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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Tommy Turner's Tremendous Travels

    by Ali Seegar
    Tommy doesn’t feel much like a hero, and who would with an unbearable family, new school ‘blues’ and the threat of the Higgins Twins’ fists on Monday morning. But then a chance meeting with old Mr Petrovsky propels Tommy into a time-travelling, adventure-chasing double life. By day he’s just a normal, messed-up football-loving kid but his nights are spent visiting aliens, fighting mythical creatures and even winning the World Cup! But can he learn to win at school, too? And, when Mr Petrovsky te... more
  • A Woman Misunderstood (Tennessee Delta Series Book 2)

    by Melinda Clayton
    On a sweltering July morning in rural Tennessee, fifty-year-old Rebecca Reynolds visits the family farm, where she literally stumbles across the mutilated bodies of her parents and younger sister, a sister who had spent life in a wheelchair after a birth fraught with complications. Rebecca’s first thought is to call 911. Her second is to find her estranged sister, Lena, who was disowned by the family years before. Her third is to wonder how long it will be before Lena is arrested for the murd... more
  • A Dangerous Book for Dogs: Train Your Humans

    by Cathy Burnham Martin
    Eat this book! Bury it, hide it, or give it to another favorite canine pal, but “A Dangerous Book for Dogs” should not be allowed to fall into the paws of humans. Don’t reveal all the goodies that Bandit, a fabulous “Furever” dog, has compiled for your eyes only. Here it is… the definitive collection of training tips, human behavior modification techniques, and super secrets to happiness… all from his own experiences and those of his buddies. It’s all here to make your human healthier and ha... more
  • Raul and the Iguana

    by Raul Cisneros
    This is the story about a wayward iguana, which Raul wants to keep as a pet. It does not go well and Raul finds a solution.
  • Stained

    by Abda Khan
    Stained is the story of a wronged young woman, and her fight for justice. The novel revolves around an 18-year British Pakistani girl, Selina, who is raped by a trusted friend of the family. After the attack, she goes to extreme lengths to prevent bringing what she perceives as shame to her widowed mother's door, and to avoid tarnishing the family's honor and reputation. However, this leads her down a dark dangerous path from which there may be no return. Stained is a gripping and compelling sto... more
  • The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller

    by M Pepper Langlinais
    In 1960s London, British Intelligence agent Peter Stoller falls for a cabbie named Charles and his life goes off the road. When Charles is accused of being an enemy agent, Peter is guilty by association. With doubts plaguing him, he resolves to find the truth--but is ignorance truly bliss or merely deadly?
  • Journey to my Destiny

    by Marie Andrine Voltaire
    Marie was born in Haiti, She immigrated to the United States more than twenty years ago. She enjoys reading, so she decided to turn her favorite hobby into a career. She enjoys inserting parts of her culture in her books. She is a United States Army veteran. Marie enjoys writing romances because no matter what the protagonists go through, a happy ending is sure to come.
  • Between Thought and the Treetops

    by Mark Peters

    This novel is a three part, 1960s, coming of age story set in the northern wildernesses of Minnesota and Manitoba. Fatherless Archie is guided by his unusual Uncle Emil and over the decade learns to cope with the demands of the era. Each tale has strong elements of humor, outdoors life and moral dilemma. Archie evolves from a young, directionless teen to serving a tour as a grunt in the Mekong Delta. Call the style a storytellers story. The terse, declarative sentences of the novel read ... more

  • Killing the Kardashians: A Satirical Novella of Modern Day Banality

    by Todd Houghton

    When sociopathy meets stupidity Keeping Up with the Kardashians suddenly becomes Killing the Kardashians.

    The Stars of Killing the Kardashians: Eric Ryder: Host — Your Momentary Glamour Messiah aka the Self-Aware Narcissist

    Elizabeth Betan: Co-host — Mary Magdalene aka the Girl who Loves Shiny Things

    James Ford: Cameraman — Judas Iscariot aka the Predestined Betrayer

    The Satirical Guests of Killing the Kardashians:

    Kim Kardashian: The Filth aka ... more

  • Land of Hidden Fires

    by Kirk Kjeldsen
    Occupied Norway, 1943. After seeing an allied plane go down over the mountains, headstrong fifteen year-old Kari Dahlstrøm sets out to locate the wreck. She soon finds the cocky American pilot Lance Mahurin and offers to take him to Sweden, pretending she's a member of the resistance. While her widower father Erling and the disillusioned Nazi Oberleutnant Conrad Moltke hunt them down, Kari begins to fall for Lance, dreaming of a life with him in America. Over the course of the harrowing journey,... more
  • Man & Monster (The Savage Land: Book 2)

    by Michael Jensen
    A monster stalks the ancient forests... It’s 1799, and Cole Seavey is a trapper running from a guilty past, seeking refuge on the vast American frontier. Lost in a raging storm, he finds himself face to face with a terrifying, otherworldly creature that seems to have emerged from a nightmare. Cole is saved from certain death by a handsome Delaware Indian named Pakim. Together they learn that the monster is the fearsome Wendigo from native legends: a creature with a heart of ice, drawn to t... more
  • Man & Beast (The Savage Land Book 1)

    by Michael Jensen
    What is the line that separates man from beast? The year is 1797, and 24-year-old John Chapman is lost on the American frontier with winter falling fast. Near death, he stumbles upon a lone cabin, and the owner, a rugged but sexy frontiersman named Daniel McQuay, agrees to let John winter over. John and Daniel quickly find themselves drawn to each other, the sex between them unlike anything John has ever known. But as the weeks turn into snowbound months, Daniel begins to change into someo... more
  • When Fred the Snake got Squished and Mended

    by Peter Cotton
    Fred the friendly snake, newly arrived from the jungle (sent by Jungle Jim) didn't know how to cross the road. He got squashed in two by an ambulance, but was nicely mended at the hospital using a special thread that Jim had to get from beneath a rhinoceros. He will be more careful in future. There are 3 other Fred snake books, all rhyming and beautifully illustrated ( They have won awards and the Bookwatch midwest review said "Move over...Lewis Carroll".
  • Stargazer Lilies or Nothing at All

    by Stephen Lomer
    Stargazer Lilies or Nothing at All is a collection of short stories that has a little something for everyone. See what life is like for the poor mother of an insufferable perfectionist in the title story. Find out what's to be done to save the hipsters in "So Ten Minutes Ago." Enjoy an updated take on the Goldilocks story in "Trouble Bruin." Ponder how our choices define our lives in "The Haunting of Flattop Harris." Stand in the shoes of a young nurse trying to save the tiniest of lives from a... more
  • Empty Bottle of Smoke

    by Conon Parks

    The story of a hunted man named Walter who seeks refuge in the no-man's of downtown Seattle in an old warehouse called the New Museum of Hysteria and Indecision. This is where the Vigilance Committee for the Manifesto Party, a leftist libertine crew (free guns & dope for life) resides and holds court.

    Walter meets Mac, the night-watchman who introduces him to a cast of wild characters as they tarry forth on an odyssey of mad adventures, filled with political intrigue and incoherent vice... more

  • Chance on Safari

    by Mark Piper
    Chance is a knock about thirteen year old boy who lives and works on a vast cattle station in northern New South Wales. An orphan he was adopted by the owners of “Ironwood Station.” Set during depression era Australia of the late 1930s, the station has been transformed into a game park. During his first outing on a hunt for water buffalo and wild boar Chance is injured. In this first instalment of “The Stock and Station Short Stories” his injury sets Chance on a path of discovery and adventur... more