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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Unification

    by Bridges McCall
    Unification is a journey into the Great Mystery, traveling through exotic locations that spans from ancient Europe to the Americas in 2030. Two riveting stories of love and adventure lead to conquests of the spirit, mind, and heart illuminating limitless possibilities. Themes such as enlightenment, spirituality, peace and prosperity, future architecture and true global advancement are examined. Unification is a quest exploring humanity’s profound questions and unveiling powerful solutions. An ... more
  • When War Ends

    by Patricia Tomlin
    The story start in the peaceful countryside of rural England in 1640. Catherine is the daughter of a Puritan strip farmer who only knows life in her village. Martin, son of a merchant,lives in relative luxury but as war threatens he joins Parliament in the English Civil War. His brother takes the side of the king. Meeting by chance they are faced with her father's opposition; with the background of the war, where danger is around every corner.
  • You're white 'cause you don't look like me

    by Shanti Prem
    Kenya is an absolutely adorable five year old brown skin twin who identifies people as only black or white. She notices that her equally adorable twin sister is much lighter than she is, so she teasingly lets her sister in on her new observation, that she must be white. Kenya's mother lovingly gives an explanation of their differences through a fairytale teaching her twins to embrace not only their differences, but the differences of others. The story is told in a poetic easy to understand way.
  • The Blonde Before Christmas: a Barb Jackson Mysteries holiday short story

    by Anna Snow
    From author Anna Snow comes a holiday short story about a not-so-dumb blonde who may just be able to save Christmas... Private Investigator Barb Jackson thought she'd seen it all. But when a last minute shopping excursion leads Barb and her best friend Kelly to a dead Santa Claus beneath the shopping mall Christmas tree, she realizes that not everyone in town is filled with holiday cheer. Jilted lovers, angry elves, and a whole slew of harried shoppers stand between Barb and the truth. But t... more
  • Bubblegum Blonde (Barb Jackson Mysteries Book 1)

    by Anna Snow
    From author Anna Snow comes a brand new series about a not-so-dumb blonde who has her hands full... "Expect the unexpected" has been Barb Jackson’s motto ever since the day she became a private investigator. But when a blast from the past in the form of her cheating ex-boyfriend shows up in her office and begs her to help him clear his name in an ongoing murder investigation, she fears this time she might have bitten off more than she can chew. But as Barb reluctantly takes the case, she unc... more
  • Precious in His Sight

    by Karen Pashley
    What is the cost of surrender? In Westfield, South Carolina, where wealth and prestige go hand-in-hand with sipping sweet tea and serving Jesus, successful architect Clay Brennan and his adoring wife Sugar enjoy the American dream. When strong-willed Sugar learns of her husband's unfaithfulness, she keeps it to herself. Exposing his secret would destroy their kids's respect -- and ruin their spotless reputations in their church and community. Though her heart is crushed, she longs to repair t... more
  • Pooky Ate My Sneakers and Stole My Jeans

    by Maria Psanis
    After a long day playing soccer Sasha comes home to relax and all of sudden her jeans were missing, one of her sneakers was chewed and her book was torn to pieces. Sasha couldn't believe what she was seeing. Was it a monster or a ghost living in her room? She watched her jeans roll, skip, dance, and glide on the floor. Does she dare to confront her jeans or is she too afraid to make a move? Will fear stop her from discovering who's responsible for the uproar that has her family frazzled?
  • Craig

    by Emmanuel Sullivan
    Still grieving the loss of his wife, Craig doesn’t think romance is right for him, at least not yet, but that starts to change when he locks eyes with a woman on the bus. Unnerved, excited and far more interested than he feels he has a right to; Craig listen’s to the advice of a good work friend and chooses to try to shake his depression by responding to a Craigslist Missed Connections ad. In a fateful turn, that ad leads a roundabout route directly to the woman on the bus. That moment, and a fe... more
  • Hayesville

    by Emmanuel Sullivan
    Hayesville is a small town that has somehow insulated itself from the race division brewing in the rest of the States – black people and white people live together, not always peacefully, but together. Unfortunately, even though Hayesville has looked beyond race, they have other ways of deciding who fits…. And who doesn’t. Lael is valedictorian of her senior class, mere months away from graduation – and from the right side of town. Her loving parents keep her under lock and key, for her own go... more
  • The Bell Family Reunion Committee

    by Emmanuel Sullivan
    The Bell family has had their ups and downs, though most have found solace far away from each other. When Patricia Bell, their Mama Bell, dies from cancer, it draws the disbanded family together to discuss a family reunion. As the undisputed matriarch, Mama Bell had been the force of good in the family and for her, even people who normally do not get along will come together and try to find common ground.
  • Brats, Inc.

    by Emmanuel Sullivan
    After the death of their parents, the five young Meyter children found a home with their loving Grandparents. It was a tight, but happy home, until their Grandfather passed away and their Grandmother grew too old to care for ten little feet and five extra, hungry hearts. Life being what it is, their Grandmother went to a home for the elderly and the five Meyter children went to an Orphanage, The Harmony Home for Children. Under the ever watchful eye of Alice Brown and her less than pleasant d... more
  • Ost Has a Dream

    by Bambi Vincent
    Ost Has a Dream is an ebook with interactive features and animations, and is the first of a series. Ost, a young ostrich, wants more than anything to fly. While Ost is napping, a grouchy old man who is tired of hearing Ost yack about flying, ties his beak closed! In his predicament, Ost is rescued by his two best friends, Tuba Lunes, and Tango, the square spider. The three problem-solve together, and come to understand why the old man doesn’t like noise. When his beak is untied and he can spe... more
  • A Whole Lot

    by Bradley Wind

    Abel Velasco calculates many things. Things like the arc of falling sycamore leaves, the duration of a dog sneeze, or the number of times his aunt might hit him. He can’t help it – he’s a savant.

    It is 1982. Abel has left foster care to live with his newly found relatives. His typical teenage struggles are compounded by the complication of his savant talents. Searching for a challenge, Abel becomes obsessed with the mysterious architecture of an abandoned mansion and strangely numbered ... more

  • Nuns with Guns

    by Seth Kaufman
    “A smart, witty and engrossing satire! Kaufman is a wonderfully sharp-eyed observer of modern American lunacies.” —Zoë Heller, Notes on a Scandal Out-of-control producer Rick Salter wants to leave reality TV, get married and make movies. But it’s not easy. When a senseless murder touches his life, Rick enlists his pal Sister Rosemarie to make Nuns with Guns, a TV series about four sisters competing to collect the most firearms. Protests and death threats pile up as the nuns travel the country r... more
  • The Hip Hop Praise Circle: Thank You God (Volume 1)

    by Robert E.O. Crewe

    "Thank you God, Thank, Thank you God!" The Hip Hop Praise Circle is a book about 6 children who go through struggles that children today can relate to. The children tell their stories about the joy of having a family, tackling their fears, overcoming sickness, and more. Although the children are going through different problems, there is one thing that they all have in common... God! God is the answer to all of their problems and they welcome children everywhere to join them as they... more

  • Life in Harmony

    by BK Bergman
    When Michael and Kate's marriage unravels after a futile final round of in vitro fertilization, they decide on a quick getaway up the California coast. In the sleepy town of Harmony (population 18), the couple happens upon a small house for sale, where Kate imagines she hears the laughter of a child. Drawn to the house, the couple uproots their lives in LA and moves to Harmony, where they share their home with an apparition of an astute four-year-old girl. Trying to save your marriage while ... more