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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • DELTA: The Women

    by Carol Crowson DeVille
    DELTA: The Women is the second in a series of books by Carol Crowson DeVille (The Delta Series) that explores the post-war period 1919-1927 through the eyes of a young Cajun reporter, Teophile Landry, and other Louisiana/Mississippi characters, some of whom are authentic historical figures and some of whom are fictional. In DELTA: The Women, Teo is assigned to follow women from Louisiana through the summer of 1920 as they fight for (and against) ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment which ... more
  • An Address in Amsterdam

    by Mary Fillmore

    Rachel Klein hopes she can ignore the Nazis when they roll into Amsterdam in May 1940. She’s falling in love, and her city has been the safest place in the world for Jewish people since the Spanish Inquisition. But when Rachel’s Gentile boyfriend is forced to disappear rather than face arrest, she realizes that everything is changing, and she must, too – so she finds the courage to deliver papers for the underground. After eighteen months of ever- increasing danger, she push... more

  • DELTA: The Men

    by Carol Crowson DeVille
    In February of 1919, a young Cajun journalist, Teophile Landry, returns from four years as a war correspondent in Europe only to encounter more tragedy at home. Eventually assigned to cover a Louisiana gubernatorial race, he discovers a world of political machines, secret societies, racial injustice, prohibition, and jazz. Teo becomes enamored of a beautiful suffragist from Kansas, renews his friendship with a young Italian dentist/saxophonist, and unwittingly helps a young field hand and hi... more
  • The Blue Moon Narthex

    by N. J. Donner
    Following the sudden death of his father, thirteen-year-old Cole McCarthy finds his grief interrupted by strange discoveries. An odd stone-shaped object unlocks his father’s secret life and thrust Cole and two school mates into the middle of the Karmanic battle between good and evil. The Blue Moon Narthex follows Cole, Britten and Sophie into hidden worlds where the keepers of good fight to keep dark forces in check. With only the powerful stone, a letter and grandfatherly Norm to guide them,... more
  • Craved (Twisted Book 2)

    by Lola Smirnova
    The highly anticipated sequel to Twisted - Craved is the second book of the Twisted trilogy - riveting and dark Realistic Fiction with a touch of Thrilling Suspense... Having been to hell and back, the eager sisters from Ukraine - Natalia, Lena and Julia - decide to retire from selling sex and walk the straight and narrow path back home. But when an old friend calls them with an opportunity to make buckets of ‘easy’ money in South Africa, they find it impossible to refuse. Their return to... more
  • The Heritage

    by Jack Michonik
    The year is 1926. Thousands of Jewish families are forced to flee poverty and anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe. Fate takes two families to the magical continent of South America, which opens its generous arms to them. Many surprises await the immigrants in the New World. In this exciting story of their lives from their early teens in the “shtetl” to leisurely musings of middle age, we see the hardships immigrants face in the long journey to America, the complex process of adaptation to an unfamil... more
  • A Soldier's Son

    by Jack Estes
    In 1968 Mike Kelly's chopper is shot down at night over the jungles of Vietnam. The crew is dead. Most of his team is dead and the enemy is approaching and Mike makes a life altering decision. Today, it is 2004 and Mike is a successful author and writes for the local newspaper. He lives in a big house on the lake with his wife Claire, 20 year old daughter Madie and 18 year old son Mick. But he is still haunted by the war. The fighting in Iraq has begun, which triggers Mike's memories. His pt... more
  • Beyond the Pale

    by C. Michelle McCarty
    Ousted from her family's Georgia mansion to a Maryland mobile home, Abbie embraces unusual trailer park people who help keep her mind off an old locker left by her dad yet confiscated by her mother. When her mother dies in 2000, will guarded secrets from her past elate or devastate Abbie and others?
  • Tug of the Wishbone

    by Katherine L. Holmes
    Maureen doesn’t plan to repeat the mistakes of her divorced parents. Her 1960's experiences are presented alongside family leave-takings. When marriage seems imminent, the leave-takings are with men. Maureen’s photography proves to be a more permanent involvement. Eventually she struggles with depression and clings to her work until that is with a man that she would readily date. Outside their magazine, she defiantly exposes a large poultry farm while confronting her need for a constant love rel... more
  • goodbye rudy kazoody

    by aa freda
    Growing up is difficult enough. But when you’re a recent immigrant arriving in a country that is going through its own coming-of-age process, fueled by rock ‘n’ roll, the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, free love, the pill, LSD, and the Cold War, it’s downright confusing, and for some—lethal. With the various upheavals shaking America to its core, Joey, whose family emigrated to the Bronx from Italy’s Apennine Mountains, struggles to retain his innocent, optimistic outlook on life as... more
  • Zealy's Very First Swim

    by Roe DePinto
    In this second edition, Zealy, with the help of her daddy and Whubba, learns the most important means of survival for a sealpup is to be able to swim. For Zealy, after a day of practice with Whubba, and her daddy’s teaching lessons, it becomes second nature to her very easily! Zealy finds swimming so much fun with Whubba, she even learns to do some simple tricks! Enjoy Zealy’s and Whubba’s fun day of learning to swim and lea Frning to love and care for one another. Sharing the fun times is the b... more
  • Endangered Eagle

    by Richard Carl Roth
    Endangered Eagle is a mystery/thriller. The time is July 1936 and the place is Berlin. The summer of 1936 was to be very important for Hitler’s Third Reich. The Olympics were coming to Berlin. Hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world were expected. America’s Colonel Charles Augustus Lindbergh, the “Lone Eagle”, who, in 1927, became the first man to fly solo from New York to Paris, was to arrive in Berlin on July 22nd for a 10 day visit. A plot was discovered a few weeks ... more
  • UFOs and God: A Collection of Short Stories

    by Michael Lane

    UFOs and God is not a single-themed collection but a diverse assortment of distinct individuals kayaking their way through the erratic channels of this journey we call life. Some of these stories are sharp edged and crafted to cut you emotionally to the quick. Others are inviting like a warm cozy room on a bitter cold day. A couple – it is hoped – will simply make you laugh. As Diane C. Donovan, Senior Reviewer at Donovan’s Literary Services points out, there is much more to... more

  • The Phoenix Syndrome

    by Claire Gem
    Turning forty, for research tech Lannie Marvin, is rough. She discovers her husband is leaving her. Then a crazed lab mouse brutally bites her. So Lannie snaps. She heads out to chase an old dream—a music career—and a new crush: the drummer of a heavy metal band. Drummer Tristan Allard holds a benefit every year in memory of his late wife. He’s beginning to doubt his ability to write the band’s music without his wife’s inspiration – she was also his muse. Plus, he’s damn lonely. So when Lanni... more
  • 9781460259863

    by Ulla Jordan
    The eyes of the world are on Finland in November 1939, as its Winter War with Russia turns into a classic David and Goliath struggle. When Tom Henderson, a North American journalist, goes to Finland to cover the war he has no idea how far the assignment will take him. His relationships with Tina, a young Finnish woman, and Paul, her fiancé fighting at the front, escalate quickly and change all their lives.
  • Marcea of the Dust: The Lost Girls

    by Jules Cooper
    Marcea of the Dust finds our heroine, Marcea, walking a fine moral line between the emotional trauma of her childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her father and her response to other young women, whom she stumbles across accidentally in the sex trade of Mexico. Marcea’s actions challenge the lives of those around her, especially those of Collo and Drayson, her loving, fearless stepparents. Seeking refuge with nine young female victims of the sex trade, she turns to her stepparents’ organic ... more