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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Just Like Ziggy

    by Julie Oleszek
    Anna desperately needs her family, but how can a family who needs rescuing save her? Seventeen-year-old Anna has just returned home after three months in a locked psych ward. Now, she must get her parents and eight siblings to relive the tragedy that changed their lives forever. Disheartened when her family remains aloof, Anna is forced into making rash decisions and contemplates the worst—even while under the care of her psychiatrist. Then, Anna’s family gathers for an unusual occasion on... more
  • "Buster Bunny Does a Dare: He Goes Over Niagara Falls and Disappears!"

    by Robert Feller

    My 6th book,"Heidi the Lamb and Her Adventures," and my 7th book, "Buster Bunny" tell a tale of wonderful, beautifully illustrated stories about animal friends who look out for each other. Every chapter has a lesson to help children of all ages: how to do Life better!

  • Forgotten Letters

    by Kirk Raeber and Mario Acevedo
    A trove of forgotten letters reveals a love that defied a world war. In 1924, eight-year old Robert Campbell accompanies his missionary parents to Japan where he befriends a young Makiko Asakawa. Robert enjoys his life there, but the dark tides of war are rising, and it won't be long before foreigners are forced to leave Japan. Torn from the people Robert has come to think of as family, he stays in contact by exchanging letters with Makiko, letters that soon show their relationship is blos... more
  • The Hampshire Project

    by Kitty Beer
    Dear Editor, I’m submitting my new novel for your review. THE HAMPSHIRE PROJECT is the third in a trilogy called RESILIENCE: A Trilogy of Climate Chaos. The first novel is WHAT LOVE CAN’T DO (2006); the second is HUMAN SCALE ( 2010). The publisher is Plain View Press. The due date is Earth Day, April 22, 2017. It would be hard to find a novel more relevant to today’s issues. Climate change is under way. What will life be like for people in fifty years? Coastal cities are inundated; mass mi... more
  • The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon: New Beginnings

    by Ellen L. Buikema
    Moving and making new friends is tough! When Charlie Chameleon and his family start their adventure in New Town, Charlie discovers he is braver than he knows. With his bossy pet fish, Frankie, by his side, he faces many challenges, including standing up to the neighborhood bully.
  • Kitty's

    by Samantha Rhymes
    Cat's are amazing creatures who fill our days with love and affection. Each of the lyrical rhyming Kitty books, bring into focus some of the fun loving things cats do each day. The magical illustration which accompany each page enrich the poetic story line. Here is a short example: Kitty Kitty where are you? Kitty Kitty I want you. Kitty Kitty I hear you creep. Kitty Kitty are you asleep? Like all cats, Kitty does her/his own thing.
  • Very, Very, Afraid!

    by Craig Kunce
    Sadie's bedtime is full of unwanted visitors—scary monsters! They sneak around at night and hide in dark places. Tonight, Sadie is tired of being afraid. She sets out to find these monsters and confront them. Sadie is surprised when she learns the real reason these monsters are lurking and hiding in her house. And it leads to an unexpected friendship.
  • My Perfect Friend?

    by Craig Kunce

    A light-hearted, humorous, coming-of-age story about six-year-old Sadie who is trying to find her "perfect" friend.

    Sadie has an idea in her head that her new best friend has to be perfect and live up to her long list of suitable traits. She will meet many interesting and quirky friends during her search. Some won't share, some stretch the truth, some want her to disappear, and some bark out loud!

    As she searches for her new friend she quickly discovers that no one p... more

  • Rosie and Friends Positively Different

    by Helen C. Hipp
    Rosie the Pink Hippo asks readers "What advice would you give your friends who want to feel better about themselves" in this adventure book to help readers see that being different can be positive. Join Rosie the Pink Hippo, Olivia the Ostrich, and many others in this educational and eye-opening 28-page illustrated children's book, Rosie and Friends Positively Different, a creative and fun teaching tool intended for parents, caregivers, teachers, and children who may have felt at some point in t... more
  • The Best Kept Secret

    by Wendi Nunnery
    In high school, everyone has their secrets. Even well-brought-up Emma Fraser. Emma’s sophomore year started out all wrong. First, her best friend Andy confessed to losing his virginity in the back seat of a car, leaving Emma all alone in the V-Club. Then the rest of her friends got weird and, suddenly, Emma found herself feeling like a stranger. Now, struggling to find her new place, Emma wonders if things could get any worse. When Deegan Burke, a rich, gorgeous senior, asks Emma to be his date ... more
  • The Year That Spring Didn't Come

    by Merry Spence
    Charley and Frances are best friends, and always together in the spring. When Frances is badly hurt, Charley cannot imagine the spring without her. Its a story about friendship and loyalty, and the simple joys of childhood.
  • The Adventures of Frank and Mustard: Stuck in the Mud

    by Simon Calcavecchia
    Frank, a dog with wheels for back legs, get's stuck in the mud. Thankfully, his buddy Mustard comes to the rescue by asking for help and using teamwork to get Frank out of the mud..
  • Harlem Mosaics

    by Whit Frazier
    The year is 1927, and Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes are feverish with youth, gin, and artistic ambition. They are riding high on the achievements of the Harlem Renaissance—the most dynamic and shocking literary movement in American history. To make their mark on the world, they decide to write an authentic African-American opera rooted in the folktales and songs of the South. Despite these lofty ambitions, the messiness of everyday life and the pressures of patronage get in the way. The... more

    by George Wells

    A little tree grew up on a tree farm and because he was in the shadows of the larger trees, Pee Wee did not grow as big as all his friends. Because of his size the tree cutters laughed at him and gave him the name "Pee Wee".   One day Pee Weee was cut  down and taken to be sold at the Christmas Tree lot.  Why he was chosen we do not know.  But again Pee Wee was overlooked and lhe was sad once more.  When it looked hopeless Pee Wee heard some children sh... more

  • And the Greatest of These

    by Joe Michael Pritchard
    Lives entwined as one fifty-six years ago. An afternoon nap turned delusional. Police. An old hospital Emergency Room turned involuntary committal to a locked psychiatric unit and a research psychiatrist determined to discover an Alzheimer's vaccine. Alone. Patient and spouse. Neither able to fathom life without the other. One will fight to live. One will fight to die. A down-and-out ER crisis counselor caught between the old couple's quest for autonomy and his livelihood. Redemption on two home... more
  • Belle's Tale and Other Stories

    by David D. Davis, Jr.

    Eight free-ranging stories collected here for the first time. One, an extension and a point-of-view switch on the classic Dickens tale, A Christmas Carol. The next, a riff on a story from Genesis. Then there's a contemporary story of corporate malfeasance, Mark Twain fulminating from the afterlife, a mad glodling, a dystopian vision of a justice system, a meditation of lost friendship, and a little bit of time-travel tale thrown in for good measure.