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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Victorianne Phoenix is a Real Princess

    by Kinya Shakur Travis
    Victorianne Phoenix loves Princess Kristy! She has the entire collection of books, movies and dolls. Today, Victorianne wants to dress up and look just like Kristy. Simple, or so she thinks….when Mommy attempts to recreate the Princess’ look, the results are not as Victorianne expected. Disappointed and confused, Victorianne wonders if this means she’ll never look like, or be a real Princess like the one in her doll collection. Well, her Mommy knows a thing or two about Princesses from fara... more
  • Gabbie Flowers: And the Key to the Universe

    by Dianne Caplin
    Eleven year old Gabbie Flowers never imagined that winning the school mural contest would turn into a nightmare. She knew her friend could be mean, but Gabbie never thought her friend had the power to make Gabbie’s favorite things – like flying through the night sky with her invisible friend, Samuel, and visiting her mother in Heaven – come to a crashing halt. Samuel holds the key that can put the bullying to rest, but due to Gabbie's fear, she can no longer see him. Desperate, he must find a... more
  • The Limbus of the Moon

    by Bill Mego
    The Limbus of the Moon is a feel-good adventure about two young people, in dead end careers, who meet in Chicago in an extraordinary way and get caught up in an eccentric, and possibly delusional, man's search for the most poisonous sea anemone in the world and the medicines it may yield. That search takes them to a remote fish camp in the Florida Keys, an exotic island in the Straits of Florida, and the mountaintop home of a fabulously wealthy Chinese shipping magnate in Vancouver, British C... more
  • Rhinoceros Summer

    by Jamie Thornton
  • Into the Slough

    by Keith Wilcox
    When a piano washed up on his family’s pear farm in a flood ten years ago, Joe convinced himself that it was no accident—that the instrument was a gift from God. And ever since that day, he has been hopelessly preoccupied with spiritual things—whether he was on a walk in the orchard he named Eden or gazing at stars from atop a radio tower that pierces the sky. His devotion to this lifestyle has left him with a reputation among his friends and around town as the "good boy." So when his cousin end... more
  • Such a Good Boy

    by Josh Olsen
    Josh Olsen's sophomore effort is a grab bag of candid flash fiction, self-deprecating personal essays, and subversive pop culture musings that (warning: cliché alert) make the ordinary extraordinary and mine the humor, darkness, and resplendence of childhood, parenthood, and baseball cards.
  • The Panchatantra Retold: Part 1 - Mitra Bheda

    by Sonal Panse
    The Panchatantra Retold is a collection of entertaining and enlightening folk-tales from Ancient India, originally narrated by Pandit Vishnu Sharma to the three Princes of Mahilaropya to infuse them with the much-needed worldly wisdom that traditional learning had failed to impart.
  • The Music Makers

    by Shirley Russak Wachtel
    The Music Makers by Shirley Russak Wachtel, author of the acclaimed memoir, My Mother’s Shoes, is the story of five individuals living in upstate New York: Virginia, a divorcee embarking on a new career as she worries over the demands of her grown daughters; Joshua, a widower haunted by the memories of his lost wife as he faces a rebellious son; Christine, an artist who struggles with a terrible secret; Adam who finds himself in the first throes of love with the wrong person; and David a Holocau... more
  • The Story of Sassy Sweetwater

    by Vera Jane Cook
    After thirteen years on the run Violet McLaughlin returns to Carter’s Crossing, South Carolina, in 1962, with her young daughter, Sassy. The Crossing is right outside of Beaufort and the turmoil of the Civil Rights movement will forever leave its scars on the young and impressionable girl. As Sassy stands before the imposing white farmhouse for the first time, with no knowledge of her history but that the McLaughlin's are her kin, Sassy begins a journey that will tear her apart before it heals h... more
  • Mommy is a Worrywart

    by Jenni Kaye
    Does Mommy worry too much? Little Hedge thinks Mommy is a worrywart. But does she really have anything to worry about? Other than sharks, strange creatures and space aliens, that is…. Mommy is a Worrywart explores the fears of parenthood through the eyes of a mischievous little child.
  • Reindeer Dust

    by Kate Dwyer
    Reindeer Dust is an interactive picture book that engages the imagination through family participation. The book tells the classic tale of how the Reindeer Dust tradition first began. Designed with the entire family in mind, the book also includes an easy recipe and poem to be read on Christmas Eve.
  • Warfare Makes Strange Bedfellows

    by Anthony A Roberts
    Imagine a dustbowl of an airfield as American C47s fly in to move an Indian Division to stem a Japanese attack. Eight nurses fly out with the troops. A crash landing in the jungle is the result. Picture Emma the American Puritan from New England, Georgina the English Aristocrat and their British Empire colleagues. There is a black master sergeant from Harlem and a Jewish pilot from Yonkers to add to the mix. Each experiences life in its deadly facets. We learn their histories, share thei... more
  • Never Tempt Fate

    by Anthony A Roberts
    A satanic empress skilled in the art of debauchery is never quite the lady. A chameleon blends with his surrounding and can be the very devil. This is not be quite a battle of the sexes, more a merry go round of what will be will be. Is it to be love , war or money; will Nick have his cake and eat it? This story is about responsibility and the fickle hand of fate. If you expect Saints there are none. 1 plus 1 usually makes 3 and there hangs the twist in this tale.
  • City of the Legions 4.: From Crusade to Disaster

    by Anthony A Roberts
    This saga moves on into the Norman era. French is the first language as the sons of the Conqueror struggle to build their power bases. Duke Robert's younger brothers do not take no for an answer. Deva enters the bear pit as a starry eyed blond beauty. A woman uses what she has is this brave new man’s world. Her brothers are also courtiers and there hangs this tale. The Norman philosophy is simple. No fighting today then either hunt dead animal or raid neighbor’s manor. Master not at hom... more
  • City of the Legions 3. The New Conquerors

    by Anthony A Roberts
    The Norman race might give due reverence to God though only a few were ever Saints. In the Eleventh Century it was a male dominated society. Nobles married for money or advantage or both. Daughters, sisters, and sometimes mothers were married off in the interests of the body politic. Fighting was the norm, a God given right, a profession, a sport. Think no battle today then either hunt dumb animal or raid a neighbour’s manor. Taking prisoners was not in the nature of the Norman game. En... more
  • City of the Legions2. The next generation

    by Anthony A Roberts
    The next generations continues the saga of the Aurelian family during Roman expansion during the latter half of first century Ad. The Flavian Emperors, Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian are the new power brokers in Rome. Deva the former Queen of the Druids and her husband Tiberius become close to the throne as Octavian reaches manhood. Aurelia the darling of the 20th legion will gain a taste for when in Rome. She will witness the hundred day opening of the Coliseum, place a bet in the Circus ... more