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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Tyrabbisaurus Rex

    by A.J. Culey
    Tyrabbisaurus Rex doesn't appreciate being locked in a cage. Sure it has three levels and is full of scrumptious veggies, but that doesn't mean he's willing to accept his fate as a classroom pet. Ginger's not happy about the always escaping, poopy rabbit. First, he chewed the dress her mom gave her. Now he keeps staring at her favorite hat. The demon bunny has got to go!
  • Youth in The City: Various Small Fictions

    by Chris Jalufka
    'Youth in The City: Various Small Fictions' by Chris Jalufka is a collection of short stories that keep a loose connection - a series of narrators wander the City in part imagined future, part internal monologue. The book is a voyeuristic look inside these lives - lost, in search of connection, of meaning. A collection following lonely drifters, doing their best to make the City their home.
  • Let Me Tell You a Story

    by Suzanne Conboy-Hill
    Featuring an international group of authors, the stories and poems explore personal discovery, relationships, social observation and commentary, loss and recovery through a range of genres, including contemporary realism, speculative and science fiction, and magical realism. Phillippa Yaa de Villiers is a South African poet, writer, and performer whose accolades include performing her specially commissioned Commonwealth Day poem before Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey in 2014. Ngyuyen... more
  • Alycat and the Thursday Dessert Day!

    by Alysson Foti Bourque
    When Alycat's daydreaming causes her to miss out on Dessert Day at school, she will need to rely on her imagination to satisfy her sweet tooth! With the help of her best friend Spotty, she discovers that trying new things can lead to fun adventures and tasty inventions!
  • The Intersect

    by Brad Graber
    Set against Arizona’s political and cultural vortex at the start of 2010, THE INTERSECT explores the issues of the day by weaving together the lives of disparate characters striving to survive in a world where the strongest link, and most lasting connection, is made among strangers. When Dave and Charlie relocate from the Bay Area to Phoenix, tensions ratchet up in their relationship as Charlie insists on buying a house on the grounds of the Arizona Biltmore as Dave contemplates leaving his j... more
  • It's Just So

    by Peter Trimarco
    It’s Lizzy’s first day in a brand new school! At first things feel “just so” scary and “just so” hard, but in the end, they’re “just so”.... not what she thought they would be! From waking up early and boarding the bus for the very first time to meeting new friends and painting outside the lines, it’s a day of discovery and perspective for a little girl named Lizzy. "Perfect for children in transitional stages, Lizzy’s story of adapting to a new school is charming and hopeful. Vibrant illustrat... more
  • A Secret Hope

    by Renee Yancy
    In the spring of 432 AD, Ciara of Tir Maic in ancient Ireland is destined to follow the calling of a druidess. But she’s hidden a secret most of her young life that means death if it’s discovered. She doubts the very gods she is to serve and nurses a secret hope that there is more to the universe than she knows. When a foreign man named Patrick travels across the sea to Ireland, bringing word of a new God, will she have the courage to risk her life to seek Him?
  • The Afterlife Chronicles

    by James Paradie
    Luke Hawkins is not a popular teenager. His parents think he's an odd one; he has no friends and has seen many shrinks. When his parents go on vacation, they leave him with his estranged sister, Samantha. What looks to be a terrible week turns out quite differently than expected. Luke never knew that he and his sister share a passionate interest in the paranormal, specifically in spirits. Luke finds an old book that gives instructions on how to get to the other side--the Afterlife ... and Luke a... more
  • Jesus and Magdalene

    by João Cerqueira
    Jesus returns to earth. After meeting activist Magdalene who is fighting for a better world, he becomes embroiled in three problematic situations. He meets an extremist ecological group, which is plotting to destroy a maize plantation it believes to be genetically modified. Then, he observes the rise up against a tourist development that is to be built in a forest reserve. Finally, he witnesses an armed conflict between blacks and gypsies. Along this journey, he meets a series of charac... more
  • The Claimant

    by Janette Turner Hospital
    In the turbulent political summer of 1968, the lives of four very different people become inextricably intertwined. All four are shape-shifters, identity-switchers, two for criminal reasons, two for blameless purposes of survival. One of the four is a smooth con man, a charming Bernie Madoff, classy and unencumbered by a conscience. Another is an equally charming and even smoother serial killers who never arouses suspicion. The four lives are scattered (to Vietnam, to France, to Australia) b... more
  • Two Weeks Before Christmas

    by Robert V. Lizana
    This is a short Graphic Novel concerning Christmas from Santa's point of view for the last two weeks before he makes his world wide deliveries. Great illustrations tell the story with minor narrative.
  • The Silver Baron's Wife

    by Donna Baier Stein
    The Silver Baron's Wife traces the rags-to-riches-to-rags life of Colorado's Baby Doe Tabor (Lizzie). This fascinating heroine worked in the silver mines and had two scandalous marriages, one to a philandering opium addict and one to a Senator and silver baron worth $24 million in the late 19th century. A divorcee shunned by Denver society, Lizzie raised two daughters in a villa where 100 peacocks roamed the lawns, entertained Sarah Bernhardt when the actress performed at Tabor's Opera House, an... more
  • The Last Word Cemetery

    by Jeanette Gibson
    The Last Word Cemetery is a mind-bending mash-up of tragic love and apocalyptic mayhem…in which the cemetery itself is responsible for both causing the chaos and extending the ray of hope at the end of the world. Tobias McCreedy, the lead character in Part One, is a wealthy humanitarian whose world is shattered when his wife dies only a few years into their marriage. A chance conversation inspires Tobias to build a magnificent necropolis in which the dead can have the last word. No longer, T... more
  • Two Boys, Two Planets

    by Stuart J. Whitmore
    This is a short and easy-to-read story for beginning readers, accompanied by richly colored illustrations. In this star-gazing tale, a boy on Earth finds out he's not the only one in the solar system with a desire to visit other planets. Earth and Mars are presented in a way that highlights how different they are without presenting either planet in a negative manner. The vocabulary and sentence structure were designed to enhance reading confidence while still making the story fun to read. Resour... more
  • Josef, the Indy Car Driver

    by Chris Workman
    Apex Legends author / illustrator Chris Workman and Verizon IndyCar Series star Josef Newgarden have teamed up to create a unique racing-themed children's picture book unlike any other. "Josef, The Indy Car Driver" mixes Indy car racing education with entertaining on-track action that is sure to please kids who are interested in cars or racing fans and their parents! Set at iconic Road America, the content is designed to provide an authentic glimpse into the world of Indy car through Josef's ... more
  • The Ruffians

    by Rick Johnson
    The Ruffians are a legendary canine neighborhood watch group. They patrol the streets at night and keep the neighborhood safe from unsavory characters. There’s something fishy going on by the duck pond in the park. The squirrels are eating all their nuts plus all the nuts stored up for the winter’s supply. Mystified by this discovery, The Ruffians realize that unless they can solve this unusual development by the time winter arrives, there won’t be any squirrels left at the park with nuts. The ... more