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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Metamorphosis of Marc Sullivan

    by Sean Fesko

    According to the State, Marc Sullivan isn’t well. His panic and constant anxiety keep him from fulfilling his social potential, so he spends his afternoons in prescribed remedial courses designed to help him be more outgoing. Like he hasn’t already tried to live without feeling like throwing up all the time. Sheesh. One day, beautiful, seemingly normal Charis joins Marc’s group. There’s something different about this girl, Marc thinks.

    Perhaps he could be more li... more

  • The Raven Bride

    by Sean Fesko

    What do you do when the ones that should save you are the ones that accuse you?

    The year is 1692, and sixteen year old Victoria Crowe lives with her mother and sister just north of Salem, Massachusetts. Her father passed away earlier in the year, leaving the duties of tending to the crops to Victoria. It’s hard work, and with winter pressing in, she’s not sure if they’ll be able to survive the winter. The church helps out when they can, but not even Reverend Abernathy ... more

  • All Things Together

    by Sean Fesko

    Paige Flynn hasn’t given her alcoholic father much thought since her parents divorced ten years back. She doesn’t remember him as kind and loving, and despite the passing of time, she hasn’t attempted to change this perception one bit. Despite the fact that he has been sober for five years, and her mother’s plea to make peace with him, she has too many other good things going on in her life to really think about forgiveness. A handsome, rock star boyfriend. Senior year... more

  • London for Immigrant suckers; So long Yugoslavia

    by Kolya S.
    At birth, every man receives a gift pack that defines him and follows him throughout his life. The gift pack includes the parents, place of birth, the country of birth and religion. Peter Kovach’s pack has been sponsored by the Government who were introducing a new religion: Yugoslav. London for Immigrant suckers is an account of one man's journey from childhood to middle age but with an additional, major, element... It is also the account of the latter stages of the life of a nation. The stor... more
  • Restored

    by Kimberly Rae
    "Some things are too broken to fix." Grant is determined to regain the use of his legs, but all his efforts to build physical strength cannot heal the bitterness in his heart. Jean longs to help, but how can she get through to him? Slash's bullets destroyed so much more than nerves and muscle control. Is there any hope for their future together? Slash is due to be released from prison, and Candy and Jose know he will have new plans for revenge. The question is, who will he target first, an... more
  • By Eastern Windows

    by Gretta Curran Browne
    THE TRUE STORY OF A YOUNG BRITISH OFFICER, IN LOVE, IN INDIA, WHO WENT ON TO BECOME ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT MEN OF HIS TIME. Set in the beauty of Scotland, the magic of India, and the hostility of China, peopled with memorable characters of all races, By Eastern Windows is the story of a Lieutenant Lachlan macquarie, posted to India where he meets Jane Jarvis, a young girl from the Caribbean – beautiful, different and exciting – who becomes the greatest love, and the greatest tragedy, of hi... more
  • Caveman at the End of the World

    by Brad Rau
    In a nameless city in the near future, Ella Pearson returns home to find her apartment broken into. Tiny, mute and covered in hair, the intruder seems harmless enough but, as the simple nuisance of extracting him from her life turns into an all-consuming battle against a mysterious government agency, it becomes evident that he is only a minor instrument in a much greater intrigue. While the circumstances enveloping her grow increasingly surreal, Ella’s attention turns to her own, murky past wher... more
  • Typo Squad

    by Stephen Lomer
    Typos are lethal to 98% of the population. Be thankful Typo Squad is on patrol … Richard Shonnary was a Typo Squad legend. He had a gift for seeking out and destroying errorist cells, and was almost singlehandedly responsible for bringing about the end of errorism. But one night, a single errant bullet fired by his brother prematurely ended his career. Convinced to come out of self-imposed retirement after five years, Richard unknowingly gives rise to his greatest enemy — Anton Nym. Will h... more
  • A Gnomes Winter Solstice Tale - 'Would You Unquestionably Rather be Yourself?'

    by Amma Sharon

    In observance of the December sun’s return ascent North, this beautifully rhymed, sumptuously illustrated story, acknowledges an event that has been celebrated dating back thousands of years. A time when families and communities unite in joyful celebration. Snappy and his merry band of Happy Hollow woodland friends celebrate the longest night of the year in this heartwarming story for children of all ages.

  • whisky tango foxtrot...copy?

    by john regan
    Jim's mate Charlie died after rescuing Jim from certain death in a collision between destroyer HMAS Voyager and aircraft carrier Melbourne. Jim blames the disaster on Voyager's captain Stevens, known throughout the Navy as Drunken Duncan. He swears to find justice for his mate. The path is obstructed by politicians and admirals in a conspiracy to cover up their own criminal negligence. Jim is forced into extreme measures to achieve justice for his mate.
  • Snappy, The Curious Woodland Gnome - 'What Else Is Possible?'

    by Amma Sharon

    'Within the magic of the asking, lives the magic to receive, wonderfully exciting, endless possibility!'

    Book one in the Happy Hollow series introduces Snappy, an admirably courageous, lovable gnome who sets out on a quest to find a sizable new home. Snappy longs for something greater. He pauses, feels, asks powerful questions that call forth the next step of his journey. Possibility and insight greet hi... more

  • Dragon Bones

    by Ines Johnson
    Tomb Raider meets urban fantasy in a new, spine-tingling adventure... Meet Nia Rivers: archaeologist, fashionista, and an ancient immortal with a serious memory problem. For the last couple of centuries, Nia has been trying to fill in the blanks of her past by shedding light on history's darkest stories. Her motto: the ugliest stories are the ones that deserve to be told the most. But when a mysterious woman comes forth with a two-thousand year old relic from Nia's past, Nia isn't sure ... more
  • Holding on to Hurt

    by Charlotte Roth
    Irene Hurt has always dreamed of having a large family with her adoring husband Bruce. That dream is shattered when her doctor performs a hysterectomy after the birth of her only son Scottie. Though heartbroken, Irene accepts the outcome and cherishes every moment with her son and her husband, until ... the day she gets the call every mother dreads. Scottie is injured in a mass school shooting and is rushed to the ICU, where he's put into a medically induced coma to wait out his fate. Devastated... more
  • Away at War: A Civil War Story of the Family Left Behind

    by Nick K. Adams
    This true story (Historical Fiction) of endurance and loss during the American Civil War opens with D. Brainard Griffin's farewell to his family, as he heads of to fight to preserve the Union, promising to return to their farm on the Minnesota prairie. His wife and their three young children are left behind to manage the farm on their own. Minnesota's harsh seasons dictate the cycles they must follow, but even with his weekly letters from the battlefield, and with the help of neighbors and famil... more
  • No Longer Alone

    by Melinda V. Inman
    Manhood arrived prematurely. At the tender age of fifteen, Prentis lost both his father and his confidence that God loved him. He grew up fast after that day, abandoning his education to take on the responsibility and hardship of supporting his mother and siblings. Now, in Prentis’s twenties, Avery reenters his life. A Sunday School teacher with a passion for learning and theology, she is intelligent with a captivating spirit. Prentis finds her irresistible. The audacity of attempting to cour... more