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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Fallen Child

    by Kathleen Morris
    Angel’s Refuge is no refuge at all for the orphans it houses. When sixteen-year-old Josie Fallon finds herself on the way to a brothel, she escapes along with two of her friends, and is taken in by a former outlaw who teaches them survival skills, finding Josie a quick learner, especially with a gun. His ranch is a haven for many on the edge of the law and when it’s attacked, Josie and three of her friends ride out to dispense vengeance to those responsible. Wanted for murder and on the run to C... more
  • Presence: A Novel

    by Michael Buettner
    An epic exploration of love, spirituality, and sensuality in a violent, power-mad world, Presence tells the story of two young people who meet while they’re living on the street in Washington D.C. amid the upheavals of the late 1960s: Jason, the bookish introvert, and Mira, the wild and beautiful novice prostitute. Alienated from their deeply dysfunctional families, they find in each other something they’ve never experienced before – love – and a chance to make up their own ways of loving, witho... more
  • Night Jasmine Tree: Bittersweet Stories of an Indian Youth

    by Debu Majumdar
    Night Jasmine Tree, a Somerset award-winning contemporary novel, describes the hidden backstory of an Indian man’s immigration to the U.S. The high caste protagonist fell in love with a lower caste girl in college, but she was rejected by his very conservative family. They married, but deep emotional wounds continued to torment him even after they were well settled in the U.S. The past cannot be willed away. Later, the arresting stories of his childhood and youth he innocently tells his Am... more
  • You Lucky Dog

    by Debra Finerman
    Does true love really last forever? Can it even transcend death? You Lucky Dog is a light hearted novel that presents the deeper mysteries of life and a love that endures every obstacle- even death. Jake and Emma are destined to be soulmates even when he dies in a car crash and his soul is mysteriously transferred into the body of Emma's adorable Westie. They have fun, laugh together and cope with the challenges all couples face. Just a bit differently, that's all. Bonus: There's a surprise endi... more
  • Never Waste Dreams

    by Gloria Zachgo
    Carl, Hannah, Nathan, and Sarah each take you with them in their essence and dialect. They struggle for their family. They show grit and determination for their land. They open their hearts for those who join them, as a new voice is added, saying, “I couldn’t help but wonder how much our life was going to change in ways I had not even considered.” This is the sequel to Never Waste Tears.
  • Horace the Horsefly

    by Olaolu Ogunyemi
    Horace may not feel well, but he realizes that greeting his friends really brightens their day! Sometimes a warm smile and a wave is the best medicine anyone can ask for. Come practice animal sounds and sight words with Horace as he greets his friends in the language that each of them can understand!
  • Back-to-School at Home!

    by Nadia Edoh
    COVID-19 has changed everything! It's time to start school again, and everywhere kids are doing it on their computers at home. How will brothers Mawuli (10) and Kunale (5) handle it?
  • Everything All At Once (Book 1 in the Chorduroys And Too Many Boys™ series)

    by Ivy Cayden

    *Winner, 2021 Independent Press Award, Teen*
    *Gold Medal Winner, 2021 Readers' Favorite Awards, Young Adult - Coming of Age*

    Teenage life (with a playlist). Nearly sixteen, Kila Lorens showers herself in music and lives in plush corduroys. She longs for the answers to this irritating trio of questions: When will she have her first kiss? Will Angus Lyr ever stop obsessi-texting Reese Seratine? And why did her former best friend, Brixton Kading, silently bow out of her life six m... more

  • Moonlight Dunk Contest

    by MPHamburg
    An uproarious remix of counting sheep before bed, Moonlight Dunk Contest combines basketball swagger with nursery rhyme imagery—nothing but net!
  • The Skylight Room B09836B84N

    by Charlie Carillo
    A rich supermodel buys an old brick building in Greenwich Village and buys out all the tenants - except for the mysterious old woman in the skylight room, who refuses to leave the place she's called home for seventy years. In the "read all about it" clash that ensues in the pages of the New York Post, we learn all about the remarkable life of the lady in the skylight room.
  • Kingstown Burning

    by Rachelle J. Gray
    In the southern Caribbean three women unexpectedly find themselves caught in the crossfire of a regional ganja war. Someone is keeping a secret. Another is about to unearth a truth - in this thrilling mix that moves along a mystical timeline in a tropical paradise. Can there be honor amongst thieves?
  • A Different Slant of Light

    by Joel David Levin

    Former almost-rock-star Brian "Brick" Smith thought his punk-rock days were behind him. He was wrong.

    Before he became a mild-mannered English teacher, Brian was the songwriter and bass player for a one-hit-wonder punk band: Call Field. Two decades ago, Brian and his bandmates were on a stratospheric ascent through the music industry... until Call Field unexpectedly crash-landed and broke up.

    Since then, Brian has been living a quiet white-collar life, teaching at a... more

  • Emily Bean and the Flying Machine

    by Geneviève McLaughlin
    Young Emily has a fantastical dream to create a magical, flying car and soar the skies, exploring with her co-pilot teddy bear. With imagination, nothing can stop Emily as she takes a wild adventure through outer space, returning just in time for bedtime. Artfully written by Genevieve McLaughlin with a dreamlike quality, Emily Bean and the Flying Machine is a wonderful read-aloud for bedtime and anytime.
  • The Last Cowboy

    by Jan Herrman
    The Last Cowboy follows the life of reluctant hero, Hank Miller, from abandonment as a child to deadly encounters as an adult. He has managed to survive the Civil War, desperados, and an earthquake. But one last adventure awaits... Hank has a debt to pay and a friend to rescue in a far off land. Can he accomplish both tasks without losing his own life—and endangering the lives of his twin sons? Read The Last Cowboy to find out.
  • Being is Better: Better Together, Book One

    by Marjorie Jackson
    Fourteen-year-old Amber has battled medical challenges – specifically epilepsy – her whole life. Due to her physical limitations, she has no friends, but does her best to trudge through each day with a smile. Fellow “middle-school senior” Missy has struggles of her own. Following her brother’s death in Afghanistan, her father uprooted them from everything familiar, only to divorce Missy’s mother and move away, leaving Missy friendless and angry, forced to care for her deeply depressed mother.... more
  • Sweet Honesty

    by Lee James
    Her mother was murdered. Her father vowed revenge. She grew up in the shadow of his anger, afraid. Always afraid. Then her rescuer came along and pulled her out of the mud of the train yard and set her under the hot, dazzling lights of a stage. But would her savior be the reason for her ultimate downfall? Cherry Winslow escapes an abusive father by marrying an indifferent husband, Gideon. Still, Cherry is determined to be the best wife she can in the leaky one-room shack they called home. Her c... more