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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • R & R: A Sex Comedy

    by E.M. Schorb
    \tSerge Bering-Strait, a young poet living with his activist mother and aunties has just been employed as copywriter for “Women’s Omnibus” magazine. His boss, Bettina Battle, the “Battle of Britain,” hails from “Swinging London”—the magazine as well as the city—and is out to deflower him. On the sly, he’s writing Resurgius, a novel set in a universe governed by women, where the Dongs are in revolt.
  • ELAKHA (New Title for Kill The Turkey)

    by Jamie Zerndt
    Lyric and Atusko live in Otter Rock, Oregon. When the two thirteen-year-olds aren’t gaming or watching re-runs of Bob’s Burgers, they’re out surfing on the coast. Which is lacking one very obvious thing: otters. But, after stumbling upon a black barn in the forest, that might change. While Lyric is dealing with the recent divorce of his parents, and Atsuko is worrying about the failing health of her sobo, the two find themselves helping an oddball surfer who, somewhat illegally, is making it his... more
  • An Eternity of Mirrors: Best Short Stories of Johnny Townsend

    by Johnny Townsend
    From over 500 short stories published over three decades, author Johnny Townsend presents several of his favorites. A gay couple steals from the rich to support their favorite charities. Two young women vie for the affection of the same missionary. A father with a speech impediment is forced into the spotlight after his daughter survives a school shooting. A reporter seeks the identity of Salt Lake’s new superhero—a masked man wearing temples clothes who mysteriously shows up at crime scenes... more
  • Scar Songs

    by W. Royce Adams
    SCAR SONGS contains nine stories dealing with male protagonists at various stages in life who experience events that leave either a psychological or physical memory scar. The stories cover dilemmas such as struggles with family loyalties, guilt after catching a shoplifter, suffering the loss of a loved one, the inability to forgive, and the breakdown of a professor while teaching his class.
  • Fault Lines

    by Colin Heston
    A series of 29 short stories inspired by the vicissitudes of punishment in all its forms, its deliverers and recipients. Its universality across cultures and at every level of social life from the kitchen to the battlefield never ceases to amaze. The stories unveil the diverse motives and excuses for punishment that paradoxically form the foundation of that great shibboleth of humanity: justice. The stories range through childhood spats to military encounters, , family discourse and dysfunction... more
  • When a Phoenix Rose Nevermore: Cycles of the Phoenix II

    by C.A. Nicholas
    Dear Literary Traveler, Another life-affirming journey between you and C.A. Nicholas awaits! In this standalone sequel to Cycles of the Phoenix, you will encounter tragic tales and surreal comedies, as well as degrees of horror. Yet the heroes of these diverse, interlaced, and multigenerational stories share a desire to show you how to find happiness amid persistent sorrow; their mantra is this: you are wonderful because you exist.
  • The Servant of Helaman

    by M.D. House

    While a mighty nation reels following the assassination of its chief leader, its greatest enemy prepares to launch another bold invasion aimed at the subjugation of the free people of Nephi, about fifty years before the Savior’s long-prophesied advent to the world.


    Caught up in the swirling cacophony of events is a young soldier and spy, a former orphan whose growing testimony of the coming Christ will be tested and refined as he engages in momentous battles to preser... more

  • The Barabbas Legacy

    by M.D. House

    In this poignant capstone to the trilogy, the man called Barabbas—infamous former thief, murderer and prisoner turned Christian—and his wife Chanah continue their mission of spreading the gospel across the known world as cauldrons of political and military chaos boil across the Roman Empire. Nero is increasingly erratic, and it’s only a matter of time before the sharp knives of imperial politics finish him off. Various successors vie for position. Who will strike first, and ... more

  • Pillars of Barabbas

    by M.D. House
  • I Was Called Barabbas

    by M.D. House
  • The Final Words of T. Harley

    by Rex Eloquens
    In a suicide note riddled with the taste of life, Terrance Harley recounts the diseased tales of his youth. Never quite fitting in, the venomous ire he has for the masses warps his life into something he can no longer enjoy. As a result, the affections he nurtures mythically inflates his loved ones to a universal scale. The only issue is, what happens to them when Harley's darkness takes over?
  • Levinson of Harvard

    by L.M. Vincent
    At the turn of the 20th century, a young Jewish immigrant living in the North End of Boston yearns to be a college man, no matter the cost. Five decades later his grandson embarks on his own college education and comes face-to-face with the unexpected secrets of his long-dead grandfather. Through dual narratives across time, LEVINSON OF HARVARD traces the parallel stories of grandfather and grandson, as each grapples with misguided aspirations, antisemitism, the loss of innocence, and the weigh... more
  • Anangokaa

    by Cameron Alam
    Upper Canada, 1804, on the edge of Chippewa territory. Flora MacCallum wakes from a malarial coma and witnesses the staggering loss her siblings have endured during their first days on the mosquito-infested banks of the Chenail Écarté. Lured by Lord Selkirk’s promise of fertile grazing land and freedom far from the Highland clearances, Flora’s father staked his life to bring his family across the Atlantic. During the struggling frontier settlement’s first bleak North American winter, Flora ... more
  • Those People Behind Us

    by Mary Camarillo
    Beneath the affluent veneer of a Southern California housing tract, five neighbors (a realtor, an aerobics teacher, an ex-con, a Vietnam vet, and a teenage boy) confront death, betrayal, financial decline, and loneliness, while trying to raise teenagers and care for aging parents. Set in the politically tumultuous summer of 2017, each character searches for home and community in a neighborhood where no one can agree who belongs.
  • The Price of Worthlessness - Petra's story

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    When Petra, 14, meets Marvin, 28, she believes she’s found the one, but events soon take a dark turn, and she finds herself trapped in a sex trafficking network from which there is no escape. This is a heart-breaking story about survival and resiliency in which the emotional and psychological struggles of the central character will resonate with readers. Based on reality, it will expand the knowledge and understanding of adults of all ages about the often-unspoken dangers in today’s world.
  • The Stallion and His Peculiar Boy

    by M.J. Evans
    ★Inspired by a true story, The Stallion and His Peculiar Boy will touch your heart as no other horse story has before.★ World War II is raging. Hitler is hiding away the world's most beautiful purebred horses in a little village in Czechoslovakia. Lipizzaners, Thoroughbreds, and the prize Polish Arabians are being used in his experiments to create the perfect war horse. A peculiar twelve-year-old boy from the village named Teodor becomes the groom for one of those special horses - Witez II, ... more