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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Hotel South Beach

    by Clarena Wise
    Clarena Wise has taken her 15+ years of working in the hotel industry and woven them into a menagerie of engaging and passionate characters that you won't soon forget. Jodie, our Front Office Manager is a bold and sassy chick who graciously welcomes you to her luxurious, upscale hotel that has drama and romance lurking throughout every corridor. Set in this posh South Beach community where the guests behave badly and the staff endures all while providing service with a smile. Well...usually.
  • Creatures on Display

    by Wm. Stage
    St. Louis 1981. Epidemiologist Shaun Malloy is overworked and under-appreciated. Chasing STD cases day in and day out, Malloy and his fellow investigators in the clinic are not prepared when a fatal wasting disease appears that seems to hone in on the city's gay community. As they strive to understand this new threat, matters are made worse by Trey Vonderhaar, who runs a lucrative private men's club that caters to the appetites of a privileged class. Despite warnings from health officials, Vonde... more
  • Paradise Undercover

    by Fernando Fernandez, P.I.
    In 2014, Fernando Fernandez, P.I. found out some rather inconvenient information about his father-in-law's murder. As his 10 years of wedded bliss largely relied on his leaving this matter alone, this put him in a difficult situation. At the time, Fernandez was a respected and sought after investigator who had dealt with every type of case imaginable. His big break started came 2008, when he defied his world-famous mentor and surprisingly received a flood of international work as a result. Th... more
  • The Summer the World Ended

    by Matthew S. Cox
    As far as Riley McCullough is concerned, her best friend getting ‘dragged’ off to Puerto Vallarta for the first two weeks of summer vacation was the end of the world―at least until the bombs fell. Life in suburban New Jersey with her mother has been comfortable, not to mention boring, to an introverted fourteen year old. As if her friend’s surprise trip wasn’t bad enough, her expectations for the ‘best summer ever’ disintegrate when she gets sent across the country to stay with a father she h... more
  • Lucky Rocks

    by Murray Richter

    Led by a one-legged World War II vet, three boys experience a summer filled with fishing, pranks, and a secret that could change their lives forever.

  • Almost a Millennium

    by Jeanbill

    Almost a Millennium is an eclectic novel about the unlikely connection between an English monk and an American physician that lived nearly 1,000 years apart, one of today and one in the medieval period. It begins at their birth, traveling through time to their adulthood.

    Paul, a monk at Llanthony Abbey in Wales, begins writing in the scriptorium using cryptography, knowing that the abbot might frown upon some of his comments about the crusade and his contact with God. In additi... more

  • The Blackfish Inheritance

    by Thomas Wolfson
    In The Blackfish Inheritance, a fictionalized autobiography, Leon, a 34 year old man finds himself stranded (like a blackfish or pilot whale) with his wife Kate and baby Grace. on inherited family land in Wellfleet, Cape Cod, suffocating under the weight of his past as he battles with the ghost of his eccentric artist/writer father. The author writes with raw courage, humor, and sublime tenderness of Leon's conflicted path from childhood to manhood, sharing the intricasies of his self-loathing ... more
  • Little Miss Somebody

    by Christy Lynn Abram
    Left to fend for herself, Nikki is starved of affection from her mother and the little attention she does receive often results in bruises. Feeling worthless and rejected, Nikki is determined to break free and find life outside of her painful circumstances. But will Nikki find the love she desperately needs?
  • Second Wind

    by Darlene Deluca
    When a devastating tornado rips through the small town of Whitfield, Dana Gerard’s home is reduced to rubble and her well-ordered life to chaos. In the wake of the disaster, she finds herself in financial straits and confronted by challenges that test her limits. With support from longtime friends, Dana begins the daunting task of rebuilding, but that’s not her only worry, and may be the least of her concerns. Change greets her from all directions – at work and within her own family. At a cross... more
  • The Wealth of Virginia

    by Barbara McLennan
    The Wealth of Virginia tells about the development of a new and powerful colony, rich on the basis of its own resources and activities. Colonial Jamestown was where streets were actually (not proverbially) paved with gold (tobacco). Those who worked hard and avoided early death could have families and build great estates. Sarah Blair, daughter of one of Virginia’s wealthiest planters, and William Roscoe, young Virginia planter and sheriff of Yorktown and Gloucester, continue their relationsh... more
  • The Wealth of Jamestown

    by Barbara N. McLennan
    The Wealth of Jamestown follows the development of a new people and the birth of a nation. William Roscoe, a young Virginia planter and sheriff of Yorktown and Gloucester, and Sarah Harrison, seventeen-year-old daughter of one of Virginia’s wealthiest planters, are in love and engaged to be married. But Sarah’s father, Benjamin Harrison II, forces Sarah to break the engagement and marry James Blair, lobbyist, church bureaucrat and Commissary of the Church of England, with connections to the Boar... more
  • I Was A Champion Then

    by Christopher Paul Meyer
    Upon his death in 2012, Alfred A. Meyer left behind over 30,000 pages of unpublished writings going back to 1964. Most of the pages revolved around Meyer’s unfinished novel, but his son, writer Christopher Paul Meyer, also found twelve short stories buried in the stacks of papers. Featuring harsh moments and quiet victories, uncensored memories and poetic honesty, the stories explore race and class, childhood and cruelty, art and baseball. Edited and introduced by Christopher Paul Meyer, the sto... more
  • Viva Vivaldi: A Novella

    by Eusebius Clay
    On the surface, "Viva Vivaldi" is four short stories that are subtly connected: an insane murderer is haunted by the ghost of his best friend; a WWII fight pilot copes with the anxiety and the psychological element of aerial combat; a patient with OCD tries to overcome his obsessions, while facing a radical form of new treatment; and a young man who works in a dental office decides to take a backseat in life and watch the world go by. On another level, the book attempts to examine the human cond... more
  • I imagine . . .

    by M. L. Sanford
    A story of the minds struggle with loss and suffering. Survival may not be assured.
  • The Frozen Moose (a short story)

    by Lori Treloar

    Overwhelming circumstances convince Susan there is only one road left to take-- until her social worker friend calls and a foster home relationship is formed with a quadriplegic teenager.

  • Gobbles: Troubles with Turkeys

    by Naomi Lau
    In this light-hearted and silly picture book, a young boy named Jordan discovers that two wild turkeys follow his every step to school. Jordan is rightfully annoyed by the unrelenting gobbling, as he already has a lot on his mind. He attempts to lose and tolerate them, but then begins to understand this pair of turkeys in a different way, helping him overcome his day's troubles.