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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Painted Trillium: A Novel of the Civil War

    by Robert Brandt
    Painted Trillium is an absorbing story of relationships, survival, and rebirth in the Civil War, told through the lives of a twenty-one-year old Tennessee woman and a young Union officer with a fiancée back in Ohio. The war snuffs out life as Carrie Blaylock knows it, taking her father, her brother, and the man she planned to marry. The war does something else. It pulls back the curtain of convention and lays bare Carrie’s deepest desire: a life beyond the confines of domesticity. She vows to m... more
  • You're A Thinking Thing!

    by Magic Mike
    It is what makes us special, among ourselves, and between others. Thinking is one of the greatest pleasures we as mankind share. You’re A Thinking Thing!, penned and illustrated by the marvelous Magic Mike, is a story full of whimsy and charm that takes us through the wonders and perils of being a thinking thing. Within a captivating 62 pages full of vibrant pictures and melodious rhymes, Magic Mike reminds us about how special we are to have the power of thought and encourages us to use our pow... more
  • 978-0-9907512-2-9

    by J.E. Rogers
    Fitzroy, a young kangaroo, loves living in the outback of Australia with his kangaroo family. This season the outback is greener than usual, and the beautiful plants growing against the red earth delight him. Then he notices the nasty pile of trash that sits alongside the railroad tracks. Every day it grows bigger and bigger, and gets smellier and smellier. Fitzroy is determined to find a way to clean up the mess and ensure that it never collects in his outback home again. It's a big job. He... more
  • The Gift of Sunderland: An Australian Fantasy Adventure

    by J.E. Rogers
    A rift has been created in the Ayers' lineage. Roland Ayers, Guardian of the Forest, knows that he must obey the voices of past Guardians and declare the next in line. When the announcement is made, two estranged brothers will be torn further apart, causing the Forest to rise from its long sleep. If you love animals stories, and fast-paced adventures in the tradition of Brian Jacques' Redwall series, you'll love The Gift of Sunderland.
  • The Upper End of in Between

    by Diann Shope
    Widowed, introspective, attractive and witty, Susannah Emory’s problem is that she can’t be content with an easy life. Living in Seattle at the upper end of middle age, she asks, “Now what?” She loves to dance, she rows crew, she’s a serious meditator - but there’s a blank space in her life she’d like to fill with a relationship. Filling that space will require dealing with modern dating and sexual mores, ageism, and her own insecurities. Maybe it will be Peter, a jack-of-all trades... more
  • Song at Dawn: 1150 in Provence (The Troubadours Quartet)

    by Jean Gill

    Book 1 of the award-winning Historical Fiction series The Troubadours Quartet 

    Historical Novel Society Editor’s Choice
    Winner of the Global Ebooks Award for Best Historical Fiction
    Finalist in the Wishing Shelf Awards and the Chaucer Awards

    'Believable, page-turning and memorable.' Lela Michael, S.P. Review
    Winner of the Global Ebook Award for Best Historical Fiction
    1... more

  • Mervyn vs. Dennis

    by Niels Saunders
    Deep in debt, Mervyn Kirby gets a job he doesn't want by pretending to be racist. His new boss Dennis Lane thinks he's found a kindred spirit. When Mervyn confesses he's not really racist, Dennis thinks it's just part of the act. Day by day, to Mervyn's horror, Dennis worms his way into Mervyn's private life. Despite his fears, Mervyn is torn: his new job pays well but he despises Dennis and everything he stands for. How far will Mervyn go to free himself? How far will Dennis go to become friend... more
  • Voyage of the White Bear

    by Bowen Nance Swersey
    The second book of the Flight of the Wren series, "Voyage of the White Bear" follows Hilja, a Shaman from Lapland to Greenland, where she must find and rescue her kin from Viking slavers. Olav Haraldsson makes his first voyages against the backdrop of the end of the Viking Age.
  • Come Along and Dream

    by Britt Sekulic
    Follow a little boy and his hedgehog sidekick as they venture into dreamland. During their nightly journeys, Max and Hedgie discover all sorts of dreams - some funny, some strange, and some a little scary. Together they learn that no matter what you dream, you will always remain safe and snug in your bed.
  • The Daily Rounds of a Hound Colors the Town

    by Britt Sekulic
    All the pages of "The Daily Rounds of a Hound" children's book series in a fun coloring book. The little ones in your life will spend hours "coloring the hound" as they follow Molly Malone from the animal shelter to a new home, where she surprises her family with nine puppies. "The Daily Rounds of a Hound Colors the Town is more than 100 pages of coloring fun!
  • Molly and the Doggy Dentist

    by Britt Sekulic
    Molly Malone needs a makeover. At least she thinks she does. Her unsightly teeth go this way and that. Molly's underbite isn't very becoming for a young mom of nine frisky pups. She dreams of a sparkly Hollywood smile, of being a hound about town. Are braces the answer. Or does beauty come from within? In the end, "Molly and the Doggy Dentist" is a tale about crooked teeth, inner beauty and accepting yourself.
  • Peepi Leepi

    by Britt Sekulic
    Meet Peepi Leepi, a snoring, sneezing, silly pug with a preference for polka-dotted boots. One minute he's by your side; the next he's mysteriously gone. Where does he go? Find out Peepi’s secret and have a few laughs along the way.
  • 1514864150

    by Jacqline Irwin
    The Welshman’s Wife tells the story of three generations of Welsh-Americans and the love they find and lose as they battle with their own inner demons. Lizzie, the beautiful daughter of a prominent salt maker in Charleston, West Virginia who falls in love with Layton Williams, survives the tragedy of the Civil War only to battle with her own inner demons. Her daughter Sarah, willful and beautiful but always haunted by grief and disappointment in those who love her. Charlie, her oldest son. Passi... more
  • Double Blind

    by Tiffany Pitts
    Delilah Pelham’s brother, Paul, is missing. She should probably be worried about that but honestly, he’s been in trouble since the day he learned the words “trust me." In fact, if it weren’t for his roommate, Carl, she would gladly leave him to his fate. Carl is a good guy, even if he’s a bit of a dork. Okay, a large slice of a dork. Possibly the entire cake. But he wants to help, as do his gamer friends; which is how Deli finds herself in the middle of Hong Kong with the King of the Dorks... more
  • Buddha, Jesus, and the Hippie

    by Ken Albertsen
    Plot overview: In four sections, the first and third sections comprise dialogue between the three men mentioned in the title: Buddha, Jesus and the hippie. The setting is upstate New York, 1969. More precisely, the story takes place on Yasgur's farm, about a mile from the outdoor stage of the Woodstock Music Festival while it's in full swing. The second quarter of the text revolves around the Buddha and Jesus characters, as they split to explore the outlying region on their own. The hippie... more
  • Omari and the People (AUDIOBOOK)

    by Stephen Whitfield
    This an audiobook version of Omari and the People. In an ancient time, a people made homeless by fire are led across the desert by a thrill-seeking thief, to a promised land he doesn't believe exists - and he started the fire. The desperate people must come together to fight their way through bandits, storms, epidemics, and most dangerously for Omari - an overwhelming love for a fiercely independent woman hired to destroy him. Link to Audible site: more