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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Best Laid Plans & Other Disasters

    by Amy Rivers
    A year after she is elected mayor of a prosperous Colorado city, Gwen's career and life are fully on track, all according to plan. So why is she in such a slump emotionally and physically? New conflicts keep boiling over in city government, and her earlier allies no longer support her. She and her boyfriend have an ideal relationship, which she finds inexplicably dissatisfying. Without telling her, he decides to take a new job that has him traveling out of state every week. Suddenly unexpected d... more
  • Dreams from the Heart: Tales of Hope & Love

    by C. R. Sturgill
    A loving husband finds his life cut tragically short. A lovelorn schoolteacher finds unexpected passion in the stories she “red-pens.” A down-and-out writer takes a chance on a dream. With humor, heart, and beautifully crafted prose, Dreams From the Heart is a collection of nineteen short stories by C. R. Sturgill that offers a fresh male perspective on love, romance, family, and hope. Anyone who has been in love, or seeks love, will find a treasure trove of compassion and tender expressions of ... more
  • Love & War Anthology

    by Reetwika Banerjee

    Love & War Anthology’ is edited and compiled by veteran Bengali author Subrata Bandyopadhyay. It brings to you 27 wonderful writings by 23 talented authors from diverse corners of the world. The list includes Reetwika Banerjee, Miltos Gitas B, Anurag Shourie, Ahmad Al-Khatat, Manoj Kr. Tigga, Nidhi Bagdia, Rajalakshmi Siva, Saswati Borthakur Dixit, Ankita Singh, Nupur Singh, Aarti Hariramani, Bishaldeep Kakati, Meena Mishra, Mustafa Raza, Dr. Paru... more

  • Social Networking Anthology

    by Reetwika Banerjee
    Social Networking Anthology is a collection of thirteen literary creations from eleven budding and guest authors who belong to all four corners of our country. We thank all of them for their superfluous participation in the anthology and carving it to a glorious success.
  • Cuddle & Clash

    by Reetwika Banerjee
    The book “Cuddle & Clash” is a complete package taking you through a magical ride of 25 sweet and sour stories full of cuddles and clashes between the bonded hearts. Target readers will mostly be young adults, however, it will also attract anyone who enjoys sugary romance, interpersonal conflicts, deep-rooted psychological turmoil, nature’s bounties and sweet & sour love stories with a sensual touch. “Cuddle & Clash” stories revolve around those emotional highs and lows which we come across once... more
  • Zenova 20

    by Reetwika Banerjee
    ‘Zenova 20 – Finest Assortment of Short Stories’ is a pool of whims and fancies perceived through author’s inner eye, depicted in the form of humble short stories in similar strokes of her debut book ‘Fantastic 40’. It contains 20 crispy short stories, written in simple English– mostly encompassing the nine human emotions (nava ras) enthralled through our five senses. Though a work of fiction, the readers would be easily able to relate themselves with many of the characters depicted in the stori... more
  • Fantastic 40 - 2nd Edition

    by Reetwika Banerjee
    “Fantastic 40” is arguably one of India’s first assortment of English micro stories (shorter than a short story) which is an amalgamation of author’s figments of imagination based on fiction works depicted in the form of crispy narrations. It contains 40 stories encircling various moods of life including love, humour, trust, revenge, happiness, anguish, sarcasm, mystery, affection, sportsmanship, friendship, thrill, romance and forgiveness. Though all the events/characters depicted in the book a... more
  • The History of My Body: The Fleur Trilogy, Book 1

    by Sharon Heath
    Few of the eccentric inhabitants of her father’s Main Line, Philadelphia estate have much time for Fleur Robins, an awkward child with a devotion to her ailing grandfather, a penchant for flapping and whirling, and a preoccupation with God and the void. While her mother spends much of her time with her hand curled around a wine glass and her abusive father congratulates himself for rescuing babies from “the devil abortionists,” Fleur mourns the fallen petals of a rose and savors the patterns of ... more
  • Tzippy the thief

    by Patricia Striar Rohner
    An 80 year old Jewish widow wants to fix her life in the 11th hour. She is also a shoplifter!
  • Mary Poser

    by Angel A

    Bollywood meets the Bible Belt in this award-winning memoir of a Southern belle who falls for a Bollywood director in Nashville.

    2018 American Fiction Awards Winner

    2018 Best Book Awards Winner: Inspirational
    2018 NYC Big Book Award Winner: Mind, Body, Spirit

    2017 Foreword Reviews  Indies Book of the Year Award Finalist
    2018 International Book Awards Finalist in Fiction: Multicultural

    2018 Paris ... more

  • Horizontal Sleepers

  • Nicki Noel and the Curious Christmas Truck

    by L.M. Williams
    The spirit of Christmas is in serious danger. A towering Christmas tree that once stood tall in the city has been missing for the past eight years. Without the tree, the city has slowly forgotten the magic that is Christmas. Everyone except for one little girl. Nicki Noel loves two things: trucks and Christmas. She’s always felt drawn to them, despite being told that girls can’t drive trucks. But when her mother needs to leave town for work, and Nicki goes to stay with old friends of... more
  • Stinky Toot Boy Saves the Day

    by Stephanie Marlett
    Jaxton has a problem - he toots when he's in a jam. Now Pete the Bully is after him, and Jaxton smells trouble! But when Pete needs his help, will Jaxton have to toot to save the day?
  • 15 Letters to Santa

    by Kerry Anna Stenke

    Henry Bonk Doodle has a bedroom crammed full of toys he’s all but forgotten—but it’s not enough. Greedy Henry devises a plan to get Santa to bring him more and more and more presents. Can he do it? Henry finds out in this rhyming children's Christmas story. Along the way, he also discovers that maybe 'things' aren't everything.

  • Live to Tell

    by A.A Schenna
    Wars, immigration, financial crisis, unemployment and hate had taken over leaving our world exposed in the chaos of uncertainty. But, no matter what, people who wanted to resist would never give up without fighting.
  • Pretty Ugly

    by Sean Hillen

    ‘Cosmetics create beauty, but when that turns ugly, it’s lethal.’ ‘Pretty Ugly,’ a contemporary suspense novel, is a rocky ride through the murky undercurrent of corporate and political machinations bridging the complex worlds of medicine, media and modeling, in both the US and Ireland, with a surprising touch of magic realism, Celtic-style. The plot links the remote west Donegal Gaeltacht and Belfast with Kansas City, Boston, New York and Washington.

    Facin... more