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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Chip Maker: Prophecy of the Beast

    by Bridgette Collins
    In this thriller filled with drama and intrigue that stretches one’s imagination, Jim Natas has spent the last decade enhancing the functionality of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to identify, track, and provide information on every living organism via an implantable chip. His concealed mission: The creation of one government, one religion, and one financial system, enabling him to control the world. Natas partners with Global Media Sources, the world’s largest media and en... more
  • 978-1508653752

    by Yvette Carmon Davis
    Suddenly Free, Purpose off Joy is the second in the series. Suddenly Free is a chronicle of what life might be like immediately before the Rapture, and the Coming of Jesus Christ. In Volume 1, the Antichrist was in the world, seeking to become the god of this world. Satan, Lucifer, the Enemy of men, had promised that the beast could be worshipped when the end of Time arrived. Lucifer continues his battle to overcome the people of Earth. He still attempts to destroy and enslave as many as ... more
  • Graffiti

    by Joanie Pariera
    It is a changing world in 'Graffiti' - young India thrust into that realm of personal freedom like never before. If breaking the mould is difficult, finding your footing in an ever-changing world is just as challenging, as IT professionals Vipin, Rene, and Upasana find out. Throw in an extra helping of real world situations and certain 'out of their world' characters, and the already inflamed situation goes out of control. Life then, filters down to those little moments, the barely noticeable... more
  • THE BELIEF IN Angels - Adapted for Young Adults

    by J. Dylan Yates

    A raw and haunting, coming-of-age novel about a courageous, young girl, her tragedy, unique survival skills and a divine intervention.

    Growing up in her parents' crazy hippie household on a tiny island off the coast of Boston, Jules's imaginative sense of humor is the weapon she wields as a defense against the chaos of her family's household. Somewhere between routine discipline with horsewhips, gun-waving gambling debt collectors, and LSD-laced breakfast cereal ... more

  • The Cleaning Crew

    by Richard D.Hayes
    Matt and Jeremy are two successful business men in their sixties wondering what to do with the rest of their lives. They decide to do something grand, and to recruit enough people like themselves, successful, rich, and experienced in life, to form a political group. The group would campaign against corruption, and win both the legislature and the management positions in Massachusetts, from governor to district attorney, then accomplish nine specified goals, leaving the state in good shape four... more
  • A Rainbow Together

    by Danny Davies
    The socially turbulent summer of 1964 triggers a cyclone of upheaval. For both the nation and Davey Dodd, a sheltered 17 year old from Kentucky. At the onset, he remains blissfully unaware of the radical changes about to come. He takes a job across the river at a large Cincinnati hotel, which at first only serves to intensify his feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt. The coarse masculinity of most of his peers intimidates him, but at the same time he wishes he could be more like those guys wh... more
  • Finnigan the Circus Cat

    by Mary T Wagner

    Maximilian and Leroy are two circus mice cousins who think they’ve got it made in the shade at the old, shuttered Farnsworth Circus Museum. There are no dogs around, there’s a safe path to the full pantry in the old house, and the barn is full of dry hay and old circus wagons to hang out in. But when a new generation of Farnsworths move in, things start to shake up. And when eight-year-old Lucy Farnsworth brings home a tiny rescue kitten and hides him in the barn because her dad i... more

  • When We Were Invincible

    by Jonathan Harnisch
    A boarding school student with Tourette's syndrome looks for the meaning of life in this offbeat novella. This is recommended to fans of Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. When We Were Invincible details the experiences of Georgie Gust at the fictional St. Michael's Academy, a prestigious East Coast boarding school. In the vein of Catcher in the Rye, the novella focuses on Georgie's sense of isolation and feelings of otherness as he navigates his world while sufferi... more
  • No One Ran to the Altar

    by Don Trowden
    This second volume in the Normal Family Trilogy picks up the Pendergast family saga mixing humor with pain in recounting what became of the genius older brother Albert. All the characters in this eccentric family are further explored with great tenderness and humor as the theme of father and son betrayals is further developed, with a surprise at novel's end that sheds new light on all that came before.
  • Sing Me An Old SOng

    by morgan james

    This is the tale of a Southern ghost, Mavis Banks Book, who returns to her beloved Atlanta home on a fine spring day in 1996, ten years after her funeral. It is also the story of Niki Banks and Jack Rainwater, unlikely and unwilling roommates in Mavis’ house. And finally, it is the story of a city-sized stray dog of unrecognizable heritage that appears in a terrifying thunderstorm. All four are offered a chance, a last chance, and it will take a friend with a fondness for Vo... more

  • Invisible Me

    by Debbi Mack
    Military brat and albino, 13-year old Portia Maddox, has bounced from school to school, always an outsider. So when Denise Laughton, the most popular girl in the seventh grade, asks for her help in exchange for an invite to Denise’s big birthday party, Portia jumps at the chance to go. However, Portia must spy on Randy, Denise’s boyfriend, to find out whether he’s cheating on her. Portia’s spying unearths a tangled web of duplicity, hidden agendas and family secrets. And when Portia’s buddin... more
  • When Water Was Everywhere

    by Barbara Crane
    Once upon a time in Los Angeles, water was everywhere—in rivers that rendered the vast plain marsh and woodland; in underground streams that provided an abundance of water for people, cattle, orchards and vineyards. The American Henry Scott encounters this fertile landscape in When Water Was Everywhere. Arriving in the Mexican pueblo of Los Angeles in 1842, he meets Don Rodrigo Tilman (based on the historical John Temple). Scott becomes the foreman of Tilman’s newly-purchased cattle ranch along ... more
  • Antonia Barclay and Her Scottish Claymore

    by Jane Carter Barrett
    Antonia Barclay and Her Scottish Claymore is an offbeat “modern” historical romance with, I hope, plenty of irreverent fun and a lighthearted sense of humor. In 1586, Antonia Barclay embarks on a quest to find her real mother, Mary Queen of Scots, as well as the long-lost Scottish Royal Sceptre. Along the way, Sir Basil Throckmorton, a well-known villain and alchemist, kidnaps Antonia, scheming to use her to pave his way to the English throne. Breck Claymore, Antonia’s lover, is hot on her trail... more
  • A Spy Is Not a Spy

    by Mary F. Blehl

    Kidnapped! Richard Morris, falsely accused of spying in this Revolutionary War story, is conscripted into the British army in this coming-of-age tale. Observing the British burning and looting, and women forced to pick up guns, Richard’s Loyalist beliefs are challenged. Eventually he finds his way into George Washington’s Army, where he earns a place as a real spy among the raggedy men fighting the greatest empire on earth. In critical moments, Richard clarifies his own values and... more

  • Transmit Joy!

    by Mark Binder
    Cavemen! Wolves! Bad Manners! A troll, a candy store and bunny rabbits? Plus lots and lots of chocolate! Your whole family will enjoy listening to Mark Binder’s “Transmit Joy! an awesome (audio) storybook.”
  • Still, Life: a collection of echoes

    by Melissa Volker
    Life is made up of a moments, strung together like beads. This a collection of short stories, inspired by a love-hate relationship with life in NYC. They give us a glimpse into the private moments we normally do not witness; the moments when things turn in an instant, are born, die, or go astray. They lay bare the quiet, internal lives of people falling love, losing their way, reaching their end, or finding their truth. And they echo with something achingly familiar to all of us -- those momen... more