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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Beautiful is Black

    by Serenity Anderson
    This book is a powerful tool for parents, caregivers, and teachers as a means of communicating with any child—especially girls—who are dealing with acceptance issues. It teaches that differences are what make us unique, as defined by a young girl’s conversation with her mother. If we all looked exactly the same, the world would not be so colorful or exciting. Each of us contributes something special to the world, even if we do not always feel that way. As parents, caregivers, teachers, and socie... more
  • Uncovering Secrets

    by Barbara Hinske
    This third book in the beloved Rosemont series finds Mayor Maggie Martin knee-deep in the financial problems facing Westbury. With a stagnant investigation into the fraud and embezzlement that brought the town to the brink of bankruptcy, Maggie needs results—now. The bad guys, however, are always one step ahead, with bribes and blackmail at their disposal. Her late husband’s mistress also has an ace to play against Frank Haynes and his cronies. But the woman’s plan for revenge may be derailed... more
  • Canoe Trip

    by David R Beasley
    "In the hard-to-put-down category" Joe Slater Canoe Trip: Author: David R. Beasley ISBN:0-915317-21-4 PRICE: $15.00 Cdn & US Tim persuades his big brother Chuck to go on a canoe trip down the Saugeen River in Ontario. They have to paddle through rapids and overcome the dangers of the river. In the forest and in the towns along the way they have many great adventures. Whether they are chased by moose, trapped by bears, harried by steers, mistakenly jailed, frustrated by big yach... more
  • Aspects of Love

    by David R Beasley
    Three novellas explore the emotional and sexual relationships that can entrap, consume, frustrate and preserve the human spirit. "Helen" is an intensely erotic story of the love between a young man and an older woman. "Caravetti" deals with romantic love as against married love by contrasting love in Paris to love in a highly structured Spanish society, in which duty to family and the opportunism of purchased love reflect the ageless choice. "Adam" pursues the mental relationship between a homos... more
  • Chocolate for the Poor

    by David R Beasley
    Rape and wife and child abuse are common news today. Their distressing frequency makes us question the safeguards and the very nature of our society. Where have we gone wrong? Yet these crimes have always been present in civilized societies. Chocolate for the poor is a fictionalized account of an actual event from 1805. Ephraim Wheeler, an unemployed labourer, raped his 13 year old daughter in the Berkshire Mountain community of Massachusetts. His trial and the reactions of his family, friends, ... more
  • Don't Call Me Crazy! I'm Just in Love

    by Swiyyah Woodard
    Inspired by a true story, Don’t Call Me Crazy! I’m Just in Love is a romantic drama about a young woman who wants to marry the love of her life. In order to fulfill her dream, she has to overcome drama—from her gossiping friends who despise her lover, drama from her future mother-in-law who despises her, and drama from an obsessed young man. After weeks of chronic stress, she develops the most debilitating psychotic disorder known in the mental health community: schizophrenia. Required reading f... more
  • What I Learned From Men

    by Jenell Hollett
    Author Jenell Hollett offers a refreshingly funny, eye-opening angle on the eternal male-female dynamic in the debut novel, What I Learned From Men. Conceived to challenge readers to reexamine stereotypes, rethink judgmental perspectives, and chuck unsupported opinions, this engaging, enlightening, and delightfully endearing spin on the age-old boy-meets-girl story may just change the way women value the men in their lives. Narrated from the point-of-view of an unnamed twenty-eight-year-old-fema... more
  • The Pain Behind The Portrait

    by Jenell Hollett

    Mike, Dayne, and their two kids are a California success story. The family portrait hanging over their fireplace proves it. But the portrait is a lie—a façade hiding the truth of a deteriorating marriage where words are weapons and loneliness has replaced intimacy.

