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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Kindred Spirits: J Whit and The Spirit Rap Poetry Slam

    by Donna Griffin
    J Whit just wants to escape - from his father’s disappointment and the confines of school. He wants to burst through these restrictions and launch his career. In a chance connection, he befriends a new kid from the Dayton, Ohio, Paul Dunbar, and as outsiders, they bond over a love of poetry. Along with J Whit’s childhood friend, Allie, they plan a special show to celebrate Riley’s mother and her love of spirit raps, and introduce Dunbar to a new audience. Racial division threatens their plans, b... more
  • The End of Everything

    by Jimi Fritz
    It is midnight at the Winterbourne Psychiatric Institution. The only sound is the staccato hammering of a Smith-Corona Silent-Super typewriter. The crack of its Bakelite keys ricochet through the corridors like six-inch nails pounded into a solid mahogany plank. Known only as Fritz, the man at the typewriter rails against the world while plotting his own suicide. So begins a dark, comedic romp through the complex mind of a man on the edge. \tFritz takes great pleasure in his above-average IQ an... more
  • Dodo's Secret Friend, Mykayla

    by Nana Banafo
    In a small village, a young boy named Dodo begins a life changing friendship with a mosquito named Mykayla. Dodo accidentally reveals their secret friendship to his mom, Mama Dodo, setting off a malaria discovery journey into the opposing worlds of mosquitoes and humans. At the request of Papa Dodo, Dodo invites Mykayla home for dinner. Is the dinner a trap? Will Dodo lose his friendship with Mykayla or will their friendship secure a page in history books? The debut novel by Nana Banafo.
  • This Egg Won't Hatch

    by Lois Wickstrom
    All but one of Mama Warbler's eggs have hatched. The Cuckoo, who hatched first, keeps telling the reluctant baby warbler it's no fun outside. Stay in your shell where it's safe. What will the baby warbler do?

    by gerard germain
    This is a summary of pertinent information in the author's previous publication that the New York Times echoed. It is also an uplifting book for the desperate and forgotten Haitian people.
  • How to call jinn | Money Mantra | Jinni Calling Prayer

    by Online Free Spells
    Are you having some wish that you want to fulfil! Do you want whatever you want get fulfil for you! Anything which comes in your mind, I can help you to make it true for you. I am spell caster that can help you to know How To Call Jinn. Yes, if you do not know how to make it true then get in my touch I will let you know about it by suggesting you the right thing.
  • Harry's Hero

    by Amy Phillips
    Harry the Hairless cat discovers through his sneaky adventures that his friend, Rusty, is a therapy dog and a hero. Harry discovers that he's not far off from being a hero himself.
  • All About a Boy Who Was Afraid of Thunder: (and how he got over it)

    by Ann Marie Hannon
    Who hasn't ever been afraid of thunder....and who also when afraid put their hands over their ears to "make it go away". Well, in "All about a Boy" you'll find out why thunder is actually a good thing and how to minimize putting your hands over youer ears in a fun and reliably helpful way. Let's get started now!
  • E. D. Camps

    by Lindsay Gonzales
    E. D. Camps is a little girl who loves all things camping…“E. D. Camps, Adventure Awaits” follows E. D. and her family on all their camping adventures in the woods, in the desert, by a lake and even at the end of a rainbow. Join E. D. while collecting pinecones, fishing, making s’mores and much more. E. D. Camps makes memories that campers of all ages can enjoy. Ready for your first adventure?
  • Tabitha Fink and the Patchwork Pirates

    by Rick Felty
    Tabitha Fink and The Patchwork Pirates is a swashbuckling adventure on a pirate ship with the crew trying to find buried treasure. But in reality the story is much more universal than that. Tabitha and her first mate Bartholomew Blink do take a high-seas journey, but end up discovering something even more valuable along the way. A rhyming book for children with the important lesson of inclusion, Tabitha Fink And the Patchwork Pirates is a fun adventure made possible only when a diverse team of p... more
  • Tabitha Fink Ninja at Night

    by Rick Felty
    Tabitha Fink Ninja at Night is the third in the Tabitha Fink children’s picture book series, written and illustrated for early readers. Tabitha Fink is a cat with one eye who loves to explore. Her rhyming adventures teach children about self-esteem as well as self-confidence when confronting new and unfamiliar situations. In this book, Tabitha and her friend Bartholomew mouse face their fears of the dark and discover a superpower they never knew they had.
  • Tabitha Fink On A Mission To Mars

    by Rick Felty
    Tabitha Fink On a Mission to Mars is an exciting rhyming adventure through space from Earth to the red planet. But in reality the story is much more universal than that. During her trip, Tabitha learns that trying something new can be fun and that making new friends is the way the universe works. The Tabitha Fink message, that kids should embrace who they are, continues in this book, which is intended for the first through third grade readers. Tabitha Fink On a Mission to Mars has won the... more
  • Tabitha Fink: The Cat With One Eye

    by Rick Felty
    This is the original, the book that introduced readers to the wonderful Tabitha Fink. She’s a cat that is always up for exploration, making friends and learning new things. She also has a lot of valuable lessons to teach. The book that started it all is meant for very early readers, with simple rhyming text and large images. It is a great introduction to the Tabitha character and has a powerful self-empowering message for all kids. In the book, readers learn that Tabitha Fink has only one eye... more
  • Tommy's Special Present

    by Christine Triffitt
    'Tommy's Special Present' tells the story of how Tommy is chosen to sing in his schools Christmas concert but after the initial excitement of being chosen he begins to feel ill at the thought of performing in front of an audience. However his Grandmother comes up with a solution which changes Tommy's mindset and gives him the confidence to enjoy performing in front of people.
  • A Different Day: A tale of friendship and strength in the hardest of times

    by Ash Hunter
    Join Pup Lilo on a heartwarming mission to bring back the sparkle in Mo’s eyes, proving that true friendship can start to mend the deepest of wounds. Pup Lilo, and her best friend, Mo, are neighbours who love to play in their gardens. But one day, Mo is extremely upset. Lilo wonders what she should do to comfort her friend. She spends the day trying every trick she knows, but which one will be successful? This touching and compassionate tale gently explores themes of loss, grief, and the p... more
  • Fragments: Journeys from Isolation to Connection

    by Maura Pierlot
    Eight lives untethered. Eight voices in the dark. Eight stories of adversity. Eight lost souls looking for hope. Tasked with a creative exploration of their mental health and wellbeing, eight students are plunged into the harsh terrain of their psyches, each a fragment of an elusive whole. With seemingly nothing in common, will they ever find their way back ... to themselves and each other? An unflinching glimpse into young people's lives today.