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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Magdalen Laundries: a novel based on true events

    by Lisa Michelle Odgaard
    Maren Bradigan is just sixteen years old when she is taken under false pretenses from her comfortable life on her family farm. Concerned at the level of intimacy developing between Maren and the boy who helps her father with his farm work, the village priest takes it upon himself to remove her from school and bring her to High Park Convent, where he delivers her into the care of the nuns. Now, alongside many other "Magdalens" - named for Mary Magdalen - Maren must spend her days washing dirty li... more
  • Monster

    by Ben Burgess Jr
    Tormented while growing up for being dark-skinned, and the son of a womanizer who deserts his family regularly, Ken Ferguson longed for that feeling of being loved. Ken promised himself that he wouldn’t be a manipulating, deceitful man like his father, but after being cheated on and dumped by the girl he thought he would one day marry, he begins his transformation. Fueled by anger, and tired of being the “nice guy”, Ken drowns himself in one-night stands, threesomes, affairs with married women, ... more
  • Wounded

    by Ben Burgess Jr
    Samantha Miller didn't have an easy start. Molested as a child and subsequently forced into prostitution by her drug-addicted mother, Samantha learned at an early age that men were not to be trusted. Being constantly preyed upon taught her to be a predator. Her target was women-specifically, straight or married women. As the headliner at a local strip club, Samantha capitalized on the gifts she was cursed with. In turn, her life quickly spiraled down a dangerous path of violence, seduction, and ... more
  • Love and Happiness

    by Ben Burgess Jr
    Karen has it all: a handsome husband, beautiful twin daughters, a lovely home and a great job. Karen also has a secret; she’s cheating on her husband, with not one man, but two. On the outside her life seems perfect, but on the inside Karen feels neglected, bored and unappreciated. Yearning for affection and excitement, she falls into the arms of first Raheem and then Tyrell. Out of fear of losing her husband and breaking up her family, Karen ends the affairs but things don’t turn out how she pl... more
  • Black and White

    by Ben Burgess Jr
    When the prestigious law firm of Wayne, Rothstein, and Lincoln catches two major cases—a rape case where a White NBA star allegedly raped a Black stripper, and a murder case where a Black rapper allegedly killed a gay couple and two policemen—Bill O'Neil and Ben Turner are tasked to handle these racially charged litigations. The cases hit emotional chords with the two lawyers and force them to reckon with their interracial relationships and families. Will the racial tension of their cases destro... more
  • Daddy's Girl

    by Ben Burgess Jr
    Nick Johnson has always been an underachieving, borderline alcoholic. He soon finds himself in over his head when his affair with Vickie, an unhappily married homemaker, results in an accidental pregnancy. Vickie abandons Nick to raise their biracial daughter, Lynn, alone. Overwhelmed by the difficulties of single fatherhood and seeking comfort and help for himself in that stressful journey, Nick dates numerous women who will change his life forever. Will raising Lynn force him to mature? Can a ... more
  • The Bennett Women

    by Roberta R. Carr
    The Bennett Women is an absorbing portrayal of three women who are at a crossroad with one another and the world around them. Muriel Bennett is a feisty eighty-two-year-old artist who is struggling to maintain her independence. For the past forty-five years, she has happily resided at her Oregon lakefront home. She wants to live on her terms but soon discovers how little control she has over her life. Susanne Bennett is a fifty-four-year-old CEO of a Fortune 500 technology company located i... more
  • Solahütte

    by Steven Donahue
    Naive SS officer Blaz Schaffer is assigned guard duty at Auschwitz in Poland in 1944 after suffering an injury in battle. While stationed at the camp, he visits Solahütte, a nearby resort for German personnel, and he falls in love with Sara, a worker at the lodge. Schaffer clashes with his fellow soldiers over their ruthless treatment of the camp prisoners, particularly the head guard, Wilhelm Gratzfirmer, a psychopathic Nazi who enjoys torturing and murdering the captives. He also runs afou... more

