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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Superball

    by NC Weil
    This sequel to Karmafornia finds Walt in Boulder, Colo., ready to put down roots. He meets local woman Anna, also recovering from a broken heart, and they form a "coalition of the spineless" when they learn Walt's former lover Laura is coming back to reconnect with him. He hopes the humor and light-heartedness he's found with Anna will protect him from Laura's singleminded desire, but has he underestimated love's capacity to transform, again?
  • The Pumpkin Painter (Cozy Cottage Stories Book 1)

    by Jennifer Matthai Garner
    While collecting nuts in the magical forest, young animals come across an odd little man they have never seen before. Each thinking the other was strange and different, the little man and the animals begin to argue. Hearing the unkind words, Mama Louisa and Papa Louis come out of their cozy cottage to help them all calm down. Mama Louisa stirs up ingredients of happiness to bake a special treat, while Papa Louis tells a tale of an unusual pumpkin that was very different — but had something ve... more
  • Brought To Battle

    by J. Scott Payne
    Early in World War II, the U.S. Army sent its brightest draftees to colleges to learn intelligence techniques or to master enemy languages. Casualties in the invasion of Italy were so severe, however, that these near-geniuses became infantry replacements. In this account, a recovered wounded veteran takes a team of bright but native men under his wing and leads them ashore in the first wave on D-Day. There they absorb bloody lessons from the German Army and go on to prevail through the next 10 h... more
  • National Cash

    by Marcello Tino
    National Cash is about sex, drugs, rock and roll, and a Second American Revolution where the children of the 60s became giants and took on the corporate Leviathans, overthrew two presidents of the United States, nearly toppled an Empire, and stood at the door to eternity where Zen meets quantum physics and everything is possible.
  • Wetzel

    by Richard Fleming
    Lewis Wetzel was an important participant in the 20 year war in the late 18th century between the woodland Indian nations and the settlers of western Pennsylvania, western Virginia, and Kentucky--called the Boone of northwestern Virginia. The novel is based mainly on actual incidents and features the rich history of the upper Ohio River valley. It is a balanced portrait of frontier warfare that exhibits the courage and skill of the Native Americans defending their territory and the determinati... more
  • A Corporal No More A Novel of the Civil War

    by J. Scott Payne
    At the start of the Civil War, Joe Little enlists in the Union Army to help save the Union. His main desire is to escape the endless drudgery and danger of being a lumberjack. Life as an infantry corporal turns out to feature even more danger, not to mention drudgery and disease. Little is injured and captured in his outfit's first major battle. He recuperates after being exchanged and rejoins his regiment, the 83rd Pennsylvania, for its pivotal role in the Battle of Gettysburg.
  • The Last Post

    by Marcello Tino

    The Last Post is a historical war novel told from the perspective of three men who fought in three different wars – the Second World War, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Through these three men the reader experiences the glory and the horror of three major battles – the Flying Fortress bombing raids against Germany and Berlin, the retreat from the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea by twenty five thousand Marines who had to battle their way home in sub-zero weather while being s... more

  • 'The Ride of Doom' - Book 1 of the 'Star Sapphire and the Land of Gems' trilogy

    by Anthony Pardoe
    When ten year old Star finds a lost pebble in her garden, imploring to be taken to the nearby beach to be with its friends, she agrees - little knowing the action, adventure and danger about to enter her life ... After a surprise encounter, the pebble rolls into an abandoned gemstone mine! Follow Star and Jasper into a magical fantasy world of gems and crystals, where kindness and treachery go hand in hand. As they fight their way through terrible dangers, they meet crystals who are friendly ... more
  • Medicine for Mankind

    by Michael Eidam

    The year is 2084, and the U.S. has so thoroughly embraced big government that the Wapols (Washington politicians) and their army of pubrats (public bureaucrats) monitor your diet, your finances, even your sex life. But what happens when such an omni-present government becomes impotent? In the spirit of Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm, but written with the style and wit of Kurt Vonnegut, Eidam offers a humorous and thought-provoking cautionary tale against... more

  • On Top Of The World (Until the Bell Chimes)

    by David Lamb
    This version of Scrooge and Belle is familiar, yet unlike any you've come across before. Scrooge, or rather Scrooje, is music's biggest superstar, with one hundred million albums sold, fifteen million devoted YouTube subscribers, two and a half million Facebook likes, and twenty-five million fanatical Twitter followers known as Scroojites. Belle, is a legal shark who gulps down her opposition voraciously and whose beauty and stunning figure causes traffic accidents as she zips through the sidew... more
  • American Asshole

    by Pasha Adam
    “Working to live or living to work? How about neither? “As an office worker with a mediocre middle class existence, I’m giving you the opportunity to give me the opportunity of a better one. “If you’re asking how this is possible and wondering how you can help, ask and wonder no longer. I come bearing answers. My goal is to crowdfund a million dollars. And all I ask of you is a donation of two dollars or more. “Donate to me today so I can live the life you wish you were living tomorrow.... more
  • Margie Makes a Difference

    by Maryglenn McCombs
    Margie Makes a Difference follows the adventures of the Lady Tigers, a fastpitch softball team for girls. From the very first tryout, Margie, Trish, Sally and Nikki, with the help of their coaches, discovered that they were a force to be reckoned with. But as with any team, the Lady Tigers find that even the highs of winning can’t prevent painful lows from happening on—and off—the field. When one of their own faces a big hardship at home, the Lady Tigers get a meaningful reminder of the im... more
  • High Cotton Country

    by Leta McCurry
    Secrets. Hidden they can destroy from within. Revealed they can explode her world. A message that her father is dying sends a reluctant Cazzie Randle to his bedside but not to reconcile a lifelong estrangement. This is her last chance to make him reveal the secrets behind the memories that haunt her. He must answer questions of "Why?" Why did he abandon her? Why did her mother commit an act of such unspeakable horror? An explosion of truth in a dusty Texas hill country town reveals old se... more
  • The Stone House Legacy

    by Wanda DeHaven Pyle
    For nearly a century the old stone house has kept its secrets hidden deep in the limestone hills of Indiana. But when an idealistic young minister decides to develop the site as a religious retreat for ecumenical thought, the secrets of its past cast a dark shadow over his plans. Set in the birthplace of the John Birch Society during the turbulent years of the early 1960’s, The Stone House Legacy, reveals mankind’s stubborn inclination to repeat the mistakes of past generations. When he... more
  • The Last Director of Shoreditch

    by Huw Jones
    It's Shoreditch, London, in the late 1950s, and Frank Pollock is fixer-in-chief for the Posties, a feared band of locals descended from paupers thrown out of the notorious Old Nichol slum at the turn of the last century. Ruthlessly led by their director, they fought back to commandeer wharves and warehouses with illegal glee across the East End. Those who get in Frank's way risk disappearing in a puff of smoke. He is helped out by Elsie, who heads a team of international shoplifters by day, and ... more