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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Ship Rats

    by Rhian Waller
    Ship Rats follows the adventures of three sisters who accidentally stow away on a trading ship bound for Jamaica. They must use their wits to survive storms, sailors and the sinister leader of the ship rats. This is a 118 page adventure story for ages five to eight (or for older people with an imagination!). It is available now on Amazon Kindle, through, on as a print and e-version and on Prices will vary according to the format. It is also available di... more
  • Korsakoff Blight

    by Eddie Wright

    What do a troubled writer, a clueless private eye, a dead guy, and a kid who’s perpetually doing battle with a psychotic murderer have in common? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. In KORSAKOFF BLIGHT, these four characters explore the origins of fiction, storytelling, and creativity in a strange, yet deceptively simple setting that echoes the work of Philip K. Dick, Franz Kafka, and Charlie Kaufman.

    Korsakoff Blight is a writer. So was his father, whose name was also Korsakoff Blig... more

  • Where I'm Crawling From and other stories

    by Wayne Greenwell
    IN A WORLD WHERE… Fear of terrorism is used to manipulate everybody—by everybody, including plumbers, poets, waitresses. Genetically-modified corn has obliterated human orgasms—unless you hire the "feel agent" for the in-bedroom cure. Two blacks, a young graffiti tagger and old caddy master, fight racism—between them. A Zen master and his students—all striving for "ego death"—have their identities stolen via the gift shop computer. Smitten Albert Einstein, desperate to provide a p... more
  • Walk

    by James Whyle
    It started at Lambasi in northern Pondoland and it ended not far from what is now known as Port Elizabeth. It is a hike that every South African should have the privilege of taking. For the survivors of the Grosvenor, as they clambered onto the rocks in 1792, they might as well have crash landed on Mars. Walk takes the reader, step by step, day by day, on the castaway's horrific journey. While indisputably fiction, it steers a good deal closer to the historical truth than most nonfiction fou... more
  • Amazing You!: A Celebration of Individuality

    by Connie Goyette Crawley
    What happens when an elephant, a zebra, and a giraffe all decide that they want to change the way they look? In this delightful celebration of individuality, Jenna and the animals of the African jungle & savanna discover that they’re amazing just the way they are! Gorgeous illustrations, appealing characters and engaging rhymes will leave children and adults wanting to read this uplifting tale again and again. Printable coloring sheets available from the author’s website!
  • Teachings of a Shaman

    by Corey Stultz


    A coming-of-age story chock-full of humor, adventure, and magical realism.

    When Dwayne Rader gets caught stealing to support his heroin habit, a judge mandates he complete a drug treatment program in Arizona, but on his second day there, he's accidentally knocked unconscious and abandoned by his group in the middle of the desert!

    When he comes to, sheer terror floods through his body!  He has no food, no water, and no idea where he is.  A... more

  • Regulus

    by Aaron Ozee
    King among the mice and eater of all the cheese. Regulus, the lord of all squeaking feuds within the wall, is betrayed by those closest to him for the ego he holds so high. Struggles between the just and wicked come to pass in this paramount tale of the darkest and brightest sights in our lives.
  • The Buried Pyramid

    by Jerry Dubs

    Both a prequel and sequel to “Imhotep,” “The Buried Pyramid” begins as the Second Dynasty of ancient Egypt comes crashing to an end with the assassination of King Kha-Sekhemwy, the forced marriage of his daughter to the king's assassin, and the disappearance of Prince Djoser, rightful heir to the throne. The second half of the novel picks up the story thirty years later as Imhotep forces his way through a time portal in a desperate attempt to save his daughter'... more


    by Lori Henriksen

    In the shadow of the Great Depression, long before historical changes leading toward LGBTQ advocacy and equality, unpretentious eighteen-year-old Ruth defies expectations to marry her sweetheart, Duke. Impulsively deciding to join a rodeo circuit with her cousin in order to earn money for college, Ruth comes of age in the male-dominated culture of rodeo.

    Ruth returns home a prize-winning competitor and resumes her familiar relationship with Duke. Once at college she grows... more

  • Buzzy and Thomas Move into the President's House

    by Vicki Tashman
    Buzzy the dog lives a happy life as Thomas Jefferson’s furry best friend — but when Thomas tells her that they’re moving to the White House, her whole world changes! A delightful picture book perfect for teaching children about US history.
  • The Closer

    by Shaz Kahng
    The decision was irreversible. . .Vivien would become either the most remarkable female executive in the industry, or the biggest failure. Vivien Lee has spent her entire consulting career helping CEOs look good, so when she finally has the chance to go after her dream of running a business, she grabs it. A lifelong athlete, Vivien arrives at the Smart Sports campus in Portland, Oregon and is introduced as the first female president. It’s one of the highest-profile jobs in an industry inhospi... more
  • The Not So Ugly Bug

    by Caroline Winfield
    When a little boy discovers an ugly bug in his room, he is terrified by the talking bug. He tries his best to chase it out. But after several failed attempts using defenses like his water blaster, his shoe and even his old Halloween costume, Fred finally gives Buddy a chance to explain why he's there. The boy finally realizes that he and the bug are Not-So-Different which makes the bug Not-S0-Ugly after all!
  • The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy Book 4: Uncle Yuta has an Adventure

    by Claire Youmans
    When your closest friend is the Dragon King, your niece, nephew and their friends are dual-natured and your country hurtles towards an uncertain future, your life is bound to be complicated. Azuki and Shota’s Uncle Yuta must keep his household safe and happy while they strive to adapt to the constant change that is Meiji-era Japan. Azuki’s new loom is already obsolete. Renko discovers new draconic abilities, stirring her parents into action as she finds her family expanding. Tsuruko’s husban... more
  • The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy Book 3 Together

    by Claire Youmans
    Azuki and Shota are finally home! Life in their corner of rural 19th Century Japan is nearly perfect – but Azuki’s sick and Shota doubts his friendship with the Dragon Princess, who is upset because her mother rejects her dual nature. Shota defies his uncle to track down the legendary Crane-girl to help Azuki and impress the Princess. This leads to the discovery of a new and better way to incorporate Azuki’s spectacular feathers in fabrics. When Shota takes his beloved boat to deliver Azuki’... more
  • Pete Goes to School

    by Diana Duncan
    Pete Goes to School is a rhyming tale about a young boy, Tom and his Labrador dog Pete. When Tom goes off to boarding school Pete runs away from home and arrives at Tom?s school late at night. The next day the headmaster says that Pete ?must go? but Tom?s formidable Mum turns up and persuades him, through a mixture of hard talk and flattery, that if Pete were allowed to stay at the school, not only would he make an excellent ?In House? dog but his appointment would also enhance the school?s (and... more
  • The Hypocrisy Foundation

    by Gabriel Bacopa

    4 stories centered around the theme of hypocrisy.


    The Hypocrisy foundation: a famous author and sociologist develops a controversial new theory, that all famous people are hypocrites.

    The Drummers: Music plays in a village 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    The Island of Hypocros: An island of hedonists claim it's most religious members are hypocrites.

    Catching Johns: A police officer boasts of his tales of catching men who goto prostitutes.4 stories c... more