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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Lumen Caligo: Fallen

    by Lawrence Cobb
    There are three types of people in the world. Those with white wings. Those with black wings. And those with none. Every 350 years a 4th is born called the Lumen Caligo. One side of his wings there is white. On the other side, there is black. Throughout time, the Lumen Caligo acted as a peacekeeper for all the nations, leading them to times of peace, prosperity, and power… Then, the Lumen Caligo of the 1600s mysteriously vanished at the brink of war between the nations. His last letter was somet... more
  • The Starlet in Cabin Number Seven

    by Chrysteen Braun

    Return to picturesque 1980s Lake Arrowhead, California where another cozy cabin sheltered amongst the sweeping pine-lined vistas holds a long-buried secret, waiting to be divulged.


    In this third installment of The Guest Book Trilogy, a young Annie Parker is struggling to overcome her grief over the recent loss of her sister, when a childhood friend unexpectedly turns up seeking refuge from an ill-fated marriage. It would have been easy for Annie to sink deeper into sadness,... more

  • Scribbles from the Middling Cat

    by R.S. Vern

    “An engaging work of fiction that appeals to readers of all ages by offering a unique perspective on life and the human experience, as seen through the eyes of a curious and introspective middling cat.”

    Following the delightful, illustrated book collection “Haee and the Other Middlings”, R.S. Vern continues with a collection of interrelated entries written through the eyes of its main cat protagonist, Haee.

    These scribbles are an introspection of ... more

  • Haee’s Quest for the Greater Prairie

    by R.S. Vern

    The very pursuits that once filled us with zeal and excitement may lose their luster. The goals we set out to achieve may no longer resonate with the person we have become. We encounter moments of doubt, confusion, or even disillusionment. In these moments, it is essential to remember that the journey to find meaning and purpose is not linear. It is a process of exploration, growth, and evolution. What once felt like the epitome of purpose may now seem inconsequential, and that is perfectly n... more

  • The Unconventional Life of Haee: Part Two of Haee and the Other Middlings

    by R.S. Vern

    Rules provide a framework that establishes boundaries and expectations, ensuring that individuals can coexist peacefully. They create a sense of structure and predictability, promoting fairness and accountability. However, rules alone are not enough to build a thriving community. We must also find a reason to fit in, a sense of purpose that allows us to forge deeper connections, and create a sense of belonging. Only then can we create a community where individuals can flourish, united by a sh... more

  • The Heart of Annie

    by J.S. Foote
  • Josie, Johnnie and Rosie and the Ocean Rescue!

    by Michael Panzner
    Follow the adventure of three wonderful friends – a little girl and twin unicorns – who journey to the beach and end up saving a family of fish. After rescuing them, the trio realizes the sea and the sand also need their help, and they join with others to clean things up. Aided by special unicorn magic, they restore nature’s beauty and show how to make our world a better place.
  • Pippa Potter, President's Daughter: Pippa Speaks Up!

    by Elizabeth James

    Fourth-grade Pippa just wants to fit in at her new school. But the fact that her mom’s the President of the United States—who never seems to be around anymore—doesn’t make that easy.

    Nor does the annoying classmate who won’t stop reminding everyone who her mom is. (As if anyone could ever forget! It’s not like anyone else is followed around by a Secret Service agent.)

    But when her teacher assigns class speeches, Pippa’s best-laid plans at ... more

  • Under the Garden Gate

    by Thistle

    Meet a nervous woodchuck, a misbehaving squirrel, a playful bunny, and a mouse who won't stay out of the house. What do they all have in common? They come into the yard under the garden gate. The amusing antics of these and other little creatures are uniquely captured by Thistle in verse and illustration in "Under the Garden Gate". There are 10 stories that highlight 19 characters in the yard.   The stories are perfect for children and anyone with a love for animals an... more

  • Haee The Cat with a Crooked Tail

    by R.S. Vern

    The tipping point of comforts is the moment when the familiar and secure confines of our comfort zone start to feel limiting and stifling. We begin to yearn for something more, a desire to venture outside of what we know, and embrace the unknown. It is in this yearning for something beyond our comfort that we find the courage to unlock our true potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Only by stepping outside our comfort zones can we truly live a life that is vibrant, meaningful, ... more

  • Five Hieroglyphs

    by Stephen T. Person
    A cruise to the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World turns dangerous for 17-year-old Dante Rivera when he defies orders to stop blogging about a shadowy organization that collects legendary antiquities. As Dante falls ever deeper into harm’s way, his connection to Thoth—the ancient Egyptian god of wisdom, magic, and writing—grows. The sudden appearance of a series of hieroglyphs—signals from Thoth, he’s convinced— leads to revelations that could spark an untapped talent and self-discovery. Inspi... more
  • The Varieties of Religious Experience

    by stephen tobias
    OK, here’s the deal. A large robust crow has found a choice spot hanging around a homeless guy who’s caging handouts by Seattle’s Montlake Bridge. When the homeless guy discards a can of Vienna Sausages, the crow, gluttonous as always, gets his beak caught in the half opened can. Desperate to free himself, the crow begins to bang the can against the cement and the repeated shocks to its head, brings back the shocking realization that he has lived before. Henry has always considered himself a ma... more
  • The Journey of Tomy the Dragonfly

    by Christian Kunz
    Through the experiences Tomy makes along the way, he learns about himself and his strengths. But before his self-confidence can grow, he goes through a challenging adventure. Along the journey, he discovers things and landscapes that he would never have expected. He gets to know many new animals. He makes good friends with one creature especially. And the two of them face their fears together.
  • High Jack de Conqueror: Original (Circa 2222) Edition

    by Whit Frazier
    High Jack de Conqueror traverses the political development of the United States and the world in the years following the volatile cultural and political skirmishes of the 2020s and 2030s. Beginning with the murder of Lena Powers, America’s transformative Black female president, events unfold that reveal deep blemishes on the soul of the country as well as revealing cultural aspects of the people that could possibly work towards repairing and healing the nation amidst environmental, political and... more
  • Goodbye Woodstock: The Last Reunion

    by M.H. Sullivan

    It is 50 years after Woodstock and the Love & Peace Commune in southwestern Oregon is planning its annual end-of-summer Woodstock Reunion weekend. Former hippie residents of the commune are already arriving in their tie-dye granny dresses and bell-bottom jeans. They’re expecting to enjoy 3 days of peace & music, organized by Ceil’s partner, Sky, who intends to recreate the 1969 Woodstock Festival playlist. With his cancer no longer in remission, this may be Sky’s last reunio... more


    by Dick FARKAS
    For this odd collection of young characters, life is simply a sequence of daily challenges that unfold one at a time. They reflect some of the qualities inherent in young people searching for something yet to be identified. Ethics, rationality, instinct, serendipity all enter the picture, but seem not to frame it. These characters are driven, often without their awareness, toward a place in time and history. For them, life is quite literally a voyage of discovery.