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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Kylie's Ark: The Making of a Veterinarian

    by Rita Welty Bourke
    Kylie Wheeler's route to a career in veterinary medicine begins with a job with the National Park Service protecting endangered species of shore birds on a New Jersey coast. From there, she travels to the Bitterroot Mountains in Montana to study the feasibility of re-introducing the lynx to the area. Discouraged and alienated by both experiences, she finds her way to vet school, and finally, out into practice.
  • The Crying Bird

    by E.J. Stillings
    May Johnson used to be an ordinary wife and mother. Now, she’s a middle-aged millionaire, grieving the loss of her family. The only living relative she has left is her smothering younger sister. May’s sanity is already threatened when tensions rise, so she sets out to find solitude in Florida. However, life has other plans for her. Animal encounters, unlikely friendships, sisterly squabbles and hilarious scenarios take May on an unforgettable journey from the depths of grief to a new life. B... more
  • It's Okay, I'm Watching

    by Dr. Chenee' Gilbert
    Growing up in Scott Park, Florida, ten-year-old LaTrell Wiggins lives a normal life. She has it all—two loving parents Luis and Paulina, her humorous younger brother Daryl, and ride-or-die childhood friends, Chandler and Shajuan. But this all changes when cancer takes LaTrell's mother. The Wiggins are left to pick up the pieces and figure things out emotionally. If this isn't enough, puberty introduces itself to LaTrell, causing her to reluctantly accept that her body is changing. During this ... more
  • Fiction, Poems, and Essays

    by Robert Lampros
    Four novellas, a short story collection, and selected poems and essays comprise this book. The novellas focus on the lives of protagonists in their teens and twenties who face and overcome impossible, though adventurous, challenges. The stories and poems reveal aspects of life and nature in unique and inspiring ways, from perspectives centered on Christian faith. The essays discuss a wide range of topics while blending humor, history, personal observations, and eternal truths of Scripture.
  • Englisha and David's Adventurous Vacation

    by Michellene Barrett
    Englisha Regents thinks David Henriquez is the hottest guy in school. He is cute, has shiny black hair, and speaks fluent Spanish: all qualities that make a perfect boyfriend in her eyes. When she finally captures his attention and invites him to her sweet sixteen birthday party, Englisha has no idea that a grand adventure waits for both of them. Englisha and David’s Adventurous Vacation is the story of two teens as they embark on a journey of independence and self-discovery and learn valuable l... more
  • Stockboy

    by Thomas Duffy
    Stockboy features the story of Phillip, a single 30-something retail employee, who is trying to rise above the job for which he was hired in a large Times Square theme store. While waiting for a big break, he works hard and, in the interim, falls in love with a woman who comes to believe he actually works as a teacher. While confronting different elements in his job and personal life, he finds himself struggling to stay afloat in his effort to find romance and financial success. This is a story ... more
  • Englisha and Laurenthina: Best Friends Forever?

    by Michellene Barrett

    It had been one interesting summer vacation with several near death experiences. Englisha was just excited to be alive and to start senior year at Jackson High. A new school year meant a fresh start. Englisha and her best friend Laurenthina had an argument over the summer but Englisha never thought it would be the end of their friendship. When Englisha decides to apologize to Laurenthina, it seems as if Laurenthina is not quite ready to mend their friendship. In fact, it seems like her plan i... more

  • B01MR36L9A

    by Aaron Aaronson
    To be honest, I hate writing these synopsis things and feel I am quite terrible at doing so but I will attempt to provide some sort of hopefully semi-competent description of the nature of the book. It is a very short novel, and technically the word count (38,800) leaves it just shy of what the bare minimum is to be considered a novel, but I do view it as such rather than a morbidly obese novella. The title actually provides a good idea of the nature of the book. It really is summed up somewhat ... more
  • Chesca and the Spirit of Grace

    by Lara O'Brien

    11 year-old Chesca O'Brien, Howth's greatest (and only) Trick Rider plans to ride Malley, the farm's wild stallion, and put on a show no one will forget -especially show jumping champion, Mary Murphy. But then her mother gets sick and her Da stops talking which leaves the farmyard gate wide open to all kinds of problems. Inspired by Ireland's most famous Pirate Queen, Grace O'Malley, Chesca must take on the might of a developer, rally a town, and fight the fight of he... more

  • Pepe and Paco

    by Katharine Laura
    "In Old-fashioned Story Series Book II, young readers with become familiar with more advanced vocabulary and savor the power of the descriptive word. This tale relates how the captivating kitten Pepito of yesteryear (Book I) metamorphoses into a formidable tomcat and takes it upon himself to teach a young newcomer tomcat, Paco, some savvy from his bag of tricks… and he uses his imagination until it runs wild! Pepe is a Tiger, his markings are decidedly and conveniently striped. He has a slink... more
  • A Good Lie Ain't Easy

    by Nico Lee
    ‘Reckless, sardonic, and frequently hilarious Nico Lee’s ‘A Good Lie Ain’t Easy’, is a heart-warming tale about not staying true to yourself and all the joy that can bring to family and friends. Set on the road, somewhere between the cheap ache of nostalgia and the numb regret of last night, it charts the trajectory of four young drifters, as they attempt to remain as emotionally stunted as the great nation they’re erratically traversing, an English girl and three American brothers, set to wande... more
  • The Exploits of Sam Towery

    by Warren Walter

       Sam Towery, an orphan living with his grandmother in the small town of St. Dismas, feels trapped. Not the biggest fan of school and other people’s rules, Sam makes the best of things by hanging out with his friends, practicing with the swim team, and trying to get to know the intriguing new girl in town. One day, Sam gets in big trouble at school and decides to join his friend Carlos on a Halloween night adventure.  When the adventure turns tragic, Sam sudden... more

  • Driving in Budapest

    by Gary Brill

    Named to Kirkus Reviews "Best Books of 2016".

    "Elegantly written ... Moving, descriptive and seductive urban tales."

    "Driving In Budapest" is about how different people navigate their way through life while trying to also navigate their way through one of Europe's most interesting and beautiful capitals. It is about love and loss, about hope and despair, about growing and moving ahead or not, about life.....


  • Fire and Ice: A Story of Courage, Devotion, Love, and Betrayal

    by Michael Erving
    A winter storm is bearing down on a Mid-Atlantic city. The firefighters of the PGFD are preparing for the coming blizzard. Equipment is being serviced, fuel tanks are topped off and additional manpower is being called into work. However, in one part of the city, workers are handling a tank of an extremely volatile substance. The profit margin has taken priority over safety and the worker's actions will have horrific results. Before the day is over, multiple fires will be burning out of contro... more
  • 978-1-63338-006-6

    by Anna Arrigo
    Ever wonder why the moon is up there so high? If you can talk to the him, what would you say? Would you ask him to come down and play? Where do you think he goes when the night is gone? A child's musing with the stellar entity we call the moon is a great way to open up discussions about some many other questions children have asked you.
  • The Shadow's Secret

    by Anna Arrigo
    Nunzio is an idealist at heart. His heart swells with passions. While serving as the priest of a small parish in the countryside of Sicily, Nunzio's admiration of beauty gets him into trouble. Mariella, a beautiful woman with great strength and an appreciation for those things Nunzio cares about, enters his life, and he calls his holy vows into question. Although their love is pure and strong, Nunzio is married to the church, and Mariella is wedded to Paolo, a man with a violent temper who is ... more