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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by TJ Phull
    Moon is so blinded by love that she never catches on to the reality of her relationship. She travels so far to meet her lover, but once there she encounters a twist of fate consisting of sexual abuse, lust and pride. Moon tries to find an escape before any signs of an unenviable demise appear. Using seduction and faith, Moon finds a way to be released from the entrapment and serious situation she finds herself in. For only true love could set this Captured Moon from a tangled fate that she herse... more
  • Searching for Sal

    by Rob Zaleski

    After years of heated arguments about religion and the plausibility of a hereafter, pizzeria owner Sal Magestro (a devote Catholic) and high school English teacher Nate Zavoral (an agnostic) concoct a plan that Sal heartily believes will answer The Big Question once and for all. The Pact, as they call it, is greeted with ridicule and laughter when shared with friends. But when one of the men dies unexpectedly five years later -- in a hot tub, with a 20-year-old co-worker -- the stunned surviv... more

  • Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair

    by Ariane Roberts
  • The Cooks

    by charles facas

    A dash of sex and a pinch of love, The Cooks follows an eclectic group of New Yorkers attempting to create the recipe for a life well lived.

  • The Mourning After

    by Rochelle Weinstein

    A tragic car accident will forever change the Keller family.  Fifteen-year-old Levon Keller survives, though his older brother David, star athlete and golden child, does not.  As the fragile family mourns while trying to move on, guilt-ridden Levon finds himself lost between the memory of his brother and the constant attention his younger sister requires with a rare genetic affliction.  When the beautiful and unpredictable teenager Lucy Bell moves in next door, Levon finds a tr... more

  • What We Leave Behind

    by Rochelle Weinstein

    It is said that our lives are a sum total of the choices we make, which inevitably leaves us to wonder: what if? What if we had the chance to go back and live what could have been? What We Leave Behind hones in on the fleeting moments and stand-out events that irrevocably change our lives. The book chronicles the life and emotional growth of Jessica Parker as she frees herself from the past and moves forward with her future. At sixteen, Jessica is managing the emotional trauma of her father&r... more

  • Church of Golf: A Novel About Second Chances

    by Spencer Stephens

    Donald Gibson had it all. And then he screwed the pooch.

    Donald and his fabulous blond hair found fame and success too easy and too early. He starred as a football player for the University of Maryland and brought his alma mater its first national championship. Out of college, he prospered as a celebrity salesman. But he took his good fortune for granted and his life went to hell. By his mid-forties, he’s deep in debt, drunk, lumpy around the middle and sucking for air.

    Dona... more

  • Alphabelly Animals

    by KiKi Han
    Go on a playful adventure through 26 alphabet-themed mini tongue twisters with the Adorable Alphabelly Animals and their cute emoticon friends, the Cutiecons in this charming palm sized softcover flip book. Jam packed with Adventurous, Bubble and Cute characters, positive words and playful emoticons.
  • Cutie's Alphabellies

    by KiKi Han
    Go on a playful adventure through 26 alphabet themed lessons, with the Alphabelly Animals, on how to be Oh So Adorable, Brilliant and Charismatic. Play along with Cutie as he tries his best to mimic each lesson with his unique and quirky twist to them. Jam packed with Adventurous, Bubbly and Cute characters, playful app designs, positive words and terrific tongue twisters. The ending? Well, let's just say, it's time to unplug and turn off the lights.
  • The National Average: Welcome to the Program

    by John Bryant

    What if there was a government-run test that could determine whether or not you would become a psychopath?

    In 1948, Dr. Noel Everett was fresh out of graduate school with a master's degree in psychology. While at his job as a university researcher, he created a psychological test that could predict if someone would develop violent behavior. When a U.S. senator approached him with funding to further develop his test, Noel could never have predicted his work would evo... more

  • Frostbite

    by Julia Dweck
    Bestselling children's author, Julia Dweck, shares the magic of the holiday season in a delightful story of one boy’s wish for a dog of his very own. After a wintry mix of snow and love, two icy mounds of snow come to life with a bark, a wiggle and a wag. The wonder of childhood is born in this frisky snowpup named Frostbite. Children will be enchanted by the artistry of Robb Mommaerts, whose illustrations perfectly capture the magic of this imaginative picture book. Told in rhyme by a little bo... more
  • The Angels on My Tree

    by Eve S. Gendron
    A picture book for age 4 and up, The Angels on My Tree is the story of the author's first Christmas without her father. It is a story of healing and triumphant new beginnings. Inspired by a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, her mother changed the focus of the season from getting to giving. By thinking of ways to make the miracle of Christmas visible to all, they started a tradition that has passed down to the next generation.
  • Breath to Breath

    by Carrie Maloney
    Veterinarian Anna Dunlop can recite all 230 bones in a cat’s body. She can listen to a dog’s chest and know instantly how to save its life. What she can’t seem to do is work her way through her own personal pain. Sadness over her husband’s death hasn’t lessened with time, as the world promised it would. In fact, every year her grief burrows in more deeply, making good days seem dull, and upsetting days almost unbearable. So when someone tries to do away with a litter of puppies, her world unr... more
  • The Dog Boy

    by Noel Anenberg
    In the same way that THE HELP focused on the exploitation and humiliation of black housemaids in the ‘50s, Noel Anenberg’s riveting first novel, THE DOG BOY, based on his own life experiences, focuses on the strength of a black family maid who struggles valiantly to right the wrongs in a highly dysfunctional family post WW II. Phosie Mae Eaton has left Galveston, Texas, to visit her wounded son in a segregated military hospital in Los Angeles. She is stunned to discover her son, a Marine hero,... more
  • The Holly & The Icy: Twenty-Five Christmas Tales to Warm Your Nose and Freeze Your Toes

    by Chelsea E. Dill

    The Holly & The Icy contains twenty-five stories, one to read on each day of December until Christmas Day. From anthropomorphic cookies, Nutcracker-like nostalgic fantasies, romanticized earthy Americana, humorous spins on traditions, and bizarre festivities gone awry, there's something to enjoy every day in twenty-five days of December.

  • The Journey

    by Chariss K. Walker

    Katy is desperate to get away from a controlling, abusive, and terrifying man who hurts her in the most savage ways. He was once a kind, thoughtful lover. Now, he has her paralyzed with fear from his ruthless and revolting behavior. She can't think straight, but she's sick and tired of being beaten down. She knows she has to escape - but his threats make her feel vulnerable and trapped. Is there no way out? Read one woman's nightmarish journey as she closely listens to the guidanc... more