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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • At Home Among Sinners

    by Elizabeth Upton
    Against the odds, Callahan matures from a teenage Belfast street thug and IRA killer to a happily married man and expectant father. Then tragically, fate snatches away his wife, his unborn child and his world in the flash of a tragic accident for which he feels responsible. Years later, just as he begins to find peace and serenity again as a monk in a rural Irish monastery, a vindictive superior banishes the handsome young man to a life in the priesthood at a derelict parish in New York City. ... more
  • Dreams of Home

    by Linda McGinnis

    Two Japanese/American families in Hawaii face WWII with courage and resolve. Grace Kawakami, her 2 brothers, and her cousins are torn apart, and struggle to survive nearly impossible circumstances as the world around them explodes. Island life and military life collide day after day in this carefully researched novel about growing up in wartime Hawaii.

  • Woman With Doll & Other Stories

    by Joan Slowey
    The characters in this collection of stories live on the edge of life, reaching for harmony, for stillness and joy. They are calculating, devious, and a bit odd, but funny too, and brave. Their situations are difficult to deal with and the solutions are often unexpected or harsh or, sadly, just as you would expect. The sea is a constant in their lives; for some it is integral to their livelihoods and for others a source of peace and solace.
  • Otorongo

    by JimLinsa
    Jim's wish to learn more about the spirit realms results in Linsa, his Muse, leading him on a journey through his Third Chakra, where magic mushrooms carpet the fields, and in the course of demonic orgies conducted in a medieval castle Jim falls in love with Mindu, the young girl spirit of his dreams. Their happiness, however, is threatened by Linsa's jealousy and her obsession with the demon/efreet Jod, an escaped spirit slave to whom she has offered a hiding place from the dangerous evil mast... more
  • Francis Goes to South America

    by Sonia B. McNulty
    If you have read the story of Francis the Horse That Is and Francis Goes To Europe, you will know that Francis has become the world's most famous horse with two legs; not only because of his disability and inspiration, but also because of the delightful, unbelievable, mischievous, unforgiving, humorous and outrageous behaviour from his loyal and trustworthy friends. In Francis Goes to South America the racing fraternity has invited Francis and his friends to visit South America: however the frie... more
  • Francis Goes to Europe

    by Sonia B. McNulty
    At last - the sequel to Francis The Horse That Is, is here at last: Francis Goes to Europe consists of even more fun and frolic, as Francis is invited to race at Ascot in the UK. Before travelling through Europe with unexpected and uninvited friends who turn up in the most unpredictable manner, and decide to disguise a shipload of cows and sheep to save their lives from a disastrous outcome; especially as they all have to hide from the immigration authorities in each country. Yet, still managing... more
  • Traditional Wisdom in African Proverbs ISBN: 978-9988-8228-0-4

    by Mawutodzi Kodzo Abissath
    The contains 2000 traditional proverbs from 41 African countries. It was first published in 2004 with my co-author Albin Kweky Korem. He was a Slovak national who lived in Ghana for over 30 years. However, he died in 2006 in his home country Slovakia. This is the second edition published in 2016 by the Ghana Universities Press, Accra. I am a Ghanaian bilingual journalist, author, poet and blogger. I currently work with the Information Services Department of the Ministry of Communications as D... more
  • Santa Down

    by AM SARDAR

    Once Upon a Christmas Eve there was a riot in Santa Land caused by severe industrial unrest. All the little Elves, all the large Globs and all the other various enchanted creatures, gathered together and tried to burn down the workshop. Voices were raised, fingers were pointed, and, on occasion, violent harm was done to both persons and property. By providence and good luck Santa Clown returned to bring harmony to Santa Land and normal service was resumed.

    The dark deeds of Christmas Ev... more

  • Santa Clown

    by AM SARDAR

    Santa Clown delivered his gifts with a joke and a laugh until one Christmas Eve he disappeared into the night and was replaced by his brother Santa Claus. Santa Clown was forgotten, lost in the mists of old Christmas's. Now there is trouble in Santa's Workshop! Saboteurs are wrecking the production lines and demanding the return of the Forgotten One; "Shoot Santa Claus down, Bring back the Santa Clown".

    Mr Drole, the long suffering Head Troll, is trying desperately to ... more

  • Wild Winter

    by C.A. Hartnell
    New and revised, author approved edition. Ring the Christmas bell for friendship, fun, mystery, and holiday joy that fill the pages of Wild Winter: Christmas, Clues, and Crooks, the fourth and final volume in a four book series. Help eleven-year-old, All-American kids, Pete and Carol Ann, plan a Christmas pageant to raise money for needy families in their 1950s community of El Monte, California. When money is missing and destruction occurs, can these two friends, and a one-year-old beagle hound,... more
  • Ferocious Fall

    by C.A. Hartnell
    New and revised, author approved edition. Thunder roars in the cloudy skies over El Monte, Southern California, during October of 1955, as friendship, fun, fall leaves, and mystery fill the pages of Ferocious Fall: Our Wild Weather Escapes, the third volume in a four book series. Join two eleven-year-old, All-American kids, Pete and Carol Ann, and a beagle puppy, as they scramble from one weather-filled adventure to another. Can they find shelter from a crazy cloudburst, outrun a dust devil, and... more
  • Sinister Summer

    by C.A. Hartnell
    New and revised, author approved edition. Surf's up! Make the summer scene for friendship, fun, adventure, and mystery that fill the pages of Sinister Summer: Cars, Cruisers, and Close Calls, the second volume in a four book series. Join two eleven-year-old, All-American, Southern California kids, Pete and Carol Ann, as they set off fireworks on the Fourth of July, learn to surf at Huntington Beach, and cruise "flat out" with teenagers on Route 66. These two friends, and a beagle puppy, search f... more
  • Scary Spring: Our Polio Fright of 1955 (The 1950s Adventures of Pete and Carol Ann)

    by C.A. Hartnell
    "Fire it up" for friendship, fun, adventure, mystery, and courage that fill the pages of Scary Spring: Our Polio Fright of 1955. Like the Indian-head hood ornament on Aunt Jean's Pontiac Chieftain car that leads the way down dark and scary streets, Pete leads his friend, Carol Ann, on fun and frightening adventures. The two eleven-year-olds play fast-paced games of Hide and Seek, Hot Potato, and Jump Rope. They confront their polio vaccine fears then hunt for tasty treats like homemade cookies o... more
  • Francis The Horse That Is

    by Sonia B. McNulty
    Meet Francis, a horse with a curious affliction. Join him as he and his unlikely band of Australian friends embark on a journey together that will change Francis's life. Francis's was born with a serious abnormality and then sadly, abandoned. Francis is cared for in secret on a remote farm. There he meets Tom, a bounding border collie, and a huge python and mice. With their unwavering support Francis gains his confidence again. Come with Francis as he sets out through the Australian bush on hi... more
  • Falling Like Ember

    by Christina L. Schmidt

    Lux Tazo doesn’t quite fit in with her picture-perfect family. Her artwork appears messy, her fashion sense resembles a Tim Burton movie character, and the soundtrack to her life begins with a Sia song. She hopes to find acceptance at Briar Heights Academy where she becomes best friends with designer Anya Jensen, and falls for musical prodigy Ember Sweeney —  but misunderstandings keep her feeling like a loner there, too. Following a downward spiral of self-doubt, Lux is dete... more

  • AK-239


    What happens when you combine Russian billionaires, a crazy president and nuclear weapons?

    World War III.

    Only one man can stop it, former Navy SEAL, John Denning.

    Ripped from today's headlines, this military thriller picks up where Tom Clancy left off.