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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Seven Ox Seven Part Two, Escondido Loosed: Volume One

    by P. A. Ritzer
    After the burning, Luke, Elizabeth, and Tom face the momentous decision of whether to remain in or leave Escondido Canyon. Staying would mean more of the unpredictable and often petty harassment that has proven to be dangerous and may yet prove to be fatal. Leaving could provide safety and relief but would require an abandonment to their tormentor of the fruits of their labors, of their plans and hopes, of what they have committed to. Could a sudden change in their circumstances relieve them of ... more
  • Seven Ox Seven Part One, Escondido Bound

    by P. A. Ritzer
    Seven souls risk everything to seek a home on the West Texas frontier. Will they discover a secret Eden, or have they embarked on a dangerous misadventure? Cowboys Luke Stuart and Tom Schurtz meet in the infamous Dodge City at the end of trail drives in 1877. Back in Texas, Luke and his wife, Elizabeth, divulge a plan to Tom. The Stuarts and Tom consequently partner up and venture out to establish an ideal ranch in the canyons region of the Llano Estacado, only recently (and not completely) vaca... more
  • The Robber Of Youth

    by Keith Julius
    A young girl's life is thrown into turmoil following the death of her older brother. Fifteen year old Rosaletta Guiterrez finds things turning from bad to worse after witnessing the tragic accident that takes her brother's life. Estranged from the only family she's ever known – removed from a verbally abusive mother who has no concern for her daughter's well-being – Rosaletta is sent to a foster home, to live with a couple she can't relate to as she struggles to get on with her life. Case Appoin... more
  • Niagara: A Novel

    by Linda Grace
    Set in present day Niagara Falls, NY, the novel explores how historic events impact the lives of residents today, including the lasting consequences of New York state's hostile takeover of land on the Tuscarora Indian reservation in the 1950s to build a reservoir for the Niagara hydroelectric power project, a legal battle that went to the U.S. Supreme Court. Some characters embrace change in the city, while others try to preserve its historic legacy. A dark sequence of events leads to a deadly s... more
  • Goodnight Love

    by Tania Giguere
    A short story of a mothers love for her daughter letting her know how much she is loved. Telling her daughter through a bedtime story that she is important to all things and that her daughter is very important to her.
  • Two Short Crashes: Quick Journeys into Fiction

    by Colin Roy
    Two short tales designed to be consumed over a single lunch, or the commute from work, or whenever you want a quick escape. In the stories lives collide, with both funny and tragic results. Swipe Right is about two humans clashing in a social media utopia. Violence, death and 'likes' follow. Friends is a more intimate story, revolving around the final conversation between two friends.
  • The Amazing Tree House

    by Naomi Rogers
    Mom thinks she is setting the rules when her family decides to build a tree house. However, Dad and the kids mistake all of her worrisome direction for fun things to add on. These misunderstandings lead to a very frustrated mom and one amazing tree house!
  • The Bombmaker's Wife

    by Brandon Davis Jennings
    When Jordan O’Duffy is sexually assaulted in the Riverside High School locker room two months before graduation, he begins to plot his revenge on the students he believes assaulted him. Zeva, a Bosnian Muslim illegal immigrant who settles in Riverside after working with terrorists in the Middle East for years, sees something in Jordan that reminds her of the life she’d once had before her husband and son were murdered by soldiers during the Bosnian Genocide. Can Zeva help Jordan, a boy abandoned... more
  • Whistlin' Stardust

    by Sara McFerrin
    The old house on Cherry Street is bustin' at the seams as Doris and Glover Daniels prepare for baby number five. Auntie comes to help with the new baby, adding to an already crowded household. Fate steps in, and events take a turn that flip Glover's world upside down. Helping rescue two abused girls, traveling across four state lines in a 1940 Ford sedan named Lulu, and befriending a boisterous, red-headed Scotsman are in Glover's future as the fabulous fifties unfold. Friend and neighbor ... more
  • Mother May I Be Excused

    by Latifah Free
    Book 3 of 3. Asa's Story. After his father's death, Asa, a young man longing to not be like his father develops a passion for anger due to the misguided loyalties of his mother. Asa wanted nothing more than to escape his mother's hell. He creates a vow as a teenager that would impact how he saw his life, his family, and his friends. This personal oath would affect his emotions, causing him to make decisions that would change his entire world and lead him into internal turmoil. His personal resol... more
  • This Crumbling Pageant

    by David Fiore

    A vacation to Italy goes awry for an American couple in this literary debut. Minor league pitcher Scott Whittier has been put out to pasture after one disgraceful inning in the big leagues. Now he'd like to disappear for a while. So he and his wife, Holly -- a former Art History student -- travel to Bologna. There at a flea market they come across a painting which Holly suspects is by 19th-century artist John Frederick Kensett, and worth millions. Scott's quest to obtain the... more

  • Tillie: Heart and Soul

    by Mary Atkinson
    Ten-year-old Tillie practices roller skating whenever she can--even in the old Franklin Piano Factory where she lives with her guardian Uncle Fred. She's determined to be in the annual skateathon with her friends Shanelle and Glory.. Surely Mama wouldn't miss it! But skating in the city is tough, three-way friendships are tricky, and the stupid rules in Mama's rehab program could mess up all her plans.
  • 9780866988100

    by Diane Bonavist
    Purged by Fire tells the intertwining stories of three people enmeshed in the treachery of the 13th century Inquisition. Isarn Benet believes he has survived the Albigensian wars by accepting the pope’s will and the French rule, until Marsal, the child he once rescued, arrives on his doorstep, forcing him to question every conciliation he has ever made. Marsal has lost everything to the Inquisition. Raised to always turn the other cheek, now she wants back what the Catholic Church has stolen, an... more
  • Mock My Words

    by Chandra Shekhar
    Mock My Words tells the story of a Chinese literary genius, David Tan, who goes to California to teach fiction writing. Though David writes brilliantly in English, he struggles to speak that language. His students scorn him and his colleagues snub him. He gets no sympathy from his sexy but cruel American wife Laura, who is embroiled in a high-tech conspiracy at work. Meanwhile, Melissa, a charming student who seeks David's help in rewriting a business plan for a device to help the elderly walk a... more
  • Hood Rich "In God We Trust"

    by Maxamillion
    Hood Rich is a street-lit dramedy a delightful fusion of urban drama and comedy that is sure to have you crying one moment and laughing the next. Uniqua Williams dream of winning the lottery turns into her worse nightmare. Why? Because she discovers the hard way that money isn't everything when she is forced by fate to take the sheroes journey down the path of self- discovery. Uniqua against all odds realizes that for the love of money, friends can easily turn into frienemies. Elated with the go... more
  • Obedience

    by V G Kilgore
    Ham has his doubts when his father, Noah, claims he's been commanded by their God to build an Ark to escape a devastating flood but he goes along to protect his adored and adoring wife and their children. He defied his father to marry her and will defy him again when he loses her, leading him down the path that forever links him with slavery, depravity and condemnation.