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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • HOOK: The Untold Stories of Neverland

    by K.R. Thompson
    Archie Jameson sat in the dark corners of the print shop, dreaming of adventure. Today, it found him. Caught in a chilly October storm, he ducked into a tavern, hoping to escape the rain. What he found, was a room teeming with pirates. Shanghaied by the most elderly of the lot, Archie found himself serving on a ship captained by the fiercest pirate ever to sail the seven seas--the man known as Blackbeard. Through a series of thrilling twists, Archie finds himself captain of another of ... more
  • Christa's Luck the story of a girl, her horse, and the last wild mustangs

    by Jennifer Grais and Michael Grais
    Inspired by a real horse rescue, Christa’s Luck is a teen fiction novel about Christa’s love for an endangered herd of wild horses and how her special connection with them inspires her to look beyond her own unforgivable mistakes and try again. She rises up to become a horse advocate at fourteen, whose passion and heart move an entire town to take action. In the vein of The Horse Whisperer and the Black Stallion, Christa’s Luck is an epic adventure story of courage, friendship and freedom. ... more
  • Gladly Giraffe

    by George Masi
    This is the story of a sensitive and kindly giraffe who is always eager to help his friends with their problems in an effort to make them happy
  • Summer Symphony

    by Brandon Shire
    For every woman who has lost a child to stillbirth, there is also a grieving father... Martin Zoric had vivid dreams of fatherhood, of a small hand pressed to his, of pink dresses and girlish laughter. Then his wife had a stillbirth and his world fell apart. He listened to the unwanted apologies, stood by his wife as was expected of him, and kept his façade strong and firm for the entire world to see. But does he have the strength let go and really grieve? When Ren Wakahisa landed in... more

    Emily got scared when her parents fought--then angry when they separated. she soon discovered that it was OK to have two homes--even fun, and they were STILL A FAMILY.
  • In The Blood Of The Greeks: Intertwined Souls Series, Book 1

    by Mary D. Brooks
    Historical Lesbian Romance in War Ravaged Greece Secrets. Passion. Destiny. In the Blood of the Greeks is set against the backdrop of World War II. The novel begins in a most troublesome period of human history, where subjugated by the might of Nazi Germany, two women meet under extraordinary circumstances. This is the story of Eva Muller, the daughter of a German Major, in command of the occupying force in Larissa, Greece in 1942. Through the intervention of the village priest she meets Z... more
  • Route to Survival

    by Sue Faris Raatjes
    What happens when your support scaffolding suddenly disappears? In Route to Survival Kate Mitchell makes courageous choices without sacrificing her feminine nature or the roles she must play in life. After losing her long-time husband, she sacrifices her upper middle-class lifestyle to spend nearly a year in a secluded African village. There she experiences unspeakable sadness and violence. She returns to her home in the States, but not alone. In spite of her fears, she proactively tackles lo... more
  • Novanglus the New Englander: Poetry Inspired by New England

    by Ken Regan
    A poetry collection inspired by the author's having grown up in New England.
  • A Christmas Miracle Comes to Holy Nativity

    by Ken Regan
    New pastor Bill Sanders begins serving a congregation that most people have given up on. Through a series of mishaps he gradually wins the congregation over and unites them in putting on a disastrous Christmas Pageant.
  • God Made the Rainbow: A Love Story

    by Ken Regan
    Michael Griggs, a young man about to become a minister, has a crisis of faith when his new bride Jenny dies, leaving him to raise her two little daughters alone. When the girls grandparents seek custody of the girls, Michael must confront his doubts in order to keep the girls in his life. He finds hope in reliving how he met and fell in love with Jenny.
  • "A Lift From a Sranger and Other Stories' by Joyce Marks

    by Joyce Marks
    This is a collection of 27 short stories of varying length
  • Imagine!

    by Emma Mactaggart
    The gloriously creative indulgence of simply sitting and day-dreaming has given rise to the greatest creations in human history. We have to give ourselves permission to do so, and to IMAGINE what will be. Of course, sometimes, what will be may be very silly indeed. IMAGINE is a playful romp for the imagination!
  • Quitting The Grave

    by Decater Collins
    Eugene, Oregon. October, 1999. After three graves robberies--in each instance, the abducted corpse was a John Doe--the police have few leads and little interest in the case. Caya Blumenshine, a reporter for the local newspaper, canvasses Eugene, questioning anarchists, wyccans, and politicians, until her search hits upon a secluded house on the outskirts of the city. Its owner, Alexander Hilyard, a history-writing hermit who hasn't been seen in years, may be involved in the grave robberies, or m... more
  • 9780692261156

    by Yvette Carmon Davis
    This volume is the first in a series of Endtimes stories, entitled Suddenly Free. Rise of Evil chronicles a future Earth. The days leading to the emergence of an Antichrist, and the pending Rapture, are the backdrop of the drama. There is not much crime in this future Earth under one world government. The penalty for every crime is death. Yet crimes persist. There is murder and intrigue. The United Earth Police attempt to apprehend the criminals, while the physicians investigate the lates... more
  • Zinovy's Journey

    by Ginny Jaques