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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Budding Reader Book Set 3: Bugs

    by Melinda Thompson
    Award-winning, “Budding Reader Book Set 3: Bugs” introduces the short “u” vowel sound and 14 new words (big, bug, bugs, down, give, go, her, hug, hugs, on, out, past, them, to) while reviewing four simple words previously introduced in the series (and, by, see, the). Arguably the easiest learn-to-read books on the market, Budding Reader eBooks were developed in consultation with Cecilia Minden, Ph.D., the former Director of Literacy and Language at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, an... more
  • Budding Reader Book Set 2: Wit and Kit

    by Melinda Thompson
    Award-winning “Budding Reader Book Set 2: Wit and Kit” introduces the short “i” vowel sound and 13 new words (bit, by, did, good, he, hit, I, it, Kit, no, quit, she, Wit) while reviewing four words (and, see, that, you) introduced in “Budding Reader Book Set 1: Cat and Rat.” Arguably the easiest learn-to-read books on the market, Budding Reader eBooks were developed in consultation with Cecilia Minden, Ph.D., the former Director of Literacy and Language at the Harvard Graduate School of Ed... more
  • The Jewel Box

    by C Michelle McCarty
    Jill moves to the urban sprawl of Houston (that’s Texas, y’all) looking for big city excitement and adventure. But one mistake dominos into another and fate finds this small town girl struggling to salvage her dignity. Infused with authentic, messy people who live life out loud, this comedy-drama contains adult language and situations.
  • Budding Reader Book Set 1: Cat and Rat

    by Melinda Thompson
    Award-winning "Budding Reader Book Set 1: Cat and Rat" is designed to be a child’s very first reader. With only 11 words (and, at, can, cat, look, rat, see, stop, that, the, you) introduced over the course of 10 eBooks, Cat and Rat employs an innovative format and research-based best practices to ease children into reading. Arguably the easiest learn-to-read books on the market, Budding Reader eBooks were developed in consultation with Cecilia Minden, Ph.D., the former Director of Literacy an... more
  • Artie’s Party Featuring The Vita-Men!

    by Justin Noble
    Artie Heart loves working in the village of Body. But one day, he discovers that his friends, Larry and Rosie Lung, Steven Stomach, and Betty Bladder are feeling tired and worn out. Wanting to help, Artie asks Raymond Brain for some ideas. Raymond suggests a band called The Vita-Men! Artie's Party, the first book in the My Body Village series, will teach children about anatomy, health, and the importance of vitamins. The mission of the My Body Village series is to introduce children to the ex... more
  • Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children

    by Azmaira H. Maker
    “Divorce” is a big word…especially for little kids. It’s hard for young children to understand what the word means, let alone how it will impact their lives—and it’s hard for us, as grown-ups, to explain it to them in terms they can fully comprehend. Nonetheless, when a child is involved in a family divorce or separation, it is crucial that he or she understands and embraces the changes… and this book will help you explain the transitions to your child. Family Changes is a delightfully inf... more
  • Lures

    by Thomas Molander
    Frustrated with his life post graduation, Owen heads to a tiny, remote island on the Central Coast of British Columbia to work in the kitchen of a fishing resort as a breakfast cook. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the desolation, strange personalities of the other islanders, and the difficulties of a job he is underqualified for only serve to deteriorate his mental health further.
  • Taming the Tida

    by Eslynne Smith
    In 2014 the nation was in crisis. Partisan politics were the rule of the day, stifling and sabotaging meaningful change in Washington. Americans were desperate for someone—anyone—to offer them hope, to show them there was indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. That hope came in the form of Sharmin Smith, a contestant on the breakthrough reality show Who Wants to Be President?Designed to increase voter participation and heal a deeply divided nation, Who Wants to Be President? pitted contesta... more
  • Sylvia's: It Is Said, If You Meet Someone Here ...

    by Don Frankel
    Just like a mysterious woman, Sylvia’s is a dark, alluring escape for many New York City locals and tourists seeking a quaint and secluded sanctuary in the brightest and busiest city in the world. But before her caretakers realize her true value, someone else sets their sights on Sylvia’s. Confident, handsome and gifted businessmen and childhood friends, Jack Prince and Thomas Mason, are the owners of Sylvia’s, a popular Upper East Side Manhattan bar named after Mason’s late wife. It is said, i... more
  • There Was a Fire

    by Nancy Roy

    Two nights before Christmas 2006, JULIA RICHARDS, wife of prominent surgeon JUSTIN RICHARDS lies drugged and paralyzed in her burning bed. Looking through her window, she sees her husband staring back. He is smiling. 

    Days later, Julia awakens in a burn unit, lucky to be alive but with charred flesh covering her entire back. The pain is excruciating, but she accepts it as a reminder of her own weakness. She holds the shame of her husband’s abuse deeply. Even Julia’s bes... more

  • Anthills and Racing Feet

    by Karlene Johnson
  • Picture of Grace

    by Josh Armstrong

    "When I grow up, I want to be just like you," said Grace

    "That's very kind of you," said Grandpa Walt, "but I can think of nothing better than you simply being yourself."

    Six-year-old Grace aspires to be an artist like her beloved grandfather Walt. Every week, she goes to his house and watches with great joy as he paints.

    Of course, not everyone appreciates Grandpa Walt's artwork. But as Walt tells Grace, "So... more

  • To Swim Beneath the Earth

    by Ginger Bensman

    MEGAN KIMSEY, born and raised in a small Colorado town on the edge of the La Plata Mountains, grows up haunted by images. Straddling cryptic glimpses of events that foretell her own future, and events remembered from a past in the highlands of Ecuador and Peru more than 400 years before she was born, she must challenge her Catholic upbringing and the stigma of a mental breakdown following a childhood tragedy, before she can strike out on a quest for meaning. Megan’s journey leads... more

  • "Willy Worm" ISBN# 978-1-4969-3063-7

    by Connie M. Campbell
    This 50 page coloring book is filled with positive messages at the bottom of each picture. It is designed to teach caring, sharing, friendship, and striving to succeed, all while having fun creating through coloring.
  • Hungry Mother Creek

    by Heather W. Cobham
    To the outside world, it looks like Maya Somers lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, her husband, the bungalow they shared and her job. But inside Maya knows Katrina gave her the gift of a fresh start. She and her yellow lab, Doodle Bug, leave the destruction of the Gulf Coast for North Carolina and settle in Oriental, a quaint fishing village on the Pamlico Sound. In her new home by the water, Maya begins to rebuild her life. She knows she needs to heal from her abusive marriage and the trauma... more
  • Divine Roosters and Angry Clowns: An Unexpected Gathering

    by Frank Crimi
    Major league baseball scout Riley Knight is in search of an once-in-a-lifetime pitching prospect when he finds himself stranded at a remote mountain diner with a collection of nutty eccentrics after a gigantic solar storm destroys electrical power grids worldwide. Cut off from the rest of the electricity-deprived world, the group finds themselves forced to rely on each other with laughingly absurd results. Their situation rapidly becoming unstable, the town of Jericho becomes their only hope for... more