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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Into the World of Gagi the Unicorn,book 1

    by Mary Catherine Leakan
    Gagi is a kind-spirited and magical unicorn that was brought to life by a precious little girl named Catie. She gave this sweet and happy creature its name from a very special and unique language: HERS! When Catie was a baby she came up with the funniest words. One of her words; has stuck with the author; even to this day ( Catie is now seventeen). That word is "Gagi"; pronounced "Gah-G-ee. "Gagi" was Catie's way to say "I love you". Gagi is either a boy or girl and magically changes its patte... more
  • Yummy Stories - six stories to stimulate your mind and appetite

    by Lil L. Alexander

    Yummy Stories is a delightful collection of six fun, original modern folk and fairy tales centered on healthy eating - perfect for children ages 4 to 8 (including picky eaters and fussy eaters). The stories are accompanied by rich, entertaining artwork. Children will discover broccoli forests, mushroom houses, clouds of cauliflower, exciting adventures (always positive) and many fascinating and believable characters: a very funny singing pea, a hungry dinosaur, three... more

  • The Other Side of Me: a heart-warming tale of laughter, love & 'worry monkeys'

    by J Arthur Gray
    Back in 1994 an 18 year old Freddie Hobbs appears to have a clear vision of his future, which he hopes will include the girl he's besotted with, his best friend the lovely Lisa. But there's just one small problem because he hasn't bothered to tell her how he feels.....yet! Then a chance encounter with school friend Karen leads to his first sexual experience, which only serves to confuse him even further. What will he do and will his plans have to change? Now, 19 years later, Freddie thinks his l... more
  • Giving My Tears a Break

    by Dominique Wilkins
    Hannah Jeffries wants a marriage with her long-time boyfriend, Nathan Hawes, but even though they share three children, ages nine, seven and ten months, Nathan gives Hannah no reassurance that their being together is more than a temporary thing. While Hannah makes plenty of fruitless attempts to get Nathan to commit to a permanent arrangement, she makes excuse after excuse as the children keep coming. Every year that goes by, she assures herself that he will mature and do the right thing. Unfort... more
  • Roseheart

    by Catherine Dehdashti

    Roseheart, by Catherine Dehdashti is a story about family, told through the sardonic voice of Valerie Kjos, a young Midwestern woman whose life is just barely coming together with her boyfriend when his Iranian mother comes for a visit—and stays for seven years.

    The boyfriend, Naveed, is a straight-laced parking-ramp engineer and do-it-yourselfer. Valerie, a pot-smoking waitress and hopeful novelist, moves in with him despite their questionable ... more

  • Aunty's Place

    by Jackie Pias Carlin
  • Glasses

    by Ann Gwinn Zawistoski

    "Glasses" features vibrant photographs of young toddlers and babies wearing real glasses and simply doing things that young kids like to do.  The pictures are accompanied by a simple rhyming text that celebrates the role that glasses play in a young child's life.

  • The Little Parrot and the Ange's Tears

    by M. Anu Narasimhan
    The little parrot is very small. He’s smaller than his friend the elephant. He’s smaller than his friend the deer. He’s even smaller than his friend the rabbit. But when his friends and home are in danger, the little parrot decides he has to do something to help. Find out if the little parrot can save them from a big problem.
  • The Knighting of Sir Kaye

    by Don M. Winn
    In the medieval land of Knox, 12-year-old Kaye dreams of becoming a knight like his father. When the new queen knights Kaye for doing a brave deed, he gets his wish a lot sooner than he expected—but he’s got a lot to live up to. Can he hold his own against all the other knights who hate him? Can he outwit the terrible Sir Melchor and defeat him in the tournament?
  • "More Than A Game"

    by John Fuhrman
    To Jack Bosen baseball was what made sense. Raised in a house built on family and faith, he lost his mother at an early age and his father died of cancer in his senior year of high school. With his faith shattered, his only comfort zone was on a pitcher's mound and there he excelled. He was drafted and rose through the minor leagues and when called up to pitch he went three prefect innings before suffering a freak stroke. Through flashbacks and memories, Jack relives and rebuilds his life an... more
  • Unwise Guys

    by J. C. Bass
    Rocco and Jimmy are the lowest ranking members of the Italian mafia. Their eccentric boss always gives them the worst jobs; anything from picking up his dry-cleaning, to carrying out a hit on a rival boss's dog. "Unwise Guys" chronicles the ridiculous and often hilarious escapades of two gangsters who have a tendency to shoot the breeze (not to mention the occasional troublemaker) while doing whatever outlandish task their boss has given them.
  • Breakfast at Tuli's

    by Paul Mosier
    TulI is a young woman with a compulsion to have sexual relations with men she finds pathetic or repulsive. She falls in love with a guy she is initially attracted to for his physical maladies just as she determines to stop her unhealthy behavior. The story is narrated by her pet fish, Fish, who grapples with the hopelessness of his own desire as he waits for Tuli to learn to trust her instincts and find happiness.
  • Georges the Goose from Toulouse who only ate Couscous

    by Tracey Koch
    Georges Goose is a finicky goose from the town of Toulouse. He is so awfully picky he will only eat couscous. His family does try to cook new foods for him. When Georges says "no", he becomes so weak that he sinks when he tries to swim and he grows sluggish and frail. Poor Georges cannot even keep up with a snail. Then in is weakened condition, Georges discovers a valuable lesson. By trying new foods, his energy and school work improve. As for couscous, Georges says, "it's delicious do t... more
  • At the End of the Line

    by Kathryn Longino

    An unlikely long distance friendship between two women, spanning more than fourteen years and thousands of miles, forms in the midst of a time when the country maintains that not all men, or women, are created equal.

  • A Singular Captain

    by john regan
    It’s 1518 and the Catholic Church is under attack from a man named Martin Luther while the Spanish empire extends its bloodthirsty rule across the world against the wishes of its arch-rival, Portugal. The Line of Demarcation divides the world between Portugal and Spain but no one knows on which side of the line the fabulous Spice Isles lie, least of all the inhabitants. Only one man has the knowledge, experience, talent and determination to settle the question: Ferdinand Magellan, who is hated... more
  • The little lamb who counted clouds

    by Immaculine Jolivert

    Join the little lamb on his amazing quest as he chases his dream to count every cloud in the entire world. His journey is filled with ups and downs as he travels the world. This book will encourage children to remain positive every day, reach for the stars.The Lamb Who Counted Clouds experiences differences in cultures, perseverance, and courage.