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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Johnson Family Chronicles: Changing Currents ~ Changing Tides

    by Stan Cromlish
    The Johnson Family Chronicles – Changing Currents ~ Changing Tides is a fictional account of a typical small town American family facing hard decisions after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan. Being forced to navigate the difficult days which would shape the course of their lives, this coming of age family story typifies those events that were played out in many small towns across the United States during World War II. Written in a style to take the reader on a historical journey that h... more

    by Judith Petres Balogh
    The Reluctant Trophy Wife is a modern tale about two basically decent people, who are fatally mismatched. A crime is committed in their summer house. Although not involved Clyde worries that the news could hurt his career and social status. To avoid the harrasment of the media he sends his wife Lena, much against her will, on a long vacation. She settles in a serene Europena village where she befriends a witty, artistic and wise older Protestant woman and a Catholic priest. The combined inf... more
  • Flash Tales: A Collection of Short Stories for Children

    by Chess Desalls
    A collection of flash fiction and short stories by the award-winning author of The Call to Search Everywhen time travel books. Discover the magic of music, sail with a feisty pirate, and view the stars and moon in a whole new light. Stories range from middle grade adventures to tales that can be enjoyed by teen readers.
  • Farmer Tice

    by Nelson Donley

    Written by a teacher, Farmer Tice is a hilarious book of hillbilly tales that will make any young teen howl with laughter. Rich in vocabulary, illustrated, fun to read.

  • The Cave ISBN:978-1-68181-4322

    by James Allen
    My story begins with two young adventures finding something that shouldn't be there. Something thought to be lost to history and forgotten. What ensues becomes an old fashioned treasure hunt, complete with secret maps and intriguing mysteries, then a devious plot. There is even a budding romance along the way. A family oriented adventure for all ages.
  • Beautiful Mess

    Protagonist Del Corwyn is an aging relic—an actor who climbed from errand boy to Academy Award nominee; who kept company with Hollywood’s golden era elite; who even shared a close friendship with Marilyn Monroe. But now, Del Corwyn is facing bankruptcy. Humiliated and forced to downgrade his lifestyle and sell the home he's long cherished, Del is destined to fade into a history of forgotten legends—unless he can revive his career. All he needs is one last chance. While searching through memorabi... more
  • The Exact Unknown and Other Tales of Modern China

    by Isham Cook
    A foreign teacher struggles with proper whipping technique on his female student, while another gives his student a mysterious substance known as LSD. In other stories, a sex robot rapes its owner, a female professor trolls cafés minus her underwear, a store clerk softens up a stingy customer with his fist, and a foreigner comprehends all too slowly the home he is visiting is not a family but a scam. Whether it's locals colliding with foreigners or with each other on the big chessboard with no ... more
  • Lust & Philosophy

    by Isham Cook

    Expat Isham Cook lives a highly ordered life of the mind and is not one to be swayed by circumstance, until his dispassionate existence is tripped up by Cookie, an elusive woman glimpsed around his gritty Beijing neighborhood. He then becomes captivated by the flamboyant eroticism of a woman on the subway, Luna, who radically overhauls his most basic preconceptions. A third beauty of ambiguous Asiatic ethnicity, Adalat, is as unknowable as the others and incites a new obsession. Finally, a fo... more

  • Town Symphony Vol.1: Sweet Sixteen

    by Brandee Denise
    After breaking the promises made to her dying grandmother; Keisha Simmons aka Spice, ignores her sister Penelope's warnings and gets involved with a young man named Carlos, who takes the careless teen down a twisted path of destruction that puts her friendship with a conniving Ebony to the test and leaves her sitting behind bars on the day of her sixteenth birthday. Will the events leading up to her arrest take her down the same dark path as her older sister and mother or will the truth eventual... more
  • Town Symphony Vol. 1.5: Sweet Sixteen Part 2

    by Brandee Mayo
    In this conclusion of Sweet Sixteen: Nikki is placed in a situation that has her second guessing her loyalty to one of her closest friends just as things slowly start to get worse for her dysfunctional family, including the tormented relationship between Carlos and Spice that comes to an end, resulting in her cousin's arrest.
  • Refiner's Fire

    by Ann Nolder Heinz
    Lizzie Hamilton’s life as a pampered belle in the antebellum South is over. Alone and destitute due to the disintegration of her family’s fortunes, she makes the mistake of trusting a handsome but unprincipled professional gambler whose silver-tongued promises lead only to disgrace and virtual servitude. Danger and misfortune stalk her as she travels from Charleston, South Carolina to the gambling dens of New Orleans, up the Mississippi River, and across the broad prairies to the gold fields of... more
  • Last Stop Freedom

    by Ann Nolder Heinz
    Julia Bigsby is the repressed daughter of a widowed parson in 1850's Troy, New York. Desperate to escape her dreary life, she agrees to marry Nathaniel Hamilton, who owns a cotton plantation in South Carolina. She soon finds herself a virtual prisoner in a life she increasingly abhors. The only bright spot is her growing affection for her slave maid Fanny. When Nathaniel’s lust for Fanny leads to family chaos, he prepares to sell her away. Agents of the Underground Railroad help Fanny plan her e... more
  • A Light Within

    by Ann Nolder Heinz
    Two people, twins by birth, are destined for the medical profession in 1859 America, one motivated by expectation, the other by passion. Carl Fielding is acquiescing to his physician father’s bidding even though his heart and talents pull him toward the arts. Cora Fielding longs to attend medical school despite a cultural bias against people of her gender. Her fight for the freedom to fulfill her dream is in direct opposition to the destructive behavior in which Carl’s frustrated talent leads hi... more
  • Sheppard and the French Rescue

    by G. William Weatherly
    Captain Sheppard McCloud is unexpectedly called to Washington in May of 1942 while his ship, the battle cruiser Argonne is in dry dock undergoing repairs from the Battle of Cape Vilan. At a luncheon with President Roosevelt and the new head of the OSS, he is informed of his next mission--this time unsupported, in a race against General Rommel's panzers to save the French Fleet at Mers-el-KEbir. Intrigue, spies, the 'Maquis', plots by both the Italians and his nemesis from Sheppard of the Argonne... more
  • The Reflecting Man: Volume Three

    by D.K.R. Boyd
    In late 1937, our loquacious and unreliable narrator, Kurtis De’ath returns to Germany, where he prepares for a trip with Joachim von Ribbentrop, German Foreign Minister, to Moscow. On his own with orders from Adolf Hitler (and Sir Joseph Ball), Kurtis probes the unspeakable secrets of the Holodomor, the man-made, deliberate starvation of four million men, women, and children in the Ukraine. He matches wits with the NKVD and Stalin himself. As the Nazis annexe Austria and Joseph Chamberlain trie... more
  • Wisps of Gold

    by Leah Lindeman

    Rose Wood is fresh out of finishing school where her father, taken by gold fever, deserted her five years ago. She journeys the Cariboo Wagon Road to return to her father’s side at the 108 Mile Hotel. Once she arrives, a rotting stench greets her at the door—her father’s corpse left for her to find.

    Whispers abound he was killed for his treasure. Blackmail and veiled threats from an unknown enemy compel her to search for her father’s hidden gold vein. Eager to sq... more