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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Hello World 5000

    by Jeff Hunt
    Hello World 5000 can be called a "children's story," if you’re a child, that is, who’s either secretly or noticeably intelligent, slightly on the sad side, possessing a fine vocabulary, and who has perhaps even grown embarrassingly tall and has a job. The story begins with a boy named Royal. Royal was named after a typewriter and raised by "The Master," Eduardo Aquifer XXVII, the last in a 500 year old line of unpublished authors who runs St. Millar's Writing Academy for Illiterate Orphans, ... more
  • Nicaea Trilogy

    by Warren Lamb
    An ancient codex is the object of a relentless quest over centuries by people who are determined to possess the priceless Christian book. The trilogy is a unique collection of three novellas under one cover. The story unfolds against a backdrop of conflict and persecution in the days of the Roman Empire. What finally happens is revealed many centuries later in an epilogue that will probably surprise readers.
  • Blue Moon Luck

    by Linda Collison
    In 1980s West Virginia, twenty-two-year-old Chance Lee dreams of musical stardom and escaping his rural town—and is encouraged by a local fortune-teller to set his plans in motion.
  • A Cat Named Mouse

    by Patti Tingen
    A Cat Named Mouse is an amusing tale of teasing and mixed-up names. With help from his quirky new friend Cheese, Mouse overcomes his nemesis, the nasty dog next door. Acceptance and friendship win out in the end!
  • Return to the Riverbank Written & Illustrated by E. A. Dorrington (Book 1)

    by E. A. Dorrington
    The magic of Kenneth Grahame’s immortal novel ‘The Wind in The Willows’ returns, beloved by readers of all ages and generations, Ratty, Mole, Mr Badger and of course the irrepressible Mr Toad step out of the pages once again to enchant, entertain and thrill those who love the timeless world of the riverbank. Much to the Water Rats annoyance ‘Autumn’ is fast approaching, life along the riverbank is beginning to wind down. A chance encounter with Mr Badger begins a series of adventures that wi... more
  • The Proving

    by Elizabeth Fannin Crowe
    When the leader dies with no warning, the citizens of Ravenna turn to his daughter, Kira Sophosia, for leadership. But before she is able to govern, she must go though the legendary rite known as The Proving. As she prepares, Kira begins to ask questions; questions that have dangerous answers. When her world begins to unravel, Kira must fight to show bother the city and herself that she can rise to the occasion.
  • Ethel's New Home

    by Kathy Rogo
    Ethel's New Home is a heartwarming story about a dwarf hamster who lives in a hamster tank with seven brothers and sisters. But Ethel has a problem, she is getting tired of having to share all the time with them. Ethel can't eat, drink, or sleep when she wants because her brothers and sisters are always in the way. Ethel decides the answer is to escape from the tank and find a new, more spacious place to live by herself. What waits outside of the tank for Ethel? Will she ever make her way home ... more
  • After the President Disappeared

    by Rodger Christopherson
    The President of the United States disappears from Air Force One, the world's most secure airplane, while in flight. But he is not alone. All world leaders, from political to religious to criminal, end up on a remote island together and have to deal with each other face to face. This unexplainable event leaves behind a global crisis that leads to disruption and catastrophe for the rest of the population. For most, it's about raw survival and the character traits which emerge become adverse and e... more
  • Tangles

    by Sharleen Scott
    While faced with the challenge of his mother’s escalating Alzheimer’s disease, Logan McKinnon discovers secret journals that leave him questioning everything he knows about his family. With no one left to ask, Logan must find a man mentioned in the journals to discover a truth he may not want to know.
  • Tommy The Tugboat

    by Mike Uriss
    In this exciting tale, we learn how Tommy’s determination and brave heart carry the day, as he perseveres against all odds to do what he knows he must.
  • Tales Written In A Forest

    by J. D. Wellander
    A journey of wonder into the lives of fasinating individuals, and creature that share their interesting lives with the reader. These tales are guranteed to be pure enjoyment for each and every reader.
  • Critterridles

    by Mike Uriss
    These riddles for young listeners are sprinkled with big-kids words that help develop child vocabulary. The illustrations are very much like those my kids used to make. As you read each riddle, pause after line seven (Can you guess what I am?) and give your listeners a chance to respond. See if they know what critter you are describing. Then, turn the page to face your audience. Show them the picture and enjoy the moment!
  • Entertaining Naked People

    by Edward Fahey.
    As a small boy, frail in body and spirit, Ed taps into lives that had been lived and lost long ago. They dig through him like lingering nostalgia for days he can’t quite recall. Pathologically sensitive, he feels what friends and family hide even from themselves. Depressed, overwhelmed, he’s afraid to reach out into life. Ed leaves for college as the Vietnam War deadens souls and riots tear cities apart. When he is drafted he refuses induction, knowing that if he ever finds himself in a paddy f... more
  • The Mourning After

    by Edward Fahey
    Nightmares of war and death from lost centuries torment a young boy with ever more devastating detail until he can’t separate fantasy from reality. Denis meets a child he calls M, who seems to know his dreams intimately. She asks him, "Do you ... remember?" He grows into adulthood amid disturbing evidence that his fantasies have been ancient memories. He finds a decrepit cabin in the woods where they start coming real. Outside is a grave for one of his "imaginary" childhood playmates, Enoch. Som... more
  • The Gardens of Ailana

    by Edward Fahey

    Some will hate it and some with love it because it digs into the ugly truths like the abuse of children by fundamentalist Christian cults. It exposes the darkness we all carry inside us. The twisted childhoods that still cripple us. And how in facing them down for our own healing we find that maybe forgiveness isn't called for.

    "Sometimes everything inside us must be torn apart if we are ever going to find our ways thr... more

  • The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy Book 2: Chasing Dreams

    by Claire Youmans
    In Book 1, Azuki, the girl who can become a Toki, races across Meiji-era Japan to join her bird-kin. Her parents dead, herself hunted because of her beautiful feathers – what else can she do? Shota, her sparrow-boy brother, hurries after her. Their human mother told him as she died that they must return to claim their human status or spend the rest of their lives as outcasts. They are dual-natured, human and bird. They need to be able to be themselves and live as both. Ghosts, ogres, drago... more