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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Fifth Day Lady: Can She Make it Work?

    by Lawrence Golicz
    Josephine goes undercover as a rich married woman in Siesta Key in Florida, where she purposely meets a dentist named Julio, suspected of having too much money as a dentist with a million dollar polo team. A former barrel racer in rodeos at an early age, can Josephine help Julio, hurt on the field, win a Polo match in West Palm? Josephine also risks exposing her cover with military skills in a chopper attack by a Miami drug king. And Julio's mother, Lucia, jealous and suspicious, plans to kill h... more
  • She Who Rides Horses: A Saga of the Ancient Steppe, Book One

    by Sarah V. Barnes
    Set more than 6,ooo years ago, She Who Rides Horses: A Saga of the Ancient Steppe (Book One) begins the story of Naya, the first person to ride a horse. Daughter of a clan chief, bolder than the other girls but shunned by the boys because of her unusual appearance, Naya wanders alone through the vast grasslands where her people herd cattle and hunt wild horses for their meat. But Naya dreams of creating a different kind of relationship with the magnificent creatures. One day, she discovers a fil... more
  • The Gold Dark Summer, a boarding school story

    by Susan Papas
    A coming of age story for Young Adults and Adults alike. 14-year-old Sadie is a boarding-school rebel, with a heart full of dreams. Sadie defies the rules and regulations of her strict English boarding school with minor acts of rebellion: reading to room-mates after lights out, organising midnight feasts, accepting dangerous dares. But in her fourteenth summer she risks everything to go in search of the love and romance she yearns for. It is the summer of 1959, and the shadow of Worl... more
  • The Mess in her Womb

    by Dr. Chhavi Gandhi Juneja
    Pranay Ahuja and Drishti Kapoor are quintessential young, happily married couple in their thirties in the Garden city of Bangalore. Their seemingly smooth ride through life is jolted by a hurricane when Drishti learns about her issues of infertility. With constant failures, miscarriages, and continuous In-vitro fertilization procedures, Drishti spirals into depression. The chase for the baby leads to a strained relationship with her parents, finding solidarity in the people with the same circums... more
  • West of the Sound

    by B. Alexander Owen

    B. Alexander Owen’s debut novel takes readers into the chaotic and drug dependent world of Stiv Baker, a part-time writer and long time Oxycodone addict.

    When Stiv’s monthly trip to the pharmacy goes terribly wrong, one disaster follows the next. With growing anxiety and the onset of withdrawals, he sees his life spinning out of control.

    He must pull out of the dangerous riptide of addiction or lose everything including his marriage.

    Although drug addiction and r... more

  • Big Chin Moves To Hero-Land!

    by Sawyer Ique
    “Big Chin Moves To Heroland! by Sawyer Ique is a very engaging and captivating story. Big Chin went from helping Van to helping his new community in Heroland. He was very helpful and that is a valuable example for children. They can understand the message and they will remember the lesson.” -Excerpt from review by Alma Boucher for Readers' Favorite You might be wondering to yourself, how did Power-Man and Big Chin get along and meet with each other? What family did Big Chin live with initiall... more
  • A Not So Hollow Halloween: The Legend of the Howl-O-Ween Scare

    by Sawyer Ique
    The legend of the Howl-O-Ween scare shall pass on! (Based on the short films, A Not So Hollow Halloween and The Howl-O-Ween Scare) A boy named Austin after he comes back from school, sees his mother pulling an old looking book from the basement. It was about the legend of the Howl-O-Ween scare, a story about a howl-some wolf that prowls around in Halloween, and his mother wanted to share it with him, just like of how the legend had been read through multiple generations thanks to the cr... more
  • Global Vice: A COMSEC Thriller

