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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Love, Only Better

    by Paulette Stout


    For Rebecca, sex is a joke missing a punchline. No crashing waves. Only pangs of inadequacy. At twenty-eight, shouldn’t she have had one by now? Her snickering ex thought so. His taunts echo in her ears as he rolls out of her bed. Then out of her life.

    Lost, Rebecca seeks expert help, joining a study for women who can&rsqu... more

  • The Commander and the Promise

    by Abigail Osei
    In 2071, a teen finds herself about to miss a deadline. Her brother uses a story set in 2020 to help her learn the importance of asking for help. The main story revolves around Andrew Gordon. In the time of excessive zoom meetings, he finds himself asleep during a late-night meeting. At the sound of his name, he jerks awake and agrees to lead a project, just to save face. Too bad for Andrew, things aren't as simple as he expected them to be. Instead of asking for help and coming clean, he does e... more
  • Gambling for Good Mail

    by Evelyn Cole
    Felicia Wood is a lovely woman whose husbands leave her soon after marriage because she clutters their lives too much with purchases from catalogues. Although she’s a licensed nurse, its too depressing a career for her. She prefers trying various sales organizations. She visits a drive-in church where the minister is projected onto a giant screen and Roy Rogers’ museum containing stuff ed horses and dogs. She creates and sells eighty stuff ed statues of the despised aunt who raised her. Her niec... more
  • The Silent Giraffe

    by George Strouthous
    Children's illustrated book about not comparing oneself to others. One giraffe on the Serengeti plains is feeling sad about not having a sound of its own, but it's about to learn an important lesson from an unlikely place! Join the giraffe on a fun and heartwarming journey, written in rhyme, about not comparing oneself to others. See how the different animals in the story, including a leopard, an eagle and a wise little mouse, help each other and become friends. With beautiful, original illustra... more
  • Summary of Cenforce Site

    by Ruby May
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  • Meowgellan

    by Marie Bourdain
    It is a beautiful day for a walk around the neighborhood! Cat explorer, Meowgellan, is ready and in the mood to visit everyone around the block. Follow the prints to go with him on his day-long walk! His friends might be from all around the world but they live happily around the same block and they all love that cute and intrepid Meowgellan! From Scandinavian tradition to Asian culture, from South American dance to Indian street art, from American BBQ to European paintings, from North African sw... more
  • Land's End

    by Sean Conway
    Jerry Digby knows something is wrong that winter afternoon in 1978 when the estranged father he hasn’t seen in months shows up in front of his school, drumming his fingers against the steering wheel with a cigarette in his mouth, promising adventure for Jerry and his little sister. Something isn’t adding up. Riding in a rusted ice cream truck, the three leave California with the remains of their father’s friend packed with them after a botched backyard cremation. While their journey ultimatel... more
  • The Trail of Truth

    by K.P. Kollenborn
    Running Horse’s visit to Fort Randall has a somber purpose: to assist the Blue Coats during the process of settling a peace treaty. While Colonel Bradley may be sympathetic in contrast to Private Benson’s attitude, there is mistrust on both sides. The intentions may be sincere, but the lack of understanding befalls an unknown tomorrow. Distance isn’t just defined by land and weapons. A truthful communication doesn’t promise freedom. Life unravels many trails. Which one will Running Horse endure?... more
  • Two Dairy Goats' Journey

    by K.P. Kollenborn
    Sam and Cindy are on a wondrous journey to have some big questions answered in the small world they live in. They meet some interesting animals on the farm; some who are helpful and others who don’t have a care in the world. Mysterious stories about life on the farm may not provide the answers the dairy goats seek, but their endurance makes their quest worthy and inspiring. It is a philosophical journey that captures an awareness of our surroundings.
  • Absaroka War Chief

    by Bryan Ney
    Set in the 1820's American West and based on the life of James Beckwourth, an African American born of a white father and slave mother. He joins a fur trading expedition and struggles for the respect of his fellow trappers, then is captured by the Crow tribe. Among the Crow he rises to become a vaunted leader. But he becomes disillusioned with the violence of their life, and ultimately has to decide, where does he really belong?
  • Lemmon's Journey

    by Philip Oyok
    Lemmon Grandee is sad and bitter about life. He is fighting the retirement blues and mourning the sudden loss of his wife. Lonesome and heartbroken, his friend and neighbors fear the worse. Suicide seems like the perfect antidote for him. Things change when while cleaning out his late wife's studio, he uncovers hidden letters from his runaway daughter, Gloria, currently living a new life in New York City with her eight-year old son. Lemmon suddenly finds the spark of life he thought he had l... more
  • Bloodroot

    by Daniel V. Meier, Jr.
    Virginia, 1622. Powhatan braves prepare war paint from the sacred juice of the bloodroot plant, but Nehiegh, the English son-in-law of Chief Ochawintan has sworn never to kill again. He must leave before the massacre. England, 1609. Matthew did not trust his friend, Richard’s stories of Paradise in the Jamestown settlement, but nothing could have equipped him for the privation and terror that awaited him in this savage land. Once ashore in the fledgling settlement, Matthew experiences the un... more
  • You Are A Computer Who Is Your Programmer?

    by Leir Williams
    You Are A Computer is designed to help you achieve growth and understanding of God and His Word, by using the computer and computer terminologies. It provides basic computer jargon with simple explanations for comparison, with important facts about God and the Adversary’s motives. Also, it will address the disabling and destructive issues that can occur in computers and in life. So, speaking in computer terms can be a witty and instructive way to learn about God, His Word and His plan for your ... more
  • Cute for a Black Girl

    by Amy Watkins
    Cute for a Black Girl is an insightful coming of age story that follows Chloe Wilcox, a beautiful, smart and talented African American girl with a promising future. Though her beginnings were rough, she was adopted by a rich, successful, and loving father then whisked away to a great neighborhood with a top-notch school system. Unfortunately, being the only Black girl in her entire school, her complexion sets her up for being an outcast. Insecurity develops as a result of the common belittling s... more
  • Home Is Love

    by Ashley LaRue
    Home is Love is about a young child who comes from a family where her parents are no longer together, and she asks her mama about where her home is. Her mom explains in detail with different scenarios involving love, memories, or ideas that will help the little girl understand what makes up her home. The main point is that wherever her daughter feels love, and wherever her heart is, with her mom, dad, her siblings, etc. is where her home is. Love is what matters, and home is where the heart is. ... more
  • Scout

    by Kiersten Hall
    A spunky little dog named Scout gets adopted into a wonderful family who loves him and gives him a bunch of attention. Unfortunately, Scout soon finds out that his new family has to leave him at home alone sometimes while they go off to work and school. They task him with protecting the house while they’re away. Is he up to the challenge? What’s the worst that could happen? Suitable for ages 3 to 7 years.