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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Packing House

    by G. Donald Cribbs
    When sixteen-year-old Joel Scrivener has a raging nightmare in study hall and someone records it on their phone, he awakens to a living nightmare where everyone knows the secret he's avoided for ten years. Reeling from a series of bullying incidents posted on YouTube and an ill-timed mid-year move, Joel takes to the woods, leaving the bullies and his broken home behind. However, life as a runaway isn’t easy. Joel finds it difficult to navigate break-ins, wrestle hallucinations, and elude capture... more
  • Kudzu For Christmas

    by Emilie Eklin Khair
    "Mom!" They shouted. "Did you hear that NOISE? Do you see that THING outside our window?" Fantastic leafy creatures hide in the trees, and it’s your job to spot them! The Kudzu game was created during a long drive to school, but now everyone wants to play. Join Sam and Andy and the rest of the gang as they search for cool creatures, friendly beasts, and even their favorite pets in the twisted Kudzu vines. And when winter weather takes the green away, maybe the crazy creatures YOU find ... more
  • Naomi's "American" Family

    by Mark Carp
    Joseph Moshev, a seventeen-year-old Russian-Jewish immigrant, comes to America alone in 1903, looking for streets paved with gold. Instead, he finds a hard life awaits him as he fights to survive and fulfill his ambition of being a "somebody." He has been preceded a decade before by his cousin Naomi Moshev, sixteen in 1903, who wants a career in show business. The journey of these to willful individuals is the grist of the novel, which takes place between 1903-1934 in an ever-changing America... more
  • Ella's Tummy: A Story of Understanding for All Ages

    by Rebecca Jane Weinstein
    Ella visits the park and meets a new boy. He yells. “You’re so fat!” Full of anger, no joy. His anger hurts Ella and makes her feel sad. She questions herself, “Is my fat tummy bad?” Ella's Tummy addresses teasing and bullying about weight during a time when the disdain for overweight seems ever-present, and eating disorders in children are rampant. It touches on parental support for building self-esteem and how others may project their bad feelings. Finally, it's about self-examination an... more
  • Wings of Wax

    by Apollo Papafrangou
    Aspiring illustrator Angelo Koutouvalis is known for his near-flawless sketches, yet he can’t seem to render the picture-perfect life he desires. At twenty-four, he lives at home with his loving yet overbearing mother and grandmother and struggles to meet women, all while relying on the often humorously ineffectual advice of his few friends and attempting to find a place for himself within the San Francisco Bay Area Greek community. Angelo believes the secret to gaining fulfillment lies in t... more
  • The Ghost That Stop By

    by Teresa Gethers
  • Redemption of the Innocent

    by B.J. Nicol
    Eliza Davies is plagued by a horrible suspicion that Joey Kinkaide is being abused in her home. She has no proof; nevertheless Eliza is compelled to help the young girl. Plunging herself into a mission to rescue Joey, Eliza is stunned to find herself in need of saving, as devastating nightmares from the past emerge from her subconscious. Confronted with the now exposed truth of her own childhood experiences, Eliza must decide if she can ever forgive those who abused her. Struggling to cope with ... more
  • Mommy and Daddy Want to F%#&

    by Michael Glouberman
    Mommy and Daddy Want to F%#& is an adult picture book about a married couple desperate for a little alone time away from their kids - and are willing to do anything to get it.
  • The Meditating Psychiatrist Who Tried to Kill Himself

    by Gudjon Bergmann
    In this spiritual mystery, therapist Robert Davis has his world turned upside down when he meets long-term meditator, psychiatrist, and suicidal patient, Dr. Vigo Andersen. Why, he asks, would anyone who has been meditating for more than thirty years try to kill himself? It doesn’t make any sense. Meditation is intended to create moments of peace, not longing for death, right? As Robert’s quest for answers takes unexpected twists and turns, it creates intense inner battles, threatening his own m... more
  • Journey of an American Son

    by John Hazen
    In 1920, the chance to travel to India on a business trip is a great boon for a smart and talented young man. Until he wakes up in a Calcutta jail, framed for murder. Benjamin Albert is a brilliant rising star at his firm, a war hero and a loving husband and father. But when his own government turns its back on him and leaves him to rot in prison 8,000 miles from home, his wife Catherine must take matters into her own hands and battle a ruthless and unscrupulous corporation abetted by a corrupt ... more
  • A Storm of Stories

    by K.B. Jensen
    Sometimes telling a story is just another way to stay alive. Swerving to avoid a hitchhiker out in a whiteout storm, Julie’s car ends up wedged in a snow bank. With the inches piling higher on the dark road, she can’t escape a man who makes little sense. Stranded in the freezing cold, the two tell stories to pass the time. From the Midwest to India, Denmark and Canada, they offer visions of lives and loves from young to old, far and wide. But as the hours blur together, and the snow and ice set ... more
  • B019H9MQLU

    by Hope Destiny
    Meet Faith. Her name says it all. Her Faith in God is so strong that she is naive to people and things around her. In walks Clint who has had his eye set on Faith, but Faith's mind is set on God. Faith doesn't know much about Clint, because Clint keeps his promiscuous ways out of the public eye. The only thing Clint knows about Faith is that she is the girl he wants to take home to momma, and also to his bed. Faith's parents, Reverend John Reynolds and First Lady have instilled nothing b... more
  • Shadows of the Damned

    by Kathrin Brückmann
    Hori and Nakhtmin have barely adjusted to their new duties as the pharaoh's palace physicians when Hori is summoned to the secret embalming compound. A heart has been found there, which doesn't belong to any of the corpses; a heinous crime must have been committed, which robs the dead of any chance for an afterlife. While clueless Nakhtmin begrudges his friend for simply disappearing and makes new acquaintances, Hori finds out far more than he bargained for and unwittingly puts his own life o... more
  • Apprenticed to Anubis: In Maat's Service Vol. 1

    by Kathrin Brückmann
    Ancient Egypt: Hori and his fellow students celebrate their graduation from medical school. In a bar brawl, he accidentally kills the vizier's eldest son. For punishment, the king renders an unusual verdict: life in the service of the dead at the weryt, the walled-off embalming compound. At the same time, young ladies at the pharaoh's court drop dead without obvious cause. When the corpses are brought to the weryt, Hori, now trained in embalming and organ removal, discovers the girls were murde... more
  • Murgatroyd's Mill Trip (The Murgatroyd's Mill Trilogy Book 2)

    by Stephen Bailey
    Breakfast, bus, beer, Blackpool…bust! The Christmas club was a great success, the Christmas club social evening passed by with only one incident and Willie, Arthur and Eustace were feeling pretty good about themselves; especially Eustace who, on the back of that one incident, was beginning to have a turnaround in his life. But has Eustace bitten off more than he can chew when he decides he is going to organise the Murgatroyd mill trip to Blackpool? He thinks not, but then…it is Eustace. ... more
  • Comedy Shorts

    by Robin Storey
    Sleuthing For Beginners Angela has always had a secret ambition to be a private detective. After her neighbour dies suddenly she launches her own investigation and gets a lucky break – but not in the way she’d hoped. A Peaceful Death George, who has been obsessed with death since his father died, is visited by The Angel of Death, who strikes an unusual bargain in return for a guarantee of a peaceful death. A Girl’s Best Friend Ali, the sole beneficiary of her uncle’s will, learns t... more