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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • How to be a Vigilante - A Diary

    by Luke Smitherd
    In the late 1990s, a laptop was found at a service station just outside of Manchester. It contained a digital journal entitled 'TO THE FINDER: OPEN NOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!' Now, for the first time, that infamous diary is being published in its entirety. It's 1998. The internet age is still in its infancy. Google has just been founded. Eighteen-year-old supermarket shelf-stacker Nigel Carmelite has decided that he's going to become a vigilante. There are a few problems: how is he going to ... more
  • Twig and Thud's Fabulous Firsts!

    Have you ever wondered where ordinary things come from? Like the toothbrush? Or shoes? Or even the washing machine? Who first discovered these things? They say Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb. Did he really? It's questionable. Did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone? Most certainly not! Did Henry Ford invent the first car? Hah! The stories in this book set the record straight by revealing that many of the everyday things we enjoy today were invented back in prehistoric times! I... more
  • The Sound of Falling Stars

    by Michael Flocker
    When Martin Krumm learns that a beloved character from his childhood in Berlin has died, he returns to his mother’s home in England in search of answers. But he gets a lot more than he bargained for when a series of secrets and revelations come tumbling out from the past. Disturbed by what he discovers, he embarks on a strange and twisting journey that takes him from the English countryside to the bright lights of Berlin and the winding canals and cobblestoned streets of Amsterdam. Armed with ju... more
  • God, Grace, Dumb Luck

    by Philip Gaber
  • Just as the Sky is Blue

    by Mika Chanell
    Gemini Berry is looking forward to spending a lazy summer in her small hometown of Meadow Lake, Pennsylvania, with her best friend, Sunny. The teens’ main goal is to get their hands on the Ring of Atlantis, a supposedly enchanted object that brings the bearer wealth and luck. Along with their new friend, Ivy, they plan to try the ring for themselves. But their carefree caper is soon halted by a crime that outrages and divides the town. Charles Wilkes, a prisoner at the local penitentiary, has... more
  • Two for One

    by Joseph Roccasalvo
    Joseph Roccasalvo toasts two masters of the bon mot and the mot juste as he unleashes his own gifted command of the language in his two-part opus, Two for One. Roccasalvo celebrates his admiration for accomplished English satirist Evelyn Waugh in the first part, a two-act monologue starring Waugh himself at his confident best. Meanwhile, the second section introduces prominent Gospel stories in limerick form, countering the "breathless reporting" of the Bible by putting a twinke in each verse's ... more
  • Portrait of a Woman

    by Joseph Roccasalvo
    Historically founded on the seventeenth century Stradivari family, PORTRAIT OF A WOMAN is a novel about Beatrice Stradivari, a young concert guitarist, and the two men who vie for her love; of an older Beatrice who, during World War II, rescues Italian Jews by crossing the Swiss border; finally, of an aging Beatrice, who, as a Benedictine nun, Mother Ambrose, catches the interest of a novelist who falls in love with her in his imagination. In his effort to translate his devotion into a novel, he... more
  • The Jelly Donut Difference

    by Maria Dismondy
    Dexter and Leah, siblings, who despite being twins, do not get along. The two reach out to help an elderly neighbor who is a lonely widow. The neighbor tells stories of her past, living in a foreign country. With empathy and understanding, the twins devised a plan to pay it forward to this neighbor and in the process, learn about respecting and working together. The changes they discover by helping someone else, becomes the foundation for the universal language of kindness.
  • Grandson of a Ghost

    by Scott Depalma

    Grandson of a Ghost explores how a family's unspoken, festering grief impacted a boy born 25 years after the suicide of his grandfather. Based on a true story, it follows the struggle of Scott as he grows up but fails to see how abuse from his mother clouded his perception of the world, and fueled his self-destructive behavior as an adult. Following a tumultuous childhood, Scott moves from northern New England — driven by his demons — to New York in 1985, amid the AIDS cr... more

  • The Best Feeling in the World

    by Christopher R. Kaden
    Eight-year-old Simon would appear to have it all: his room painted like a comic book, all the latest video games on a big-screen TV, and a driver and chef to drive and cook for him. But Simon is not happy. What he really wants is a Mom and Dad who spend quality time with him, as he's seen with his best friends, Thomas and Carlos. Two major events lead to an emotional climax that forces his Mom and Dad to reevaluate family priorities, resulting in what could be the happiest ending of all and The... more
  • By Vardo, Mostly

    by Bradley Ernst
    Cleveland’s got diversity and missionaries and sewage-surfing and bookstores and autistics: I’m one of them—Belle. Come have coffee with me and I’ll tell you about myself. Wait … I’m mute, so I can’t. I’ve got a cat aptly named Queequeg, a Tourette’s-afflicted Myna bird named Epiphany, a mother who suffers from RBF (resting bitch face), a father who performs acrobatics on a ladder, and a beautiful sister who doesn’t, in fact, have chlamydia. Don’t pity me, I won’t have it. Things could be... more
  • Rafe Rebellius and the Clash of the Genres

    by Joseph Lowery

    Fourteen-year-old Rafe Rabellius really gets into books. Like, literally. And sometimes he can't get out.

    After being dragged cross-country by his research scientists parents all his life—Greenfort High will be his seventh school when Rafe starts in the fall—there's hope. If Rafe will agree to share his new home with a so-called extended family he's never even heard of (what kind of name is Genrés anyway?), they'll stay put for four whole years. Cool, ... more

  • No Bounds: An Anthology of Short Fiction

    by James Pitter
    No Bounds is a short story anthology with eclectic subjects and styles of writing. The participating authors from around the world delved into their creative consciousness to produce layered characters and mind-blowing themes. Topics range from dinner with the in-laws to cats, sainthood to drunken crazy week, lost love to school, and much more. This anthology aims to surprise readers with stories from authors that know no bounds. All proceeds go to Medecins Sans Frontieres: Doctors Without Borde... more
  • Don the Fly Wants a Friend

    by Venita Yvonne Vance
    This beautifully illustrated children’s book about a lonely fly will help teach your children about the importance of friendship and trust. Don the fly wants nothing more than to find a friend. He meets many different animals that are too busy to play with him. They send Don on his way. While running away from animals who want to trick him, Don finally finds a buddy to laugh, talk, and play with. This is a great bedtime story or learning tool for readers ages five to seven. Like a Dr. Seus... more
  • Assume the Physician: Modern Medicine's Catch-22

    by John Hunt
    The hilarious novel written in the radical satirical style of Catch-22, M*A*S*H, and House of God, ASSUME THE PHYSICIAN lays bare all the nakedness of the emperors running America's health care system. Part Animal Farm and part Animal House, ASSUME THE PHYSICIAN is the story of young Dr. Eddie Marcus, who fights to provide care for his patients while engaging in battle against everyone who wants to prevent him from doing so, via their rules, guidelines, mandates, standardized tests, and other su... more
  • Onyx McFly Saves the Day!

    by Crystal Judkins
    Onyx McFly is a tough and determined little eight-year-old girl, who is as bright as she is brave. With her multi-colored sidekick Boom by her side, Onyx uses her imagination to live out a whole host of fabulous exploits, stimulated by her surroundings. Having always wanted to be a superhero, Onyx tells the story about a time when she had to become just that, and use her flair and resourcefulness to solve a real life problem and save the day! Onyx McFly Saves the Day, is a fabulous child... more