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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Comedy of Pretzels

    by Joseph
    When tradition twists with popular culture and lands on “people’s oral humor,” idealistic Reuben Lamberth finds himself in a mess. He is a young, progressive, inspired scholar teaching at a prestigious northeastern university, but his other unique self has another foot planted secretly in the world of standup comedy as Josh Sandburg. His stage name is a composite of ‘joshing’ and the renowned American poet Carl Sandburg. Neither his fully tenured professor wife Byrra who is enmeshed in a cabal o... more
  • King's Spur

    by Harry Treasure
    Set in the high plains of the Victorian Alps, King’s Spur follows the life of Emanuel Trask and his iron willed wife, Emily as they establish a cattle empire at the turn of the last century. Aided by head strong daughters and ruthless sons They fight blizzards, fire and hostile neighbours in this harsh beautiful land
  • A Settler's Passion

    by Hocutt
    JAMESTOWNE, 1611 Four years have passed since the colonists sailed up the Chesapeake to establish the first permanent English settlement in the New World. And now… it’s barely hanging on. Thomas Harcourt is desperate to save the settlement from ruin, but he has one major problem: Lady Elizabeth Rotheley, a woman who will do almost anything to live by her own rules, no matter what it costs her or anyone else. As Thomas embarks on an unpopular and dangerous plan to save the colony, the two are for... more
  • Carnian Street

    by McGowen
    Emily is a college beauty course student. Single, attractive, well mannered, curious about the world and living with a promiscuous, overprotective mother in the West Yorkshire city of Thewlington, a less than ideal city that Emily wants out of ASAP. As she goes about her progression through college and work-life she encounters all kinds of characters from the boorish to the compelling, all the while unaware of the dramas of prehistory that occurred on the soil of her home town, and that her life... more
  • Hetty

    by Claire Gathercole
    What will the outcome be?
  • Invisible Sun

    by Andrew H. Housley
    Bent to the point of breaking, Ian stands at Lake Pontchartrain's edge in New Orleans, spiraling after his brother Hugo's suicide. Everything sinks around him—the city, his faith, and perhaps his life—as he untangles the reason behind Hugo's fatal decision. In Invisible Sun, Andrew H. Housley probes mental illness and the painful consequences of choice. He questions brotherly bonds, belief systems, and interconnectedness with profound intricacy, immersing readers in a world where reality blu... more
  • Milo the Pacifier Hero

    by Lindsey Coker Harris
    Dive into an adorable superhero story that inspires kids to say goodbye to their pacifiers! Milo is a special kind of superhero! He’s on a mission to help kids grow up and get rid of their pesky pacifiers, so that he can give them to other babies in need. He swoops from house to house, showing children how they can help the world and making them excited to let go of their pacifiers! Featuring a lovely rhyming narrative and colorful illustrations that leap from every page, this fun and fant... more
  • First Sons and Last Daughters

    by Samar Reine
    Peyton Chase’s marriage, motherhood, and artistic legacy are threatened by her brilliant, cruel son who constantly makes her feel like a failure. Hell-bent on winning at all costs, what won’t he do to tear down everything she’s built? How far will she go to show him love while protecting her family? Years later, Peyton's life takes a dramatic turn. Amid a tumultuous family dynamic, her two biological children are locked in a bitter rivalry. An old flame resurfaces, offering a different life,... more
  • Willow Gets Schooled

    by Joshua Evan Roig
    Learn to face some of the hardest challenges of youth through the heartwarming story of Willow the skunk who feels like an outsider.
  • Willy, the FIghting Fish, Joins the 82nd Airborne

    by Candi G

    Don't judge a book by its cover!! Willy will prove just that.

    This book is about an Amazing Fish named Willy. Willy dreams of being a Paratrooper with the US Army's 82nd Airborne. Willy' always wanted to be in the Army and now he has a chance. Come with Willy on his journey from Vietnam, to the US Army's 82ndAIRBORNE.

    Willy the Fighting Fish, is different from most fish. Turn the pages of Willy the Fighting Fish, joins the US Army's 82nd AIRBORNE.

    Learn what it takes to be a... more

  • The Last Person In The World

    by Matthew Tree
    In the 1970s, Europe is awash with armed left-wing organisations: Action Directe in France, the RAF in Germany, and so on.. Then a new one pops up in England, called The Vanguard. Its targets are highly unusual. As are its members. As you will see.
  • Beyond the Eyes of a Believer

    by Earnest Lewis

    'A magical story told through the eyes of the bold'

    "In my eight-year-old world, life felt like an imaginary tale. Throughout these years, I began to use my imagination as a stepping stone. I no longer had to wish to be healthier, because I COULD be healthier. I no longer had to wish to be normal, because I COULD be myself. I no longer wished for a superhero to save me, because I COULD be that superhero. But when an unexpected challenge threatens to shatter reality, I sough... more

  • Mirrors & Smoke

    by Adrienne Stevenson

    "Mirrors & Smoke" is a story of one woman’s courage and perseverance to save her family when the United States invades Canada in the War of 1812. Rebecca Plummer is a herbalist and midwife in Niagara, Upper Canada. Her situation both before and during the War of 1812 is complicated by her feminist attitude and activities to help other women, both of which run counter to the colonial establishment. She negotiates colonial life and turbulent times in the years leading up to and ... more

  • Daughter's Fortune: Not a Pirate Book

    by Cheryl L-G Trent
    1688. Jeaneau, The Lady Captain, finds herself unknowingly assisting in a royal coup. To make matters worse she then sails the exiled King James to France to kick off the Nine Years war and Jacobean Rebellion. All the while trying to avoid arranged marriage she ends up in the arms of an abuser while crushing on a British Naval Officer. Official Blurb: It's got action, adventure, sword fighting, sailing, true love, intrigue, betrayal, murder, and yes, it's a kissing book. Jeaneau, The Lad... more
  • Shit That We Should Never Pass Along, and All That We Can Not Leave Behind

    by M.J. Boin De
    A boomer and her Xer daughter’s propensities towards calling each other’s generational bullshit out in front of a rural town in the late 1980’s, proves that the worst of us can still move the best of us forward in time.
  • Darkness Beyond the Window,

    by Alexander Elbert
    A story from Ukraine that connects the past and the present times.