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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Two for the Holidays

    by Ekta R. Garg
    A medium gets ready for one of the biggest days in her career speaking to the dead. An elf accepts an unusual assignment and faces his past. Two stories about people tied to holiday-themed professions. Two stories about the reality of life's hardships in the last quarter of the year. Two stories for the holidays. The first story, "Take A Breath": Marisa Bellini has traveled to a tiny town on Halloween to help people contact the dead. She's built an empire on the idea that she can talk to ghos... more
  • The King of Average

    by Gary Schwartz
    James isn’t the world’s greatest kid, but he’s not the worst, either. When he decides to become the most average kid who ever lived, James is transported to another world where he meets Mayor Culpa, a well-dressed talking Scapegoat who recruits him to become the new King of Average. He’s joined on his quest by a professional Optimist and his grouchy companion, an equally professional Pessimist. Together, they set out on a journey of self-discovery that leads them all the way to Mount ... more
  • Naming The Bits Between

    by Jessica M. Collette
    Somewhere between the unexpected changes in life, his legacy becomes a combination of all the others. Suddenly, she’s gone. Devastated, he’s lost. The comfortable life that married couple Celeste and Eric Harper shared, is shattered by tragedy. For Eric, an unmotivated journalist who is grieving the accidental death of his wife, sorting through this broken existence without Celeste is nearly impossible. It is utterly excruciating. Right when he needs it most, his neighbor and closest conf... more
  • Land of AND

    by Katie Mullaly

    Climb on aboard and your world will expand. We’ll include all we find in this grand Land of AND!

    As you float down the river that rolls and rumbles through Land of AND, you'll get the chance to join up with new and interesting characters you may not have thought to include in your plans before.

    You'll learn that even those who seem scary or different at first may bring something great to your journey; whether it's a special skill, a wealth of exp... more

  • Untraditional Love In The Dark

    by Victoria Warren Jackson
    Samantha learns a valuable lesson about self-love after Isaiah, her future husband, jogs into her life one windy morning. On the rebound, Samantha marries Isaiah to later discover he has a violent temper. He is physically abusive, lazy, and has a naughty secret.
  • #LucysLetter: The Children of the Greenhouse Age

    by Vincent Lowry
    A dark family secret haunts a young Lucy Gold as she struggles to survive in a world ravaged by the effects of climate change. Her mother is a suspected murderer, her father has been absent since her birth, and her planet—after generations of careless greenhouse gas emissions—is a nightmare of droughts, fires, and violent storms. As Lucy grows older and unravels the closely guarded mystery surrounding her past, she discovers an opportunity to redefine her life and alter the fate of children in t... more
  • Lifescapes: A Poetic Perusal of Life's Adventures

    by jon R. Jacobs, MD
    Lifescapes is a tale of adventures passed along in poetry, the musical written expression of who we are, where we have been, and our longing for future journeys. In this tale you will see me. And yourself. Lifescapes is related in five modes: Musings - affective situations Love Sought - Searching for our "One" Love Engaged - Living with our "Love" Love Lost - Alas, she has gone Idiosyncrasies - Events catastrophes, our deep selves examined,a laugh, and our "All"
  • Strike At Charles' Farm/Grève à la ferme de Charles

    by Nicole Audet
    Charles faces a problem. All the animals on his farm are on strike. They want to eat more, work less or play more. Go through this story and discover how Charles will get his animals to keep working at the farm: a great tale about the value of work and responsibility. This book is written in English and French.
  • Fraught with Hazard

    by Paul Altrocchi & Julia Altrocchi

    This heroic saga of shipwrecked Spanish Armada survivors in Ireland in 1588-1589 describes one of history's most dramatic and least-known tales. English author Alexander Waugh states:

      "It is hard to believe that the perilous adventures of Francisco de Cuellar are true but they are, and this breathtaking account of his daredevil escapades on the high seas and on hostile shores is more vivid than the best that Hollywood has ever been able to offer. This is historical writing at its brig... more

  • The Quest for Integrity

    by Jaswinder Singh

    The Quest for Integrity, by Jaswinder Singh, is a work of literary fiction dealing in the socio-political climate of modern-day India.

    A novel of ideas in the spirit of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, The Quest for Integrity pits the heroic Purshottam Gill against the forces of greed plaguing modern society. As Purshottam diligently works to improve performance and raise morale at the Bank of the Nation’s Amlawar branch, his attempts are hindered by an intricate conspiracy invo... more

  • Rock

    by Tracy Marchini
  • The Storm (book 3, The Lady of the Pier trilogy)

    by Effrosyni Moschoudi

    When Sofia falls in love, a mourning spirit begins to haunt her... The Lady of the Pier trilogy is a historical paranormal romance where humor and drama co-exist. If you enjoy books with strong female protagonists that highlight female friendship, read on:

    BRIGHTON 1940 Laura is relieved to hear about Christian’s narrow escape from Dunkirk, despite his serious injury. Things at home are as harrowing as ever, but she holds on to a glimmer of hope. When he discovers an old secret, C... more

  • Good Night, I Love You, See You In The Morning

    by Alicia Norman
    King Anthony hated bedtime. His quiet spoken and loving mother wants him to sleep but he finds every way possible to avoid going to bed on time! Will he run out of excuses? What will his mother say? How will she get him to sleep?
  • A Danger to God Himself

    by John Draper
    A Danger to God Himself is a coming-of-age story about a young Mormon missionary, Kenny Feller, who comes to reject the faith he was raised in by seeing his missionary companion, Jared Baserman, slowly go insane. By the time Jared arrived, Kenny was nearing the end of his two-year mission and just going through the motions. Then Jared starts hearing heavenly voices and seeing fantastic visions. For Kenny, it is immediately clear that God has sent Jared to propel him into Mormon Manhood. But some... more
  • Jake & Clara

    by David R. Stokes
    JAKE & CLARA is based on a true story from the dawn of the Jazz Age about scandal, politics, Hollywood—and murder. When Warren Harding won the White House in 1920, his campaign received millions from Jake Hamon—“The Oil King of Oklahoma." Harding planned to make Jake the most powerful businessman in America. But Mrs. Harding (some called her "The Duchess") had one condition—the married man had to end his affair with his long-time mistress, a girl named Clara. Jake and Clara had been together for... more
  • The Divine Curse: Desperation

    by Patricia Smith
    Anton, desperate for glory, is one of hundreds of Cathars besieged in the doomed citadel of Montsegur. Reluctantly he agrees to smuggle a small package to safety and leave the Citadel to its fate. Even more reluctantly he must accept a companion – Anna Marie, feisty, resourceful and able to charm the leaves off the trees. Inside the package lies a secret that many will torture or kill to possess – is it God’s greatest gift which will redeem mankind forever, or ‘the divine curse’, destroyer of C... more