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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Cilla's Dilemma, A cautionary tale about fitting In

    by Donalie T. Sheldan

    Coming back to school after a long absence Cilla finds her friends all behaving and dressing very much alike. Cilla feels pressured to conform and she must decide what to do.

    The story is written in verse; it has 50 full color illustrations with an index and a glossary.


  • Gena Trusts God

    by Karen Sherrill
    Follow Gena's adventure as she trusts what she's learned about God when some kids don't seem nice. Little children can have big faith!
  • Niki Owl: Leap of Faith

    by Karin Pinter
    In the first book of the Niki Owl series, our faithful explorer takes a major leap of faith by journeying from his home forest in Spain to find adventure in Canada. Niki finds far more than he ever imagined as he explores a new culture and environment, and encounters many of the typical situations we often find ourselves in as the result of change. He approaches them with as much positive thinking as he can, sharing what he already knows and learning much more from the new friends he makes along... more
  • my name is tookie

    by Chariss K. Walker

    "my name is tookie" is an intense, first-person narrative account of early childhood and adolescent memories by a fifteen-year-old survivor. It's a dramatic coming of age novella about the shocking adversities and inhumane traumas Tookie suffered at the hand of the 'system' in charge of her protection. Due to the nature of this book, some descriptive scenes are not suitable for those under the age of 13; parental guidance advised.

  • Streets of Broken Hearts (A Justine Bryce Novel Book 1)

    by Sydney Bristow
    September 1927, Chicago - Al Capone is not a patient man. So when Justine Bryce, a college student who funds her education by moonlighting as the most successful cat burglar in Chicago, refuses to pull an all but impossible job for him, he tracks down her father and threatens to kill him if Justine doesn't cooperate. She is determined to save her dad, even if it means trusting a man she is doomed to love forever, a charming but unattainable nightclub owner who agrees to help but only because ... more
  • Sedahlia

    by Cynthia D. Toliver
    Sedahlia explores the human cords that bind and the racial lines that divide two families, the Masters and the Lindseys. When Johnny Masters and Rachel Lindsey dare to blur those lines, personal needs and mores collide, rumbling through the families and the post-Civil War communities in which they live. Sedahlia is a riveting ride challenging readers to examine race relations both then and now.  
  • Crown's Jewel

    by Cynthia D. Toliver
    Born with a harelip, consigned to an orphanage, Crown McGee comes to Colwin County, Texas in 1923 to claim his estranged father’s estate, a thriving rice farm and cemetery. He is soon smitten with beautiful, spirited, tenant Carrie Giddings. When Crown offers complicity in a murder in exchange for Carrie, the Giddings flee, abandoning their daft daughter Jewel in Carrie’s place. Forced together, Crown and Jewel form an odd and painful union. On the road to love and acceptance, Crown suffers hard... more
  • In Search of Tom Candy

    by Dairl M. Johnson
    The Lincoln Conspiracy In 1904, journalist JOHN STANTON, son of Abe Lincoln’s secretary of war, seeks to clear his father of being implicated in the death of America’s towering sixteenth president. A trove of incriminating documents and the secretary’s own admitted reliance on a devious war correspondent have led revisionist historians to accuse him of being at the heart of the assassination plot. But John believes he’s found the key as to why his father is being smeared: a large, far-rea... more

    by John B. Daniels
    Investment is a practice for the brave hearted, the ambitious, and the courageous. It is a practice that is for those who are ready to discover new ideas, try them out and exploit to the maximum. Investment is for those who yearn to be successful. These are individuals who focus on achieving the best where others shy away. It is a practice for which most would want to be participants. It’s such a great privilege and honor to say hello to you. Oh, and below are my books’ links. Please access t... more
  • Every Word an Arrow

    by Leona Silberberg
    A woman goes through an epic divorce to protect her children and discovers strength and humor she didn't know she had. She has help along the way from her powerful visionary dreams and the eclectic, colorful tribe of friends she finds when she returns to live in her Montana hometown.
  • Cirkus

    by Patti Frazee
    In Patti Frazee's astonishing debut novel, enchantment and illusion casually commingle with reality as the Borefsky Brothers Circus makes its way across the American Midwest in the summer of 1900. Mariana, the fortune teller, makes herself invisible and drifts through the nighttime circus, listening in on conversations and watching over her beloved Shanghai, a fire-breathing dwarf who closely guards his secrets, even from Mariana's second sight. Conjoined twins Atasha and Anna cling to each o... more
  • A Fool Rides the Wheel of Fortune

    by Steven M. Fernand
    May Day, 1970... Annabelle, nineteen and disheartened with her coal-town prospects, meets Walt, who runs a game in a traveling carnival and wins a date with her after the show closes. Later, at a bar in town, he boasts of life on the road, and she confesses a yen to be elsewhere. Taking a shot at adventure and romance, she goes to his hotel room, and the next night rolls out of town with Walt and the show—joining a bizarre troupe of characters, who allegorically embody symbolic aspects of the Ta... more
  • River of Painted Birds

    by Tessa Bridal
    When Isabel Keating flees 18th century Ireland after killing her abusive husband, she dresses as a man so that she can board a ship bound for America. It is on the journey that Isabel meets the ship's owner, Garzón Moreau. Like Isabel, he, too, is something of an outcast, albeit a wealthy one, thanks to his skills as a smuggler. They both have strong reasons to resist a relationship that goes any deeper. Garzon is half Indian and well aware that the Catholic Church forbids mixed marriages. An... more
  • The Tree of Red Stars

    by Tessa Bridal
    Magda's childhood in the 1960s in Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay, is one of small pleasures: sitting beneath the poinsettia tree in her yard, meeting her friends by the banks of the Rio de la Plata, and learning the rules that her culture ordains for young women of privilege. But as Magda grows up, her comfortable world becomes frightening in ways that she has never imagined it could. As her government increasingly turns on its own people in both subtle and overt acts of terror, Magda's... more

    by Bonnie Shimko
    Thirteen-year-old Jenny Barker is not a regular girl. She's a kid who has seen and heard every hateful, gross thing a human being is capable of doing or saying. When her meth-head parents are taken away, she gradually finds hope: an amazing musical talent she didn't know she had, Gracie Disher, a kindred spirit who lives right down the road, and Bo, a shopworn roadie from the Janis Joplin era who shows Jenny what a loving parent is like.
  • A Wish of One Good Deed

    by Adrienne Noel
    A Children's Book about doing a Good Deed and "Paying it Forward." This book was hand illustrated by me using strong colors and animals to tell a story of how we all can help make this a better world to live in. This book is well written with a great rhyming cadence.