-9/11 era, and how much their government is really telling them.” -Foreword /Clarion Review “The author delivers a . . . stirring thriller that relies on political maneuvering . . . just as much as action.” -KIRKUS REVIEWS “Scheming politicians, spies, terrorists, and clandestine power brokers converge in . . . Requiem for the Phoenix.” -Blueink Review Two yea... more

  • The Lady Was a Spy

    by Thomas Garrison
    JEAN WEBB GREW UP WITHOUT A FATHER in the years after World War I, and she learned early on that she needed to go after what she wanted.**Following in the footsteps of her Marine lieutenant father, she decided to serve her country, joining the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps while at Missouri University. Graduating with high honors, she became a second lieutenant in the US Army Intelligence Corps.**After learning German and working at Army headquarters, she was recruited by the Office of Strate... more
  • God's Domain

    by Robert Gallant
    Beautiful graduate student Chesney Barrett, doing environmental research in the Louisiana Atchafalaya Basin, previously helped clandestine government agent Travis Weld locate and destroy a methamphetamines operation in the swamp. Now Weld is back asking her to help rescue brilliant archaeologist David Phillips from leftist guerrillas in the Yucatan Peninsula. Helping David Phillips plunges Chesney into a complex and deadly quest for the sacred site of Viracocha, legendary God over all gods and a... more
  • 50 Shades of Crazy

    by E B Archer
    Christian Grey is dead and a hundred million women mourn his passing. When the man who made it acceptable for a woman to be tied up and taken against her will is found dead, police suspect him the victim of one of his own provocative parlor games gone too far. When the killing is linked to a second homicide, fiction overwhelms fact and speculation of a serial-killer loose on the streets of New York City explodes, with the death of Christian Grey trending nationally on both social and in main... more

    Imaginings. Reflections. Some Other Stuff. Conjecture On My Part is a collection of short stories and poems, tied together by one common thread: there are no verdicts. Author Lee Joseph meticulously and poignantly details characters, circumstances, and events. But as to the meaning of any of it, he endeavors to leave that to someone else-you, the reader. Meaning is very personal. It’s about much more than what happened. Beliefs, values, and ideals all play a part in determining the meaning ... more
  • Evangeline The Seer of Wall St.

    by Clint Adams

    The stars are infallible; one's true destiny cannot be altered. Or can it? A descendant of presidents John and John Quincy Adams, and the black sheep of her family, astrologer Evangeline Adams flees provincial Boston in 1899 to launch her business in New York City. On the train ride, she casts her own horoscopic chart. Her findings--death on November 10, 1932 and an unusual intimate union--alarm her. Soon after, she meets actress and suffragist Emma Sheridan-Fry, and she spends the rest o... more