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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Linton Robinson

    Pretty Woman" meets "The Godfather" in a border prison. Convicted drug lord Gaspar lost his wife and family, but wants company and prison visits, so he arranges a marry with a beautiful call girl--but he had no idea what he was getting into. The sweet, gentle Nan steps up to being a wife--and when Gaspar is attacked and harried by Feds and gangs, she strikes back with spectacular fury. 

    What’s a nice call girl like Nan doing in a place like the penitentiar... more


    by Linton Robinson
    Weekends are hell. If you do them right. That's the subtext of the columns scrawled by Wiley from various states of semi-consciousness as he slinks out of the woodwork and insinuates himself into the soft underbelly of Southern California consciousness. Wilier than a coyote, badder than Santa, Gonzo'er than Dr. Duke, the Wilester lays waste to everybody in range, not least himself. There are two tributaries to the flow of "The Way of the Weekend Warrior": a normal (more of less) plot of a de... more

    by Linton Robinson
    When it came to calendars, those ancient Mayans got a lot of things right. But they also missed a few bits. So TEAM 2012 fills in the whole picture: a batch of hot, sassy Calendar Girls who are all about getting their hands on the purloined clues to what will really happen on 20/12/2012. If they can pull off the investigations and daring raids needed to keep this cosmic lore (and their own bods) out of evil hands, they just might save the world... or at least enjoy the happy ending. And they hav... more
  • The Elephants of Art: An Educational Art Story

    by Jo O'Mara
    The Elements of Art are the artist’s guide to creativity: line, shape, color, texture, space, value & form. We use them everyday in everything we do and it’s never to early for children to take notice. The Elephants of Art is the first in a fun series of educational art stories that introduce young kids to these basics and art history as well. This entertaining story will capture different levels of interest for children ages 2 and up. In the first book we meet Little Toulouse, a tiny but tenac... more
  • The Fall

    by Chana Keefer
    Rapha, a powerful angel, had seen it all in his countless years of service. at least he thought he had. Then he met Adam. Lucifer had it all, Adonai's favor, Rapha's friendship and unrivaled power throughout creation. But he wanted more. THE FALL is a biblical retelling of ancient times through the eyes of an angel who was once best friends with Lucifer. Part suspense, part love story, this epic retelling of the fall of Lucifer — through the eyes of an angel who was once his best friend — exami... more
  • Fanny and Dora's South American Adventure

    by Jason le Grange
    Who says that travel should be age restricted? There are no naked men and women running around on a plane -- oh dear, technically not correct -- Mile High Club! Fanny and Dora’s South American Adventure takes two fabulous and very glamorous ladies (focus, readers, focus!) on a life-changing trip to Brazil (Sugar Loaf Mountain, an inspiration for cake), Argentina (Tango and Don’t Cry for Me Argentina all- in-one), Easter Island (where the Easter Bunny lives), Chile, (where you can eat lots of chi... more

    by Linton Robinson
    Tales, interviews, and culture/culinary essays that drew fans in border region papers and Harpers magazine, IMAGINARY LINES gives a warm, humorous, sometimes dark portrait of frontiers not just of the Mexico/California border, but of many invisible fault lines in the human condition: rich/poor, third/first world, home/foreign, male/female. A rare collaboration between two writers across some of the more obvious lines - Catholic Mexican mother Ana Maria Corona and jaded American muckraker Linton ... more

    by Linton Robinson
    Cole Haskins and Bunny Beaumont are crazy in love, which is sometimes good for their careers robbing banks, sometimes not. When even Cole’s lightning draw and Bunny’s steel-nerved driving doesn’t keep them from blowing a big heist in south Texas and have to split to Mexico to hide and heal up, they end up losing money on an armored car robbery that wrecks a town, but luck into an embezzler about to be killed by a bounty hunter. They save him—for a stiff price—but by the time they smuggle him bac... more

    by Linton Robinson
    A romantic adventure set in Mazatlán, Mexico amid the world's third largest Carnival celebration and violence and corruption with a uniquely Mexican feel. Mundo Carrasco, baseball hero turned journalist, isn't in danger from the "narco" cartels, or whoever murdered the Mayor--it's the woman he longs for that will get him dead if he doesn't watch out. Mazatlan’s riotous carnival explodes into murder, love, sex, kidnapping…and baseball. If anybody wondered why star journalist Mundo Carr... more
  • Not All of Me Is Dust

    by Frances Richardson

    Not All Of Me Is Dust is an account of the cost exacted by living out a high ideal. Specifically, it tells the story of three members of a particular family: imaginative, high-spirited Clare Engle, whose childhood fantasies of Christian perfection are realized in the shattering actuality of adulthood; her beautiful, conflicted sister, Kathleen; and her brother, Stephen, a priest and poet, and the hero of the novel.

  • Jane's LEGACY

    by maurice holloway
    200-year-old JANE AUSTEN manuscripts uncovered during World War II were lost before the world could see them. Now these writings have been rediscovered! GREED and DEATH play their part as avaricious dealers, prosperous collectors and even friends, try to get their hands on these papers worth many MILLIONS. Charing Cross Road, once London’s literary hub, will never be the same again.
  • Messed Up... by Choice

    by Nikita
    Isha has a fearless and free-spirited personality. She is an observer, believes in self-talking ritual and speaks her mind all time. Her parents' faith and blind trust in her, pushed this attitude to endeavor the unknown territories of human existence. She was living a satisfied and protected life in a small town in India, until one day when she had to move out to pursue higher studies. And then, she was on her own. Eventually, her experimental approach towards unfolding the events of life resul... more
  • Steps Ordered 9780692793428

    by Dr. Merriel M. Chase

    Influenced by the financial independence of her great-grandmother, her grandmother’s spiritual faith despite financial turmoil, and her mother’s ongoing struggle as a victim of spousal abuse, Jessica Euge makes unwise choices in men even though she is a brilliant young adult with a promising future. Jessica is plague by hatred toward her father following sexual abuse. Her family, boyfriend, and girlfriends recommend counseling to confront years of suppression; however, Jessica stu... more

  • The Bravest Worrier

    by Angelique Monet
    Zayny is just a girl who can’t escape Worry! Worry follows her everywhere. Worry is loud, messy, rude and full of discouraging words. She can’t eat or sleep and her world is unbearable gloomy place. Until one day Zayny has had enough of missing out on all the fun. She discovers that worry was nothing more than a bully who made her believe she was never good enough. Zayny puts on her armor, digs deep inside of herself and finds the strength to kick worry right out of her life. No... more
  • The Raven Mocker's Legacy

    by Courtney Miller
    The Raven Mocker's Legacy is the second book of The Cherokee Chronicles, a 7-book series. White Feather, The twin son of the Raven Mocker witch, tries to follow the white path to become a Cherokee priest. But, he is shadowed by his father's legacy and his twin's evil vengeance. Courtney Miller once again shows his award-winning ability to spin a tale. His characters seem real because Miller took the time to do extensive research about Indigenous Native Americans, the Cherokee in particular... more
  • The First Raven Mocker

    by Courtney Miller
    This first novel in the Cherokee Chronicles, a 7-book series, presents a rare glimpse into the ancient world of Cherokee witches and wizards. Set in a time remembered only in myths and legends, The First Raven Mocker is a coming of age story following a young Indian boy's quest to learn the fine art of black magic. In his quest, he encounters witches, sorcerers, magical "Little People" and man-eating giants. However, this is more than the archetypal Hero's journey with a twist. Courtney Miller ... more