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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Pilot's Mate

    by Marty Duncan

    The Pilot's Mate sketches the history of the Anunnaki Lords who 'from the Heavens came down' to mine gold in South Africa and Peru. The 30,000 Nineveh tablets reveal they had bases on Mars and temples in Sumeria.

    Celiste, a royal princess, is warned she will see an 'angry, black cloud' that destroys cities. Her people know the air of Mars is losing its atmosphere. They leave their older parents and emigrate to Earth where the men are 'snarled' into the Army o... more


    by Jennifer Voigt Kaplan

    Emil Rosen and Friedrich Weber couldn’t have less in common, but in the summer of 1938, they must both deal with changes steamrolling through Hannover, Germany. Friedrich struggles with a cruel new Jungvolk leader and an uncle in jail while Emil does his best to avoid an anti-Semitic fog that’s seeped into every cranny of his life. As the rules of yesterday no longer make sense, they both find comfort at a private spot along the Leine River. Friedrich seeks order and logic and Emi... more

  • Till the Rivers All Run Dry

    by Jim Lester

    In 1941, when thirteen-year-old Ricky Parker’s family is uprooted from their home in Arkansas and relocated to Venezuela, Ricky thinks his life is over. But what he finds in a rough and tumble oil camp on the banks of Lake Maracaibo is the adventure of a lifetime. An adventure filled with Nazi spies, treachery, betrayal, true love, and even murder.

    While touching on issues that remain relevant today, such as racism and America’s reliance on foreign oil, this coming-of-age no... more

  • President Trump's Month: An Epistolary Novella

    by Ron Leshnower

    It's January 20, 2017, and Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. 

    As he hangs his red cap on the door of the Oval Office, President Trump is eager to show that "we can start winning again, folks." 

    But his ambitions are cut short, with a one-month term rivaling that of William Henry Harrison. 

    Find out what happens in President Trump's Month, an epistolary novella offering a satirical look at an i... more

  • To Never Know

    by Thomas Duffy
    Steven Lewis is a young man with no concrete plans for his future after school. For a short time during high school, he wanted to ask a girl named Kelly out on a date but never had the courage to do so. As his life is taken in a different direction than he had hoped, he holds on to the thought of actually getting to know Kelly. Even after several years pass, he is determined to find her again. His quest to know her leads him to learn a tragic discovery. When he meets her mother, Emily, his life ... more
  • The Journal of Darien Dexter Duff, Jr., an Emancipated Slave (Louisiana 1865)

    This book is about a large extended slave family who has been EMANCIPATED and is forced to find a new home as well as work to support the family. DARIEN DEXTER DUFF, JR. records the many trials and tribulations and hysterical things that happen to his PAPPY, MAMMY, SIBLINGS, AUNTIE SUE, her brood of rascally boys plus one baby, MAMMY MARIE, and SOLANGE, her pretty little daughter who DARIEN DUFF falls in love with..The family is led by PAPPY across gator, hog, and poisonous snake infested b... more
  • Gutsy Girls: Strong Christian Women Who Impacted the World~Book Two: Sisters, Corrie and Betsie ten Boom

    by Amy L. Sullivan
    Book Two in the Gutsy Girls: Strong Christian Women Who Impacted the World picture book series introduces readers to sisters, Corrie and Betsie ten Boom. This true story tells of two sisters love for God, His people, and each other during one of the most horrifying times in history, World War II. Risking their lives to assist Jews and underground workers, Corrie and Betsie ten Boom showed the world faith and forgiveness triumphs over evil.
  • Gutsy Girls: Strong Christian Women Who Impacted the World~Book One: Gladys Aylward

    by Amy L. Sullivan
    Book One in the Gutsy Girls: Strong Christian Women Who Impacted the World picture book series introduces readers to real-life missionary, Gladys Aylward, the ultimate gutsy girl. Gladys wanted to tell the people of China about Jesus, but many said she was "too old" and "not smart" and that China was "far too dangerous." Gladys ignored these words and set out on an adventure. Young readers are invited to jump aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway and experience Gladys' story which told with engag... more
  • A Buss from Lafayette

    by Dorothea Jensen

    In June, 1825, spunky, rebellious Clara Hargraves (14) has a couple of big problems: her red hair makes her a target for teasing, and her stepmother (formerly her spinster aunt) keeps trying to make her act like a young lady. Clara’s small New Hampshire town is abuzz because Lafayette, hero of the American Revolution, is about to visit on his “Farewell Tour” of America. In one eventful week, Clara learns a lot about her family, herself, and, most of all, about Lafayette and ... more

  • This Spy in France (Retimer series Book 6)

    by Michael Angliss

    George—or Jürgen—Drechsler is new to the ranks of the ASIO field from serving on board Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Toowoomba as a young Naval Commanding Officer. Just two years ago having been crimping piracy and drug-trafficking under Operation MANITOU (Australia’s part in an international effort, called Combined Maritime Forces, to combat sea routes of terrorism-funding), today Drechsler seems the perfect choice to accompany ASIO’s best secr... more

  • Sarah Anne's Faithful Friends

    by Cathy Lynn Bryant & Jessica Dorman
    In less than two years, everything has changed for Sarah Anne. Distraught and in need of comfort, once again she accompanies her elderly friend, Mr. Hoyt, on a visit to see his family; however, not long after their arrival, a terrible tragedy occurs, leaving her with a difficult decision to make. When she finally decides between the two options, a new acquaintance seeks to force her to take the alternate path. Even though there are connections, each novel in the series may be read as a stand-alo... more
  • Miles of Files

    by Michael Sahno
    In Miles of Files, the main character, Paul Panepinto, an employee at Flambet Insurance, learns that his manager Graham Woodcock is stealing from the company. Paul struggles with whether or not to report the boss at the risk of losing his position. Eventually, Graham fires Paul anyway and Paul is forced to pursue justice, but the story doesn’t end as expected. Readers move through a fast-paced adventure with many twists and turns, including high points, drama, comedy, and an edge that Sahno capt... more
  • Jana

    by Michael Sahno
    In chapter one of Jana, the reader meets Jana Odessi, a self-described “twenty-four-year-old white American lesbian” who loses her daycare center job due to her sexual orientation. The novel takes her on a journey of self-discovery across the country with her partner, Danielle. Ultimately, Jana must decide whether she has the strength to return home and fight for her right to be herself. Jana appeals to the LGBTQ audience because it depicts the struggles of young gay people in the mid-1990s with... more
  • Brothers' Hand

    by Michael Sahno
    Small town New Yorker Jerome Brothers finds himself the victim of a drugging when his orange juice is spiked with LSD at a party. While under the influence of the drug, he loses his right hand in a tragic accident. Jerome then falls for his occupational therapist, Maria, and the novel traces his efforts to win her over. At the same time, the reader meets the community around them and the ghosts of the past that haunt nearly all of them.
  • Farm Day

    by Tina Marie Kaht
    This lively read aloud encourages young learners to explore every colorfully illustrated page! It's a fun introduction to farm animals.
  • Gold Boys

    by Ruby Wicked

    Let us not defy instinct when evil borders normal. Even a physician can wear a white coat with a black lining and the power of a friend's intuition may not be what the "doctor ordered".

    Garrett Pierce and Scholls Parker become friends fast and furious during their high school science experiment. Garrett is known as "G" on campus.  He is strikingly handsome, wealthy, and an all American kid.  Scholls is strikingly awkward, poor, and an all American nerd.... more