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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Future Tense : The Remembrance of Things Not Yet Past

    by Gary Allen
    What would it be like to suddenly have clear memories of things that don't happen 'til decades later? The regular crowd of hippies at an upstate New York bar, in 1968, find themselves in that very situation. Future Tense is a before-and-after story, in which it's never quite clear which is which. Confusion, wild speculation, enlightenment, and lust abound—so, just like the sixties.
  • Cenotaphs

    by Gary Allen
    At some point in our lives, we all dream of disappearing; escaping from lives that leave us feeling trapped. This novel's main character is a writer (and no, this is NOT autobiographical) who is desparate to get away from it all. He attempts to draw on his writing and research skills to find a way to get a new life—with unexpected results.
  • The Little Dragon

    by Sheri Fink
    The Little Dragon loves to dance in his magical meadow. When he discovers that he’s not alone, he experiences the overpowering emotions of fear, embarrassment, and anger for the first time. Through a series of heartwarming missteps, he learns the value of being open to sharing instead of isolating himself. This enchanting story helps kids recognize and express their big feelings in healthy ways, and teaches us all that dancing and life are better with friends.
  • Whimsical World Coloring Book: Unicorns, Dinosaurs, Mermaids, Dragons, Fairies, Spaceships, and More!

    by Sheri Fink

    Get ready to let your imagination soar to new heights, dive into the deepest oceans, and run wild across enchanting landscapes! The Whimsical World Coloring Book portrays 38 magical scenes that children of all ages (and kids at heart) will have fun coloring. Discover mermaids, unicorns, dinosaurs, narwhals, dragons, spaceships, aliens, fairies, animals, the world’s funniest food fight, and so much more!

    The coloring pages are based on our most popular Whimsical World titles, so yo... more

  • Beyond Imagination

    by John Lansdale
    A short story collection featuring many genres and ideas. Each story takes readers to a world Beyond Imagination.
  • Acts of Hope

    by Martin Elsant
    Having escaped the Portuguese Inquisition, a New Christian woman embarks on a journey to reclaim her Jewish heritage. She soon meets several others on their own unique quests: an English doctor trying to reestablish a Jewish homeland, a pirate and an innkeeper seeking revenge for the Inquisition’s crimes, a Muslim honor victim fighting for justice, and a Catholic seminary student risking his life to end all Inquisitions, everywhere. Their individual acts of hope intertwine to create a timeless s... more
  • The Way

    by Brian John Skillen

    There is a secret code of the Knights Templar on the Camino de Santiago...

    Sent by her father to locate the Knights Templar's greatest treasure—and save her kingdom from ruin—Princess Isabella of France finds one of seven secret doors that unlocks the Templars' mysterious treasure. With this discovery, she expects the mission to be easy. But when she is ambushed on the Camino de Santiago, Isabella is not only forced to seek refuge with the exact comp... more

  • The Rock of Achill

    by Jim Sheehan
    An Irish tale you've never been told. As the last days of mythical Ireland draw to a close, experience the collision of the magical and early-nineteenth-century worlds. On a mission to secure the funds to recover his family land, Donn, an adolescent boy, joins a crew including Irish knights and escaped rebels as they set sail to restore an ancient kingdom. He leaves his new love, Bridget, behind on Achill Island, hoping that he can return to her a propertied gentleman and ask for her hand in ... more
  • Thirteen Miracles

    by DL Kennedy

    The Sierra Madres is the mother of all mountain ranges, and legend says it was the landing spot for Lucifer when he was cast out of heaven. The area is known as "The Devil's Backbone" -- a land of marijuana fields, opium poppies, kidnappings, and drug-related killings. Abby Welles is about to find out if the legends and the stories are true.

    Abby has lost her faith. After hearing a mysterious voice, she decides to write a book about miracles. Her research leads her to Mexico to meet a C... more

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    by Walton Burns
    The Silly Shakespeare for Students edition of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream simplifies the famous play without dumbing it down. It's perfect for introducing students to the Bard and helping English Language Learners practice speaking and oracy skills while grappling with the classics. Author Paul Leonard Murray, director of the Belgrade English Language Theater, has cut the play down to an hour or so and made the language more accessible. But he's kept all the funny parts! Plus it rhym... more
  • And The Fires We Talked About

    by James Ross Kelly
    Kelly’s stories are tough, real, honest, and always true. Unadorned by gimmick or artifice, the pieces in this collection—all framed between the imagined voices of that most primal couple, Adam and Eve—carry us deep into the heart of a wild American world that in many ways (and most definitely for a lot of younger people) sadly no longer exists. The human settings of these stories—bars, strip clubs, dingy apartments, goldmines, ranches, logging crews, homesteads, highways—are rich with details a... more
  • A Chambered Nautilus

    by Anne L Watson
    When Nita inherits her childhood home in New Orleans, she finds the house occupied by ghosts of her past, playing out scenes of the life she fled forty years ago. What are they trying to tell her? Will they ever leave her in peace? And are they really spirits, or only visions, emerging from sealed-off depths of memory as from the shell of a chambered nautilus?
  • The Case of the Missing Firehouse Dog

    by Daphne Self
    Beautiful Majesty has been dognapped! Majesty, the firehouse dog, is missing. Willie and Jax are on the case to discover who is the dognapping culprit. Could it be their neighbor, Mr. Applebee? Or maybe it is Ms. Thornton? Join the Pintail Duo, Wilhelmina van der Coup and Jackson Barnaby, as they follow the clues to rescue Majesty in The Case of the Missing Firehouse Dog.
  • Inside Our Days

    by Michele Merens
    A happily married woman, Bree Durning, abruptly flees home and family after receiving a dire cancer diagnosis. When her husband, a trained psychologist, tracks her down, she can hardly explain why she has turned from all she loves to all she knows only promises pain. A story of our shadow selves and how they may offer us the courage we need to face tough times. Published October 2020 by Muriel Press, Marian University. Available on Amazon, at publisher's website, bookstores and libraries.
  • Latch Key Kids

    by John L. Sheppard

    Latch Key Kids, the long-awaited follow-up to Small Town Punk, chronicles the enduring impact one life can have on another.

    Resilience and the power of sibling friendship combine into a surprising, ingeniously layered comic novel about a boy inventing himself.

    In Latch Key Kids, Sheppard strips the flesh from the bone. He makes you laugh by combining searing wit with keen social observation.


  • In the Shadow of Gold: A Tale of the Lost Confederate Treasure

    by Michael Kenneth Smith
    In the Shadow of Gold A Tale of the Lost Confederate Treasure As Grant was about to take Richmond in early April of 1865, two trains left the city in the dark of night. One carried Jefferson Davis and his cabinet. The other carried the Confederate treasury, guarded by midshipmen from the CSA navy. Weeks later, Davis was captured by federal troops, but the treasure was nowhere to be found. The mystery of the lost gold has never been solved. In the Shadow of Gold tells the story of Yancey Arvi... more