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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Valley of the Dogs Dark Stories

    by James Musgrave
    Hollywood and Broadway are icons of the American Dream. But what happens to those who feed off that dream? Just as drug cartels have many underlings, who must get paid along the journey to the addicts, so do the characters who need to be nourished by the luminaries who make up this star-studded world above us. James Musgrave’s collection of eleven stories, in many ways, addresses the theme of “star power,” but in a way that satirizes the stereotypical “Hollywood endings” in very unique and liter... more
  • Married, Living in Italy: Stories

    by Misty Urban
    What unites the unlikely protagonists in these very different short stories is their search for refuge. Whether their escape is imagined or tantalizingly out of reach, these characters are crushingly believable and endearingly real in their defenses, their damage, their humor, and their sheer will as they turn suffering into salvation. Full of disappearing children and surfacing secrets, fragile triumphs and imminent loss, these eloquent tales laced with hilarity and grief illuminate shared h... more
  • A Special Day: The Day Eid Met Christmas by Mahmoud Elzein

    by Kids Lit Book Cafe
    Do you believe in magic, that of kindness and love? One year, Christmas and Eid fell on the same day. On that day, two girls, Eva and Aya, met. Find out how their magical friendship and acts of kindness spread the spirit of giving. This story inspires children to think of others and to give generously regardless of social backgrounds and beliefs
  • Mouse's Houses

    by Andrea Witt
    Mouse is a mouse who thinks her house is too small. She sets out to find the perfect house. Will mouse find her perfect house? Join Mouse as she learns a valuable lesson--The difference between a house and a home.
  • Summer of Haint Blue: From Cajun to Creole

    Summer of Haint Blue is a compelling and engrossing coming-of-age novel set in the politically charge climate in the 1960s. The story follows a poor Cajun boy's attempts to understand and deal with the evils of racism while growing up on a small farm in Louisiana. The novel explores the journey of the boy as he navigates the challenging issues of racial conflicts, loss of innocents, and interracial relationships in the deep South during those turbulent times in America.
  • Walk Lightly

    by Kim Hanzo
    Follow this friendly jaguar as he strolls through the South American rainforest and learns the importance of caring for the Earth with his cuddly critter neighbors. For all of us, this planet is the only one we have. Walk Lightly is the second book in the “World of Difference” children’s book series that seeks to foster positive character development in and conversation with kids. While the series is written for young children, the messages and beautiful illustrations will resonate with peopl... more
  • Secrets of Zarhoria: The Battle of the Ice King

    by Zachary Colmenero
    Max Zarhoria feels worse when moving into a house where his dead dad used to live. But things get better when he discovers a underground world, a prophecy and a deadly battle between him and the Ice King.
  • Camper Girl

    Mysterious maps lead a young woman on a journey through the Adirondack Mountains, where she discovers a shocking family secret and the healing power of nature.
  • The Last First Kiss

    by Walter Bennett
    Ace Sinclair, now in his seventies, has one eye on a hurricane churning up from the south and the other on his old high school sweetheart, J’nelle Reade, whom he has invited to his Outer Banks beach house for a sentimental journey into their pasts. But the past is with them more than they know, and they are soon pulled into a haunting search among old memories for betrayals, mistakes, missed chances and ultimately the hard truths of their lives. As a dangerous hurricane turns in the Atlantic and... more
  • In for the Rain: A Collection of Stories

    by Raine Leggett

    Journey with me through the pages of my mind. Travel through caves. Fall in love again and again. Explore many different worlds as characters come to life. Find many stories to read again and again in this beautiful collection. This collection contains 60 short stories and over 100 free forms poetry..

  • 978-0-578-90182-4

    by Dr. Ana Perez Chisti
    Sweet Reign-Fourth Wave Feminine Principles recounts incidents from the lives of eight historical Holy Women--and how the life of the author, Ana Perez Chisti, was shaped by their influence. Hidden in these Holy Women's intuitive actions are the seeds of spiritual potential, illuminating how we can understand others and ourselves more compassionately. When Fourth Wave Feminine Principles are activated, doubt vanishes, and one can sense through the subtle awareness of gender balance, the divine c... more
  • Ava and Mae Own a Lemonade Stand

    by Brittney Dias
    Oh no! The drinks are out! Ava and Mae are great at solving problems. When the drinks run out at the Summer Start Fair, they know just what to do. Learn with Ava and Mae as they go step by step to open their very own lemonade stand. Ava and Mae use negotiations, land business deals, and more to become the youngest business owners at the fair! There are some challenges along the way, and things aren’t always easy, but these sisters always find a way! Brittney Dias and Iman Purnell use humor... more
  • Boxes of Love

    by Jennifer Antonik
    The pandemic was difficult but not impossible with the help of our local schools and farmers. Join Mason on a mission to find out how they helped and how he found a way to say, “Thank you.” This is a story celebrating love and unity. Meal boxes (or bags) have been distributed to students around the United States since the COVID-19 pandemic began. School nutrition staff members work tirelessly to craft each box or bag for students without question, including food from local farmers, businesses, f... more

    by Joseph C. Gioconda
    Abandoned as a child and raised by the Church, young Sebastian works tirelessly in his pursuit of priesthood. But when a shadowy hooded figure passes him a scroll, his careful plans face a turning point. It appears his name has drawn the attention of the Inquisition and his attendance is commanded at once—for retribution, information, or something else, he does not know. Father Heinrich Institoris the Grand Inquisitor is lauded as a visionary man, driven by a burning desire to cleanse the wor... more
  • Apples for the Wild Stallion

    by Thomas Davis
    Austin is a 15-year-old with autism that cannot talk who communicates using apps on his iPad, loves his family, and is not at all comfortable with change. He much prefers his life to follow its prescribed routines. But life doesn't always listen. When the majestic wild stallion appears outside his window in the middle of the night, Austin's carefully constructed life begins to overflow with change. He experiences an almost mystical connection to the wild stallion that helps him to push thr... more
  • The Divine Comedy: The New Translation by Gerald J. Davis

    by Gerald J. Davis
    The beloved classic by Dante in a new translation. Inferno. Purgatory. Paradise. Complete and Unabridged.