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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Poisoned Jungle

    by James Ballard


    n a powerful human saga, Andy teeters on the chasm of survivor's guilt, desperate to find equilibrium in his life. Deep down, he wants to live but doesn't know how. Poisoned Jungle is an intimate glimpse into one veteran's struggle for meaning after experiencing the despair of war.

    Poisoned Jungle speaks to the long psychological tentacles war has on the lives it touches, and the difficulty of breaking free of them. Realizing changes have occurred deep within, Vietna... more


    by Kaye D. Schmitz
    In the final months of World War II, Sam Ryan takes his place as a new soldier in the 89th Infantry Division on the front lines in Europe. He’s trained to kill but struggles with the thought of taking the life of another human being, a contradiction with the way he was raised. How, he wonders, will he ever reconcile the action his head dictates with the way his heart feels about it? On the other side of the war, Gerda Ziegler’s heart aches over the monster her beloved Germany has become. Bu... more
  • HSSC CET Registration

    by Kajal Verma


    A CET Haryana One –Time Registration Portal Has Been Launched By The Haryana Government. The Advantage Of This HSSC Registration Is That All Those People Who Used To Fill Separate Applications For Group C And D Posts And Gave The Common Eligibility Test.

    Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) has released Common Eligibility Test (CET) notification 2021 for which the last date has bee... more

  • Chasing Fireflies

    by Chloe Fowler

    Everything happens for a reason. Rainey Collins has heard this a thousand times, but when it comes to her sister Maverick, who was born with a defective heart, the reason has always been a mystery. The idea of a future without her sister terrifies Rainey so much, she hasn’t even thought about life after high school. However, on the first day of senior year, Rainey finds herself seated next to Liam Hayes, Springbank High’s enigmatic black sheep. Rumor has it his family is a mess, a... more

  • Escape from Oblivia: One Man's Midlife Crisis Gone Primal

    by Brian Kindall
    He fantasizes about saving damsels in distress and battling beasts. He’d better be careful what he wishes for… Will Kirby has hit his mid-life crisis at full speed. Once a rugged outdoorsman, he’s now soft around the middle and trapped in the banality of minivans, suburbia, and his eight-year-old’s dance recitals. But his constant daydreams of heroic adventure suddenly fall within his grasp when an old pulp author’s journals reveal a portal to another world. Immediately forced to rescue... more
  • Rising Wind: The Weeping God and The Book of Hope (Book 3 of Series)

    by Diane Olsen
    The Weeping God and the Book of Hope, part three in the Rising Wind series, is actually a prequel to the first two books, so you don't have to read those first. The lead characters, Sage Dalton and L.W. are the parents of the main character in the other Rising Wind books. Although the characters are different and set in an earlier time period, the book's tone is very similar. This time they discover an ancient text in a Mexican desert tomb that leads Sage, L.W., and a group of fellow explorer... more
  • Do You Know Dorothy?

    by Vanda Writer

    Can a group of elderly drag queens save a 1950s nightclub from being taken over by the mob?

    It's 1956 and television is stealing Alice's nightclub audience. Known as Al to everyone in the club scene, she has to try to prevent the mob from taking over her crippled club and turning it into a strip joint.

    Her one solace: Juliana, the woman who haunts her memories and fuels her dreams of a brighter future. But the last time Al saw her was the day Juliana's husband caught t... more

  • Moving Again!!! with Rylan and Henry

    by Christy jordan Wrenn
    The book is dedicated to military families that move thousands of miles each year. Rylan is five and has been living in Anchorage, Alaska with his family. Rylan has only known Alaska and its adventures. He does not understand moving 4,421 miles to a new home. Soon after Dad arrives home from deployment, he announces to the family it is moving time. Rylan is not sure that he wants to move. What will he do with his mouse friend, Henry.. Come on an adventure with Rylan and his family from Anchorage... more
  • Olivia Claire Leona and RED BALL

    by Christy Jordan Wrenn
  • Missing Pictures

    by Angela Hoke

    From the 4-time award-winning author of A Whisper of Smoke comes a female friendship love story that "explores the gritty realities of living with mental illness with sharply dark humor and an interminable optimism, culminating in an unforgettable story that will either leave you with an empathy you didn’t expect, or feeling understood like never before."

    After surviving a painful divorce, normally fierce businesswoman Claire Colson is... more

  • Orphan's Bond

    by Gail Gurland
    Orphan’s Bond introduces thirteen-year-old John Robert O’Neill, a precocious young man with an old soul. Robbie, the younger of two brothers, delights in his special relationship with his grandfather, for whom he is named. Henry, seven years older than Robbie, is completely opposite in demeanor and manner from his younger brother. The tension between Robbie and Henry is palpable when they first encounter each other in the hospital, where they await news of their grandfather’s stroke. The unt... more
  • Newer Testaments

    by Philip Brunetti
    Ever get the feeling that your life is caught up in some kaleidoscopic Jungian dream and that you weren't exactly dying but still everything you'd ever been is flashing before your eyes—and then when you wake from this dissolutive dream, your reality remains altered and time has become concurrent and characters from thirty-plus years ago walk into your life again, if ambiguously, and press you on matters of a sacred-profane written text that you never completed? Heretical and outrageous, iron... more
  • Twelfth Winter - B&W

    by J. Arthur Moore
    Twelfth Winter is the sequel to Summer of Two Worlds. It picks up the story as Prairie Cub journeys east to start life again in Michael’s world. It begins as he arrives in Snow Shoe, West Virginia, at the end of the summer of 1882 and carries into the spring of 1883. It's the story of a boy’s emotional journey as he is forced to return to the white man’s world and culture into which he had been born, after having lived his whole childhood as far back as he could remember, as the son of a Siou... more
  • Runaways: The Long Journey Home

    by Brenda C. Poulos
    When young Jake escapes his home in the mountains of Appalachia one frigid winter’s morning, his only thought is to get away from an abusive father. \tWhen his father, a runaway himself, goes after Jake, his only thought is revenge. However, God’s thoughts are higher than man’s, and He has His own plan for both of their lives.
  • Coffee and Condolences

    by Wesley Parker
    Miles Alexander had it all. A loving wife, two beautiful children.But now they’re gone.When his family is killed in a car accident, the settlement leaves him enriched beyond his wildest dreams but crippled by guilt.After trying to commit suicide and failing miserably, he lands in the office of Dr. Sandra Felt, a no nonsense psychiatrist with a knack for helping grieving patients rebuild their lives. It’s here that he’s inspired to fly to New York City and reconnect with his long-estranged step-s... more
  • The Devil's Workshop (ISBN-10: 1732103003

    by Donnally Miller
    Two young lovers are called on to save the world. Tom and Katie have drunk a love potion and were devoted to one another when Tom embarked on the voyage that would make his fortune. But then Deirdre, Queen of the Witches, struck a blow meant to destroy the civilization of the Coast. Now Tom must overcome rebellious slaves, savage Indians and bloodthirsty pirates to be reunited with Katie. And little do the lovers know, but they hold the secret to defeating Deirdre's schemes. Long before, Ka... more