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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Moved, Left No Address

    by Vickie Phelps
    Joel Webster doesn't need anyone in his life until his father dies and he finds himself completely alone. Regretting how he alienated himself from his family and all the verbal conflict they had, he sets out on a search for his uncle who disappeared without a trace forty years ago. Joel encounters danger, death threats, and a beautiful woman. Will the journey be worth it?
  • Balaam's Curse

    by C. L. Smith
    They have arrived! After 40 years wandering in the wilderness, the Israelites are finally ready to cross the Jordan River and claim the Promised Land. While they celebrate, the surrounding kingdoms of Moab and Midian summon the prophet Balaam from Babylonia. Joining forces with the powers of darkness, he gathers a coalition of five Midianite kings and the seductive Princess Cozbi to prevent the crossing that would change the world. The mutiny, plague, and war unleashed by his plan plunges a youn... more
  • Life Can Change (In An Instant) (Volume 2)

    by Janae Mitchell
    Kaden Jones’s life will never be the same. The person he once was died the day he wrecked his motorcycle, leaving him physically and mentally broken. Wanting to die, yet not even capable of killing himself, he feels like there’s no hope; that he’s being forced to live a life he no longer wants to live. In the midst of his despair, there’s one person who has loved him through it all, and that is Emersyn Moore. No matter how broken Kaden appears, she knows the old Kaden is still there, trapped wit... more
  • Wessingham Awaits

    by Owen Maddox
    “Once upon a time, there was a great king. The king lived in a castle. The castle was in a mountainous kingdom. And yet this kingdom was hidden from the rest of the world. This kingdom was hidden somewhere in the United States of America." A modern classic, WESSINGHAM AWAITS is the unforgettable love story of Lizzie and Henry, child prodigies who befriend each other, grow ever closer, and eventually sing, before the world's most important people "Wessingham Awaits," a love song that is at on... more
  • Nineteen: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Model

    by D.L. Janney
    Depressed, broke, and suffering the effects of a brutal childhood; our hero heads to New York City. He leaves behind college life in a small midwestern town to earn a living in one of the most competitive fields in the world. Pushing aside his overwhelming self-doubt and insecurities, he arrives in New York City with only a bag filled with clothes. Nineteen is his story. Enter his world and walk beside him as D.L. paints a portrait of his life as an outsider in the 1980s fashion world. Without h... more
  • All Hallows at Eyre Hall: The Breathtaking Sequel to Jane Eyre (The Eyre Hall Trilogy Book 1)

    by Luccia Gray
    Twenty-two years after her marriage to Edward Rochester, Jane Eyre is coping with the imminent death of her bedridden husband - and the revelation of his unspeakable secrets. Richard Mason has returned, instigating a sequence of events which will expose Rochester’s disloyalty to Jane, his murderous plots, and innumerable other sins. Drawn into a complex conspiracy, everything Jane holds dear is threatened. Who was the man she thought she loved? What is she prepared to do to safeguard her famil... more
  • In An Instant (Volume 1)

    by Janae Mitchell
    Sixteen-year-old Emersyn Moore spends her summer days working part-time in a book store, enjoying her next read, and hanging out with her best friend, Brianna. She also spends a lot of time admiring Brianna’s older brother, Kaden, who has made it clear that he sees Emersyn as nothing more than a sister. Emersyn concedes to her sisterly role, keeping her feelings to herself, as well as the fantasies she knows will never become reality. However, when Kaden is involved in a disabling accident, ever... more
  • Beneath the Blackberry Moon Part 1: the Red Feather (Creek Country Saga)

    by April W Gardner

    On a moonless night in 1813, Adela McGirth encounters a set of wolves and the steely eyed warrior who slays them, searing himself on her heart. When he returns, it’s with a brand of a different sort—the flaming arrow that destroys her life.

    In the copper-haired captive, Totka Lawe finds the other half of his spirit. He vows he would die ten deaths to protect her, and he would kill any who tried to steal her away. With bluecoat soldiers pursuing him, a jealous cousin pur... more

  • Baring My Soul

    by Yvonne James
  • Rosey Raises Roses

    by Leah Escott

    Rosey, a five-year-old headstrong little girl, is determined not to end up employed in a flower related profession as has been role modelled for her by several generations of matriarchs. As Rosey matures, in her desperate avoidance of flower-related endeavors, Rosey acquires knowledge, worldliness, love, and finally, self-awareness, from an unexpected encounter. 

    All the names are flower related, making the story funny and equally appreciated by children and adults.

  • Tattle Tales: Essays and Stories Along the Way

    by Abbe Rolnick
    Abbe Rolnick—teller of tales, celebrant of life, world traveler—offers visions from the heart in this collection of short stories and essays. Explorations of whimsy and wisdom take the reader from the basement of a young girl learning about the Holocaust via a repairman, to a literal and psychological deep dive in the Caribbean, to the humble truths of a dung beetle in Africa, and all points in between. The author’s keen perception and compassion light the way.
  • A Glass of Crazy

    by Tina Laningham

    In A GLASS OF CRAZY, Abby uses snarky humor to guide the reader on her journey into the depths of alcoholism and the not so easy road back. Those who like the hit drama series, The Fosters, won't want to miss A Glass of Crazy.

  • Charlie's Chalk Stick

    by Renee Wendinger
    One day Charlie, a hobo, hopped off the two o'clock train. After forming a friendship with an injured dog at a hobo village, Charlie meets a group of children at a lemonade stand. Through the use of his chalk stick, Charlie teaches the children a new language - the hobo language. Will the children judge Charlie by his appearance? Or will they have a change of heart? Deftly written by Renee Wendinger and charmingly illustrated by Sharon Grey, "Charlie's Chalk Stick" is a delightfully engaging chi... more
  • In the Springtime Everything is New All Over Again: A Dark Humor Short Story

    by Esmerelda Q. Jones
    Pathos! Characters! Metafiction! Poor Carl just has no luck! And neither does Edwina or little Oscar, but that's okay, because the Tuesday Book Club ladies just love it when bad things happen to hapless Carl, because it makes them feel better about their own lives. Will Carl get his life together? Will Edwina find purpose in life? Will little Oscar get the special shoes he needs? FIND OUT INSIDE.
  • The Strangest Love

    by Melanie Calhoun
    Victoria has a secret! Secluding secrets is her priority, while sleeping with the enemy is inescapable, until she meets Chuck, the newfound love of her life. Chuck senses day by day something is troubling Victoria. Instead of confronting Victoria, he convinces her to confess everything to God. As Victoria grows in her faith, the more hell she begins to face. Victoria learns she is not the only one concealing secrets. When secrets are revealed, murder becomes an unfortunate, nonnegotiable option.... more
  • Keep·er: Sydney Keane Series: The Beginning

    by Laryl Dixon
    Sydney’s life seemed placed in a storybook setting in East Texas: a beautiful mother, ruggedly handsome father, picturesque home, and good family name. But bad choices are soon made leaving Sydney vulnerable to the people around her and to the terrible things that can happen in this world. Sydney’s teen years are marked by the reckless decisions that so often plague young victims of abuse, and she enters adulthood determined to leave her difficult past behind. But when a shocking revelation bri... more