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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Pride of Love

    by Kevin Dwyer
    Twenty-five-year-old Jesse Coleman endures a heinous act on him. After the case is dropped, his mother, Claire, accedes to his request to move. Leaving behind his old life, he is left with a disturbing scar on his back. Hopelessness comes in on him and he takes off the bracelet that he has worn his whole life, which means something to him. Looking for a new beginning, Jesse who dresses differently meets Jaden who dresses like a outcast and the two fall in love with each other. With love from the... more
  • The Finnish Girl

    by Dennis Frahmann
    The Finnish Girl is a multi-generational story about a Finnish American family in Wisconsin and how their American dream threatens to become a nightmare. It begins with a young boy discovering his mother’s suicide and an unexpected cache of seemingly meaningless memorabilia. But behind those pieces of paper is a rich tapestry of interwoven lives—the family patriarch who emigrates from Finland to the United States to create his own future, a son who turns his back on his homeland as part of an il... more
  • The Rise of the Verbal Villain

    by The Verbal Villain
    Troubled, tormented, dejected and disrespected. ‘I’ve had enough of this as the bullies and beefs are breaking me. I need to find a new me not this old Lee, I need to find a fiend so I can attack back mercilessly. I’m not here to be broken so now it’s my time to be outspoken. You haters, I’m not even joking, as by the end of this battle it’ll be you that is choking…’ Lee is sixteen and life is tough. A broken home and a hard time at high school with tears, jeers and fears seeming relentle... more
  • The Dream Vision

    by Nehemiah Blake
    The Dream Vision is a modern Pilgrim’s Progress. A Man with a Caul seeks to heal a Strawman in a bid to stop the Man with Lamb’s Horns bringing destruction upon their town. Guiding Nehemiah Blake through his vision is a man with eyes of fire and feet of bronze. He alone holds the key to the vision. But in unlocking it, Nehemiah Blake finds his guide is not afraid to leave him alone in a spiritual desert and expect him to point out the way the Man with the Caul should go to escape the coming dev... more
  • Citizen Hollywood

    by Martin Turnbull
    Hollywood, 1939: When Tinseltown begins to woo wunderkind Orson Welles, he stashes himself at the Chateau Marmont until he’s ready to make his splashy entrance. But gossip columnist Kathryn Massey knows he’s there. Kathryn has been on the outs with Hollywood since her ill-fated move to Life, but now that she’s back at the Hollywood Reporter, she’s desperate to find the Next Big Thing. Scooping Welles’ secret retreat would put her back on the map, but by the time she hears rumors about his dan... more
  • The Trouble with Scarlett

    by Martin Turnbull
    Summer, 1936: Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell’s first novel, takes the world by storm. Everyone knows Civil War pictures don’t make a dime, but renegade producer David O. Selznick snaps up the movie rights and suddenly America has just one question: Who will play Scarlett O’Hara? When Gwendolyn Brick gets her hands on the book, the clouds part and the angels sing the Hallelujah Chorus. Only a real Southern belle can play Scarlett—and didn’t her mama raise her on stories of Sherman’s mar... more
  • The Garden on Sunset

    by Martin Turnbull
    Right before talking pictures slug Tinsel Town in the jaw, a luminous silent screen star converts her private estate into the Garden of Allah Hotel. The lush grounds soon become a haven for Hollywood hopefuls to meet, drink, and revel through the night. George Cukor is in the pool, Tallulah Bankhead is at the bar, and Scott Fitzgerald is sneaking off to a bungalow with Sheilah Graham while Madame Alla Nazimova keeps watch behind her lace curtains. But the real story of the Garden of Allah beg... more
  • Chatur (Hindi)

