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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Hypno-Ripper: Or, Jack the Hypnotically Controlled Ripper; Containing Two Victorian Era Tales Dealing with Jack the Ripper a

    by Donald Hartman
    This is the second volume in the "Hypnotism in Victorian and Edwardian Era Fiction" series, published by Themes & Settings in Fiction Press.The two stories collected here were published during the time of the Jack the Ripper killings, and they are among the earliest fictional accounts dealing with the Whitechapel murders. Both of these stories have Jack the Ripper being an American, who travelled from New York City to London to commit the murders, and the Ripper commits his crimes while under th... more
  • A Heart Worth Healing

    by Cara Devlin
    Doctor Elliot “Ellie” Lennox defied society rules when she became a physician, but after a tragic mistake leaves her reputation in tatters, she has no choice but to travel west to the only place willing to have her: the rugged Rocky Mountain mining town of Sage Canyon, Colorado. It isn’t exactly a warm welcome. Sage Canyon’s mayor believed he’d hired a man, and he insists Ellie cannot possibly stay. However, giving up isn’t in her blood. As she settles into the precarious role as town physici... more
  • The Last Rhino War: A Journey of Survival

    by Rory Johnston

    This is a story of one man, Mike Delport, a professional hunter, and his journey as he is caught up in in the unspeakable violence of the illegal rhino horn trade to his redemption through love and newfound commitment to conservation. At his hunting ranch in South Africa, times are tough. Hunting of rhino has just been banned, cutting off Mike’s income. Rhino poaching is on the rise just as his income is falling. Mike is forced to consider illegally selling the horns to a crime syndicat... more

  • Tae Kwon Dog - The Power Within

    by Diane DiRoberto
    Tae Kwon Dog - The Power Within - a fun read with a mindful twist for middle-graders who love dogs and/or martial arts. In my book, Tae Kwon Dog is no longer the bone-thin, nearly bald little dog he used to be, but a strong and powerful dojang Master who shares the skills and philosophy of his martial art with other dogs who doubt themselves and lack confidence. The story features Max, a quiet and meek dog who is bullied by the Ratwailer brothers, a pair of Rottweilers who enjoy harassing other... more
  • Santa's New Team

    by Trevor M. K. Airey
    You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen, right? They’re Santa’s reindeer! And they’ve been pulling his sleigh for quite a long time…since 1823 to be exact. The time has come for Santa’s team of reindeer to pass the torch of responsibility on to the next generation of reindeer, but who will they be? Meet Ruby, Pirin, Pacer and Golden, along with Titan, Jubilee and Digeridoo, too! Each member of Santa’s new team brings something unique and specia... more
  • Stella and the Four Seasons

    by Rosie Russell
    Using beautiful acrostic poems, Stella shares her love of the four seasons. Young readers will enjoy searching for Stella's favorite things. Fun facts and learning activities are included in the back of this book.

    by T. M. Crosby

    The January 6th U.S. Capitol attack is the first tactic in a domestic insurgency campaign enabled from within the very halls of Congress.

    Independent Representative George W. Li from California risks working with a provocative Russian informant after his expulsion from the Republican Party to expose his former legislative colleagues’ attempts to redesign democracy by exploiting the triple crises of pandemic, protests and politics.

    He’s got four years to prevent the imp... more

  • Rude Baby

    by James W. Morris
    In the near future, a woman named Lucinda enters a supermarket. Once inside, she realizes three things: first, the supermarket is big, preposterously, surreally big; second, there is no apparent way to check out; third, the produce department is selling human babies, extra-large genetically-manipulated newborns into which the store has downloaded—as an extra customer service feature—basic information about the world, enabling just-purchased tykes to walk and talk. But Lucinda's new baby is not s... more
  • We Can Reduce: Precycle It!

    by Sabbithry Persad
    Uncover how precylcing can prevent and reduce waste. Help Shamina, Tiana, Shakil, Adam and Peter plan and strategize about what they can do in their school, homes and community to reduce items going to the landfill.
  • Operation: Reuse It!

    by Sabbithry Persad
    Discover how forgotten treasures like old toys, electronics, art supplies and even a broken-down car can be reused! Join Peter, Tiana, Shamina, Shakil and Adam as they figure out which items should be put to the same use, a different function or a creative project—and have lots of fun along the way.
  • Perfect Land

    by Ed Nichols
    A collection of 60 prose poems.
  • Kalyan Chart

    by Kalyan Result

    We at kalyanresults are a well-known and renowned website where you may play the Kalyan chart and earn more money. It is a hazard or lottery structure that originally incorporated betting and is considered to be the simplest kind of income for anyone looking to supplement their income. We're here five days a week, Monday through Friday, to keep you safe and secure while you play, and we get accurate Kaly... more

  • We Shell Flip

    by Megan Levy
    The visually-compelling short tale is a story about a very special Horseshoe crab named Helen. Through Tara Victoria's stunning illustrations, parents and children everywhere will discover what happens on the beach when Helen goes woosh. Helen overcomes obstacles, discovers the power of creative expression, and digs-deep to access her inner-strength. The book teaches kids lessons about perseverance and mental endurance, and opens up a dialogue for parents and children alike to discuss wha... more
  • I Met Her Before

    by Chandra Moyer
    What if you found out your perfect childhood wasn’t so perfect? What if parts were so terrible you couldn't even remember... until now? This compassionate and raw novel carries you through one woman's healing journey from repressed trauma, stressing the importance of love, asking for help, and learning to love oneself again. Marcia Thompson has always had happy memories of growing up an Air Force brat in the Philippines. Sure, her father could be controlling, but she loved living on base and exp... more
  • The Other Side Of Good

    by E. A. Coe
    Reputed criminal, Theo Jackson, proposes a donation to the city for a new youth center and the mayor sends police officer, Denton Jones to negotiate the terms. Theo and Denton, once friends from the same Cincinnati tenement, took different career paths. Denton’s efforts make him a target for a corrupt city official, but a dishonest bureaucrat is the least of the city’s problems. Theo uncovers evidence that a criminal organization has set up shop in the city to facilitate human trafficking... more
  • The Importance of Pawns Chronicles of the House of Valois

    by Keira Morgan
    It’s 1515. Danger lurks beneath the glitter of the sixteenth century French court. The queen lies dying; the king has but months to live. Their two daughters, Claude and young Renée, heiresses to the rich duchy of Brittany, will soon be orphans. Countess Louise, their guardian, schemes to steal their inheritance. For years she has envied the dying Queen Anne, the girls’ mother. She plots to marry wealthy Claude to her son. Her unexpected guardianship presents a golden opportunity, but only if... more