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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • And the Greatest of These

    by Joe Michael Pritchard
    Lives entwined as one fifty-six years ago. An afternoon nap turned delusional. Police. An old hospital Emergency Room turned involuntary committal to a locked psychiatric unit and a research psychiatrist determined to discover an Alzheimer's vaccine. Alone. Patient and spouse. Neither able to fathom life without the other. One will fight to live. One will fight to die. A down-and-out ER crisis counselor caught between the old couple's quest for autonomy and his livelihood. Redemption on two home... more
  • Belle's Tale and Other Stories

    by David D. Davis, Jr.

    Eight free-ranging stories collected here for the first time. One, an extension and a point-of-view switch on the classic Dickens tale, A Christmas Carol. The next, a riff on a story from Genesis. Then there's a contemporary story of corporate malfeasance, Mark Twain fulminating from the afterlife, a mad glodling, a dystopian vision of a justice system, a meditation of lost friendship, and a little bit of time-travel tale thrown in for good measure.


  • Four of a Kind

    by Vanessa Russell
    Award-winning saga about four generations of women who meet at their dining room table to write about their year of awakening. That's their assumed agreement anyway. Instead each comes with her own isolated agenda: to either tell off or tell all. Set in 1910, 1920, 1943 and 1964, in a background of battles for women's rights and civil rights, their writings reveal shocking secrets about unfaithful hearts, lost love, and unwanted pregnancy.
  • The Rage of Plum Blossoms

    by Christine M. Whitehead

    Attorney Quinn Jones is in over her head. Her husband, Jordan Chang, Annapolis grad and superstar businessman, has been found dead outside their Greenwich Village brownstone. He’s wearing clothes that aren’t his, and was last seen at a place he never went while consorting with people he shouldn’t—and he’s vastly richer than he ought to be, Quinn discovers. Since NYPD has labeled Jordan’s death a suicide, Quinn is on her own to uncover the truth. Courtrooms,... more

  • The Friend Garden

    by Kim Black
    The Friend Garden, a Children's Book by Kim Black and Ana Buckmaster and illustrated by Nina Byerly. New town, new school, new friends? this could be a very overwhelming week for one shy girl. And when she tries hiding from the world by staying in her room, her grandma suggests the strangest remedy?gardening.What does gardening have to do with friendship? Find out by taking a stroll in The Friend Garden.
  • The Scrub

    by James Norton
    The Scrub unfolds against the backdrop of a snow-bound Paris in 1888 and tells the story of a dyslexic chimney sweep with an extraordinary gift who risks his sanity, his freedom, and his very life to save his little sister. A thrilling adventure, The Scrub is also a heart-warming tale of self-discovery and friendship, of hatred and of love, a story peopled with vivid characters and pungent rogues, in the classic tradition of Les Misérables and Oliver Twist. It is the first book of the Ringbook T... more
  • Good Morning, Chickalina! (The Chickalina Picture Books Book 1)

    by Sonal Panse
    This charming, illustrated book introduces beginner readers to Chickalina, a good little chick who likes to help her parents, Papa Rooster and Mama Hen, whenever possible. In this story, Papa Rooster has a bad cold and something must be done so that he won't miss the Kuk Kudu Ku when the sun rises.
  • Blackwater Holler

    by Adam Starks
  • the Traders (the Sojourn Series Book 1)

    by Jack Roberts
    What would you trade for real love? After an intense connection two strangers are confronted with this question. Can they go back to living life as it was before they knew the other soul was out there? The would-be lovers embark on a surreal journey exchanging the life they thought they wanted for their truest dreams and their deepest souls. In this unconventional modern fable of magical love, readers of The Alchemist, The Four Agreements, and Eat, Pray, Love will take the journey with th... more
  • Drop the Puck, It’s Hockey Season

    by Jayne. J. Jones Beehler

    “The Official Adventures” is a new children’s chapter book series that teaches the importance of sportsmanship, persistence, discipline, and most importantly respect – for referees, each other, and individuals with special needs.

    The series tells the tale of two brothers, Blaine and Cullen. On and off the ice, they have deep love for the game and also each other! Cullen is the all-star team captain and Blaine, who has Down syndrome, is th... more

  • Where I Belong: A Story About Family...

    by Ellie Morgan
    Where I Belong celebrates the feeling of belonging, after adoption. Some physical traits are passed down to other family members, like grandpa s big ears and those lovely freckles, but that isn t the only way to feel you belong with your family. The book highlights the importance of embracing our differences, and finding joy and humor in every family member s uniqueness. This book will encourage children to ask questions about their own families, adoption and their own sense of belonging.
  • Where Is Robin? USA

    by Robin Barone
    Take flight with the adventurous Robin. Robin is ready to see the USA, and she wants you to join her. Follow her to the Grand Canyon and the Colorado Rockies. Fly over towering skyscrapers and across gigantic bridges and historic landmarks. Have fun exploring and discovering all the wonderful cultures and traditions this land has to offer. She promises you a memorable journey full of learning, laughter, and love. Don't let her fly alone; spread your wings and come along!
  • Shattered

    by Kimberly Rae
    This book is the soon-to-be-released sequel to Shredded, Reviewed by Publisher's Weekly here: Christian Romantic Suspense Revenge, Fears, and Lies... Can Anyone Be Trusted? Jean is finding freedom from her past and Grant has hopes for their future. Slash is in jail, and Candy moves forward with her new ministry despite it scandalizing half the church and forcing the rest to face their own prejudices and fears. When a former friend calls for he... more
  • The Square Black Bear

    by Marc B. Kallman
    It’s a clever, whimsical story told in verse about a young hairless bear that uses creativity and compromise to stay warm during hibernation. As this young bear settles down for the winter, he is proud if his independence, his decisions and himself.
  • Deep Sky Objects

    by Jason Kane

    STORIES. -- A homeless man enacts a passion play of loneliness. Two brothers turn their backs on childhood when a family mystery tears them apart. A washed-up psychic passes into the afterlife fairly intact. A man wins a game show and loses his grip. Widowers vanish into slipstream grief, while elsewhere a financial spreadsheet is a woman's last hope for fulfillment. In these stories, whole civilizations might drown without ceremony, yet letters written to a fast food chain can reveal a r... more

  • The Coney Island Book of the Dead: An Illustrated Novel

    by Sheila Martin
    The Coney Island Book of the Dead throbs with the kinetic energy and dark undercurrents of the Coney Island of 1957. It’s imbued with mythical stories from Yiddish and Delta folklore and narrated by a spunky, talented eleven-year-old girl named Brooklyn. In the midst of dysfunctional family crises and supernatural death threats from a rat-pack singer, who may be the Angel of Death, she tries to heal her grief over the death of her grandmother by singing the blues. Each chapter is illustrat... more