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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Motor City Junior High: Junk Like That (Book Two) (Volume 2)

    by Martin Winch
    Book Two in a two-book series. The first generation of bussing in Michigan. Inner city juvenile delinquency in the 1970s. The children of divorce, edging toward the punk and hip-hop subcultures. Rustbelt romance. Love, Michigan style.
  • Motor City Jailbait: Junk Like That (Book One)

    by Martin Winch
    Book One in a two-book series. The first generation of bussing in Michigan. Inner-city juvenile delinquency in the 1970s. The children of divorce, edging toward the punk and hip-hop subcultures. Rust Belt romance. Love, Michigan style.
  • Kalamazoo: Growing Up Sideways in the 1970s

    by Martin Winch
    "So this is the waxing nostalgia of adolescent boyhood in Kalamazoo. Stupid stunts, drugs/booze, girls. The writing is kind of redneck with a lot of boner talk, getting in fights, trying to cop a feel. I was strangely fascinated by it. Apparently, there's a part two to it, I want it. It's not really romanticized and it's not a bummer, it's just a story. It's good." Marissa Magic Maximum RockNRoll magazine
  • The Tigress and the Yogi

    by Shelley Schanfield
    A talking tigress. A wandering yogi. A young woman's journey through an ancient land where chaos threatens gods and mortals alike. A tigress speaks to the outcaste girl Mala, and as she flees in terror she encounters an old yogi. She offers him hospitality, and the stories he tells awaken her hunger for forbidden spiritual knowledge. Thus begins her quest for freedom, on which she meets gods and goddesses, outlaws and kings, and the young prince prophesied to become the Buddha. With the ... more
  • I Become You

    by Thomas Hughes
    A sometimes horrifying, sometimes hilarious post-modern, Gothic fairy tale for people who don't believe in fairy tales, I Become You is the tale of Sheep, an empathic lab experiment gone bad, desperate to do good and incapable of doing much of anything at all. Join Sheep as it learns to become itself while it becomes us, for better, for worse, and finally, forever.
  • Onto the Stage - Slighted Souls and other stage and radio plays

    by BS Murthy

    This is a compendium of the author’s Indian stage and radio plays:

    "Slighted Souls" is a poignant love story set in rural Telangana, beset with feudal exploitation of the downtrodden dalits. Besides forcing the dalits to toil in the fields as bonded labor without impunity, the land owning doras had no qualms in reducing the womenfolk of this ilk as sex slaves in the gadis.

    "Men at work... more

  • Jewel-less Crown: Saga of Life

    by BS Murthy

    It's perilous penning this blurb.

    It's fine when man is modest about his work.

    It even affords him the aura of an invisible crown!

    But what about his work?

    Were it an art or craft, it is there for all to see.

    What of a literary work of an unheralded author?

    Well, lauding the same might raise one's eyebrows.

    Failing to praise wouldn't make a 'jewel-less crown' either!

    Why not see, if this is the great Indian novel.

    T... more

  • Glaring Shadow - A stream of consciousness novel

    by BS Murthy

    In a stream of consciousness mode, Glaring Shadow is the self-account of the life and times of a man, who liquidates his immense wealth only to consign it to the flames.

    The agony and ecstasy of his life as he makes it big in our materialistic world and the way he loses his soul in the bargain, only to regain it when tragedy strikes him makes one ponder over the meaning of success in life.

    This philosophical ‘novel of a memoir’ is a compelling read that is conducive to... more

  • Crossing the Mirage - Passing through youth

    by BS Murthy

    If passing through youth was like crossing the mirage of life for Chandra and Nithya, it proved to be chasing the mirage of love for Sathya and Prema though for plain Vasavi, Chandra's pitiable sibling, it was the end of the road.

    As life brings Chandra, who suffers from an inferiority complex for his perceived ugliness, and Nithya, who was bogged down being jilted by Vasu, together, they script their fate of fulfillment.

    And as poetic justice would have it, Sathya, who caused... more

  • Time Trials

    by Terry Lee
    Time…those sequential relations to any other, as past, present, or future. None of the Bad-Ass Girls are girls anymore, not since their freshman year in college when the eight of them formed a most unlikely bond. Diverse in personalities, the Bad-Ass Girls continue their on again-off again friendship during stages of growth spanning forty-plus years. Time Trials depicts how close friends can help each other navigate through the most catastrophic life events, accomplishments, and disappointments,... more
  • Into the Blue Somewhere

    Two new friends, two scary visions, a ghost in the kitchen, a whap in the head, and 12-year-old Victory lifts off into The Blue Somewhere on the adventure of his life. He wants answers to his deepest questions--does the soul live on after death like I've been told? Is God really alive somewhere, paying attention? Do other universes exist? And Victory's most practical questions of all--where's my grandpa's lost Purple Heart? Who's this guy bossing me around like an army sergeant? And most distre... more
  • My Name Is Hardly-Book Two of the My Temporary Life Trilogy

    by Martin Crosbie
    A beautiful girl is missing and may not want to be found, A soldier on his last and most important mission, A vow made to a dying friend. Gerald "Hardly" McDougall is a forgotten man. He's abused, bullied, and left behind. The only escape left is to join the British Army. At first, he's a reluctant soldier. Then, everything changes when tensions in Northern Ireland escalate and the Army need a man with a particular set of characteristics. Hardly's assignment takes him into the heart of t... more
  • My Temporary Life: Book One of the My Temporary Life Trilogy

    by Martin Crosbie
    Malcolm Wilson learns that everything is always temporary. Growing up, he'sraised by a promiscuous mother who can't stay out of trouble, his best friendis a thirteen-year-old alcoholic, and the masters at his tough Scottish schoolare always raising their canes in his direction. When he becomes an adult, heescapes, and chooses the safe route, watching the world from a distance.Everything changes the day he meets the beautiful, alluring, green-eyedHeather, and when he learns of Heather's own abusi... more
  • How to Look Happy

    by Stacey Wiedower
    Jen Dawson is an interior designer at the top of her game, with a job at the South’s hottest design firm and a fiancé who’s on the short list of the city’s most eligible catches. But her perfectly designed plans for her life fall apart when her prima donna boss screws her over and her fiancé dumps her on the same day. What’s a self-respecting Southern girl to do? …is what she should have asked. Instead, she drowns her troubles in cocktails and then adds trouble of her own by “drunkbooking” a ... more
  • The Lost Revolution

    by Tom Ulicny
    In 1881, an old diary is found on the shelves of an antiquities shop in Victorian London. Hired to translate it from its original French is Julian North, a young file clerk for the London Times. He spends weeks poring over the brittle pages, uncovering the story of an ill-fated idealist, an epic sea battle, and an abandoned army lost in the Egyptian desert. But, hidden within a puzzling code, the diary holds secrets. A mysterious visitor and a night of violence soon reveal just how dangerous the... more
  • 23 Degrees South: A Tropical Tale of Changing Whether...

    by Neal Rabin
    23 Degrees South follows two 23 year-old childhood pals, Hart and Simon, on a twisting and unexpected adventure of force-fed self-discovery. The story departs from the tennis courts of Southern California traveling to the back streets of Sao Paulo, through the treacherous jungles of Brazil, then back again. Meet an eclectic collection of characters, including a Capoeira Master, a Jesuit Priest, and a geriatric Nazi, who all weave their way in, out, and around the path of our two heroes.