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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • AK-239


    What happens when you combine Russian billionaires, a crazy president and nuclear weapons?

    World War III.

    Only one man can stop it, former Navy SEAL, John Denning.

    Ripped from today's headlines, this military thriller picks up where Tom Clancy left off.

  • Love With Imperfect Strangers: A Novel

    by Em Elless

    A hilarious, poignant tour de force of American angst, where love matches wits with reality.

    Jerry Becker is so obsessed with the country's ills, his girlfriend Amy gives him an ultimatum; either see a psyche detective who claims he can cure angst in one day, or it's over. And so ensues the most bizarre 24 hours of his life in a dangerous part of town known as the Crosshairs District.

    Jerry's only weapon is a sharp sense of humor, but in the dead of night wit... more


    by Carlos J. Server
    The largest prize ever awarded by the EuroMillions lottery has been won by a lucky someone from a small village on the French Riviera. What starts out as the happiest day in history for the local inhabitants soon turns into a race against the clock to find the lucky winner and cash in the lottery ticket. A priest with verbal incontinence, a sweet little old lady with secret sexual fantasies about the local butcher, a village mayor who’s held power for thirty years, and a mailman in love with the... more
  • Dreams and Realities

    by Jonathan L Trapman
    BASED ON A TRUE STORY When an English investigative journalist in 1920s New York discovers a vast unpaid fortune owed his family for gold gifted to the Revolutionary cause he believes he’s hit his very own Yellow Brick Road. Far from leading him to riches it uncovers dark secrets and nightmare scenarios impacting the world. Will he decide there are bigger fish to trap and truths to expose? Does he become the fish or fisherman? Will his findings ignite the spark for another revolution or are t... more

    by Jenniffer Harr
    A giraffe has to have his tonsils taken out. This book walks a child through the steps necessary to have surgery. Starting at the first office visit and going through all the steps till he goes home. This book will take some of the fear and mystery out of surgery for anyone.
  • A Book of Revelations

    by A. C. Burch
    Life is all about risk. Sometimes you embrace it. Other times, fate forces your hand. This powerful collection transports the reader from “Private Quarters,” where a young musician must negotiate the competing demands of two strong-willed women, to a luxurious yacht in the Caribbean, where an embittered detective finds himself rejecting his “Last Chance” at love. In “Götterdämmerung,” a concertmaster must salvage an orchestral performance when his conductor has a stroke on stage, while in "Curt... more
  • Flower God Ogre Wolf

    by Marshall Street
    Who'd have guessed? To look at him, back then, when he was young, and friendly, sinless even, who'd have seen it? Yet it was always there. Deep, in his marrow, something stirred. Something primal. A wolf's hunger bayed. So begins the story of Johnnie Lupo – just ten when a thirst for wealth takes hold. 'A Million Quid' becomes his passion and he pursues it – recklessly at first, then brutally. Johnnie's brother Beppe is also driven by hunger, for darker lusts. In the middle is a bright and coura... more
  • The Path of the Child

    by Sojourner McConnell
    We meet Melanie as a baby and quickly see that her life is not a normal nurtured life. As she grows she becomes involved in her reading, learning from the written word what no one else was prepared to teach her. Once she meets a boy from school, a whole new world opens up for her. Find out what secrets and treasures lay beyond that open door.
  • The Color of Cold and Ice

    by J. Schlenker
    Sybil has dreams; the prophetic kind, although interpreting them correctly is another matter. Her latest dream involves her sister Emerald, who wants to pursue her art once more and move on with her life after losing her husband. John, once felt he was making a difference as an ER doctor, but finds himself slipping away in his Manhattan practice as well as in his marriage. Allison, John’s wife wants to change her ho hum existence with John into something spectacular. Mark, Allison’s brother, a s... more
  • Jessica Lost Her Wobble

    by J. Schlenker

    "Jessica Lost Her Wobble" is psychological in nature. At mid-life, Jessie, the main character, after many upsets, moves to an island for contemplation of her life and to make a new start. While there she reflects back on her beginnings in the early 20th century in England, her move to New York City, and marriage at a young age, while making friends with a girl half her age. This friendship opens up a new world for her and helps her explore her own soul. Jessie becomes a part of the ... more

  • Conquest of Canaan: Og

    by Brittany Shannon Lemmon
    Og is an imaginative fiction that combines adventure, romance, and spiritual confliction in a contemporary retelling of biblical events. Led by the famous military genius—Joshua—the Israelites embark on the barbaric conquest of Canaan, including the pivotal abolition of Og, King of Bashan. Abandoned by her mother, and orphaned by her father, Kaya Lucan is as impartial to existence as her hometown is to politics. A haunting past and a semi-boring life of indulging in wine, caring for animals, ... more
  • Dirty

    by Artis C. Bolden, Jr.
    As you enter into the riveting world of a young boy’s struggle to become a man, in a life he didn’t choose, it all came down to choices. As he embarked on a journey through the early 80s, with drugs, death, heartache and loss being intricate to growth to becoming a man, this is a thrill ride of emotional challenges that will captivate and open your eyes to this dirty, dirty world.
  • Pinky Promise

    by Lacole Butler
    Pinky Promise is a short, sweet, compelling story with an inspirational touch. This story displays a child's love for their parents and the knowledge of prayer to God. Penny is a nine-year-old girl that knew to pray to God for her father. This book also makes one think of the scripture "Train up a child in the way they should go, so when they get old, they won't depart." Pinky Promise also shows the seriousness of prayer and that a child prayer is powerful and meaningful to God. God still answer... more
  • Swiftly Taken

    by Kandice Iglehart
    In a world full of jealousy, manipulation and greed, who is to say it was Kelly's fault to fall into the situation she found herself in? Kelly Mystique is far from who she has become and meant to be in this tale of betrayal. Throughout her trials and tribulations after being sheltered all her life she will find herself in a bind that not even her parents can save her from. The secret that will unfold within this story will put the true meaning in 'what is done in the dark will come to light.' ... more
  • The Long Legged Turtle

    by Kathy Elstad

    Long Legs is a long legged turtle with red and white stockings. He is different but, he is happy and everybody loves him. Long Legs has a tea party with 2 bunnies. He meets a brave boy, named Zach, in a deep, dark cave, a magical spider spins an amazing web on Long Legs' shell and he meets up with Jon and Jimmy who have magical glasses.  Life is Good:)

  • Questing for a Dream

    by P.D. Workman
    "Brilliant Masterpiece" Fans of Jodi Picoult and S.E. Hinton will love Questing for a Dream, award-winning author P.D. Workman’s compelling and poignant account of Native teen Nadie Laplante’s quest for meaning and purpose. This thought-provoking and eye-opening story of poverty, prejudice and addiction will inspire readers of all ages and remind them that they are not alone. Nadie is a bright but rebellious teen growing up Manitoba Cree. Living in abject poverty, she tries to help care fo... more