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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Half Crime

    by Rusty Barnes
  • Charlotte's Ghosts

    by L. P. Simone
    Charlotte Cross didn't believe in ghosts, until she met one whose heart was as broken as her own... The spring before 7th Grade, tragedy strikes C. C. Cross. Dad won't be coming home from Afghanistan. When her mother packs her up and moves her across the country to Manassas, Virginia, C.C. finds herself in a new neighborhood, a new school and a new life, one without her mighty, fearless, and beloved father. As C.C. struggles to build a new life, she meets a boy on the Civil War Battlefield... more
  • Where's B?

    by Robert Herrick
    The letter B is missing! The ABC song won’t sound right without him. What crazy adventures will the letters have as they search for B? With time running out, will they find him in time for the big concert?
  • A Going Home Surprise

    by Ann Marie Hannon

    When a lost kitten is found, all sorts of amazing things happen, including what it takes for the little girl who found the kitten, is ready to own a pet.

  • I Love Pink: English Korean bilingual

    by Jimin Lee

    Perfect for kids learning English or Korean as their second language.

    Do you love pink? I do. Jiho loves pink too. He thinks it’s super cool. However, not everyone agrees, and that hurts his feelings. Then, one day, Grandpa comes all the way from South Korea and shares his little secret. Can you imagine what happens after Jiho hears Grandpa’s little secret?

    Told through the eyes of a child, I LOVE PINK exposes the anxieties and joys of being y... more

  • I Love Pink

    by Jimin Lee

    Do you love pink? I do. Jiho loves pink too. He thinks it’s super cool. However, not everyone agrees, and that hurts his feelings. Then, one day, Grandpa comes all the way from Korea and shares his little secret. Can you imagine what happens after Jiho hears Grandpa’s little secret?

    "I LOVE PINK" is an engaging story that delves into the subjects of gender identity, diversity, and self-acceptance. Children and parents alike will be delighted by this adorable story ... more

  • For Roger

    by Laura Drake
    An emotional look at the right-to-die that looks at both sides, similar to the books of Jodi Picoult. Her much-loved husband is terminally ill, unable to take action, and asking for help, but his situation forces Joan to choose between mercy and the law. Can she grant him the peace he desperately wants and needs? With empathy and a keen understanding of all points of view, this is a story about family, love, and acceptance of tough consequences.
  • The Pinch of the Crab: and other stories

    by Barbara Southard

    These ten short stories, set in Puerto Rico, delve into personal crises in the context of social challenges posed by high divorce rates, political corruption, domestic violence and excessive use of force by law enforcement. A small boy feels bewildered when the tiny crab he befriended on the beach pinches him, and his confusion deepens after witnessing the violent arrest of a teenager. A mother is awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call from her son who has been jailed f... more

  • Spirit Gift

    by Jeffrey A Wellman
    Everyone has a gift. Each of us was sent back to earth with a mission to discover and use that gift to help humanity. In this book, Qaletaqa’s near-death experience transcends him through seven spiritual planes where he learns secrets to living a beautiful life and sharing a gift with the world. During his journey he is introduced to his life partner who he desperately wants to find on the earth plane. Can he survive the return journey and find Aki before she is hunted down by a jealous warrior... more
  • The Hidden Pull: Adventure Tales of Forbidden Harvests, Uneasy Money, and Learning to Tie My Shoes

    by Theo Polo
    Suffocating from boredom and bureaucracy in a low-level corporate job, he was starved for adventure. By fate or happenstance, a hidden door led him into a secret underground room the likes of which he had never imagined possible. Surrounded by cascading waterfalls of reflected light and oddly sentient plant beings, he knew he'd found his new obsession. There was just one problem: it was all against the law. What follows is a decade-long coming of age journey in an obscure and forbidden indust... more
  • Don't Blame Me: Save the Triton

    “Don’t blame me,” said the little boy. “The problem with our oceans is that they’re huge.” “That’s what I’ve been telling them for 60 years,” said Paddy the Starfish. “I’m just a baby, so don’t blame me” said Junior to Bubbles the slug. “The problem is up there”. “Something must have changed, but what was it?” said Angel Fish. “I suspect lots of things”. “I know that you’re talking about me,” said Thorny passing by quickly for good reason. “I know that you’re here somewhere, Thorny” said Da... more
  • The States

    by Norah Woodsey
    Tildy Sullivan is the middle child in an elite yet fading Manhattan family. Her quiet practicality hides her deep, profound longing for childhood summers in western Ireland. She also carries a secret regret. After her mother’s death 8 years ago, she was persuaded to abandon Ireland and the love of a local boy. Now she believes happiness is lost to her. When Tildy volunteers for a lucid dreaming experiment, it gives her all she wants – a life lived for her family during the day and a secret, p... more
  • AfterLife

    by E. Vince
    Over-all AfterLife is a novel that explores the problem of human pain and suffering juxtaposed to a good God. The exploration of the theodicy problem progresses on Earth and in Paradise concurrently. The main proposition is that our free will is the foundational cause of the problem. Other premises presented include that God does not ordain our suffering and that God loves us. An angel is the main character who travels between Paradise and Earth to witness the various storylines play out. Bo... more
  • Equinox

    by Michael Geczi

    Project manager Nancy Carruthers never met a project she couldn’t manage, starting as a teen and culminating in her husband disappearing 12 years ago and leaving her with a one-year-old and no explanation.

    But then an August weekend rolls around, Nancy’s mother has a stroke, and her ex shows up at the door saying he wants to get to know their son.

    Nancy doesn’t do overwhelmed. It’s never penetrated the walls.

    But one more surprise awa... more

  • The Reluctant Conductor

    by Tim Turner & Moisey Gorbaty
    Feeling stifled as a Jew living in a shtetl in pre-WWII Moldova, a young violinist just wants to find love and eventually succeed his father as conductor of the family band and hardware business. History grants his wishes in ways he never dreams but he doesn’t let the horrors defeat him or hate to overcome him.
  • Dying to Live

    by Robert Perrin
    When India holds more than just history and culture… It perhaps holds the love of a father that one daughter is terribly missing. The love of a parent is a unique kind of love. It has nothing to do with success or acceptance. It has to do with care and support that is given without conditions. It is a love that is joyfully born, nourished through hardship, and reaffirmed every day and every hour. It is a love entwined with anticipation and fear. In the novel, Dying to Live, Caitlin Clark... more