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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Happy Grey Hair

    by Chris Wilson
    Udo, the village elder, has been raising his grandsons, Eze and Chike, since their father’s early death. When the boys got their hands on their father’s inheritance, they squandered it, and grew pompous and disrespectful of everyone, especially Udo. As Udo is aging, he is devastated by his grandsons’ lack of respect and caring for anyone. He cannot understand it; his son, their father, was such a good, hardworking man. His hired help, Ngozi, also bears the brunt of the boys’ insults. All s... more
  • I Built My House on a Volcano/Mi casa en el volcán (English and Spanish Edition)

    by Joe Cole
    I Built My House on a Volcano/Mi casa en el volcán is a bilingual picture book for all ages--kids, teens, and adults. The story, in English and Spanish, is a parable about what happens when we follow our dreams and find more difficulties than we imagined.
  • Frisbee Ball Rules

    by William P. Bahlke
    William P. Bahlke is pleased to announce the publication of his first novel, Frisbee Ball Rules, a story set in a small college town in the year 1973. The country had just endured the humiliating conclusion of an unpopular war and the scandalous resignation of a once-powerful president. Born through the embarrassment of the lost war, and empowered by the student riots that facilitated its conclusion, came an emboldened generation like none before it. It was a time of rebirth and newfound freedom... more
  • Detour Trail

    by Joy V. Smith
    Westward bound on the Oregon Trail, Lorrie Emerson is left behind and alone after her uncle is killed. Ignoring the wagon master's advice to go home, she rounds up others needing help; they join a later wagon train and are soon slogging through dust and mud and steep mountain passes, but it's not long before she's again forging her own trail and searching for a new home and supplies as winter reaches out its icy hands.... Settling the frontier isn't easy!
  • Trashed

    by Robert Hagen Rich
    A fictionalized memoir about the life and times of a struggling young artist/actor named Hayden Brice who is trying to make it in New York City. Caught in the grind of working in the downtown restaurant scene and nightlife, Hayden seeks a break through an acting program. While working to develop his craft and hone his acting skills, Hayden becomes enraptured by a young beautiful model, Camilla Arden, who he tries to woo over the course of the program, when she is not out trotting the globe. Land... more
  • Rabbi Yeshua

    by Sam Sackett
    Fictional biography of Jesus of Nazareth. Aware of previous disastrous attempts to drive out the Romans from Palestine and establish a Jewish Kingdom of God, Jesus goes into the wilderness to ask God for guidance. The answer is that he should avert future disasters by teaching the Kingdom of God is an internal, not political state. After a slow start, his movement grows until the Jewish religious hierarchy begins to perceive him as a threat: if a person can seek God internally, why are priest... more
  • City of Whores

    by Mark B. Perry
    New Year's Eve, 1951. Hollywood, California. As Tinseltown rings in the twilight of its Golden Age, a young man arrives from Texas hell-bent on exploiting his brooding good-looks in exchange for a shot at stardom--only to become dangerously entangled in the lives of one of the most powerful couples in show business. As his dream devolves into a lurid nightmare, he must choose between fortune and fame or sanity and survival.
  • Mr. Chiardi & Other Stories

    by Charles Maxwell

    A loveable cast of characters makes its way through worlds of magic realism and reality with humor, pathos, and a great sense of fun. In this debut collection of short stories, Charles Maxwell’s characters are impeccably rendered, and, for the most part, entirely human. From a precocious class of grade school students who launch their increasingly frustrated teacher into space to a Maine coon cat who springs into action to save its owner’s life, these stories will capture your int... more

  • Lucy's Amazing Friend

    by Stephanie Workman
    Lucy doesn’t understand why the new boy in Miss Reed’s class doesn’t like her. “I said hi and he ignored me,” she said. “Lucy, that’s Daniel. He has autism,” Miss Miller responded. “What’s autism?” asked Lucy. From that moment on Lucy works to make friends with Daniel in this bright, upbeat book about autism. Once she succeeds, Lucy becomes determined that the other kids learn to accept Daniel as well. With an estimated 1 in 68 now falling somewhere on the autism spectrum, “Lucy’s Amazin... more
  • The Colors of Friendship (Colors Trilogy)

    by K. R. Raye
    Romantic Melody, practical Imani, and athletic Lance are best friends. But will one friend’s quest for happiness endanger all three of their lives? After the torrents of jealousy, sex, and abuse subside, will their friendship survive…The Colors of Friendship?
  • Out of The Ice Age

    by David Slabotsky
    In the bloody, war-torn world of prehistory, two young people escape from a tribal battle and use their survival skills to travel through a savage land, fighting against primitive, explosive forces of nature, and the brutality of humans who would destroy them. This is an adventure story with non-stop action, a short, quick read that will leave you breathless. “... genuinely engaging reading ...“ Kirkus Review
  • Green in Judgement Cold in Blood

    by Peter Abadie
    Assassination is the template that binds this work together. Whether it’s the murder of the modern world through a political miscalculation during the Cuban missile crisis or through mistakes made in Indochina, the result would be the same. The individual assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, innocent Russian peasants, Ngo Diem of Vietnam, his brother, Nhu, and even the Empress of Hungary, is a replete theme that hovers throughout the novel. The self-immolation by a Buddhist monk... more
  • Jabberwocky: Blogging the War Business

    by Christopher Burns
    When Aya, a 14-year-old Iraqi-American girl, starts blogging about the sharp spike in cancer and birth defects in post-war Iraq, she and her internet "swarm" stumble on a new class of weapons, first used in Bosnia, then Iraq, and now in Afghanistan and Gaza, made of material that can blow through walls of steel and shield tanks from even the largest roadside bombs. But the new weapons also sow the seeds of radioactive poison that will keep on killing for generations to come. Ike Angel, a senior... more
  • Growing Pains

    by Paris Love
    Growing Pains is a story about best friends searching for true love. Kiki is a naïve young lady who falls madly in love, but all is not as it seems. Myra has planned her entire life right down to the wedding ceremony, yet she struggles with finding Mr. Right. Darren wants to have his cake and eat it too, until it blows up in his face. Through good times and bad, they try to stay afl oat and ahead of the game. Growing Pains captures the innocence of the heart, the mind, body and soul of friends ... more
  • Growing Pains: Sex, Lies, and Deception

    by Paris Love
    Though they are older and wiser, not all is as it seems in the lives of Darren, Kiki, and Myra. Best friends to the end, they still have some lessons to learn. In this second book in the Growing Pains series, the group struggles with betrayal, loss, and, most importantly, commitment. Through ups and downs, heartache and breakups, Darren, Kiki, and Myra find themselves in a quest for self-assurance, confidence, and good, old fashioned love. But will history repeat itself? Darren has been know... more
  • If Your Girl Only Knew

    by Kenya Moss