    by Andy Rafkin
    Ben Alexander is a highly trained and experienced security operative. Nickolas Zelenko is a computer genius. They own a bleeding-edge security firm called COMSEC, and things have suddenly become dangerous… even deadly. What looked like a straight case of insurance fraud has blown up into an international scandal: organ smuggling, human trafficking, and murder. Are Ben and Nickolas up to the challenge? They’ve got a few unbeatable secret weapons: Allison McBride—a beautiful, brilliant partn... more
  • Poems from the Future Artopia

    by J. Martin Strangeweather
    This is a collection comprised of seven ekphrastic poems focusing on the greatest artworks of the 22nd century. These poems are about the meaning(s) behind the meaning(s) of art in the not-too-distant future, invoking a distinctly new breed of creators with decidedly different creative values. This collection is sure to challenge your notion of art and the role of the artist.
  • The Boy Who Found A Treasure Map

    by Hannah C. Hong
    One day it starts to rain. A boy takes his favorite toy dog and they go outside to jump in muddy puddles. They get very dirty and decide to take a bath. During their bath a treasure map is discovered. The boy and his dog dive into the bathtub and go on an underwater adventure as they follow the instructions that are set in a series of rhymes. They help each other as they encounter new discoveries in the underwater world. In the end they find a delicious treasure chest hidden in a pirate ship.
  • The Boy Who Took a Trip to the Moon

    by Hannah C. Hong
    One night a boy and his loyal dog friend decide to go on an adventure to the moon. How will they get there and what new discoveries will they experience? These two best friends use their imagination and take off on their voyage to space.
  • Dolley Madison and the War of 1812: America's First Lady

    by Libby Carty McNamee
    Dolley Madison faces a bitterly divided Washington City when her husband, James Madison, becomes our fourth president. The prospect of war against Great Britain threatens to tear our fragile republic apart. The "Presidentess" hosts open parties in the new President's House to unite political foes and cultivate an American identity. When President Madison declares war with disastrous results, Dolley carries on, ignoring the threats against her. However, as British soldiers march toward Washing... more
  • Susanna's Midnight Ride: The Girl Who Won the Revolutionary War

    by Libby Carty McNamee
    As the former Colonies struggle for freedom, the American Revolution is in the hands of a brave and resourceful teenage girl. At sixteen, Susanna Bolling is like America in rebellion; she craves independence. While her brothers are off fighting for the Patriots, she longs to do more than tedious household chores and attend spinning bees in sleepy City Point, Virginia. When British General Cornwallis invades her family’s Bollingbrook Plantation, she overhears his secret plan to defeat the Patriot... more
  • The Black Bag of Dr. Wiltse, Murder on the Prairie

    by Betty Brandt Passick
    Dr. Alexander Wiltse leaves his beloved Canada in the mid-1850s with wife Phebe and three young children to establish new roots in the Midwest. Only Phebe knows of his attraction to murder… His well-oiled black canvas bag simply allows him into emplacements where others may not go. Still, his fellow French Canadians called him Guérisseur, Healer. Perhaps the pioneer physician is also running from entanglements of the past.
  • The Old World

    by Roy M. Griffis
    A soldier fights for his soul in the trenches of France. A field hospital nurse battles death every day. When duty and honor are not enough of a reason to go on in the hell of a world at war, love gives purpose to their lives. A mere mile from the blood-drenched front lines, Russian refugee and nurse Charlotte Braninov encounters English Lieutenant Robert Fitzgerald, who helps her save the life of another soldier. Robert's calm, courtly manner lingers in Charlotte's mind, a comforting memory ... more
  • Lost in The Ark

    by Val Agnew
    Surviving the sins and secrets of a Bible cult. Kate Bennett has spent most of her life shielding her sisters from their angry mother. A loner, she’s an easy recruit for a zealous youth group at her high school. On her first visit to The Ark—the group’s headquarters—Kate hears a sermon she can’t ignore. Full of passion, Kate announces to her family that she’s joining The Ark. Her mother’s rage erupts, and she tells Kate that she’s been brainwashed and forbids her from ever mentioning “that ... more