    by Subhash Kommuru
    ENGLISH: This is a story about Chatur, the Dhobhi and Mand the donkey. Chatur is smart and progressive by nature and his Lazy donkey Mand's answer to any request was "No No No, I gotta take it easy". Chatur realized that his success is limited by Mand's attitude, So Chatur thought of a smart idea, will it work or will it hit him back? HINDI: Yeh kahani hai Chatur dhobhi aur mand gadha ki. Aalsi Mand ka naara hai "NaNa hum to aaram karenge" aur Chatur ki nazar sirf taraki par hai. Jab Mand ka ... more
  • The Adventures of Lovable Lobo: Lobo Goes to the Galapagos

    by C.L. Murphy
    Lobo returns in this adventure, sweeter and a bit salty this time. This lil' wolf pup finds that there's nothing like a little sea air to bring out the best in him and his unlikely tag-alongs. Take a trip to the Galapagos with Lobo and his right-hand raven, Roxy, as they help an injured, new feathered friend return home. Lobo faces some fears and witnesses the joy that comes from helping others in this "birds of a different feather DO flock together" tale.
  • Happy Grey Hair

    by Chris Wilson
    Udo, the village elder, has been raising his grandsons, Eze and Chike, since their father’s early death. When the boys got their hands on their father’s inheritance, they squandered it, and grew pompous and disrespectful of everyone, especially Udo. As Udo is aging, he is devastated by his grandsons’ lack of respect and caring for anyone. He cannot understand it; his son, their father, was such a good, hardworking man. His hired help, Ngozi, also bears the brunt of the boys’ insults. All s... more
  • I Built My House on a Volcano/Mi casa en el volcán (English and Spanish Edition)

    by Joe Cole
    I Built My House on a Volcano/Mi casa en el volcán is a bilingual picture book for all ages--kids, teens, and adults. The story, in English and Spanish, is a parable about what happens when we follow our dreams and find more difficulties than we imagined.
  • Frisbee Ball Rules

    by William P. Bahlke
    William P. Bahlke is pleased to announce the publication of his first novel, Frisbee Ball Rules, a story set in a small college town in the year 1973. The country had just endured the humiliating conclusion of an unpopular war and the scandalous resignation of a once-powerful president. Born through the embarrassment of the lost war, and empowered by the student riots that facilitated its conclusion, came an emboldened generation like none before it. It was a time of rebirth and newfound freedom... more
  • Detour Trail

    by Joy V. Smith
    Westward bound on the Oregon Trail, Lorrie Emerson is left behind and alone after her uncle is killed. Ignoring the wagon master's advice to go home, she rounds up others needing help; they join a later wagon train and are soon slogging through dust and mud and steep mountain passes, but it's not long before she's again forging her own trail and searching for a new home and supplies as winter reaches out its icy hands.... Settling the frontier isn't easy!
  • Trashed

    by Robert Hagen Rich
    A fictionalized memoir about the life and times of a struggling young artist/actor named Hayden Brice who is trying to make it in New York City. Caught in the grind of working in the downtown restaurant scene and nightlife, Hayden seeks a break through an acting program. While working to develop his craft and hone his acting skills, Hayden becomes enraptured by a young beautiful model, Camilla Arden, who he tries to woo over the course of the program, when she is not out trotting the globe. Land... more
  • Rabbi Yeshua

    by Sam Sackett
    Fictional biography of Jesus of Nazareth. Aware of previous disastrous attempts to drive out the Romans from Palestine and establish a Jewish Kingdom of God, Jesus goes into the wilderness to ask God for guidance. The answer is that he should avert future disasters by teaching the Kingdom of God is an internal, not political state. After a slow start, his movement grows until the Jewish religious hierarchy begins to perceive him as a threat: if a person can seek God internally, why are priest... more
  • City of Whores

    by Mark B. Perry
    New Year's Eve, 1951. Hollywood, California. As Tinseltown rings in the twilight of its Golden Age, a young man arrives from Texas hell-bent on exploiting his brooding good-looks in exchange for a shot at stardom--only to become dangerously entangled in the lives of one of the most powerful couples in show business. As his dream devolves into a lurid nightmare, he must choose between fortune and fame or sanity and survival.