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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Thunder an Elephants Journey book three Hope Haven

    by Erik Daniel Shein and Melissa Davis
    Thunder III An Elephant's Journey HOPE HAVEN A story of perseverance and courage… Thunder is on the ultimate quest to fulfill his destiny. Tasked with finding Hope Haven, Thunder sets out to discover the mystery of Hope Haven with his friends Razor, a solitary lion; Dash, a spotted genet; and Archie, a black banded monitor lizard. When they discover that Hope Haven is a sanctuary for abandoned and injured animals, Thunder stumbles upon more than he bargained for. He must find the courage... more
  • Nickerbacher

    by Terry John Barto
    Nickerbacher is a dragon and aspiring comedian who travels to La La Land to audition for The Late Knight Show. Hoping to prove to his father - and the world - that dragons can be funny. Nickerbacher befriends a prince and a princess who help him realize his dream while paving the way for equal rights of all citizens.
  • Jack's Awesome Adventure

    by Dr. Peter J. Isikwe
    It's not your typical summer day for Jack at his grandma Tessy's house. Join Jack as he takes you on a journey of a not so typical summer day while visiting his grandma. While facing many challenges, Jack is still determined to finish what he started. Jack worked really hard on Grandma Tessy's birthday card all summer so he could give it to her on her birthday. Little did he know, he was in for a huge surprise that day. Jack remembered all the things his grandma taught him and used them during h... more
  • Chameleons

    by Marcus A. Nannini

    Chameleons’ approach to the “date which will live in infamy” is from the seldom-seen perspective of an Imperial Japanese Navy midget submariner. The author sets forth a strong argument that members of the Imperial Japanese Navy succeeded in melding into the local Japanese population, never to be discovered.

    In focusing on who, perhaps, is the ultimate “illegal alien” Marcus Nannini turns our attention to Lieutenant (junior grade) Masaharu Yokoyama. Yokoyama... more

  • Cancelled: The Ultimate October Surprise

    by Michael Pinsky
    A President who fears for his legacy takes steps to cancel the national election. A retired general stumbles upon the plot and the race against time begins. Can the President, with the aid of a compliant press and an ill-informed public pull off the coup of the century? With stories ripped from today's back pages of the news, plus over 20 predictions that have come to pass since the book was finished in early September, 2016, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Vanished: A Novel

    by N. V. Baker

    Cassie Robinette, a young American traveling overland around the world, arrives in Kabul in August 1978 and meets two other travelers. Twelve days later, they cross the Afghan border together into Iran. Meanwhile, her friend Jack Hunter waits for a letter about meeting her in Istanbul. None comes. In time, he sadly assumes she has moved on without him. But 29 years later, when he tries to locate her again, he can find no trace. Sometime in September 1978, she vanished. Determined now to find ... more

  • Too Many Things!

    by tracy bryan
    Jamie's parents love to shop, but he thinks they have too many things. He'll do whatever it takes to keep his family from the stores this weekend. Can Jamie show his parents that they have more than they need? What will they do with the stuff they already have? Find out if Jamie can help make his home, community and the world just a little bit better!
  • Being "Sy"

    by David M. Antebi
    Being “SY” is a story about one man’s passage through life and his struggle to come to grips with the beliefs and mores of the community he loves, the Syrian Jews of Brooklyn, New York; a community which has now expanded to New York City, Deal, New Jersey, and Southern Florida, and whose population has grown to nearly 100,000. With clashes between faith and fact, it is also a tale of self-examination and emotional healing. The protagonist, Daniel Dweck, a wealthy real estate investor, also face... more
  • Love and Crime: Stories

    by V.S. Kemanis

    Loves big and small, crimes forgiven or avenged. These are the themes that drive the eleven diverse stories in this new collection of psychological suspense from storyteller V.S. Kemanis.

    Meet the husband and wife team Rosemary and Reuben, master chefs known to sprinkle a dash of magic into every dish. Lucille Steadman, a dazed retiree who can’t explain why she’s left her husband, only to discover, too late, the meaning of love and commitment in the most surprising place. Fr... more

  • YEARNERS, a novel (9781540879189)

    by Marco Portales
    YEARNERS deals with issues that the next Latino or Latina running for Texas governor is likely to face following the world that Trump's remarks on Mexicans have made for all of us. The last Mexican American candidate ran in 2002 (against Rick Perry). In YEARNERS, it is now more than 15-20 years later and wealthy Herson Moya has been invited by party leaders to consider a run for Texas governor. Given demographic changes, he, of course, is interested. His Mexican wife, daughters, friends... more
  • Five Equals One, Volume 1

    by Mary Korte


    "NOBODY KNOWS and nobody is going to know either." This mentality has worked for Santa since the day he placated his father by saying, “Yes, Poppa, I’ll keep it secret forever.” Years pass. Stubbornness cements his intent. He will not tell. No one outside the Region guesses his secret and no one in his homeland snitches.  Past Holiday Seasons have been routine. However, this year’s Blessing Day [November first] brings many surprises&mda... more

  • The Latina President and The Conspiracy to Destroy Her

    by Joe Rothstein
    U.S. President Isabel Aragon Tennyson embarks on a fearless crusade to rein in the financial industry and other rich and powerful forces in the U.S. and around the world. But she is up against a ruthless international conspiracy determined to destroy her first. The ensuing conflict results in assassination, impeachment and murder. The Latina President is not a true story. But it could be. Its themes and conflicts are as current as today’s headlines and newscasts. The story skims the surface betw... more
  • Horn Bückel

    by Peter Imsdahl
    "Horn Bückel", a novel set in the mid-90s in a 300-soul, north German village, examines what happens when a young American, Paul Klose, comes to Germany for a year and is let into the workings and lives of the locals. He takes on the job of sexton -- a moonlighting job -- in addition to his teaching post at a business school. His private life includes courting the dairy farmer's daughter, Appel. As sexton, he buries a handful of villagers. As English teacher, he presumes he can provide his st... more
  • Cameron's Quest

    by David Carraturo

    Tuckahoe’s “Golden Boy” Chris Cameron had his future all mapped out. He was the big fish in the small pond as a star athlete and academic standout. Off to the University of Texas to play football, he was on track to make his Italian-American mother and Irish father proud.

    His two blood brothers chose different paths. Soon after high school, Sal Esposito and Tony Albanese were swept into the life of organized crime. Imposing figures, the pair assisted with strong-... more

  • The Last Faith: A Book by an Atheist Believer

    by Karmak Bagisbayev

    What is the unique and most important feature that distinguishes man from all other living beings?

    Why is it that, contrary to the instinct of self-preservation, parents will throw themselves headlong into fire or water to save their child?

    Why do people get married and why do they get divorced? Why do people have extra-marital affairs and why do two people in a couple become jealous of one another? What is Love?

    When and why did the type of sex emerge among h... more