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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Winnie- Daughter of Azania

    by Ade Ajibulu
    A young Winnie finds herself either to save herself or her sick community. She opts to save her community, but when things go the other way for the community -which gives light to others but walks in darkness, turns against her. But just like her late father, Winnie is Azania and Azania is Winnie, she is ready to give herself for kidnapping to save her people from their yearly calamity. To what extent can a 16-year old teenager carry the burden of the entire community?
  • Beyond the Forest Floor and other Forest Tales

    by Joanne McFall
    Beyond the Forest Floor and other Forest Tales is a lively, illustrated collection of stories containing thirteen short stories based on fascinating forest characters and wild forest landscape. In fairy folk style it contains stories such as 'Essence Flowers' containing colourful protagonists, their adventures and relationships with the world around them, in this case Rose Hill. The stories connect with readers of different ages and backgrounds, helping to see things from different perspectives.... more
  • Justice Makes a Difference: The Story of Miss Freedom Fighter, Esquire

    by Artika Tyner
    “Words are powerful,” Grandma told Justice. “They can be used in powerful ways to do good or to do harm. That’s why it’s important to always be careful with your words.”Justice has grown up witnessing the many ways her grandma serves the community. She wants to make a difference in the world, too, but how? Isn’t she too young?Through conversations with her grandma and their shared love of books, Justice learns about important women and men throughout history who changed the world: Ella Baker, Sh... more
  • Death of a Coast Watcher

    by Anthony English
    In 1943 on Bougainville Island, New Guinea, a Japanese officer beheads Hugh Rand, an Australian spy — a coast watcher. The spectators include villagers he terrorized as his mind frayed under the stress of pursuit by soldiers and their hounds. Rand’s influence transcends his death. For decades he plagues characters who strive to cope with him and one another in New Guinea, the Gilbert Islands, Australia and Japan. Who misperceives? Lies? Self-destructs? Suffers? Loves? The layers unfold as the au... more
  • A Week at the Woods

    by Rebecca Taylor
    Rachel Woods comes from a small town in Vermont, with a big lovable family, big dreams, and a big heart. But following an explosive revelation from her family on her wedding day, Rachel moves overseas to London with her new husband and hasn’t seen her family in three years. Now divorced, she returns home to a family reunion at the lake but while there, the past and present situations of everyone in the family come to light. Her older sister, Maggie is grappling with a philandering husband; her b... more
  • Love on the Mall

    by Ann Beltran

    Lose yourself in a love story set in America's front yard, the National Mall. Meet Estela the anthropologist, a flirty young woman moving into the Roaring 20's, and Nikos, an architect, vulnerable and struggling to put the Great War and Spanish flu behind him. Soulmates? Perhaps. Yet for twenty years their romance never leaves the National Mall. What keeps them apart lies within. Enter their time/space bubble where they negotiate tipping points and choose to change - or not. Only time... more

  • party toyz

    by john shaw
  • The Curse of Morton Abbey

    by Clarissa Harwood

    Jane Eyre meets The Secret Garden in this gothic novel of romantic suspense set in 1890s Yorkshire.

    Solicitor Vaughan Springthorpe knows perfectly well that Sir Peter Spencer’s offer of employment seems too good to be true: he hires her sight unseen and offers a suspiciously large salary to prepare the sale of his crumbling Yorkshire estate. But few people in late-Victorian England will entrust their legal affairs to a young woman, and Vaughan is... more

  • But The Sparrow Stayed

    by Norman Whaler


    Our feathered friends are at the center of two short poems that explores the need for courage. 'But The Sparrow Stayed' is about standing tall and staying true to who you are. 'First Flight' is about being brave when trying new things even when you are afraid or unsure. The reward can be so amazing! (Animals, Courage, Bullying, Taking Risks, Self-Esteem, Poetry, Nature-Conservation, Bilingual, ... more

  • Tiny Tim and The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge *Children's Edition* (Narrated with Audio Christmas Carols)

    by Norman Whaler


    In the continuation to Charles Dickens' beloved classic, 'A Christmas Carol', a troubled Tiny Tim, now grown-up, has ghosts of his own and is gently reminded what Christmas is all about. Beautifully illustrated and told in verse, narration with audio Christmas Carols and print music editions add to the Christmas charm of this classic holiday sequel. (Christmas, Holiday, Children, ... more

  • Oink and Gobble and the Missing Cupcakes

    by Norman Whaler


    Oink, an imaginative, young pink pig, and Gobble, a skinny turkey, saw almost everything differently. But they were always BFF's (Best Friends Forever)! And now they needed to solve a mystery! Oink's yummy cupcakes were missing! SO, WHO TOOK THEM? (Animals, Adventure, Humor, Imagination, Friendship, Animal Sounds Children's Picture Book, Hardvover and Spanish Edition Available)

  • Oink and Gobble and the Men in Black

    by Norman Whaler

    *** AWARD WINNER ***

    Oink, an adventurous young pig, and Gobble, a cautious turkey, were the best of friends and Gobble would often find herself in some very strange situations because of Oink's overactive imagination. But the two men visiting the farm couldn't really be Men in Black! Or could they? (Animals, Adventure, Humor, Imagination, Friendship, Picture Book)

  • Alberto

    by John Jimerson
    An adaptation of The Velveteen Rabbit for today's kids, designed specifically for kids who are in-between reading picture books and chapter books. A toy rabbit, Alberto, is loved, lost, found, and generally worn down. He seems to be transforming, becoming more and more real, until he loses what seems like everything. Once he allows himself to feel this loss, the true magic begins. A previous edition, with different text and illustrations, was published as "Get Real" by the same author.
  • The Strider and the Regulus

    by Tricia D. Wagner
    A starry-eyed boy. A cryptic map. A mythical treasure. What perils await in the chasing of dreams?
  • The Last Birthday Party

    by Gary Goldstein
    From the back cover: There’s nothing fabulous about 50 for L.A. film critic Jeremy Lerner, who loses his marriage, his job, and the use of his right arm just days after the birthday party he begged his now ex-wife not to throw him. But fate is a sly devil. Jeremy’s string of calamities leads to a game-changing emotional and creative rebirth after he meets Annabelle, a beguiling, intoxicating widow who comes to his rescue and Jeremy to hers. If only their baggage didn’t match quite so... more
  • Mozay of Pepperwick

    by Jean Perry
    With her background in journalism and education, Perry knows the importance of a good story. So when her aunt told her a tale about how her grandfather learned to read, she knew she needed to turn it into a book. From there she wrote Mozay of Pepperwick, a middle grade novel based on that important part of her own family’s history. Mozay of Pepperwick is set in 1853 at Pepperwick, the largest rice plantation in South Carolina. When all of the slaves are called out, they see Storyteller Old G... more