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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Latter Half of Inglorious Years

    by Kirk Ward Robinson

    An untimely death and a mysterious manuscript propel an under-motivated 37-year-old blogger beyond his personal and creative boundaries.

    Joplin Dean doesn’t ask much of life. He subsists on income from a mediocre blog while his assertive girlfriend pursues goals that might just leave him behind. His placid existence is upended when a family tragedy reunites him with his estranged younger sister, whose carefree dynamism forces him to question his own sense of self. When Joplin disc... more

  • The Appalachian

    by Kirk Ward Robinson
    There was always going to be a last baby boomer, Carlton Jeffries just never imagined that he would be the one. The year 2087 finds Jeffries stranded with his bluetick coonhound Sam in a dismal, tumbledown shelter on Maine’s Appalachian Trail. Now a remarkable 128 years old, Jeffries remembers it all, from the social turbulence of the 60s to the wars that followed, and on into a future of proliferating biotechnology, political disunion, and natural disasters brought on by climate change. He t... more
  • A Robin Waits

    by Kirk Ward Robinson

    In this new collection, Robinson journeys through diverse settings, from the backroads of Appalachia to near futures of biological and technological innovation. He lays bare the inevitability of mortality, love, and loss, through nimble prose that questions assumptions and challenges ideals. His stories are uplifting, unsettling, humorous, and horrifying, with memorable characters whose struggles ring with authenticity and familiarity. A Robin Waits is an often emotional, always revealing rea... more

  • Timewall Speaks: A Novel

    by Kirk Ward Robinson
    In a sun baked southern town near the famous Appalachian Trail, the industrious past of railroads and mills has followed an all-too-familiar descent into poverty and neglect. In Book One of The Speaks Saga, young ex-con Timewall Speaks dreams of nothing more than to be left alone to make his own choices. Born and raised in drug-addled poverty by his fiery mother Blaize, caught up in local corruption, confined by a self-perpetuating system of incarceration, and plagued by his younger sister’s mu... more
  • Blaize Speaks: A Novel

    by Kirk Ward Robinson
    In a sun-baked southern town near the famous Appalachian Trail, a four-year-old girl is abandoned by her mother, setting in motion a family drama that will ripple through years and lives to come. In Blaize Speaks, Book Two of The Speaks Saga, Timewall’s fiery mother, must navigate to young adulthood in rural Appalachia as a ward of the foster care system, struggling every step of the way to preserve her identity and independence while clinging to that certain spark of innocence, the only thing ... more
  • Seven Perfect Days

    by Francesca Vespa
    Maggie Lomax dodged the most painful moment of her life, but her eccentric best friend Alexandra isn’t going to let her get away that easy. High School might finally be over, but they still need to clean up the mess left behind. Things look grim, until Maggie meets Adam Moon, a handsome foreign student and sweet, kind soul who’s just as messed up as her. The only problem is he disappeared, and nobody knows what happened to him. A strange offer from an old school aquaintance to travel abroad m... more
  • Look Away No More

    by Carol Owens Campbell

    In "Look Away No More," a novel of manners and war, passion and first love, decorum and protests, Tally McCall, a sorority girl and history scholar in Georgia is searching for purpose in a world ablaze.

    It's May 1970. Colleges are on the cusp of anarchy while Tally's coastal campus is on the cusp of summer fun.

    The only daughter of a prominent Southern family, Tally wants to be nominated for an award to earn a graduate degree at Oxford University. Her c... more

  • Hardened Steel A Warrior's Odyssey

    by Victor Gregor
    Colonel Starkov, a Russian cavalry officer tasked by Empress Alexandra with rescuing the oppressed indigenous people in Siberia, embarks on a perilous mission. He assembles a small but loyal team and faces treacherous landscapes, unpredictable weather, and constant danger from the marauding Cossacks. Along the way they build unexpected alliances with local villages for vital knowledge and assistance .Colonel Starkov's mission to rescue the indigenous people tests his resolve, and he discovers un... more
  • Khalil's Neighborhood

    by Kerice Robinson
    Join Khalil, a curious and imaginative young boy, on a whimsical journey through his vibrant neighborhood in this enchanting children's picture book, "Khalil's Neighborhood." Filled with poetic rhyme and captivating illustrations, this heartwarming tale invites readers of all ages to explore the world through the eyes of a child. As the sun rises over Khalil's cozy home, he embarks on a magical adventure with a tiny, colorful hummingbird. Together, they soar through the sky and set out to dis... more
  • The Culinary Crew "The Spoon With A Hole"

    by Mary Flynn
    The Culinary Crew are just settling down to life in a new house. They are getting to know each other for the first time when suddenly a new arrival, a strange metal object, is placed into the drawer alongside them. No one knows what to make of this ‘ugly’ and seemingly ‘useless’ thing. A journey of discovery and learning begins for the Culinary Crew and especially for the Spatula. Everything is not what it seems at first glance and the Spatula soon learns that it takes the talents o... more
  • Last Bets

    by Mary Carroll Moore

    Portrait artist Elly Sorenson leaves her Washington, D.C., life for the Caribbean island of Bonaire, hoping to find refuge from personal tragedy and financial fallout. Instead, she is confronted by old demons, including a gambling underworld that taps paranormal talents she would prefer to leave dormant. 

    On the island she finds an unlikely kindred spirit in teenager Rosie Ryan, an Australian with a gambling father and artistic talents of her own—and a penchant for breaking a... more

  • Make the Dark Night Shine

    by Alan Lessik
    Inspired by the author’s family history, Make the Dark Night Shine is a love letter from a father to the daughter he never met. In 1919, Kenzo Uchida and his partner Mitsu arrive in Constantinople to open the new Japanese Consulate. Kenzo meets Elisa, a feisty Ukrainian cigarette girl in a nightclub and she becomes his consort to hide his gay relationship while in Europe. The unlikely trio begin an adventure in the decadence of post-war Paris until disaster strikes. Returning to the growing mili... more
  • A Map of the Edge

    by David T. Isaak

    1969. Southern California.

    For fifteen-year-old Rick Leibnitz, the whole world is on the horizon —just out of reach. Abandoned by his mother to the care of his abusive father, he quashes his dreams in favor of survival. But when an attempt to protect a friend goes wrong, Rick lands in juvie. Emerging from his incarceration, he finds an unlikely ally.

    Free spirited teenager Lincoln Ellard is on a mission to expand the minds of all he meets. When the discovery... more

  • EbeSNEEZEr Scrooge

    by Alexis Beck
    There’s more to the classic tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge, the Christmas curmudgeon...Full of descriptive vocabulary, enchanting illustrations, and scientific problem solving, this holiday tale will make you smile, laugh and appreciate an alternate perspective of the timeless story.
  • Cate and the Garden Bandits

    by Betsy Coffeen
    Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Cate the butterfly! One day, while lost in a daydream, Cate finds herself in the middle of a mystery. The flower petals in her garden are missing, and she can't figure out what happened. But when she comes face-to-face with a bumblebee, everything changes. At first, Cate is frightened by the bumblebee's size and unfamiliar appearance. But soon, she discovers that this mysterious creature is on a mission to protect his family. With stunning illu... more
  • The Little Ghost and the Little Witch

    by Isla Wynter
    When a witch appears outside Layla’s castle, the little ghost doesn’t know what to do. Witches are said to be scary and evil. But the little witch needs help… Will Layla be able to follow her heart and aid the witch – and maybe make a friend in the process? An adorable children’s picture book about friendship, not just for Halloween.