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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Grandma's Thanksgiving Dinner

    by Maria Hoskins
    Grandma's Thanksgiving Dinner is a special treat for children with no experience of farm life. They will be drawn into a world filled with love, doting parents, guardians and community members, and lively farm animals. Hoskins aptly shares a brief history lesson with her young readers about rural America and the age-old traditions of farm living.
  • McKean County and Other Stories

    by Matt Lang
    McKean County, Pennsylvania is located in the Allegheny Mountains, three hundred miles north of Pittsburgh, ninety miles south of Buffalo, New York, and twenty-five years behind anywhere else. Matt Lang grew up there and moved away. He lives in Chicago now. So begins the title story from this startling debut collection of short-stories. In “Key West”, “Manila, Mindoro, Manila”, and “McKean, County”, Matt Lang is a man a notch or two out of place. “384 Miles to Omaha” is an unflinching... more
  • Between Will and Surrender

    by Margaret Duarte

    Silicon Valley resident Marjorie Veil has been conditioned to ignore her own truth, to give way her power, to subjugate in relationships with others, and to settle for the path of least resistance. But she has many surprises in store, for there are synchronistic forces at work in her life that, if she listens, will lead her to her authentic heart and happiness. The seemingly impossible happens in the wild of the Los Padres National Forest where Marjorie goes on retreat to make sense of her li... more

  • We Are the Warriors

    by Theresa Nichols Schuster
    How did Blake Newman end up on a Montana Indian reservation? There is no snowboarding on this flat prairie, all his friends are back in Bozeman for their junior year, and his dad's the school principal. Could it get much worse?Blake's fears, hopes and new-found love all come to the forefront within a culture so different from what he has known.
  • Becoming Phoebe

    by J Michael Neal
    Eighteen-year-old Phoebe Rose spent her childhood in one foster household after another, never having a place she could feel safe or a group of friends she could say she belonged to. What kept her going was hockey. The rink was the only place she felt at home. Now what she wants more than anything is to play on her college hockey team—where she hopes she can leave her past behind and create a new life. But she knows things are never that simple or easy. Becoming Phoebe is about painful sec... more
  • Can We Escape the Eternal Flame?

    by Ron Jacobs
    Three individuals are present in Manhattan on the day known as 9-11. This novella explores love in the context of the world made that day.
  • Crossroads Blues

    by Israfel Sivad
    A dark blue love story coloring the crossroads of the world. Andrew, Charlie, and Michelle have known each other since high school. And it’s no secret, at least to Charlie, that Andrew’s love for Michelle is the main reason his friend wound up in New York City. But on September 11, 2001, as the Twin Towers collapse rattles the entire City’s very foundations… everything changes. Live inside the life and mind of 24 year old writer Andrew Christian for six months and six days – from 09/07/200... more
  • Firebrand

    by Sarah MacTavish

    In the summer of 1860, when slavery ruled the heart of America, two young abolitionists discover how dangerous it can be to believe in freedom for all.

    Saoirse Callahan’s family is broken. Hunger forced them out of Ireland and they still struggle to survive in their new home, where scorching Texas droughts threaten their small farm. Then, on one blazing Sunday afternoon, a series of mysterious fires devastates the region. Whispered rumors of a slave rebellion soon flame into a sta... more

  • Reclaiming Konia: A Tale of Love, Loss and the Armenian Genocide

    by Heather Ruth Martin
    On the threshold of the 20th Century, Melkon Jenanyan sits alone in a room in the heart of Philadelphia. An intense and stubborn Christian Minister, and the one who must secure their family legacy, he has to make a decision. Will he further complicate his strained marriage by returning to the heart of the Ottoman Empire – as a targeted Christian minority in a Muslim land? The crux of his life’s meaning hangs in the balance as he struggles to choose between family or his life’s work, peace or a p... more
  • Protecting Paige

    by Deby Eisenberg
    Until her famous uncle became her guardian, Paige never knew the pain, power and passion of her Jewish heritage. She never knew the Holocaust was part of her story. A beautiful and moving story about a young girl's coming-of-age and a man's quest for a lost love, Protecting Paige combines family drama and fascinating historical detail to create a rich, thought-provoking world.
  • Mrs. McGillicutty's Last Sunflower

    by Chip Womick
    What happens when an old woman does not plant her flower garden as usual and the scale tips so that there is more ugliness than beauty in the world? Mrs. McGillicutty's Last Sunflower tells the story. Trolls go to work planting more weed seeds. An elf named Berk, who is Keeper of Beauty among the little people, scrambles to save the day. Along the way, he gets helps from fellow elves and a pair of neighborhood children.
  • Fernweh

    by Matt Lang
    Fernweh is the story of Jackson Hoffman, the phone call he answers, and the road trip he takes with Ana Riviera. A love story, an ode to baseball, a progressive defense of religion, and a journey through an America that doesn’t quite work, Fernweh is filled with living, breathing characters and pitch-perfect dialogue. At once angry and confident, lost and bewildered, smitten and heartbroken, Jackson’s heart beats through the pages as he fights to make sense of a life he worries is going down the... more
  • Anamakee

    by Garret Schuelke
    In Anamakee, Garret Schuelke’s aimless hero, Floyd Spicer, returns to his hometown of Alpena, Michigan, after bombing out of college. Taking place between the final weeks of October and the beginning of November, Anamakee follows Floyd’s depressing home and social life, his nerve-racking job at the local linen service, and his schooling at Alpena Community College. "A stark fight song for the alienated...Anamakee is overflowing with antidotes for the doom of the ordinary day. Nothing's waste... more
  • ASIN: B012BWJ9O2

    by Ram C. Khatri
    The short stories in this anthology share a unique distinction: all navigate the different aspects of the Maoist insurgency in Nepal when the country was thrown chaotically into war. The stories were originally written in Nepali by police officers, Maoist fighters, and established authors. The stories show different aspects of the war time era of Nepal.
  • Hey Ugly

    by Alicia J Turner
    Who is Ugly? Ugly never seemed to fit in. Ugly felt she was ugly, and because she believed it, it was true. One kind word changed everything, and Ugly realized she was Pretty all along.
  • A Bitter Pill to Swallow

    by Tiffany Gholar
    On the edge of the Chicago medical district, the Harrison School for Exceptional Youth looks like a castle in a snow globe. Janina has been there since she was ten years old, and now she’s fourteen. She feels so safe inside its walls that she’s afraid to leave. Devante’s parents bring him there after a tragedy leaves him depressed and suicidal. Even though he’s in a different place, he can’t escape the memories that come flooding back when he least expects them. Dr. Gail Thomas comes to ... more