    THE NIGHT BRIDE is a scandalous and lurid retelling of our earliest creation stories. The epic tale of LILIT, the first of all women, who flees paradise to escape the brutality of man and searches the ancient world for the love that makes life worth living. But Lilit is seduced and then abandoned by the guile of the demonic Samael. Infected by Evil, the venom of the viper transforms her into a skin-shifter, a bride to the night. Cursed to live by possessing the bodies of other women, Lilit... more
  • The Infidel Next Door

    by Rajat Mitra
    The Infidel Next Door is a saga of the undying spirit of a man while facing loss and betrayal in the name of religious persecution. It is set in the period before the seventh and last exodus of Hindus from Kashmir in 1989. When Aditya, a Hindu priest, is asked to go back to a temple in Kashmir where his ancestor was killed for refusing to convert to Islam, he decides he must go. Though the attacks - both on his family and on the temple - occurred three centuries ago, the wounds are yet to heal.... more
  • The Writer's Bloom

    by Neha Katyal
    ‘The Writer’s Bloom’ is a talent extravaganza showcasing a writing reality competition for the first time in New York. But, the extravaganza ain’t any normal reality competition. Dr. Rodger Anderson, an eminent scientist and writer launches the show to solve the biggest question on earth- ‘How to live?’ And the hunt ain’t a normal one too, but a hunt in parallel worlds, through a mechanism invented by him. Saanvi, the protagonist, along with fifteen other participants sets out on an audaci... more

    by Barbara Ann Briggs
    This work of visionary fiction is the story of a woman of great courage who travels alone to India in search of fulfillment. Her desire for a fulfilling relationship through human love is transmuted into an eternal relationship with God. Living very simply in a Himalayan hill station, she meets people from all over the world who share their wisdom of life. While recuperating from a sprained ankle in a Buddhist monastery, she experiences a deepening of faith in the eternal harmony of creation. Fi... more
  • The Neanderthal Chronicles

    by Oliver Reveere
    Book 1 is a work of historical fiction entitled 'Homo Patrius'. The main character, Oliver Brennan, is a university professor who is very motivated to find answers about human origins. Having obtained new information about Neanderthals, he shares this with his students. However powerful members of the Evolution Establishment don't appreciate his views, particularly those showing scientific proofs that Neanderthals had longevities spanning hundreds of years. They make sure he gets fired. Rec... more
  • Miss Marble's Backyard Critters

    by pat brooks
    The critters in the backyard are busy foraging, hunting,fighting and playing. Thank goodness for MIss Marble, who makes sure that Lindsey Jo doesn't miss anything! Entertaining yet educational, this work of 'true fiction' explores the wonders of nature through the eyes of a sassy cat and a fun-loving little girl. Grownup kids (adults) are enjoying this book as much as children.
  • Aunt Sookie & Me: The Sordid Tale of a Scandalous Southern Belle

    by Michael Scott Garvin
    Young Poppy Wainwright feels much like a deck of cards, shuffled around from a boozing mother to a beloved grandmother. Finally bussed to Savannah, Georgia, to live with her grandmother’s cantankerous sister, Sookie. Through the enlightened eyes of a thirteen-year-old girl, the hilarity and insanity ensues. From the best-selling author of A Faithful Son, this rollicking romp of a ride does not disappoint. Aunt Sookie & Me: The Sordid Tale of a Scandalous Southern Belle is irreverent, hilarious... more
  • Robert Johnson's Freewheeling Jazz Funeral

    by Whit Frazier
    The lives of a black power playwright, a white womanist, a newly-sighted scientist working on an uncanny AI project, a mysterious poetess, a Palestinian spiritualist, a soon to be famous ingenue actress, a suburban-bred weed dealer and Robert Johnson himself, the iconic great delta blues guitarist, all converge during the charged atmosphere of the 2008 election cycle in this bizarre, entertaining and challenging anti-novel about the way the future reaches back into the past and changes the way w... more