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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Bella's Fables: Classic Fables Retold by Bella to her Not-Sleepy Puppies (Bella's Tales Book 1)

    by Deb Evans
    Poor Bella is one tired Momma Dog! Her active puppies play all day and all night. She needs to find a way to get them to go to sleep! Step into the enchanting world of Bella's Fables, where a wise and gentle dog named Bella puts her own spin on classic fables to lull her energetic puppies to sleep. This charming children's chapter book takes readers on a magical journey as Bella shares the timeless tales of the Tortoise and the Hare, the Ant and the Grasshopper, and more, all from her unique ... more
  • Ralph & Murray

    by Rick Glaze

    Growing up in a small southern town in the late 1950s, this autobiographical tale is told with punch and humor by my four-legged companion, Ralph. This low-to-the-ground, canine perspective of my story was somewhat news to me, but who can question the poignant truth of the matter from Ralph's own lips. Why do pencils have erasers, and who eats alligators for lunch? Ralph and Murray have the answers. Travel along with Ralph and his sidekick as they narrate the story of the author's fic... more

  • The Shadow Gardener

    by J. Lawrence Grant
    This picture book tells the story of a man named Hector Ray who maintains a shadow garden for Momma Nat – better known as Mother Nature. The story follows him as he, along with his children Milo and Alice and their basset hound named Max, tends this mysterious garden with music and gentle madness as well as a good bit of humor.
  • The Christmas Bees

    by J. Lawrence Grant
    “It was deadly cold the night the stranger came to town …” One special Christmas in a small Midwestern town during the Great Depression of the 1930s, a mysterious toy maker named Mr. Christopher suddenly appears and forever changes the life of a young girl named Amanda. Amanda, who has lost some of her fondness for Christmas and her belief in miracles, has her world turned around by Mr. Christopher who brings hope back into her life through his gentle nature and enchanting Christmas Bees.
  • The Star Miner

    by J. Lawrence Grant
    This rhyming picture book tells the story of Prospect Pete, his wife Jenny and their horse made of light Charlemagne who mines stars on the edge of the Milky Way. Pete brings the stars to Jenny who sews them onto the night sky. It’s a western bedtime story set in space.
  • Mama Loves You Always

    by Lindsey Coker Luckey
    Take your child on a journey about a mother’s love in this sweet, touching children’s picture book filled with beautiful watercolor illustrations and warm and engaging rhymes that speak to the power of a mother’s love and explain to children in terms that they understand just how immense that love is. Written for children of any age, this beautifully illustrated book will inspire, comfort, and make a young heart sing with joy and love.
  • I'm Getting a Bonus Dad

    by Lindsey Coker
    Life changes can be confusing, especially for a child. Little Leo was upset about his parent's divorce, and again once his mother started seeing someone new. See how that perception changes - and how he learns that having a new BONUS Dad isn't a bad thing after all!
  • Rosemary the Pacifier Fairy

    by Lindsey Coker Luckey
    What’s a baby’s best friend? A pacifier of course! There to help babies soothe in the night, always nearby to make everything right. As children grow up, they need their soothers less each day. But do THEY know that? Children love the story of Katie, who gets a visit from Rosemary the pacifier fairy when she’s a baby. They especially love the part where toddler Katie can’t quite give the paci up! When Katie is ready to let her best friend go, she sees the paci fairy one mo... more
  • Felix the Fox and his Fiery Temper

    by Lindsey Coker Harris
    Discover a fun and constructive story that empowers your child to manage their emotions and deal with feelings of anger. Felix the Fox is a fun and cheerful boy with a fearsome temper! He often lets his frustration boil over and get the better of him. But one day, he decides to stop lashing out and start learning how to let go of his wild emotions. Featuring an adorable and educational story with lovely illustrations that leap from every page, this thoughtful children’s picture book seeks to... more
  • Our Cleaner, Greener Planet

    by Lindsey Coker Harris

    Inspire your child to look after our planet with this adorable story about all the different ways we can care for the environment! Beautifully written with a fun rhyming story and stunning illustrations, this uplifting children’s book shares an empowering message about the importance of keeping our planet clean! Kids ages 4-8 will love discovering all of the simple, everyday ways that they can do their part to take care of our planet. With easy lessons about recycling and picking up tra... more

  • Alive Nearby

    by Breena Clarke
    Amarantha “Amy” Douglas, retired school administrator, writes letters to her absent M. that juxtapose her personal loss with her family’s and institution’s long history in the highlands of New Jersey. Through her letters, Amy Douglas continues a family tradition of correspondence and preserves a vibrant family and institutional history for future generations. This gently ruminative novel ponders the intersection of past, present, and future in lyrical dispatches with the same storytelling brio o... more
  • The Little Goblin

    by Joanne Lecuyer
    With all the courage he can muster, a little goblin sets out to find a rare shroom to help save his maba and stumbles upon an unlikely helper!
  • Royal Role Reversal

    by Evelyna Starikova
    Your stereotypical princess fairy tale with a new twist. In the modern age of fairytales, this time the princess saves the prince from the bad guy. ​ One day, Prince Mikko Aukustanen vanishes from the Finnish-themed fairy tale kingdom of Valtakunta, leaving behind only a cryptic riddle and his crown. News spreads quickly to the bordering Finnish kingdom, Lumottia, where Princess Kaija Unelma is getting ready to meet a string of suitors. Princess Kaija stabs one of the suitors and the... more
  • The Impudent Edda

    by Rowdy Geirsson

    After 800 years, the final installment of The Edda Trilogy has at long last arrived! Picking up where its medieval forebears, The Poetic Edda and The Prose Edda, left off, The Impudent Edda not only introduces readers to a fresh, new perspective on both familiar and previously unknown narratives of Norse mythology, but also brings the world's foremost epic fantasy trilogy to its inevitable and fateful conclusion: in a dank alleyway behind a dive bar in ... more

  • 978-1-68526-665-3

  • Specks of Dust

    by Will Duncan
    A large winter jacket. A faded Lugandan Bible. A passport with an expired visa. Twenty-two dollars. When Umaru Moses arrived in the USA from Uganda at eighteen, he saw it as an opportunity to leave behind his troubled past and form a new life. But one year later, he finds himself cut off from everyone he cared about, with fewer resources than he arrived with, and a religious struggle raging within him. Now Umaru finds his entire plan for a life in America at the brink of destruction: a cop... more