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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Be Still the Water

    by Karen Emilson
    an emotional, slow-burning story of family love and sacrifice, of secrets revealed and promises broken. Set in 1906 along the unspoiled shores of Lake Manitoba, Be Still the Water brings us into the fold of the Gudmundsson Family—immigrants determined to begin life anew in the Icelandic farming and fishing community of Siglunes. At the heart of the novel is dutiful Asta, the middle daughter who lives in the shadow of her siblings— fiery Signy, headstrong Leifur and sweet, naive Freyja. Wh... more
  • The Wind in the Embers

    by Malcolm David Logan
    Galla Placidia was the daughter of an emperor, wife of a barbarian king, and sole ruler of the Roman Empire for more than a decade. She was the first woman to have held such power. Her story is replete with action and adventure. In the Wind in the Embers her story unfolds in the form of a letter she is writing to her son, the eighteen-year-old Flavius Placidius Valentinianus, soon to be Valentinian III, who is on his way to Constantinople to marry his cousin and assume full power.. It is... more
  • Chico Boy: A Novel

    by Gina Hooten Popp

    Life isn’t easy when you have as many obstacles to overcome as fourteen-year-old Chico Boy has in his life. For starters, his Dad left over a year ago and he’s fallen behind in school. And even though his mother works hard at her waitressing job, she’s barely able to cover the family’s expenses. Things like new underwear and tennis shoes fall far down on the list of essentials when compared to gas, food and rent. And now to top it all off, he and his best friend Talula... more

  • Baby Boi

    by David Kiyong Tai
    Baby Boi is the story of the Grace family and Dominion Grace who is affectionately called Baby Boi. His story begins with him being raped while in jail and looks back on his life and all the decisions he made that landed him in his current position. His flash-back tells an amazing story of his family's struggle to survive, and his own journey along which he discovers and comes to accept his sexuality and finding love on his own terms. Baby Boi is an epic tale of love, adventure, love and sex th... more
  • 9 780996 420105

    by Rita Welty Bourke
    A horse scheduled to be euthanized is given a respite. An illiterate man learns to read so he can better care for his puppy. A neurologically impaired kitten might provide a key to understanding storage diseases in humans. These are some of the successes that make the practice of veterinary medicine a joy, and sometimes a heartbreak. For Kylie Wheeler, they are why she's chosen a career in veterinary medicine, and why she struggles every day of her professional life.

    by Chris Drnaso
  • Alex and her clubhouse friends

    by Laura and Roshonda Simmons
    They discover teamwork, hard work and make another friend that helps them create a clubhouse of fun.
  • The Biographies of Ordinary People: Volume 1: 1989-2000

    by Nicole Dieker

    A Millennial-era Little Women that follows three sisters from 1989 to the present.

    The Biographies of Ordinary People is the story of the Gruber family: Rosemary and Jack, and their daughters Meredith, Natalie, and Jackie. The two-volume series begins in July 1989, on Rosemary’s thirty-fifth birthday; it ends in November 2016, on Meredith’s thirty-fifth birthday.

    Written for fans of Betsy-TacyLittle Women, ... more

  • The Otto Digmore Difference

    by Brent Hartinger

    “Road trip!”

    Otto Digmore is a 26-year-old gay guy with dreams of being a successful actor, and he’s finally getting some attention as a result of his supporting role on a struggling sitcom. But he’s also a burn survivor with scars on half his face, and all indications are that he’s just too different to ever find real Hollywood success.

    Now he’s up for an amazing new role that could change everything. Problem is, he and his best friend Russel M... more

  • Ollie's Unlucky Day (Colored Version)

    by Margee Minter
    What happens at the surprise party really surprises everyone! In fact, it is even remembered to this very day! Lucky the Cat and Ollie the Dog have been friends for a long time. They have enjoyed playing games and being together. When Ollie's fifth birthday rolls around, Mrs. Yorkie, Ollie's mother, decides to give him a surprise party in their doghouse. She invites all his doggie friends, but not Lucky. This makes it very difficult for Lucky who wanted to be included.
  • The Camel and the Scorpion

    by C.C. Rising

    "A nerve-racking, vibrantly dramatic tale . . ." —Kirkus Reviews

    Nothing has prepared shy young college professor, Caroline Cavanaugh, for the international storm she is about to enter when she learns that her fiery student, Lydia, has been arrested. In Israel. For espionage.

    Lydia's grandmother begs Caroline to rescue her granddaughter. Caroline risks her reputation and her dream career on the unshakable belief that Lydia is innocent. But is she? How ... more

  • The Garment Maker's Daughter

    by Hillary Adrienne Stern
    The Garment Maker’s Daughter explores the struggle for women's and worker's rights in the early twentieth century through the eyes of three immigrants whose lives and loves intertwine. It is the story of Lena Rothman, a shirtwaist-maker and active suffragette whose plans get unexpectedly derailed; Jake Brenner, a passionate labor organizer determined to lead the shirtwaist-makers on a high-stakes strike; and Daniel Cowan, a brilliant and ambitious night-school student hobbled by a shameful pas... more
  • A Tree With Only One Leaf Volume II

    by Cassandra Welch
    When we last left young Emily, she had managed to put together the pieces of a valuable, precious puzzle that defined her newfound Grandma Car of the very sheriff who had picked her up earlier in the day. Puzzles can have thousands of pieces, but young Emily is determined to put them in their rightful place, even while she is completely uncertain about the end result of her efforts. The harder puzzles can seem daunting, but she is convinced they can still be finished. In fact, such a ... more
  • Alex and Her Clubhouse Friends

    by Laura and Roshonda Simmons
    Alex and her friends discover teamwork,hardwork and make another friend that helps them create a clubhouse of fun.
  • Sanguine Rose: The McKarron Chronicles: Book One

    by Jeremiah Cross
    Leslie McKarron's father, Steven Wilkerson, died before she was born. She always longed for a relationship with him...just not after he was dead. Steven was a hitman in life and is trying to escape hell by promising to ply his trade in order to bring more souls to the infernal region to take the place of his own. However, he needs Leslie's help to succeed. Leslie is torn between wanting to find out about the father she never knew growing up, and her mistrust of the evil man her mother warned her... more