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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by R.D. Byron-Smith
    A heart-rending story of deep love and deeper tragedy, Burn Over is based on true events. April Reynolds is a happy young bride who dreams of having a baby with her studly fireman husband Kyle in the Mount San Gorgonio region of Southern California. Kyle has a dream too: to finish building their house on an idyllic mountainside, into which he has sunk all of their money. But life’s dreams are as fragile as kindling when confronted by a rarely seen “perfect fire storm,” which ignites a massive bl... more
  • Hurry the Night

    by John J Asher
    Parker Rydell’s art has turned as dark as his constant black eyes. The wife he loved left him, mistakenly thinking he cheated with her best friend. Parker’s systematic form of self-punishment, usually a brawl in a bar’s gravel parking lot with his face on the losing end of a cue stick, is only slightly softened by the myriad of one-night stands he brings back to his two-story Federal in East Haddam, Connecticut. Complicating matters, his downstairs tenant, Camille, a single mom with a ten-mo... more
  • Mo's Mix

    by Javanna Plummer
    With a baby on the way, a business to run, and an impatient boyfriend, Monique has her work cut out for her. In "Mo's Mix," she goes on a journey inside herself - asking questions such as, "Am I ready for motherhood?" At the end of "Mo's Mix," readers were told that Andre had quit his job although Monique had decided to keep his baby. The effects of these actions will be explained in "Queen-dom." In this exclusive paperback version of both ebooks, you get double the trouble, double the laughs, a... more
  • The impending sausage sandwich of doom

    by Kirk St Moritz
    Elliott Rose is having a bad day. After being fired from his job as the clandestine stooge on hit TV show Ghostbusters UK, Elliott returns home to find his girlfriend missing. To make matters worse, Hapkido Valentine, the legendary 1980s wrestler, has returned from the dead and taken up residency in Elliott’s flat. Despite a voracious appetite for sausage sandwiches, Hapkido is convinced he has finally become the mystical Japanese warrior he once portrayed in the ring. Together they must undert... more
  • MIDNIGHT'S SCREAM: A Complicated Study of Violence against Women (PART)

    by Mikail Ali
    Midnight's Scream depicts poor plight of women in India and increasing violence against women in general. It is a fiction based on facts. Marital rape, domestic violence, unemployment problems, rape, prostitution, sexual harassment in work place are major issues raised in the book. The story will touch readers' heart. Chapter – 1 Aslam calls Juber to accompany him as he is going to meet his newlywed sister, Sana, on an emergency. After reaching Sana’s room they saw her in a wretched condition ... more
  • I Love Football

    by Israel Idonije
    A group of engaging, diverse kid characters share fun rhymes about why they enjoy the game of football.
  • 978-5962-286-2

    by Kevin Sacco
    Kevin Sacco has recreated 1960's Upper West Side, Manhattan in his wordless novel. Set against the backdrop of a complicated family life, Sacco's 7 year old protagonist encounters a cast of neighborhood characters including bullies, pimps, Holocaust survivors and unexpected child friends- all in the company of his companion-protector, Josephine, the family's maid... Until the lingering shadows in the boy's life turn very dark indeed.
  • ISBN-13: 978-1946687081

    by Israel Idonije

    A group of engaging, diverse kid characters sharing positive messages about self-worth and confidence -- all while promoting a love of reading.

  • The Yoke

    by Darrell Dunham
    For Barnabas Mitchell, life had always been a struggle. From his father’s abandonment to his mother’s untimely death, Barnabas had lost his faith in God and in people. Determined to fulfill his potential, Barnabas continued on out of respect for his deceased mother, grinding through his days feeling unloved and unneeded. Then Bill Cushman entered his life. Tall, good-looking, athletic, and from an influential family, Bill was accustomed to getting his way in life. Making use of people was natur... more
  • The Adventures of Johnee Potseed

    by Brenda Redcliffe
    A male cannabis plant makes a journey helping people with illnesses and addiction.
  • Thirty Days Has September

    by James Strauss
    A new 2nd Lieutenant, on his first day in Vietnam, upsets a commanding officer and is assigned to become the company commander of a badly reputed U.S. Marine Rifle Company in combat. The first book of the three book series is title The First Ten Days, and it is all of that with the reality if mind stunning and earth shaking harshness so intense that sanity is almost immediately lost and only hoped to be recovered some day in a future return home no longer even hoped for.
  • Falcons and Seagusl – A Utah Tale

    by David Taylor Johannesen
    Solomon Fairchild lives a quiet life as a Quaker in Massachusetts until he learns of his uncle's imminent death. Rory MacLeod was once an ally and employer of Solomon's, so he travels to say goodbye to this family member and old friend. Little does Solomon know Rory has a secret that will change his peaceful life forever. Rory feels a need, in his dying days, to address the sins of his past. He was apparently once very close with genius Howard Hughes, but their dealings were not always above the... more
  • My Townie Heart

    by Diana Sperrazza
    Laura DiStefano is torn between dreams of a new countercultural life and the undertow of a dysfunctional blue-collar family. After failure at college in the Seventies, Laura returns to her hometown and family - including her sister Jane, a fierce survivor of a childhood attack. Divided loyalties, trauma and the forces of an era come to a head and Laura becomes agoraphobic. How can she reconcile the past with an unchartable future and find her genuine life?
  • San Juan Bautista

    by Phil Oakley
    Three revolutions, three lives devastated and a monastery in the American Southwest come together in this novel where, for a time, hope seems a dream too big. The revolutions tore the fabric of their locations: Poland, Nicaragua and Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. The three crushed by the violence and its consequences were, a teacher, the young son of a subsistence farmer and an American priest.While clearly, the inspiration for this novel came from a set of video images for an amazing television... more
  • Longhorn: A Novel (The Oakleys) (Volume 3)

    by Phil Oakley
    The youngest Oakley brother, Ray, avoids the Army only to find himself in a face off with German U-boats in the Gulf Mexico in the year following America’s entry into World War II. His older brother, Brooks, who had reluctantly agreed to accept a commission as a lieutenant, is assigned to a difficult aging general in Washington who sends him to chase through the backwoods of Mississippi; then he orders Brooks to a special school in blizzard bound Michigan where he is trained to manage winter cam... more