    Mike is an attorney who resolved never to be like his father, a man who used words to control and belittle his wife and children. Unfortunately Mike married Dayne, a volatile and unpredictable woman who aims her ... more

  • Violet's Flight

    by David Beasley
    Violet's Flight or Kahbia Author: David Beasley ISBN: 978-0-915317-25-7 PRICE: $20.00 Cdn & US Japanese Armies invaded an almost defenseless Burma in 1942, sending tens of thousands fleeing over the mountains to India. They ruled the remaining Burmese, whom they boasted of liberating from British rule, with arrogance and brutality. Violet's Flight narrates the experiences of a young Anglo-Burmese girl and her relatives growing up happily under the British and their ordeal either escaping ... more
  • Sarah's Journey

    by David Beasley
    Born a slave in 1790 in the Virginia Panhandle Sarah, a beautiful woman, marries a supposedly free Negro, Lewis, whom she hopes will earn her freedom. Her husband is taken back to Kentucky from where he escaped and Sarah is sold to a neighbour who mistreats her. She is forced to escape with her three youngest children through the Ohio wilderness and arrives in Simcoe, Upper Canada in 1822. She keeps house for a young Scotsman, Duncan Campbell, by whom she has a son. As Simcoe grows from a villag... more
  • Hypocrites and Other Stories

    by David Beasley
    Hypocrites: Author: David R. Beasley ISBN:978-0-915317-47-9 PRICE: $12.00 Cdn & US A Collection of short stories... Ontario, London, Ibiza, France, Sausalito A Church minister falls out of favour with the social powers in his community. A boy deciding to burn down his school comes from an unloving background. A businessman discovers his humanity after he plants a bomb on a plane. Female companionship rescues a young man from the loneliness of London. A well-run tavern falls into dis... more
  • Alexander Pig Goes Camping (Volume 1)

    by Eva B. Kids
    Eva B. Kids’ enchanting and humorous storybook is full of adventure and mystery. Our hero Alexander Pig thinks that adventure is all about eating lobsters in smart restaurants in Lonby. His friend Pim Hedgehog thinks an adventure is sitting in his little home, eating porridge and apples. But thoughtful Mycroft Zebra explains what an adventure is. Beware! There still are two things Alexander doesn’t know… 1.)\tLobsters can pinch! 2.)\tFrantic monsters lurk in the dark night .... more
  • Kindness Finds Her Voice

    by Cristina Kim
    'Kindness Finds Her Voice' follows Kindness’s day at the Minniverse Playground - one of her most favourite places in the Inniverse. She is delighted to be meeting her great friends Love and Generosity for an afternoon of laughs and fun — but not so delighted to find her frenemy, Selfish there as well. Not one to speak out, and a believer in keeping everyone happy and having a good time, Kindness ignores her feelings as Selfish pushes by her to take her turn — not once, not twice, but many tim... more
  • isbn 1-59286-837-1

    by Elliott E. Alhadeff
    Clarence McKinsey is imprisoned in the L.A. black ghetto with his drug addicted, prostitute mother and his infant sister. His life is the struggle to survive the treachery of his mother, the threats of the local gang, the care of his sister and his day-to-day existence in the culture of poverty, ignorance and violence. Then the Geffens, an old Jewish couple - themselves seeking some meaning to their lives - find Clarence scrounging for food and offer him an escape. But now, both the... more
  • Riding Long Rails ISBN=978-0-9877268-6-5

    by Tim Newcomb
    Riding Long Rails is a collection of poems about traveling on the long distance Amtrak trains. There are 42 pieces under the headings: Introductory Poem, Fun, Beauty and Power,Thoughtfulness, A few Train Tricks, Wildlands,, Side Trips Near the Trains, and Energy and Nature. The book was written for people who enjoy riding the long distance trains, to provide entertainment and things to reflect on.
  • Ichigo's New School

    by Alani Gamble
    Ichigo Redfur's got fear on the brain because of the dread she feels towards her first day of school. But our adorable, kitten protagonist manages to brace the day despite her fear and comes out of it with a lot of good. Ichigo's many adventures from this day forth, suddenly begin!